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How Many Blacks Were Killed By Police In 2016

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What Is Blue Lives Matter

How Many More People Will Police Kill in 2016? – THE LOOP

The countermovement claims to support local law enforcement, but its supporters have been accused of racism

  • Blue Lives Matter is known to be a counter to the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Those who display the flag insist it is to honor the men and women in blue, as well as fallen officers
  • However, opponents of the movement say it has become a symbol of racism
  • The flag is said to have some racist connotations after being spotted alongside Confederate flags at the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, reported NPR

Unarmed Black Americans Killed By Police In 2018

Wed Jun 20th 2018 by abagond

Protest in New York City against the death of Stephon Clark, March 28th 2018.

Killed so far in 2018: 14 October 2nd 2018.

A very incomplete list of unarmed Black people killed by police so far in the US in 2018:

Those I have done posts on have a bolded link.

format: date: name, age, town, state, cause of death.

  • March 18th 2018: Stephon Clark, 23, Sacramento, CA, Gunshot.
  • May 14th 2018: Marcus-David L. Peters, 24, Richmond, VA, Taser.
  • June 19th 2018: Antwon Rose, 17, East Pittsburgh, PA, Gunshot.
  • September 6th 2018: Botham Jean, 26, Dallas, TX, Gunshot.
  • For now I am following the Washington Post database. Be warned that their overall number of unarmed Blacks killed seems suspiciously low. They count holding toy guns and shower heads as being armed.

    If you know of any police killings of unarmed Black people by the police in 2018, please tell me in the comments below. Thanks!

    I will update this post throughout the year.

    Abagond, 2018.

    Akiel Denkins* Feb 29 2016

    Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman has concluded that Raleigh Police Senior Officer D.C. Twiddy shot Akiel Denkins in self-defense and will not face any charges.

    In a release issued on Wednesday, the DAs office concluded that Officer Twiddy shot 24-year-old Denkins on Feb. 29 as a matter of last resort and only because he reasonably believed his own life was in danger.

    The release went on to say that Denkins was armed and grabbed Officer Twiddys gun during a struggle.


    Records show he had been arrested 16 times on 26 charges since 2011.

    The charges include assaults on females, resisting officers, carrying a concealed gun, and possession with intent to sell and distribute cocaine.

    Award: None reported at this time

    Link to story.

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    Michael Brown Aug 9 2014

    Unarmed Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

    In November, a grand jury declined to charge Wilson in the fatal shooting. Browns death and the lack of charges against Wilson sparked protests, some of them violent, in Ferguson and across the nation.

    On March 4, the Department of Justice announced that it too would not charge Wilson for the shooting after an exhaustive investigation.

    Video of shoplifting incident moments before police encounterDorian Johnsons interview, what started hands up, dont shootWitness on the scene backs up Wilson in overheard cell phone audio.YouTube has removed the video.

    Officer: Not charged

    Award: $1.5 million

    Young Black Men Killed By Us Police At Highest Rate In Year Of 1134 Deaths

    POLICE KILLING OF BLACKS: Data for 2015, 2016, 2017 ...

    Final total of people killed by US police officers in 2015 shows rate of death for young black men was five times higher than white men of the same age

    Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015, according to the findings of a Guardian study that recorded a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers this year.

    Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged this year by an ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. Their rate of police-involved deaths was five times higher than for white men of the same age.

    Paired with official government mortality data, this new finding indicates that about one in every 65 deaths of a young African American man in the US is a killing by police.

    This epidemic is disproportionately affecting black people, said Brittany Packnett, an activist and member of the White House taskforce on policing. We are wasting so many promising young lives by continuing to allow this to happen.

    Protests accusing law enforcement officers of being too quick to use lethal force against unarmed African Americans have spread across the country in the 16 months since dramatic unrest gripped Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white officer.

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    William Chapman Ii Apr 22 2015

    Former Portsmouth, Va., police officer Stephen Rankin was sentenced last October to two and a half years in prison for fatally shooting William Chapman II while responding to a shoplifting call outside a Walmart on April 22, 2015.

    Prosecutors allege Rankin killed the unarmed 18-year-old willfully, deliberately and with premeditation. Some witnesses said Chapman was combative, and one said he knocked away Rankins stun gun. Rankin, who is white, was fired.

    Local news report including Taser Camera Video

    A did establish that Chapman had shoplifted from the store.

    Officer: fired

    Award:$1 million

    Alton Sterling July 5 2016

    Sterling, 37, was shot to death on July 5, 2016, as the officers pinned him to the pavement outside a convenience store where he had been selling CDs. The killing was captured on cellphone video and circulated widely online, sparking demonstrations across the city. U.S. Attorney Corey Amundson said Sterling was armed during the confrontation and the investigation didnt find enough evidence to pursue charges. State authorities are investigating.


