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Are Police Reports Public Record In Oklahoma

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A What Officials Are Covered

OKCPD Upgrades Public Safety Technology

The Open Meeting Act does not apply to officials but rather to public bodies. Under the Open Records Act, public official means any official or employee of any public body. 51 O.S. § 24A.3. In other words, under the Open Records Act, an employee of a public body is a public official. Id. But the reverse is not necessarily truethat is, a panel, department, or the like is not necessarily a public body for purposes of the Open Meeting Act merely because most of its staff are public officials. For instance, the Governors Security and Preparedness Executive Panel, a majority of its members being public officials, has been found to not be subject to the Open Meeting Act. See 2002 OK AG 5 .

What Are Juvenile Criminal Records

A juvenile criminal record is an official record of information regarding criminal activity committed by children or adolescents who are not yet of legal adult age. Juveniles are not considered to be convicted of a crime like an adult but instead are found to be adjudicated delinquent. These criminal records are often mistakenly thought to be erased or expunged once a person becomes of legal adult age, but in fact, the record remains unless the person petitions to have it expunged. If a person was found adjudicated delinquent to a criminal offense, they do not have to respond yes if asked whether they have ever been convicted of a crime, unless the question specifically asks if they were ever adjudicated delinquent as well.

How Long Will An Arrest Report Stay On Your Oklahoma State Records

Arrest records will stay on someones criminal report for life if they do not apply to have them removed. If they committed a violent felony, it could not be removed, but they can ask the governor for a pardon. Non-violent felonies and misdemeanors are eligible, but offenders must follow some guidelines first. It may take a few weeks for the process, and they will have to pay between $150-$175 when applying. They will have to wait 2-5 years after completing sentencing before they can proceed with an expungement.

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How To Look Up Arrest Records In Oklahoma

Oklahoma arrest records are available for the general public to review. In fact, using either a name search or fingerprints, anyone can get a copy of someones entire criminal history or a full background check on them. Although they dont have a central repository, each law enforcement agency keeps these records and can provide them to requestors. The fingerprint method is more accurate, but name searches can also yield great results as well.

Are Police Records Available To The Public

Tulsa police officer charged in mans death

In most cases, police records are available for consultation to the general public by the Public Records Act from the state. The exclusion is for documents the info in which could set a persons life in result or danger in an obstruction of an investigation, within which case, theyre placed under access which is restricted.

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Disciplinary Matters Performance Or Ethics Of Public Employees

  • Public bodies may discuss appointments, hiring, employment, promotion, demotion, disciplining or resignation of a salaried public official or employee in a closed meeting. 25 O.S. § 307.B.1.
  • The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Examiners may hold more than the minimum of two meetings per year to consider disciplinary hearings if the notice requirements of 59 O.S. § 488 and the Open Meeting Law are met. 1977 OK AG 251.
  • The Oklahoma State Board of Public Accountancy is required to deliberate openly following a hearing on a complaint brought against a registrant for disciplinary action. The State Board of Public Accountancy may not confer in executive session with its attorney on legal issues raised during the conduct of an open hearing on disciplinary complaint. 1979 OK AG 32.
  • Job Content Evaluation Committees created under 62 O.S. §§ 7.9 et seq.are public bodies within the meaning of the Open Meeting Act. 1981 OK AG 214.
  • The Council on Judicial Complaints created under 20 O.S. §§ 1658 et covered under the Act except when conducting, discussing or deliberating any matters relating to a complaint received or filed with the Council. 25 O.S. § 304.1. The statute attempted to impose penalties against any complainant, witness or judge for disclosing any information about the complaint or testimony given in the proceedings but the Attorney General ruled such restrictions were unconstitutional. 2000 OK AG 15.

B Invalidate The Decision

Actions taken in violation of the Act may be declared null and void. See, e.g., Hayworth, supra Order Declaring Annexation, supra cf. City of Bixby v. State ex rel. Dept of Labor, 1996 OK CIV APP 118, 934 P.2d 364 . A vote taken on an item not listed on the agenda for the public meeting is a willful violation of the Act and is invalid. 2000 OK AG 7.

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Contact Of Interested Amici

Amicus briefs may be filed by consent of the parties or by leave of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The amicus curiae must file a statement not exceeding five pages disclosing the nature of the interest, the factual or legal questions which are not adequately addressed by the litigants and the relevancy of the factual or legal questions to the disposition of the case. Upon a showing of extraordinary circumstances, the amicus curiae may be allowed to participate in oral arguments. 12 O.S. Ch. 15, App. 2, Rule 1.28a.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press often files amicus briefs in cases involving significant media law issues before a states highest court.

