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How To Be A Police Officer In Ohio

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History Of The Eastlake Police Department

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The first police chief for the Village of Eastlake was Richard Taylor. He started as chief in 1949, working for no pay and using his own car to patrol the village streets.

The village officially became a city in 1955. Chief Taylor and his part-time policemen worked out of the first police station, a small building at the intersections of Roberts Road, Beachpark, and Lakeshore Boulevard. The police station consisted of a small room that contained a desk, two chairs, and two file cabinets. The rest of the building was the city hall and clerks office. The building later became Steves Barbershop.

The second police station was a little larger room in a concrete building that also was used as the city hall and clerks office. This station had its first prison holding cell, a steel cage constructed in a section of the Hinkle service garage. The location of this building was known as the Hinkle Block and it is located across from the Subway shop on Lakeshore Boulevard.

Basic Steps To Become A Police Officer In Ohio

  • All applicants will have to complete the peace officer basic training in any of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission accredited schools. There will two types of students in the academy, the sworn in peace officer and the open enrollment student. Each one will have to complete at least 579 hours of training in order to be considered to become a cop.
  • Appointed out of state police officers who are want to become a peace officer in Ohio can have the basic training waived by apply for a prior equivalent training analysis. The OPOTC will review the records submitted and compare the applicants prior training records to the current Ohio curriculum, if prior training is deemed an equivalent then it will be credited.
  • Candidates must then pass the Ohio Peace Officer Certification Test.
  • Candidates will have to pass the physical exam that includes both the medical exam to check a candidates overall health and a physical test.

Ohio Police Officer Salary

The mean wage of patrol officers in Ohio is about 56,000 a year. Individuals who work in large cities tend to earn more on average than officers who work in rural parts of Ohio. Years of experience and amount of education also influence an officers amount of pay. For higher ranking police officer jobs in Ohio, the average salary is around 65,000 a year. Police Supervisors may earn 74,000 each year or potentially even more in Ohio.

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How The Case Started

The legal fight started in June 2020 at a Cincinnati City Council meeting where officer Olthaus made the “OK” symbol.

Olthaus said he meant OK when he flashed the hand signal but others viewed it as a dog whistle for white supremacy as the shape of the hand resembles the letter W and P for “white power.”

In August, Olthaus sued Terhas White, local writer Julie Niesen and others who accused him of racism. The suit states that his privacy was “tortiously violated,” that people disseminated personal information about him online, and that he was defamed.

“People in the crowd made the juvenile, unfounded, incorrect and hysterical claim that innocuous ‘okay’ gesture was a ‘white power’ or ‘white supremacist’ hand signal intended to intimidate people,” the suit states.

Zach Gottesman, who represents Olthaus, said Cincinnati police intelligence found messages on social media boards in which people were talking about taking “actual concrete steps to harm him and his family.”

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Megan Shanahan agreed to allow Olthaus to proceed with his case under a pseudonym: the initials M.R. Shanahan also approved a temporary restraining order barring Neisen and White from releasing any personal information about the officer.

Exceptions In Police Training In Ohio

Wheeling Police Officer Is Accused of Domestic Violence ...

The state of Ohio affirm that cadets who have completed their training out of state are free to request the certification test without having to retake the courses at the police academy.

Those who successfully pass the test become certified as Ohio law enforcement agents with full authority. However, documents attesting the background check, fingerprinting, psychiatric evaluations and so on should also be presented.

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Becoming A Police Officer In Akron Ohio

The Akron Police Department is responsible for providing patrol, law enforcement, public safety, and community services to the more than 200,000 citizens of Akron, the fifth largest city in Ohio.

  • Meet Minimum Eligibility Requirements
  • Take the Civil Service Exam
  • Take the Physical Fitness Test
  • Undergo Thorough Background Investigation
  • Attend the Training Academy
  • Step 1. Meet Minimum Eligibility Requirements

    Individuals with interest in becoming a police officer in Akron should determine whether they meet minimum eligibility requirements before submitting an application for employment. To be eligible for Akron police jobs you must:

    • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Be at least 21 years old but no older than 31 years old
    • Meet vision and hearing standards as set forth by the Civil Service Commission
    • Must possess a valid drivers license with no more than 5 points on your driving record
    • Have no felony convictions

    Step 2. Apply for Employment

    According to the City of Akron regulation, you may only apply for posted positions. You may check for current job announcements. When the position of Akron police officer is posted, you may either apply online or pick up an application at the Personnel Department, 146 South High Street, Suite 130, Akron, OH 44308, Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 3:30PM.

    Step 3. Take the Civil Service Exam

    Step 4. Take the Physical Fitness Test

    Step 5. Undergo Thorough Background Investigation

    How To Work As An Ohio Police Officer

    Minimum state requirements for applicants who wish to become Ohio police officers align with other US states. Applicants must be 21, hold a valid drivers license in the US and be an American citizen. There are also requirements regarding legal history. Applicants may not have a conviction record, including certain misdemeanors, and no record of domestic abuse or violence. If a candidate meets all these criteria they can then apply for an Ohio police officer position.