    Records show that Sterling was a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal record that included convictions for weapons offenses, confrontations with police officers, property crimes, and domestic violence and other batteries.

    Officer: Not charged

    Federal prosecutors announced in May they would not seek charges against two white police officers who were involved in a deadly encounter with Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Lo., last summer.

    Award: $0

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    Police Killing Of Blacks: Do Black Lives Matter

    Data collected by the Washington Post on the use of lethal force by police officers since 2015 indicate that, relative to the proportion of the population, Blacks are over-represented among all those killed by police. As is evident in the figure below, according to the US Census estimates, Blacks made up 12% of the population. However, from 2015 2019 they accounted for 26.4% of those that were killed by police under all circumstances. In other words, Blacks were the victims of the lethal use of force by police at nearly twice their rate in the general population. Whites make up the majority of victims of police use of lethal force from 2015 2019, BUT they also currently make up the majority of the population . Asians make up about 5% of the US population but just 2% of the victims of the lethal use of force by police. Hispanics make up 18% of the US population and just over 18% of the victims of the use of lethal force by police. Native Americans make up 1% of the US population and 1.7% of the victims of the use of lethal force by police.

    Is that the right comparison? Shouldnt we compare the percent of those killed by police to the percent of interactions with the police? Even more precise, shouldnt we compare the percent of those killed by police to those encounters that were actually life-threatening to either the police officers or other people? There are several problems with such comparisons.

    Mapping Police Violence puts it this way :

    In One Year 57375 Years Of Life Were Lost To Police Violence

    Tucker Carlson Tonight Exposes the Lies about Police killing black people

    A new study finds that police killings exact a toll greater than accidental gun deaths.

    People killed by police in 2015 and 2016 had a median age of 35, and they still had an average of about 50 years left to live when they died. Its this metricthe gap between how long someone lives and how long they were expected to livethats the focus of a new study by Anthony Bui, Matthew Coates, and Ellicott Matthay in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

    To find the true toll of police violence, the authors focused on years of life lost. They used data from The Counted, a Guardian database of people killed by police, to find the races and ages of everyone who died at the hands of police in the United States, then compared them to the average life expectancy for those groups.

    Of the 1,146 and 1,092 victims of police violence in 2015 and 2016, respectively, the authors found that 52 percent were white, 26 percent were black, and 17 percent were Hispanic. Together, these individuals lost 57,375 years to police violence in 2015 and 54,754 to police violence in 2016. Young people and people of color were disproportionately affected: 52 percent of all the years of life lost belonged to nonwhite, non-Hispanic ethnic groups. Whites also tended to be killed by police at older ages than African Americans and Hispanicsthough this is partly because, in the general population, whites are older on average than the other groups.

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    Rumain Brisbon Dec 2 2014

    Rumain Brisbon, 34, was shot and killed by a Phoenix police officer who mistook a pill bottle for a weapon.

    Officer: not charged

    The officer, Mark Rine, was not charged following a probe by the Maricopa County attorneys office, according to the New York Daily News.

    Record: Brisbon had several criminal offense and had been shot before.

    Award:$1.5 million

    Tamir Rice Nov 22 2014

    Tamir Rice, 12, was shot and killed by Cleveland police after officers mistook his toy gun for a real weapon.

    The two police officers involved, Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, have not been charged.

    Rices family has filed wrongful death lawsuit against the officers and the city of Cleveland.

    Officer: No charges were filed

    Award: $6 million

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    Black People More Than Three Times As Likely As White People To Be Killed During A Police Encounter

    Black Americans are 3.23 times more likely than white Americans to be killed by police, according to a new study by researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The researchers examined 5,494 police-related deaths in the U.S. between 2013 and 2017. Rates of deadly police encounters were higher in the West and South than in the Midwest and Northeast, according to the study. Racial disparities in killings by police varied widely across the country, with some metropolitan areas showing very high differences between treatment by race. Black Chicagoans, for example, were found to be over 650% more likely to be killed by police than white Chicagoans.

    The wide variance in deaths by police shows how preventable these deaths are, study authors Jaquelyn Jahn and Gabriel Schwartz, recent graduates from the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, told UPI in a June 24 article.

    The Role Of Mental Illness And Suicide In Deaths Due To The Use Of Lethal Force

    POLICE KILLING OF BLACKS: Data for 2015, 2016, 2017 ...

