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How To Become A Phoenix Police Officer

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Civilian Jobs Detention Facility

Phoenix police officer resigns from job over the radio

The holding facility is staffed by a team of detention officers who are supervised by civilian shift supervisors and a civilian Detention Administrator. Detention officers work together in maintaining a close working relationship within all areas of the police department, the Mesa Municipal Court and the many other law enforcement agencies surrounding our community. The Holding Facility is dedicated to ensuring a fair and expedited transition for all who are moving through the criminal justice process. Detention officers are responsible for the care, custody and control of all subjects brought into the facility.

Police Departments In Arizona

In 2017, an estimated 11,480 police and sheriffs patrol officers were employed in Arizona.1 While cops must meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, each police department may have its own set of additional requirements for prospective officers.

Becoming A Police Officer In Scottsdale Arizona

According to UCR statistics from the Scottsdale Police Department, the rate of both personal and property crimes committed in Scottsdale decreased by more than16% in 2012 alone. If youve got the dedication to help keep Scottsdale a safe place to live and work, follow this step-by-step guide on how to become a police officer in Scottsdale.

  • Meet the Basic Qualifications
  • Attend Police Academy for Training
  • Step 1. Meet the Basic Qualifications for Scottsdale Police Officer Candidacy

    There are certain requirements that you must meet to be considered for police officer jobs with the Scottsdale Police Department:

    • You must be at least 20 years and 8 months old when you apply.
    • You must be a U.S. citizen.
    • You must have a high school education:
  • You must not have been convicted of any of the following:
  • A crime that would be a felony in Arizona
  • Domestic violence
  • You must have an honorable discharge from the U.S.military .
  • If you have been employed as a law enforcement officer, you must not have violated any laws relating to criminal activity during or after your tenure.
  • You cannot have done any of the following with marijuana:
  • Used it within the previous 3 years
  • Used it more than 20 times in your life
  • Used it more than 5 times since you have turned 21
  • You cannot have used illegal drugs :
  • In the past 7 years
  • More than 5 times in your life
  • More than once since you have turned 21
  • You cannot have a pattern of abuse of prescription medication.
  • You cannot have tattoos:
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    Starting As A Reserve Officer

  • 1Meet the qualifications. In order to be considered for a position as reserve police officer in the state of Arizona, you must meet the same minimum qualifications required of a full-time police officer candidate. Arizona POST rules do not differentiate between the two.
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Possess a valid Arizona driver’s license by the starting date.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Never used or sold illegal drugs.
  • No felony convictions.
  • 2Submit your application. Apply as a reserve officer to the agency you want to work for full-time. Many Arizona police agencies rely on reserve officers to enhance police presence in the community without going over their budgets. It can be a great way to get your foot in the door, as many Arizona law enforcement agencies hire from their reserve officer pool first when they are needing to fill full-time officer positions.XResearch source
  • 3Volunteer as a reserve officer. Many reserve police officers already have established careers such as that of a doctor, pilot, or lawyer, and serve as as a way to give back to the community. This can be a fulfilling and valuable service you provide to the public while maintaining your higher-paid job.XResearch source
  • Security Guard Cable Communications Center

    Whos Running the Phoenix Police Department?
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    Community And Support Services Division

    • Central Booking
    Police Officer

    The position of Executive Assistant Chief is considered second-in-command of the department. The collar rank insignia is indistinguishable from other Assistant Chiefs. However, the title “Executive Assistant Chief” is inscribed in the title scroll on the top of the breast badge to indicate the position.

    After ten years in the rank of Sergeant, employees are authorized to add one rocker to the bottom of the sergeant stripes. After fifteen years in rank, two rockers are authorized and after twenty years in the rank of sergeant, three rockers are authorized to be added to the sergeant stripes. There is no associated elevation in actual rank, and no additional pay, as these extra rockers are optional and only meant to distinguish time in the grade and are not a promotion.

    The Phoenix Police Department also uses shoulder patches to denote the positions of Sergeant-in-Training and Field Training Officer, although these are not official supervisory ranks.


    How Much Does A Police Officer Make In Mesa Arizona

    Law enforcement officers are the definition of hard working. They literally lay down their lives as a part of their job. Nevertheless, their income can be considered as nickels and cents when compared to the incomes of physicians or Veterinarians. They do get a lot of benefits being a cop, though. A police officers income is determined by factors such as the location he is assigned to work in, what unit he is a part of, and his or her work hours. We will now proceed to show the typical income of different police officers and look at how an officer can make more.

