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Can You Look Up Police Officers

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Were Making Those Records Public

Watch This Cop Perform National Anthem After Singer Got Stuck in Traffic

The records USA TODAY and its partners gathered include tens of thousands of internal investigations, lawsuit settlements and secret separation deals dating back to the 1960s.

They include names of at least 5,000 police officers whose credibility as witnesses has been called into question. These officers have been placed on Brady lists, created to track officers whose actions must be disclosed to defendants if their testimony is relied upon to prosecute someone.

In 2019, USA TODAY published many of those records to give the public an opportunity to examine their police department and the broader issue of police misconduct, as well as to help identify decertified officers who continue to work in law enforcement.

Seth Stoughton, who worked as a police officer for five years and teaches law at the University of South Carolina, said expanding public access to those kinds of records is critical to keep good cops employed and bad cops unemployed.

Body Worn Camera Video

This record is video footage captured by an officer’s body-worn camera. To request BWC video records, please fill out the form linked below and follow the instructions for submittal.

NOTE: If you cannot open the link and are using , go to Google Chrome Help. If you are using Microsoft’s Edge browser in Windows 10 and cannot open the form, go to Techdows for help.

How To Find A Police Officer

Police departments send personnel where they think they’ll be needed and have officers “patrol,” or cruise various areas where there have been problems. If there is no police officer in your area, it is easy to contact the police using an emergency or non-emergency telephone number, by email or, in some cases, using a smartphone app.

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They Can And Will Lie To You

There are big consequences associated with lying to a police officer, including being prosecuted for obstruction of justice, which is a felony. But police officers can lie to civilians and do so routinely. For example, undercover police officers dont have to admit theyre police officers even if you ask. Police officers can lie to you about having evidence against you. They can even lie to you about why theyre questioning you. In fact, lying in order to solve a crime is an integral part of police training and procedure. On the other hand, here are the things you should never say to a police officer.

Police And Sheriff Department Finder

Police officers can now look up suspect info on Smartphones

Our Police and Sheriff Department Finder is free to use and no membership is required. You can find any police department or sheriff department in the United States in just a few clicks. With this free tool you can find police and sheriff department offices, addresses, phone numbers and websites. Start by selecting the state you live in and then select the county and city youre looking for and youll find all relevant information about the police and sheriff departments near you.

Our Free Police and Sheriff Department Finder is mobile friendly so check it out on any device. We also have this on our app at the Google Play Store or for Apple iPhone and Tablets

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How Do I Submit A Request For Information

To submit a request send the request via mail, fax, or email to the agency. Some agencies list specific departments or people whose job it is to respond to PRA requests, so check their websites or call them for further info. Always keep a copy of your request so that you can show what you submitted and when.

Templates for Sample Requests

Incident Based Request: Use this template if you want records related to a particular incident, like the investigative record for a specific police shooting, an arrest where you believe an officer may have been found to have filed a false report, or to find out whether complaint that an officer committed sexual assault was sustained.

The First Amendment Coalition also has some useful information to help explain the PRA process.

Officers With Search Warrants Almost Always Have To Knock Before They Enter Your House

Here’s another thing that you should know when it comes to search warrants: Even when the police have one, they are legally required to knock and announce themselves before they enter. However, there is one exception to this rule: In Richards v. Wisconsin, the Supreme Court decided that the police can forego the formalities of knocking if making themselves known “would be dangerous or futile, or that it would inhibit the effective investigation of the crime.”

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Nor Can They Enter Your Residence Without A Warrant Or Your Consent

Regardless of what you might see on TV, police officers can’t actually burst into your home unless they either A. have a warrant or B. have received your express consent to do so. However, as Scharff Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, points out, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For instance, an officer can enter your home without your consent under the plain view doctrine when they “can see evidence within their sightline.”

Theres A Difference Between An Interview And An Interrogation

‘You Can’t Just Show Up’: MPD Union Forwards Call For Ex-Cops To Serve As Poll Challengers

An interview is a non-accusatory question and answer session between law enforcement and a witness, victim, or suspect. The goal of an interview is to obtain information. By contrast, an interrogation is an accusatory process, whose goal is eliciting a confession. Unless youve been arrested already, a police officer has no reason to tell you what sort of conversation youre having, but you can assume youre being interrogated if the conversation isnt so much a series of questions and answers as a monologue by the police officer.

