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Can You File A Insurance Claim Without A Police Report

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Can You Make An Insurance Claim Without A Police Report

Can I File a Car Accident Insurance Claim if I Didn’t File a Police Report? – Bachus & Schanker

When you are involved in a car accident, you need evidence in order to file a successful claim with your insurance company. You need evidence that you were involved in an accident you need evidence that your vehicle damage and injuries resulted from the accident and, in order to pursue a fault-based claim, you need evidence that the other driver was at fault in the collision.

In many cases, a key part of building an accident claim is the police report. The police report provides documentation that your accident happened. Frequently, it can also help establish that the other driver was a fault.

So, what happens if you dont have a police report? Can you still file a claim? And, if so, how will not having a police report impact your financial recovery?

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Does Filing Police Report Affect Insurance

Filing a police report may affect insurance in that it documents the time and place that the accident occurred. If the police prepare the report, theres a neutral third party that offers an opinion about who is to blame for the accident. The police officer is trained in accident investigations, and the insurance company will probably see their opinion as highly credible. Without the police report, you have to present all of the evidence that justifies your demand for compensation. However, you still have the right to full compensation from your insurance company.

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Collision With Another Car

You should always get a copy of the police accident report when youre in an accident with another car.

It might seem that both parties are safe and polite after an accident. So you exchange insurance information and dont involve the police. But the next day, you or the other party wakes up with an injury or more damage than they expected.

This can create messy lawsuitswith no police report to back up either side. It becomes your word against the other drivers, which can create a costly lawsuit that doesnt always work out in your favor.

No matter how nice the other driver is, call the police for an official report of damage.

An accident with another car would fall under your collision insurance.

What Is On The Police Report

Can You File an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report ...

In order to understand why the police report might play an important role in your car insurance claim, it is helpful to know what exactly is on the police report and how it pertains to your claim. There is a lot of information on a police report, including but not limited to:

  • A suggestion of who is the at-fault party and why they are responsible
  • Weather conditions
  • Description of vehicles
  • Description of drivers
  • Description of vehicle damages

If your vehicle was stolen or vandalized, your police report may also contain information about the neighborhood, additional clues as to the culprits, and information that could lead to the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

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Can I File An Insurance Claim Without A Police Report

At some point, almost all drivers will have the experience of filing a police report after a car accident and then dealing with insurance companies. But do you need a police report to file an insurance claim? Here, we answer that question and provide the process of best practices after a car accident.

Car Accident No Police Report A Guide To When To Get The Police Involved

For the vast majority of drivers on the American roadways, its not a matter of if theyll be involved in an automobile accident, but when.

Accidentally rear-ending another driver can cause shock and confusion. You may find yourself unaware of how to proceed during this panicked state, especially if youre the one at fault.

Do you scramble to call the police, rush to the hospital, or try and get your insurance agent on the phone? What should you do if youre part of a car accident, with no insurance and no police report involved? Will you be in trouble if youre in a car accident without police reports being issued?

Its unlikely that any of the accidents youre potentially involved in will end in severe injury or fatality. However, understanding the steps necessary to handle the situation can save you time and money.

With that in mind, weve created this guide for those who have been in a car accident, my fault, no police report, and dont know what to do next.

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What Happens To A Car Accident With No Police Report

A car accident with no police report may still be grounds for insurance compensation or a lawsuit. You may still bring a claim for compensation under the same laws that apply in cases with a police report. You may also look to your insurance or the other partys insurance for compensation. Without a police report, its unlikely that either party will get a traffic ticket or face criminal charges because of the accident. However, you can make your case directly to the insurance company to seek compensation if your insurance policy covers it.

Filing A Complete Police Report May Support Your Case

Can I still file an injury claim without a police report?

You are allowed to file a car accident claim without a police report, but one might be required under certain circumstances. When a police report is required, it must contain specific information which includes:

  • The date and time the accident occurred
  • Details of all involved vehicles
  • Name and contact info of all involved drivers, passengers, and any witnesses
  • Name and badge number of police at the scene
  • Insurance information for both drivers

When you are the victim of a car accident, you should consider completing a police report even if the accident does not legally require one.

