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Can I Use My Gi Bill For Police Academy

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Montgomery Gi Bill Ojt Mha

My experience using the POST-911 GI BILL (Update Vlog)

On the other hand, the Montgomery GI Bill program sets a fixed rate of how much you can receive, depending on whether you belong to the active duty or the Selected Reserve, and how far along you are in your training.

The rates of your receivable stipend is in the table below:

These figures are sourced from the current VA Rate Tables.

Financial Aid For Basic Training

There are programs that students who wish to enroll in GPSTCs Basic Training courses may explore to assist with the cost of attending training. All programs require that students meet certain minimum requirements.

Staff of the GPSTC Basic Training Divisions Regional Academies or the Georgia Fire Academy can help you determine if you meet the requirements of any of the these programs. You may also browse the websites of the providers listed below to determine if you are eligible to receive assistance under any of these programs:

Prepare For A New And Different Training Experience

Military veterans often enter into police training ahead of the curve. As a veteran, youll bring a degree of experience working within a regimented code of conduct, under a chain of command, and in service to the public, all of which translate directly to your work in law enforcement. However, there are numerous aspects of the job are quite different, and will require you to shift your approach. PoliceLink points to a few common hurdles for military veterans, most particularly the experience of starting as a rookie after earning advancement within the military. You will be starting from the bottom in your training, and working your way back up. Be prepared to unlearn some of the tactics of aggression and occupation that apply only in military contexts. Also be prepared to learn new tactics specific to policing, including conduct during routine non-criminal encounters, adherence to constitutional rights, and the parameters for use of forceeither lethal, less-than-lethal, or non-lethal.

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Become A Certified Dog Trainer In 5 Months

New GI Bill transfer options take effect Aug. 1

Our on-campus dog trainer program is located in Santa Clarita, CA. That means our classroom is only about 40 minutes from prime California tourist destinations such as Los Angeles and Hollywood! Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Graduates from our on-site dog trainer program will be certified as an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer and this certification will never expire! Students also receive a Pet CPR and First Aid certificate that is good for 2 years.

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How To Use Your Gi Bill Benefits For On

Youve worked hard for your GI Bill benefits, and now its time to let them work for you.

This article is a part of our veterans’ resource series, which is focused on PoliceOne readers who are also military veterans.

Youve worked hard for your GI Bill benefits, and now its time to let them work for you. Assessing the best way to use your GI Bill benefits can lead you down several paths. One popular path is pursuing a college degree. Another, perhaps less utilized, path is on-the-job training or apprenticeships.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, on-the-job training and apprenticeships give you the opportunity to train with an employer or union for a defined period of time. At the end of a completed training program, youll receive a job certification. These certifications provide a path to work in police departments, fire departments or emergency medical services, among other public safety roles.

Where Can I Go To Get Help In Getting My Law Enforcement Degree

Your GI Bill: All branches of the service offer active-duty tuition assistance to help you on your path to a law enforcement degree, plus The Forever GI Bill and the Post-911 GI Bill are there for you after you get out.

Other Tuition Help: There are also many federal and state scholarships out there to help you with financial assistance to help you pursue your career in law enforcement. There are also other forms of Veterans Affairs benefits and military discounts offered by colleges and universities to help you on your way to earning your degree in law enforcement.

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Police K9 Trainer Course Calendar

Our 6, 8 and 12-week Police K9 Courses are offered four times per year. These programs typically begin on the first Monday of January, April, July and October.

Our 6-week Advanced Police K9 Trainer Course begins in the middle of our 12-week programs and targets the information geared toward individuals with more experience.

You can view our most recent calendars for our School for Dog Trainers by clicking on the buttons to the right. Each calendar is a downloadable .pdf

Top Law Enforcement Job Opportunities For Veterans

How to Use Post 9-11 GI Bill Benefits

Veterans like you have an advantage over other applicants looking for jobs in law enforcement. Because of your prior military training, you are equipped with the skills that potential employers are looking for. Once you are equipped with your law enforcement degree, you are in a great position to land that perfect job.

Here are the top law enforcement job opportunities for veterans:

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Pathways To A Degree In The Law Enforcement Field

Nearly 60,000 students get their bachelors degree in law enforcement every year, and a degree, post-military, can secure your place in this dynamic and rewarding field. Good News! If you are working in a law enforcement-type job while in the military, you may already have earned some college credits that you can apply towards your degree. Many branches of the military have degree-bearing institutions where you can earn your associates degree.