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    Apply & Take The Test

    Submit an application to work at the police department. In addition to completing a thorough questionnaire focusing on your background, you will also need to provide a copy of a recent credit report and your birth certificate. You will also be required to write a statement declaring your personal history.

    Once this information is processed, youâll need to complete a test that contains several sections, including multiple-choice questions, a written sample, and a physical. Youâll also need to undergo a background check, a medical test, and a psychological evaluation. Finally, you will be asked to complete a polygraph based on the information that you give.

    Police Jobs Outlook In Ohio

    Ohio police officers asking to be put on vaccine priority list

    The outlook for police and sheriffs patrol officer jobs in Ohio is positive. Employment of law enforcement officers in the state is expected to increase by 2.5% through 2026.7 Including replacements, there will be an anticipated 1,640 annual openings for police and sheriffs patrol officers in the state through 2026.7

    To check out police jobs in Ohio and across the United States, visit our police jobs board.

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    Basic Peace Officer Academy

    This program is available at the Springfield – Downtown location.

    The Clark State Basic Peace Officer Training Academy is designed to meet the requirements of the Ohio Police Officer Training Council and is offered in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, the State of Ohio, and OPOTC. Successful graduates of this program will be recommended to take the state certification examination. Successful graduates will also earn college credit towards Clark State’s Criminal Justice degree.

    Basic Peace Officer Training topics include administration, legal, human relations, firearms, driving, traffic, investigation, patrol, traffic enforcement, civil disorders, defensive tactics, first aid, homeland security and physical conditioning. Additional certificates can be earned for pepper spray and taser.

    Four academies are offered each year two day and two night. Attendance at all classes is mandatory. Formal class meetings for these academies may be held on the Clark State Campus or at a satellite location. Firearms and driver trainings are conducted at off-campus locations. Day academies begin in March and August with classes from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Evening academies begin January and May with classes from 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. All academies include multiple weekends where some training events are held off-site.

    What Are The Minimum Requirements To Become A Police Officer

  • Candidates must be holders of a high school diploma or a GED
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must also be a resident of Ohio
  • When applying, candidates must be at least 20 years old, and at the time of appointment, they must be at least 21 years old. There is no maximum or cut-off age limit for the age at which a candidate may apply.
  • Candidates must have a valid drivers license from the state of Ohio
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    Police Departments In Ohio

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 24,950 sworn police officers in the state of Ohio.2 Officers in Ohio work in rural communities, suburban towns, and metro cities alike. While all police officers in the state must meet OPOTC minimums, cities may look for additional qualifications in officer applicants.

    Opotc Physical Fitness Requirements

    State Police Trooper officer for the State of Ohio OH ...

    Per Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission requirements, all persons seeking admission into a basic peace officer academy will be required to demonstrate a minimum level of physical fitness per the below denoted standards . Proficiency is verified by three assessment measures approved by OPOTC: a) 1.5 mile run, b) sit-ups within 1 minute, & c) push-ups within 1 minute. This test must be successfully completed prior to the start of the academy training calendar . Cadets who fail one or more of the measures will be afforded ONE additional attempt which will be scheduled for a different day/time . All three measures must be met per the below standards. If a participant fails to meet one of the three standards, they will be required to attempt all pass all three measures during the second and final attempt.

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    Lateral Entry Level Police Officer

    The City of Lakewood is accepting applications for an entry level Police Officer position. This appointment is being made through a lateral entry process open to candidates who are currently Police Officers or who have been employed as Police Officers within the past year.

    Qualified candidates must provide proof of current or past appointment through a competitive Civil Service examination process.

    To apply, candidates must:

    • Complete an application for employment,
    • Show proof of High School Diploma or GED,
    • Have a valid Ohio Drivers license with a good driving record ,
    • Provide proof of OPOTA Certification, and
    • Provide a current Tri-C Certificate of Physical Agility dated within two months of your application date.
    • Candidates needing to obtain a Tri-C Certificate of Physical Agility may contact Tri-C to register for a future testing date or use the following link: Tri-C Physical Agility Testing.

    To be considered, applicants must:

    Salary: $63,769.73 $73,834.96, based on prior experience, plus benefits.

    Qualified candidates must apply on-line at the City of Lakewood website by clicking here or applications may be printed and submitted via e-mail to:

    Or via USPS mail to:City of Lakewood

    Meet The Basic Requirements

    To pursue career training as a police officer, you must first meet the minimum requirements. In Ohio, a prospective candidate must possess a high school diploma or GED and be a citizen of the United States. Moreover, you must live in and possess a valid Ohio driverâs license, and be no younger than 20 years old. When appointed, you must be 21 years of age.

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    Ohio Police Officer Training Academy

    To be a sworn police officer in Ohio, you must successfully complete the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy . Tiffin University partners with Terra State Community College to include the cost of the academy in tuition and it can be earned in just one semester.

    This unique training academy is state mandated for all police officers and covers firearms, legal administration, human relations, traffic, patrol, driving, subject control, investigations, civil disorder, physical conditioning and other aspects of law enforcement. Students apply direct, hands-on practice in the crime lab, firing range and police cruisers. With experienced, certified instructors and hands-on application, our students consistently achieve passing rates on the state-certified exam.