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How Long Do I Have To File A Claim

Youll want to get the claims process rolling as soon as possible, so filing a claim should be done promptly. Usually, the state statute of limitations is only two to three years, but some insurance companies may only pay the costs of repairs for the year in which the accident occurred. Putting it off isnt in your best interest since the longer you wait, the harder it may be to track down other people involved in the accident for interviews or other research related to the claim thatll help your case.

Our advice? File the claim right away or at least contact your insurance agent as soon as you can after the accident.

When Should I File A Police Report

There are also occasions when you are expected by law to file a police report. This includes if a person is injured during the accident.

If you have sustained any injury during the accident, it is in your best interest to file a police report. This includes any injury no matter how minor it seems.

Something in the heat of the moment can seem minor and not a big deal.

If you dont file a police report, there is no record stating that you were injured during this accident.

Filing the police report when you are injured during an accident helps to ensure that this can be covered by your auto insurance policy.

If you dont report it at the time of the accident, then you may have to rely on your medical insurance to cover any injuries sustained in the accident.

The same applies to anyone else involved in the accident. If you have a passenger that is injured, file a police report. Make sure the drivers and passengers in the other vehicle or vehicles are okay.

You do not want to risk driving away from the scene if somebody is injured.

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What Else Should I Document At An Accident Scene

In addition to contacting the authorities and filing a report, you should also:

  • Take photos or videos of the accident scene and any visible property damage
  • Get the names and contact information of everyone involved in the collision
  • Speak with witnesses and collect their contact details

The more information you have regarding your vehicle collision, the easier it will be to file an insurance claim and collect recovery for your losses.

How Do I Get A Police Report

Can You Make An Auto Accident Insurance Claim Without A ...

You can request a copy of the police accident report for your car crash online from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. If the State Highway Patrol wrote the report, you can request a copy from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Some North Carolina cities, towns, counties and other municipal law enforcement agencies also make reports available online, by phone or in person.

The attorneys at Riddle & Brantley can also help you obtain an accident report.

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Whose Insurance Do I Call After An Accident

Usually, in simple rear-end or clear liability accidents where the at-fault driver accepts responsibility, you probably dont need to call your insurance company unless you were at-fault. In that case, the sooner you call, the sooner your insurance provider can help you get things back to normal.

Some states are considered no-fault states, which means if there is an accident, itll be your insurance that covers you up to a specified limit for personal injury, car damage and related claims, such as lost wages, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Likewise, the other driver, even if you were at fault, will be responsible for their damages and injuries.

Insurance compensation for car accidents can vary depending on where you live. Do you live in a no-fault state? Check your policy for the specifics to better understand how youre covered.

Contact Your Claims Adjuster

Now youâve reported the accident âpromptly,â and youâve laid the necessary groundwork to file any claims. Your provider will assign you a claims adjuster who will help take you through the process as well as investigate your accident and any follow-up to it, including repairs and medical care.

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Why Is It Important To Call The Police After A Car Accident In Atlanta

The only time you should even contemplate not calling the police is in the rare event that you do not believe the crash resulted in any injuries and damage to your vehicle appears to be less than $500, or you do not need to use your own auto insurance to cover any of your damages. However, we always recommend that everyone involved in a crash call the police, even if you do not believe you will file a car accident claim.

Why? Because having the police investigate the wreck and determine who was at fault gives you an independent and reliable third-party witness to who caused the accident. Without a report of this nature, you are left to explain how the accident occurred to the other drivers insurance company on your own.

What if the other driver tells his or her insurance company a different story? The insurance company will almost always side with their insured. Then it becomes he said-she said situation.

In addition, the reason you do not want to call the police is not a good one either often times. We have seen many, many injury cases where the client felt fine at the scene of the crash only to learn days or weeks later that he or she was actually severely injured.

You always want to err on the side of caution and have the police investigate the wreck and determine who was at fault. This will make it easier to reach a car accident insurance claim settlement.

Contact An Attorney Immediately To Handle Your Claim

How to File a Car Insurance Claim | Tips for Filing, What You Need

How long do you have to file a car insurance claim in Texas after an accident? You should know that the answer is not long. You should call a car accident attorney immediately to make the most of your time and maximize your damages.