Search schools to find affordable tuition, military & vet trusted colleges and online or hybrid classes. Get Started Today!

Can You Help Me Apply For This Benefit

Our experienced team at Animal Behavior College is more than happy to help you through the application process and answer your questions. Call us at and we will help you get started.

Seth Hutson, ABCDT

Mr. Seth Hutson, teaches our on-campus Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program.

Mr. Hutson has an extensive background working with dogs. He has 22 years of combined service between Law Enforcement and the Army/National Guard where he assisted the K-9 unit with the training of their military police dogs. During his time in the Army, he was also a Weapons Specialist, Enemy Prisoner of War Expert, Company Training Sergeant and Company Retention Sergeant.

Keeping with his history of service to others, Mr. Hutson then went on to work for various animal rescue organizations as both Executive Director and Certified Animal Trainer/Behaviorist Specialist. It was during this time that he pursued further education with Animal Behavior College and became an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.

Mr. Hutson maintains a do what you love, love what you do attitude as he continues to enrich the lives of animals and people.

Tami Kearney, ABCDT

In addition to working with animals, Ms. Kearney also volunteers her time and expertise at the Shelter on the Hill since 2015. She is often called upon to evaluate incoming dogs and do meet and greets with potential adopters. We are proud of the work she does and believe her contributions at the shelter will help many dogs find their forever homes.

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Can I Attend The Police Academy To Be A Police Officer While Staying In The Military Reserve

If you are a part of the Selected Reserve or the National Guard, don’t worry- you can still pursue your dreams of becoming a police officer.

Several law enforcement agencies employ flexible work structures to allow for the demands of being in the reserve and fulfilling military obligations.

Moreover, these law enforcement agencies typically have a reintegration program for officers returning from military duty. This is a coordinated effort between their academy and their behavioral sciences units, and is geared towards re-acclimating you to life as a local police officer.

Civilian Jobs After The Infantry

Can I Use My GI Bill For Cosmetology School?

Although some MOSs translate directly to civilian jobs, such as medic, information technology specialists, and mechanical jobs, infantry occupations are not always as obvious. At first glance Infantry jobs seem limited to a handful of civilian jobs in law enforcement and truck driving, there are actually several other options for transitioning infantrymen.

Lets take a look at some of the options you might want to explore. First the obvious options:

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Manage Your Mental Health

As part of your community, and one armed with considerable power and responsibility, it is absolutely essential that you take steps to protect your own mental health. Policing demands level-headed and rational decision-making in the face of practical challenges, high-pressure situations, even dangerous confrontations. Your emotional stability will be one of your most important faculties as you move into this role. As a veteran, you are in a category of individuals who are uniquely vulnerable to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. It is essential that you take steps to manage these conditions so that you can better serve your community with sound judgment and safe execution of your duties.

Begin by seeking support through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA, and a host of related agencies, offer a spectrum of resources that are designed to help military veterans cope with mental health challenges and transition into various dimensions of civilian life.

Among them:

Or you can jump directly to the Best Online Colleges for Military Personnel & Families and begin earning a degree on your way to a career in law enforcement.

For more information and resources on getting a quality education, earning a degree, or getting a great job, return to the Military Education Headquarters.

Are You Ready To Discover Your College Program

As a military servicemember or veteran making the transition to a new career path, law enforcement can feel like a natural fit. Much of the training, discipline, and mental fortitude that youve developed during your time in the military will be of value to you as a police officer, a federal law enforcement agency, or in the wide array of other law enforcement or justice roles now accessible to you.

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Gi Bill Dog Trainer Overview

Do you learn better in a classroom environment? Would you like face-to-face interaction with your instructor and other dog training students? As a dog trainer school, we strive to accommodate students wanting an on-site learning environment.

With our on-campus dog trainer program, students get the direct support they need from their teacher and their peers. Immerse yourself in an environment with other dog lovers pursuing their dog training careers. Join our April 2022 class in Santa Clarita, CA by calling today or submitting our request information form. Next class starts on April 4th, 2022

Become Part Of Your Community

Q& A: Can I use my Post-9/11 GI Bill as qualifying income for a VA loan?