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    Pass Law Enforcement Exam

    There are various law enforcement exams depending on the jurisdiction as well as the police academy you have chosen. These exams often have the following sections:

    This section includes a combination of multiple-choice, true-false and short essay questions that assess a candidate’s knowledge of the job. Many questions test your grammar, reading comprehension and mathematical skills. These questions may also test your logic and decision-making skills in job-relevant scenarios.


    In this portion, candidates are given a topic or prompt to write a long-form essay. This test focuses on your ability to use logic, express your thoughts and ideas clearly as well as provide your reasoning and evidence to support your claims.

    Oral exam

    This part is typically given in the form of an interview, often with a hiring manager from the department or even a member of the community. Its purpose is to evaluate your verbal communication skills and general presentation.

    All applicants must receive a passing grade on the law enforcement exam before being accepted into a police training academy.

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    Police Officer Pay Faq In Phoenix Az Area

    Phoenix police officer on life support after being shot 8 times while on duty

    The average salary for a Police Officer is $58,129 per year in Phoenix, AZ Area. Salaries estimates are based on 8265 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Police Officer employees in Phoenix, AZ Area.

    The highest salary for a Police Officer in Phoenix, AZ Area is $90,726 per year.

    The lowest salary for a Police Officer in Phoenix, AZ Area is $37,244 per year.

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    Police Training Academies In Arizona

    If you have met all the requirements and successfully passed the necessary exams, you will have to then complete a training program at one of the following police training academies in the state.

    • Arizona Law Enforcement Agency Phoenix, AZ
    • Mesa Police Department Training Academy Mesa, AZ
    • Pima County Sheriffs Department Tucson, AZ
    • Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center Tucson, AZ
    • Arizona Correctional Officer Training Academy Phoenix, AZ
    • Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center Lake Havasu City, AZ

    Police officers in Arizona put in all their efforts to protect the nearly 6.7 million citizens of the state. These officers fight crime and work hard to maintain law and order in the various communities of the state. If you are an aspiring police officer in the state of Arizona, there are a lot of great career opportunities for you here. So keep yourself updated and dont miss out on them.

    What Does A Police Officer Do

    Police officers are sworn to protect and serve the general public. They are tasked with preventing crime, arresting and detaining criminals, mediating disputes and protecting people and property. Responsibilities may depend on the level of experience, rank and geographical location. Some common duties include:

    • Patrolling neighborhoods, either by foot, in a vehicle or on a bicycle

    • Responding to emergencies and dispatch calls

    • Interviewing witnesses after crimes, emergencies and incidents

    • Documenting testimony and making notes of their observations

    • Writing and filing official reports

    • Testifying in court

    • Performing community education and outreach, typically on public and personal safety

    • Enforcing traffic laws, often pulling over drivers to ensure they are compliant

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    New Pay Structure Makes Phoenix Police Highest Paid In Arizona

    Under a new plan to be presented to the Mayor and City Council for approval, Phoenix Police Department salaries would become competitive with other public safety agencies in the market. The goal is to improve officer retention and aid recruitment to address the current shortage of sworn law enforcement officers in Phoenix.

    The proposed compensation restructure is designed to be a market leader at the recruit level and at all sworn ranks. It would allow the city to start recruits at a higher rate . By similarly streamlining the system of starting salaries and pay grade steps from recruits to assistant chiefs, officers will have increased earning capacity throughout their careers. Currently our police recruit position is approximately 7% below the market average this plan would bring salary ranges approximately 10% higher than any other law enforcement agency in the state.

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    Our goal in Phoenix is to be a world class city, and that means using the tools necessary to build a world class police department. In other words, to hire the best, we need to pay the best, said Mayor Kate Gallego. As we attract these top-notch officers, we must also expect the very highest level of accountability to meet the expectations of our community.

    The City has completed similar assessments for other employment classifications that resulted in pay grade changes over the last year.

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    Gain Experience As An Officer

    Police Officer Ginarro Allen New, Phoenix Police Department, Arizona

    Once trainees have graduated from the police academy, they can begin working for the police force on a conditional basis. New officers are placed on a 12-month probationary period in which they work as a police officer but receive continuous training from more experienced officers on a daily basis.

    After their probationary period, they can take on a permanent position. Depending on the department they have chosen to work for, they may also be able to obtain additional training, acquire new skills and receive performance reviews that can help them advance their way into higher-ranking positions and police specialties.

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    Meet Other Minimum Requirements

    These requirements include:

    • Age: Depending on the department, officers need to be at least 18 or 21 years old.