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The Police Don’t Have The Right To Look Through Your Phone Even When You’re In Custody

Unless you give your express consent or there is a warrant, the police do not have the right to look through the contents of your phoneeven when you’re in their custody. This was decided in the landmark Riley v. California case in 2014, for which Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. decided that, since “digital data stored on a cell phone cannot itself be used as a weapon to harm an arresting officer or to effectuate the arrestee’s escape,” there is no immediate need for an officer to access the contents of a person’s digital devices.

How Thorough Are Police Background Checks

Based on the information above, you can come to the conclusion that the police background checks are quite thorough and do take time to be completed. Investigators wont hesitate to travel to your place of birth or the town where you have gone to school in order to make a complete profile. Questioning extended family members and even random neighbors is also part of the investigation.

The background check is a substantial element of the entire hiring process and it is quite thorough. Do not expect that any of your past will remain hidden and do not be tempted to give false information or intentionally omit any facts. Be aware that under the U. S. Criminal Code provides that knowingly falsifying or concealing a material fact is a felony which may result in fines up to $10,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment.

Be as open and honest both in your application form and in the follow-up questions and this will be only a plus for you.

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Police Background Check: What Do They Look For

There is something that you need to understand and remember: the background investigation starts at the very moment you submit your application form. As the hiring process is lengthy, it is possible that you might have changed your current address, phone, job or any other information provided in the original application. If this happens, make sure to notify the agency immediately. This will score a point in your favor as it shows that you are responsible and you are able to follow up on a task you have started without being prompted. In addition, that will save time, since the investigators wont have to go back and forth until they reach the needed destination.

So, which are the main areas that the police background investigation covers:

What To Do If Stopped

Black officer who helped KKK supporter says policing is ...
  • When you see the red lights and/or hear the siren of a police vehicle approaching from behind you as you drive, remain calm. When it’s safe to do so, slowly drive to the right side of the road towards the curb and come to a stop.
  • Remain seated in your vehicle unless the officer advises otherwise.
  • Ontario law requires drivers to show their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance document when asked by a police officer. If your documents are in your vehicle tell the officer where they are before you reach for them.
  • If you’re stopped when it’s dark please turn on your interior light.
  • If you have passengers in your car encourage them to stay seated, remain quiet and cooperate with any instructions that the officer may give.
  • The officer may give you a ticket if you have committed an offence under the Highway Traffic Act. If you don’t understand what is happening ask the officer to spend some extra time explaining why you’re receiving the ticket and what to do with it.
  • Avoid being aggressive.
  • If you receive a ticket, accept it calmly. Accepting the ticket does not mean you’re guilty. If you feel you’re not guilty you can argue your reasons in court.

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All You Need To Know About Police Background Check And The Common Disqualifiers

Starting a job in law enforcement is actually an extensive process involving several stages rather than a simple act of recruitment. As a candidate you need to be aware of the complete police officer hiring process and the common application steps involved prior to submitting your application for a given position.

First of all, there are certain personal qualities and basic requirements that each agency needs covered by you before even considering to start the hiring process. You need to be smart, open, quick-learner and team-player if you want to work in law enforcement. In addition to that, you need to be medically and physically fit to be able to perform the tasks required by the job and cope with the stress involved. Then you need to pass the police written exam and oral board interview with a score high enough to place you among the desired prospective candidates for the position.

How To Obtain Police Reports

Record keeping is one of the most important functions of law enforcement agencies across the United States. Police officers are trained to document their observations and actions whenever they are called upon to perform their duties, and they do so on police reports. These reports become official records, and they are carefully kept for the benefit of the public.

Police reports are generated just about every time a law enforcement officer responds to call. This includes motor vehicle accidents, arrests, investigations, and several other situations. Police reports are entered in criminal court proceedings, and they are also used by insurance companies when they investigate claims. Although police reports are rarely admitted in civil court cases, they can help attorneys in identifying witnesses and getting a better sense of how a situation developed into a lawsuit.