This is another distinction from military service. Your role as a part of a community is quite different from the role that youve been trained for in a combat zone, in hostile enemy territory, or as a visitor in a host nation. As an officer, you are now part of a community, and your ability to simultaneously serve and protect this community will depend on your willingness to connect with law-abiding citizens, to make a positive impact on the neighborhoods under your watch, and to uphold the responsibilities of your job with compassion, equality, and fairness. As a soldier or service member, your ability to be a part of a community is often secondary to the demands of your mission. As a police officer or law enforcement agent, being part of the community is your mission.

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What Are The Top Military Friendly Police Academy Programs For Veterans

A lot of law enforcement agencies actually prefer hiring individuals with a military training background. This is because most, if not all, of your military skills are either requirements or assets of a police officer’s job role.

Not yet decided where you want to go? The Military Times listed the top-ranking law enforcement agencies for veterans, which are:

  • Tucson Police Department, Arizona

How To Use The Gi Bill For Police Academy

Not quite over your life as a military service member? Do you feel that wearing a uniform is like a second skin?

Then perhaps joining the local law enforcement is the right path for you.

If you are wondering whether you can use your hard-earned GI Bill benefits for attending the police academy, and want to know how best to go about it, then here is the quick answer:

The GI Bill can be used to attend police academy through the on-the-job training/apprenticeship category. Covered individuals are veterans receiving benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, and the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment programs. The VA provides a stipend equivalent of up to 100% of your applicable Monthly Housing Allowance during your training period.This is apart from the salary you can receive for your OJT at the union or facility you are attending. Under the GI Bill On-The-Job Training Program, youâll get a salary which is at least 50% of the industry rate, and can increase as your training progresses.

It is important to note that this benefit is currently only available to military veterans, and not to their spouse or dependents, nor to individuals currently serving on active duty.

You can check out a list of approved participating employers on our database of over 2,934 GI Bill approved Police Departments and Academies.

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Payment Plan No Debt Option

Payment plans are available to those who qualify, allowing you to break out the cost into multiple payments. Animal Behavior Colleges Payment Plan No Debt Option allows you to conveniently pay off your program with ZERO interest. So, when you walk at graduation, you will be rocketed towards your career without the worry of college debt!

Program Cost: $9,717.82

Police K9 Trainer Course Subjects

How Veterans Can Best Use Their GI Bill Funds  Niche Blog

Our Police K9 Trainer courses teach graduates various methods of training detection dogs and effectively training handlers to create successful K9 teams. Through years of experience and research, we have been able to develop some of the best detection dogs in the industry and as a student in our program, you will have the opportunity to understand and apply these proven techniques. At Highland Canine Training, LLC we continuously engage in research and development programs pertaining to military and working dogs and this knowledge and information allows us to develop cutting edge training programs. As a student of our programs, you will have the opportunity to be involved in any ongoing projects as well as being able to benefit from our previous research.

We also focus on teaching fundamental police patrol dog techniques to obtain reliable behaviors for the life of the police dog. Our program teaches you how to utilize operant conditioning and successive approximations to build behaviors such as the out and recall as well as solid obedience with police patrol dogs. Our Police K9 Trainer Courses also emphasize the importance of scenario-based training and certification in creating effective police K9 teams. Our courses teach students how to develop effective police K9 training programs that mimic real-world field activities that challenge police dogs and their handler and create successful Police K9 teams.

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What If I Am Already A Dcjs

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Law Enforcement certified officers are processed on a continual basis, and the written test is waived for certified officers. Certified candidates must complete the Lawfit obstacle course in 1:36 or less. Sergeant Chris Menck to begin the process. Those officers who are DCJS-certified in a state other than Virginia must attend the police academy and are subject to the complete requirements of the non-certified hiring process.

Using Your Gi Bill For Apprenticeship And Ojt Training

Did you know you can use your GI Bill to receive job training in an On-the-Job or Apprenticeship training program? If you are a veteran or currently in the guard or reserve, the GI Bill offers you an alternative way to use your GI Bill benefits.

VA will pay you GI Bill benefits on a sliding scale depending on how long you are in training. You will also receive a salary from your employer. The VA benefit usually decreases every 6 months and the salary increases every six months. At the end of your training you will be certified in your trade.

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