Oklahoma Open Meetings Act

Public records detail troubling past of Decherd police officer charged with aggravated assault

The Oklahoma Open Meetings Act legislates the method by which public meetings are conducted. Statutes 301-314 of the Oklahoma Statutes defines the law. The law states that a meeting is any conduct of business by the majority of a public body which has gathered for the purpose of conducting business. The act only permits the use of teleconferencing technology for the purpose of holding electronic meetings and explicitly prohibits the use of other technologies for gathering consensus decisions outside of public meetings. The following boards are permitted to use teleconferencing technologies:

Oklahoma Futures

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision

The State Board of Osteopathic Examiners

The Board of Dentistry

A public trust whose beneficiary is a municipality

Native American Cultural and Education Authority

Corporation Commission

The State Board of Vocational and Technical Education

If the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act is violated, the court may void any action taken during a meeting in violation of law and assess fines of up to $500 and jail time of up to one year.

Closed: Executive sessions of the State Banking Board and Oklahoma Savings and Loan Board state judiciary, legislative, or administrative staffs meetings of public bodies and some meetings of institutions of higher education and certain school board meetings.

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Police Records In Oklahoma

Police records refer to the formal papers of the criminal story of a person. Thiss unique from a police report, that is merely an account of one count of offense. The best way to acquire info about an individuals past details of arrests, charges, served sentences, active warrants, even the arresting agency and officer, mugshots, and every other reported info is by searching via police records on the internet.

Icular Fee Specifications Or Provisions

If the request is solely for commercial purposes or would clearly cause excessive disruption to the public bodys essential functions, then the public body may recover the direct cost of any document search. 51 O.S.§ 24A.5 see Transportation Information Services Inc. v. Oklahoma Dept of Corrections, 1998 OK 108, 970 P.2d 166 . A public body may recover search fees for: the storage media used, including disk, tape, or other format unless provided by the requestor any access or processing charges imposed upon the public body because of the request any hardware or software specifically required to fulfill the request and reproduce the record in computer-readable format which would not otherwise generally be required or used by the public body and the cost of labor directly attributable to fulfilling the request. 2005 OK AG 21.

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How To Find Oklahoma City Inmate Records

When Oklahoma City police officers book inmates into the Oklahoma County Jail, the Records Unit puts the inmates information in the Jail Blotter. This information is available online and updated monthly. Interested individuals can also obtain Oklahoma City inmate records by visiting the Records Unit in person, anytime between Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Police Records and ReportsPhone: 297-1112

B Deliberation Toward Decisions

Secret Appeal Hearing for Oklahoma City Police Officer ...

The Act defines a meeting as the conduct of business of a public body by a majority of its members . . . . 25 O.S. § 304.2. The Oklahoma Attorney general has opined that conduct of business includes the entire decision-making process including deliberation, decision or formal action. 1982 OK AG 212. Later opinions have concluded that conduct of business would include discussions in which the members of the public body are considering information that will aid them in their decision-making, even though those discussions do not necessarily effectively predetermine their official actions. 2012 OK AG 24. When a majority of commissioners of the Corporation Commission are present at the same time in a hearing conducted by an administrative law judge, the hearing is subject to the Act because they are engaged in the conduct of business. Id.

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Discussion Of Each Exemption

  • Personnel records.May be kept confidential if they relate to internal personnel investigations or where disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of the employee. Also, any college transcripts contained in the files are confidential except as to the degree obtained and the curriculum on the transcripts of certified public employees. The home address, telephone number and Social Security number of any current or former employee shall be kept confidential. 51 O.S. § 24A.7 see also 1999 OK AG 30. The Oklahoma Attorney General has concluded that a public body has the discretion to determine whether disclosing a personnel record indicating the date of birth of an employee is an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. 2009 OK AG 3. However, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has held that releasing the birth dates and employee identification numbers of state employees would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. Okla. Public Employees Assoc. v. State ex rel Okla. Office of Personnel Management, 2011 OK 68. Further, when an employee of a public body has been placed on administrative leave with pay, the public body may keep the employees name confidential, provided that placement on administrative leave with pay does not represent a final disciplinary action. 2009 OK AG 33.
  • Intergovernmental self-insurance pools. These self-insurance pools may keep proprietary information confidential. 51 O.S. § 24A.26.
  • Oklahoma Dui Records Explained

    A DUI arrest gives you 3 records

    It is inaccurate to say that I hate everything.I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honestly and common decency.This makes me forever ineligible for public office.L. MENCKEN

    People will often ask, Can you clear my record when this is over? At first, the question seems simple and lends itself to a simple yes or no answer. Regretfully, as in most areas of the law, the correct answer is IT DEPENDS.

    Before we talk about clearing your record, you should know that a DUI arrest creates THREE separate public records:

  • An arrest record which is maintained by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation .
  • Due to the affidavit the officer created when he took your license, you now have a driving record and if quick action is not taken, you will have a permanent record of your license being suspended for an alcohol offense.
  • The most commonly considered record is your court record. With quick action and good work by your attorney it is possible for all three records to be cleared. The court record is the most common record and can be expunged but there are guidelines that must be met and there is no guarantee that it can be cleared. This is generally done by receiving a deferred sentence and the case being eventually dismissed and expunged. This can clear your court record but as you will see below, it can be a roadblock to clearing your arrest record.
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    Text Messages And Other Electronic Messages

    Text messages, and other electronic communications made or received in connection with the transaction of public business, the expenditure of public funds or the administration of public property, are subject to the Oklahoma Open Records Act and the Records Management Act, 67 O.S. §§ 201215, regardless of whether they are created, received, transmitted, or maintained by government officials on publicly or privately owned equipment and communication devices, unless some provision of law makes them confidential. 2009 OK AG 12.