The attorneys at The Zimmerman Law Firm, P.C., have 85 years of combined experience. We strive to improve the lives of Central Texans with our legal expertise, and we want to help you. Contact us online or by phone at 254-272-3296 for a consultation.

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Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes In Your Area

After an accident, auto insurance policyholders can file a claim to request compensation for damage. Filing a claim is beneficial when your out-of-pocket cost exceeds the policy’s deductible and can help pay for property damage, medical expenses, loss of salary due to missed work and even legal fees, depending on your coverage. You should always read your policy or contact your insurance agent or provider to understand exactly what’s covered under your plan.

What If I Was In A Minor Vehicle Accident In Georgia

If the damages are negligible and there are no injuries, should you file an accident report? The answer is yes. This bottom line is that it is always a good idea to report a car accident, and not doing so can have life-changing consequences.

Even if there was no legal requirement to report your accident, not documenting a collision is a risk to your rights. When an accident gets reported to the police, they come to the scene, create a car accident report, and take down the information of everyone involved. If that doesnt happen and you try to claim damages later, its your word against everyone else. Therefore, you may face blame for what happened even if the collision was not your fault.

Another reason to always file an accident report is to secure coverage for all damages. In many cases, damages and injuries may not be immediately apparent, such as engine failures or delayed symptoms of medical injuries. For example, a traumatic brain injury can take hours or days to appear.

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What If You Dont Report A Car Accident To Your Auto Insurance

Some drivers are hesitant to tell their insurance company about an accident because they are worried about increasing premiums. However, not reporting a collision is a bad idea. If you dont notify your insurance about the accident, you may be denied certain protections if the other driver files a claim for damages.

In other words, not reporting a car accident to your auto insurance can result in further expenses and less protection down the road.

Filing Your Claim Immediately Establishes A Stronger And More Accurate Reflection Of Your Damages

Can You File a Car Crash Claim Without a Police Report?

Filing your claim immediately increases the likelihood that you receive payment earlier and the likelihood that you receive adequate damages. Your damages should cover your medical care, lost wages, repair or replacement of property, and pain and suffering. I

f your insurance or the at-fault drivers insurance pays for medical care immediately, you can receive regular, monitored care early. Regular care can produce multiple reports explaining your medical needs.

Reports explaining your present and future medical needs are important evidence to prove your economic damages at trial. These reports are also useful in settlement negotiations.

The longer you wait to file a claim, the higher the likelihood that you could suffer a subsequent, unrelated injury. The at-fault drivers insurance wants to find ways to argue that your injuries are not related to your accident.

Even if your symptoms stem from the accident, insurance companies use subsequent intervening injuries to argue that the at-fault driver didnt cause your damages and isnt liable.

You should present to the insurance company evidence of your injuries connection to the accident and your treatment needs early. This makes your damages harder to deny. Making your claim and presenting evidence early might also inspire the insurance company to settle with you fairly and quickly.

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Getting A Copy Of An Nyc Car Accident Police Report

Once you have filed a car accident report, if you plan to make an insurance claim or one is filed against your liability insurance that you dispute, youll need to obtain a copy of each report filed.

  • If police filed the accident report electronically or it occurred in one of the five boroughs of New York City, allow at least 14 days from the date of the accident before requesting it or looking for it online.
  • If police used a paper form to report the accident, allow at least 30 days from the date of the accident.
  • For the accident report filed by a motorist , allow at least 60 days.

You can go to the police precinct with the jurisdiction where the accident happened, or get the reports online or through the mail. You must pay a required search fee of $10 and an additional report fee of $15 for each accident report you order by mail. The cost is less when you order an accident report online.

To order a copy of a motorist accident report you must:

  • Be named on the accident report, or
  • Be a party to a civil action that arose from the accident, or
  • Provide legal representation to a person named on the report, or
  • Represent a person who is a party to a civil action that arose from the accident.

The various accident reports a police report and those filed by the motorists involved are the first evidence of the accident and injuries having happened. They are basic to an insurance claim.

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