    Once graduates of the program earn the certification, they are immediately eligible for full-time employment.

    Tiffin University gave me my best friend and pushed me to my highest potential. The OPOTA program put me ahead in the hiring process and my bachelors degree set me apart from other candidates.

    Cassidy Ralph

    How Much Money Does A Police Officer Make In Columbus

    VIDEO: Man arrested for impersonating police officer in Whitehall

    As of 2019, the starting annual salary for an officer of the Columbus Division of Police is $57,220.80 according to the citys police website. This translates to an hourly wage of $27.51. After the completion of the first 12 months of service, the annual salary will rise to $60,028.80. Moreover, the following benefits are extended to all officers by the Columbus Division of Police:

    • Paid training at the Columbus Division of Police Academy
    • Reimbursement of college tuition
    • Life insurance
    • Health insurance coverage for the officer and his/her family. This is provided at a cost of $77.40/month for single-person coverage and $276.88/month for family coverage
    • Dental Plan and Vision Care
    • Representation in the Fraternal Order of Police Union
    • Paid leaves and vacations

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    How Long Does It Take To Become A Police Officer

    Becoming a police officer is a process, and as such, may take a while. Attending the training academy in and of it takes about 6 months, and may take longer depending on whether you need to take more courses. Then, you may be required to get on the field training by a senior cop. Factor in all the time that it takes for submitting an application, all the tests associated with the applications, and the consideration process and you may be looking at anywhere between 9-12 months from the date of applying.

  • Submit Your Application to a Police Department
  • Along with your application, you should provide:

    • A copy of your birth certificate
    • A statement of your personal history
    • Your most recent credit report
    • A filled out background questionnaire
  • Appear for Test
  • If your application is processed successfully, you will be required to give the Civil Service Test. This test normally has four sections:

  • A multiple choice written element
  • A writing Sample
    • An examination by the oral board
  • A thorough physical test
  • Clear the Selection Examinations
  • Once your application has been cleared and deemed eligible for consideration, you have to pass a series of selection examinations:

  • Complete Basic Academy Training
  • Candidates must enroll in an Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy accredited training program. These programs typically last 6 months and require candidates to complete at least 579 hours of training. This includes everything from:

  • Pass the Ohio Police Certification Test
  • What The Defendants Say

    Jennifer Kinsley, who represents White and one other defendant, argued that any judge’s order restricting the free speech of her client should have been reviewed immediately by a higher court.

    “There must be immediate appellate review,” Kinsley said. “My client never got that second look.”

    She said part of the question before the Ohio Supreme Court is whether her client’s speech was constitutionally protected, so their decision could impact the rest of the case.

    The Cincinnati Enquirer has also filed briefs and motions in the case stating that Olthaus should not be able to proceed with his case under a pseudonym. Judge Shananan denied those motions in August 2020.

    The Enquirer made a similar argument before the Ohio Supreme Court, also asking that records used by the trial court to justify the pseudonym should be unsealed.

    “We have a long-standing tradition of public access to court records. The Ohio Constitution says all courts shall be open. It’s really a foundational legal principle,” said Jeff Nye, an attorney who filed an amicus brief on behalf of media, free speech groups and constitutional law professors.

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    Law Enforcement Explorer Post 602

    The program is for students and young adults ages 14-21 and provides career education and experiences in addition to leadership and life skills. The Explorers meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at WPD, as well as participate in community events. Visit for program and membership information.

    Chief James G Jackson Columbus Police Academy And Regional Training Center

    Toledo police officer killed in standoff was father to ...

    CPD recruits are trained at the Chief James G. Jackson Columbus Police Academy and Regional Training Center in Columbus. Recruits attend over 1,000 hours of basic training at the academy. For six months, recruits train in topics including defensive tactics, patrol operations, law, legal procedures, criminal investigation and firearms, physical training, human relations and applied behavioral science.3 Upon completion of academy training, recruits must complete 15 weeks of field training.

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    Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper/cadet Candidate Applicant Process*

    *The information below may be outdated so make sure to visit the police agency that you are interested in working for.

    Your application for the position of Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper or Cadet Candidate is the first step in the employment process.

    How to applyIf you have a valid drivers license and have graduated from high school or can show satisfactory completion of the G.E.D., contact your nearest Highway Patrol post during open recruiting . A Patrol officer will talk to you, answer your questions, and provide you with an application.

    Note: No applications are provided or accepted via e-mail.

    In the future, you will be expected to successfully complete a series of assessments and to pass a thorough screening process. You will be notified of dates, times, and locations where you must appear to fulfill these requirements.

    A detailed explanation of these assessments and the screening procedures is included below.

    You will be given notice of your acceptance or rejection for training as soon as possible after completion of the application process.

    I. Written Examination:

    The entrance examination is a three part test which will evaluate your:

    • Ability to read and comprehend information
    • Ability to use information

    Applicants will normally be notified of their examination results by mail. The number of applicants processed further will be based on test score and the number of applicants needed to fill a training class.

    II. Preliminary Physical Screening:

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