    Agencies of LE frequently serve as first-line responders to mental health emergencies, including crises involving violence., Officers in a study of three U.S. cities reported responding to an average of 6.4 calls/month involving mental health crises. About 20% of people hospitalized for severe mental illness, in another study, had been arrested or picked up by police for a suspected crime in the prior 4-month period. Indeed, two decades of research have documented high rates of LE contact, arrest, and incarceration rates for individuals with mental illness. Officers often report feeling inadequately trained to assess and respond effectively as gatekeepers for both the criminal justice and mental health systems, and community leaders have raised concerns for many years about the safety of citizens with mental health crises who often encounter, and rely on, LE.,,,

    Related incidents in which the victim engaged in life-threatening or criminal behavior to provoke the use of lethal force by policewidely referred to as suicide by cophave also been recognized by LE and criminal justice researchers for several decades as a unique challenge. In the current study, 17.9% of fatalities due to the use of force were identified as potential suicide by cop incidents, a number within range of prior estimates.,

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    I Think Logically 99% If Not More Of The Police Contact With The Public Is Appropriate Giuliani Says

    Rudy Giuliani in a Fox News appearance.

    • Resize icon

    More police officers are shot and killed by blacks than police officers kill African-Americans.

    Thats former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani offering his perspective to Fox News on rising concerns that police disproportionately kill black Americans.

    The unarmed shootings which are the ones that are the troublesome ones there are only 9 of them against blacks 20 against whites in 2019. So thatll give you a sense. Meanwhile, there were 9,000 murders of blacks, 7,500 of which were black-on-black, Giuliani told Foxs Ed Henry during a recent interview.

    Breaking news:Atlanta officer charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks shooting

    The comments come as President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order calling on police departments to adopt stricter use-of-force standards and create a database to track officer misconduct amid an eruption of social unrest in America over racial inequality and the treatment of blacks by law enforcement after a number of recent incidents.

    Protests across the globe have been ignited by the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man who perished in police custody on May 25 in Minneapolis as a white police officer drove his knee into his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

    Giuliani, however, described the reaction to the incidences and calls to defund the police as created and almost hysterical.

    The Washington Post writes:

    Willie Lee Quarles Sr

    May 21, 2020Greenwood, South Carolina

    According to the Associated Press, 60-year-old Willie Lee Quarles Sr. was fatally shot by a Greenwood police officer who was responding to a domestic violence call.

    When police arrived at the scene of the alleged domestic violence incident, Quarles allegedly shot the officer. The officer then shot Quarles in the chest, killing him.

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    Winston Joseph Latour Iii

    Lake Charles, Louisiana

    According to CBS affiliate KFMB, 37-year-old Winston Joseph Latour III was killed by Lake Charles police officers, who said they responded to a claim that Latour was driving an allegedly stolen vehicle. When the officers located the vehicle, Latour drove away and a chase ensued, ending when Latour crashed into a house, police said.

    Officers, who said Latour had a firearm, shot him. Latour died at the scene.

    March : Breonna Taylor

    Heres How Many People Police Killed In 2015

    Former police officer Derek Chauvin – who had knelt on Mr Floyd – was convicted on charges of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter after a three-week trial.

    Three other officers who were involved in the incident will be tried later this year accused of aiding and abetting Mr Chauvin.

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    How Many Black Men Have Been Killed This Year

    Of the 765 people killed by police in 2020, 28 percent of them have been black people – despite comprising only 13 percent of the US population.

    Police brutality in America has sparked an ongoing battle between communities marching with Black Lives Matter protesters and Blue Lives Matter supporters.

    Global demonstrations have also taken place to protest the harsh treatment of black people by law enforcement.

    Protests in places including Kenosha, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon have resulted in civilian deaths, hundreds of arrests and continuous unrest for months at a time.

    Akai Gurley Nov 20 2014

    Akai Gurley, 28, was shot and killed by a police officer while walking in a dimly lit New York City public housing stairwell with his girlfriend. Gurley, who was unarmed, was pronounced dead at a hospital. New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton called the shooting an accidental discharge.

    Officer: CHARGED and convicted of negligent homicide

    Rookie Peter Liang, was charged with second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and two counts of official misconduct.

    Award: $4.1 million

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    Arent More White People Than Black People Killed By Police Yes But No

    Dylan Noble died on the last Saturday of June.

    Police in Fresno, Calif., received a report of a man walking a downtown street with a rifle, but when they arrived, they instead found Noble speeding by in his pickup truck.

    When they tried to pull him over, the 19-year-old led police to a nearby gas station and then exited his car.

    The driver then turned towards officers with one hand concealed behind his back, and told officers he hated his life, the Fresno police department said in a statement. As he continued to advance towards officers, an officer-involved shooting occurred.

    The department framed it as a suicide by cop. His family insisted that could not be the case, urged federal officials to investigate and demanded that video from the body cameras worn by both officers involved be released.

    I am outraged that the police would shoot my son and say that it is his fault, Veronica Nelson, Nobles mother, told reporters at a news conference not long after the shooting. So please join me as Im demanding justice for Dylan.

    Nobles friends and family gathered for days at the gas station parking lot where he was killed some waving Confederate flags and others chanting, White lives matter.

    And soon, they were angry at their inability to garner more attention. At a time when dozens of police killings have prompted outrage, why hadnt this one? Was it because Noble was white?

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