    Does The Law Cover Oral Requests

    Public records detail troubling past of Decherd police officer charged with aggravated assault

    The law defines neither written nor oral requests. The Oklahoma Court of Appeals has stated that the Open Records Act contains no provision for dictating the manner in which to make a request for inspection of a record. Intl Union of Police Assns v. City of Lawton, 2009 OK CIV APP 85 ¶ 14. The public body is compelled to provide prompt, reasonable access to the records upon request. 25 O.S. § 24A.5 see In re University Hospitals Authority, 1997 OK 162, 953 P.2d 314 .

    As a best practice, the requester should make the request in writing.

    The written request should direct the public body to state the specific statute it is relying upon to deny access to the record.

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    How Do You Write A Accident Report

    4 Steps for Writing an Effective Accident Report Date, time and specific location of incident . Names, job titles and department of employees involved and immediate supervisors. Names and accounts of witnesses. Events leading up to incident . Specifically what the employee was doing at the moment of the accident .

    Where And How To Obtain Oklahoma City Divorce Records

    The Oklahoma County Clerks Office maintains Oklahoma City divorce decrees and makes copies available to the public. Individuals may obtain copies of Oklahoma City divorce records by querying the County Clerks office in person or by mail. Requesters must provide the divorcees names, the divorce date, and the case number . If applying for a copy of a divorce decree by mail, requestors must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and appropriate fees.

    Oklahoma County Clerk

    • Anyone with a court order
    • Foster parent
    • Genealogists

    Individuals who wish to obtain copies of Oklahoma City birth certificates may do so online, by Phone: , in-person, or by mail. To apply for a birth record by mail, eligible requesters must provide the following:

    • A completed certified copy of birth certificate application form
    • Signature of the applicant on the application
    • $15 in cash, check, or money order
    • One primary form of ID of the applicant
    • Proof of relationship to the subject

    Applicants may send the completed package to:

    Vital Records ServiceOklahoma State Department of HealthP.O. Box 53551Oklahoma City, OK 73152

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    B Any Other Statutory Requirements For Closed Or Open Meetings

    The Act states that no public body shall hold executive sessions unless otherwise specifically provided in this section. 25 O.S. § 307. This language is reinforced by the legislative mandate that if an executive session is proposed, the agenda shall state specifically the provision of Section 307 of this title authorizing the executive session. 25 O.S. § 311.A.12.B.2.c. The Act does not contain any other provision which would provide a catch-all exemption allowing a closure of meetings as provided by law.

    Oklahoma Open Records Act

    Police Department

    The Oklahoma Open Records Act is a series of laws designed to guarantee that public has access to all public records of governmental bodies. Section 24A.2 defines records as all documents, including, but not limited to, any book, paper, photograph, microfilm, data files created by or used with computer software, computer tape, disk, and record, sound recording, film recording, video record or other material regardless of physical form or characteristic, created by, received by, under the authority of, or coming into the custody, control or possession of public officials, public bodies, or their representatives in connection with the transaction of public business, the expenditure of public funds or the administering of public property. This specifically includes all records of the transfer of public funds.

    According to the Oklahoma Open Records Act, anyone may request public records and no statement of purpose is required. However, if the purpose is commercial, fees will be charged for document collection. There is no restriction on the use of records and the law does not specify a time limit for responses to requests.

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    Sunshine Week: Rules Governing Oklahoma Law Enforcement Not Considered A Public Record By Many Agencies

    Many Oklahoma law enforcement agencies and their attorneys have argued the Oklahoma Open Records Act only covers a sliver of very specific records held by a department.


    Despite being one of the most important documents governing how law enforcement agencies, administrators and officers carry out their duties, many Oklahoma law enforcement agencies do not consider the rules their departments and officers operate under to be a matter of public record.

    Like other government agencies and many private companies, law enforcement policy and procedures manuals are considered the rulebook for how the agency should function. They often include an agencys mission and goals, hiring practices, expectations, and duties of employees and administrators, agency organizational structure and disciplinary procedures, among other things.

    If a law enforcement employee is fired or receives a disciplinary action, it is often because a violation of the agencys written policy or procedures occurred. The rules are used to determine whether an officer or other employee acted appropriately in certain situations, such as officer-involved shootings, and violation of an agencys policies and procedures can also be the basis for lawsuits against an agency.

    A spreadsheet containing information about each request and each sheriffs offices response or non-response can be found here, and will be updated as more responses come in.

    Open records and safety

  • Disposition of all warrants.
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