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What Type Of Documents Will The Agency Produce

The term “record” should include all documents related to the incident, including any reports created by the agency, the records of its investigations, photographic and video evidence, and the agency’s disciplinary decisions.6 If you are only interested in certain types of recordslike a disciplinary decision or an autopsy report you can request the specific type of record you want, and that may actually help you get a response to your request more quickly. Agencies also have an obligation to work with you to identify the documents that are responsive to your request.7

You Dont Have To Invite Them In

5 ways cops get illegal searches to hold up in court

If the police show up at your door without a warrant , you dont have to invite them in. You dont even have to talk to them, and you can ask them to leave. In fact, criminal lawyers advise that you dont speak to them and ask them to leave. While you may think that it will appear youre hiding something, and while it may even appear that you are, none of that is evidence of anything and cant be used against you for any purpose.

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Officer Friendly Isnt Really Your Friend

The job of a police officer is to enforce the lawnot to be your friend. However, police officers are trained to use friendliness to elicit information. By engaging you in friendly chit-chat, a police officer can ascertain information not only about you but also about your community. So, lets say you get pulled over for speeding on a Saturday night. If the officer asks you where youre coming from, and you say a party over on Elm Street, the officer now knows theres a party on Elm Street. Youll want to know these 17 things about getting out of a speeding ticket.

They Also Can’t Search Your Property Without A Warrant Or Your Consent

Not only do police officers not have the right to enter your home without a warrant, but they also can’t search your property without one or your consent. But this right is rather recent it was only in 2018 that the Supreme Court ruled in Collins v. Virginia that “when a law enforcement officer physically intrudes on to gather evidence, a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment has occurred.”

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The Beverage Theyre Offering You May Be A Ruse

The police cant make you submit to a DNA test without a warrant. But that doesnt mean they cant offer you a glass of water while youre sitting in a hot, stuffy investigation room and then obtain your DNA from the cup you drank from after you toss it in the trash. Once you toss something into the trash, its up for grabs even if it has your DNA on it. Dont miss these 45 things police officers really do wish you knew.

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Lenexa Police on Twitter: " Our officers are sporting a new ...

No one is in a position to assess whether an officer candidate can do the job well and the way that we expect the job to be done better than the officers former employer, Stoughton said.

Officers are public servants. They police in our name,” he said. There is a “strong public interest in identifying how officers are using their public authority.

Dan Hils, president of the Cincinnati Police Departments branch of the Fraternal Order of Policemen union, said people should consider there are more than 750,000 law enforcement officers in the country when looking at individual misconduct data.

The scrutiny is way tighter on police officers than most folks, and thats why sometimes you see high numbers of misconduct cases, Hils said. But I believe that policemen tend to be more honest and more trustworthy than the average citizen.

Hils said he has no issue with USA TODAY publishing public records of conduct, saying it is the news medias right and responsibility to investigate police and the authority of government. Youre supposed to be a watchdog.

The bulk of the records USA TODAY has published are logs of about 30,000 people banned from the profession by state regulators.

For years, a private police organization has assembled such a list from more than 40 states and encourages police agencies to screen new hires. The list is kept secret from anyone outside law enforcement.

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How To Request A Police Report Online

Once you have determined which police department has your police report, you should visit their website. Many police departments now allow you to request your police report online, although some may require you to print off a police report request form and mail it to them with a self-addressed stamped envelope. San Antonio, for example, allows you to submit a request for a police report online, in person, or through the mail.

How To Look Up Police Reports By Case Number

When a police officer responds to a call for service that involves an accident or results in an arrest the officer generates a written report. The report details the events that transpired, as well as the parties involved in the case. The case is assigned a case number, which is used by the police department to organize and file the report. The case number is different than that of a court case number. If you must obtain a copy of the police reports for insurance, civil or personal other reasons, the report can be obtained from the police department.

Locate the address or telephone number of the police department or sheriff’s office that created the report. To locate this information, look in your local phone book, or search for the office by name using your favorite search engine. For example, enter “Orlando Police Department” into a search box. Read More:How Can I Look Up a Police Report?

Ask the representative from the records department the policy for viewing and obtaining copies of police reports. Most departments allow you to mail or fax in a request, or you can visit the station. Many departments charge a per-page fee to copy police records.


  • If you wish to view the file, but not make copies, you must visit the department in person.


  • If you wish to view the file, but not make copies, you must visit the department in person.

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