    • Driver’s license: Police officers must have a valid driver’s license and a generally clean driving record. This requirement is due to many officers using a patrol car on the job.

    • Background check: Aspiring police officers must pass a criminal background check to ensure they have not committed any major crimes or offenses.

    • Physical examination: All applicants must also be physically fit and able to pass a physical and medical exam.

    • Psychological evaluation: Police officers are required to make challenging decisions in high-pressure situations, which requires sound mental health. This evaluation may be in the form of an interview or questionnaire that assesses your personality, temperament, attitudes and core beliefs.

    How To Become A Phoenix Arizona Police Officer

    To be eligible to join the Phoenix Police Department as an officer, candidates must meet the minimum eligibility standards outlined below. Those who qualify will undergo a rigorous selection and screening process, which starts with the submission of the online application and taking a written exam. Candidates must pass each step of the process to proceed to the next step. After passing the physical fitness exam, background check, polygraph exam, psychological screening, and medical exam, candidates will be invited to complete recruit officer training at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy . After completing the police academy, recruits will be sworn in as Phoenix police officers.

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    Mesa Police Salary And Jobs Outlook

    The MPD offers new recruits a starting salary of $56,534, which can rise to a top salary of $79,789 after years of service.2 Officers also receive health and life insurance benefits, a uniform allowance and equipment reimbursements, and can qualify for tuition reimbursement. The MPD also offers incentive pay including shift differentials, overtime, and bilingual compensation. Officers are eligible to retire after 25 years of service through the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System . The average annual salary for an officer in the Mesa and Phoenix metro area is $69,370.3

    The salary is just one reason hopeful new law enforcement officers might choose Mesa for employment. Growth in employment of law enforcement officers in Arizona is expected to continue on a positive trend, with more jobs opening up every year. The growth through 2026 is expected to reach 6.9% with an average of 60 new positions added statewide each year.4 For more information on current MPD law enforcement positions, take a look at our jobs board page.

    How To Become A Police Officer

    How a retired Arizona police officer became an ally in Valley LGBTQ community

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Police officers protect their communities and ensure everyone’s safety. Becoming a police officer can provide you a rewarding career path serving your community. These law enforcement professionals are required to complete specialized training and pass exams to secure employment. In this article, we explore the steps for how to become a police officer.

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    Co2 Guns Look Like Firearms

    This is not the first time a CO2 gun or airsoft gun has been mistaken for a firearm. In 2019, a Tempe police officer shot and killed 14-year-old Antonio Arce. He had an airsoft replica gun.

    CO2 guns and airsoft guns are designed to look like real firearms, but they dont fire bullets. They can be dangerous, however, because the BBs, plastic balls, and soft lead pellets they do fire can hurt people.

    Latest News

    Phoenix Police Recruits Get $20k Pay Raise More People Applying

    PLEA says pay increase rollout ignores senior officers

    PHOENIX The Phoenix Police Department is now the highest-paying law enforcement agency in the state. On Monday, starting salaries for new police recruits increased by $20,000. The department said it is already seeing more people applying to the academy. According to Phoenix Police, last month, more than 100 people showed up for recruitment testing. Before the City Council approved the pay increase, that number was below 60. Getting us back to where we were in the past. We havent seen those numbers in two years, said Ben Leuschner, the president of the Phoenix Sergeants and Lieutenants Association.

    Buses sending asylum seekers from Arizona to Washington, D.C. cost $80K per trip

    New recruits now make about $68,000 annually. Current officers got a pay bump too and this comes as the department deals with severe staffing shortages. Officials hope the pay increases attract and keep officers. We are down hundreds and hundreds police officers right now, said Leuschner.

    Thief breaks into beloved, family-owned restaurant in Chandler

    Meanwhile, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association president said that the recent pay bump rollout ignores senior officers who have been with the department for decades. For guys like me that were topped out at current enhancement pay in our longevity, yesterdays increase, when moved to this new pay structure, amounted in a $159 raise, said Darrel Kriplean, PLEA president.

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    How To Become A Police Officer In Arizona

    The Grand Canyon State is an excellent place to become a police officer, with high salaries and warm weather. Over 11,400 police officers were employed in Arizona in 2017.1 Police officers in Arizona work hard to protect the 7.1 million residents of the state, fight crime, and maintain order in the states communities. On this page, you can read about the minimum requirements for aspiring police officers in Arizona and find information about major police departments in the state.

    Transit Security Officer Command Center

    Mtn View welcoms our new Commander (Phoenix Police Department ...
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