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How To Become A Police K9 Handler

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Types Of Agencies That Use K


Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies have K-9 handlers with their K-9 partners. A few specific agencies that employ K-9s include the US Drug Enforcement Agency, US Customs and Border Protections, US Secret Service, and the FBI.

When it comes to local agencies, the K-9 handlers train their patrol dogs to detect explosives or narcotics. A large number of these canines are also capable of physically capturing suspects by restraining them until officers can take them into custody. This is very beneficial in protecting their handler, other officers and well as the community.

The FBI includes high-risk Hostage Rescue Team dogs. They team up with their respective officers and deal with SWAT call-ups and other high-risk calls. There are also K-9s that are used for Internet Crimes Again Children investigations. These ICAC dogs can sniff out the components used in downloadable devices, such as jump drives, SD cards, and portable hard drives.

Police Dog Handler Training Basics

For our police dog handler training we use different kinds of police dog breeds. The police dogs are trained to guard criminal suspects. At the same time the police dog handler searches the suspect. Besides that skill, police dogs are able to track down criminal suspects in open fields, buildings or other locations.

Course content

  • Safety first : procedures on safety
  • Obedience
  • First Aid and safety precautions
  • How to perform as a police dog
  • Search tactics

Your Free Time Is No Longer Your Free Time

I think back and ask myself, QAack then to pass on my time. Once you start working dogs your free time is no longer your free time. You can now expect that you will be taking care of your dog full time. Unfortunately, your dog will not really care if you get sick, dont feel like it, or you are tired. Your free time will now be consumed with feeding your dog, grooming your dog, conducting kennel maintenance, letting your dog out to use the bathroom , and you will even have to spend time picking up after your dog. This is just the short list of things to be done on a routine basis, or maybe even twice a day. However, this short list does not include your monthly medication administration, veterinary visits, or even caring for your dog if he or she gets sick or injured. All this adds up to less free time for you. Expected family time will decrease and work time will increase. You will make a commitment to your job like no other.

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Career Opportunities For K

As a K-9 officer you have several career paths that you can take and develop further. One of the basic things to consider is that you can work in the law enforcement units in local, state and federal level, as well as in the military. Salary and responsibilities will differ in accordance with the requirements of the agency you work for.

There are also other agencies that employ police dog handlers, such as the Custom and Border Patrol , Drug Enforcement Agency and Transportation Security Administration .

In addition to that K-9 officers and their dogs may patrol airports, harbors and borders or participate in searches in prisons, schools or other places.

If you are interested in finding a few more details about the job of a K-9 officer you can check out the K-9 Unit Around the World video on How to Become a K9 Officer, Career and Salary Information below:

How Much Does A K9 Unit Officer Make

Become a Certified Police K9 Instructor and Trainer

Specific information is not provided by The US Bureau of Labor Statistics on how much a police dog handler or a K-9 unit officer earns on average. To draw an estimate figure for a K9 unit officer we would have to look at a similar position, which is that of police officers the median salary was $61,600 in May 2016. Officers of the K-9 units differ as they are required to learn a bit more than the other policemen who have a similar rank and experience because of the additional responsibilities they have due to being in tasked with the care of a canine.

Figures submitted on Pay Scale provide information to calculate the median salary of a K-9 officer, which is $35,913, however this is not an exact estimation as pay ranges between $28,383 and $82,851.

Simply Hired can also be seen as a reliable source from which information can be drawn on the salary of a K9 unit officer this data is based on third party submissions to their site. According to the available data the average salary of a K-9 officer amounts to $62,143 and ranges from $33,044 to $116,868.

An important factor to consider is that the minimum wage will vary depending on the jurisdiction. It is recommended that applicants check with the employing agency for an actual salary figure and possibility for growth and promotion within the position. The level of Education and experience the applicant possess also influences the annual salary a K9 unit officer will receive.

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Required Experience For K9 Officers

Before applying to become a K9 officer, candidates must gain 1-2 years of police officer experience. K9 officers must be active officers in good standing. After demonstrating competency as a police officer, applicants must gain experience working with trained dogs.

After training with a police dog, K9 officers gain experience working with their dog partners. Officers earn this experience on the job and learn skills including tracking, animal handling, and animal safety in large crowds.

What Does A K9 Officer Do

K9 officers are a unique, specially trained group of officers. As with all police officers, K9 officer duties are to enforce local, state, or federal laws, though the specific duties they are responsible for will vary depending on where the agency they work for and other factors. Some K9 officers work on detecting explosives, whereas others are on the hunt for illicit drugs or weapons.

Because the K9 unit is trained in a unique manner, they are highly valued and may work unconventional schedules because of it. Some agencies have K9 officers on call 24/7. Thats because the dogs are needed at the drop of a hat to sniff out a body, a person, illegal substances, or other items that are best handled by the nose of a trained police dog.

K9 officers can work in a number of different capacities both inside and outside of the police force. Youll find K9 officers at airports, high-security public places, courthouses, and other locations that require a dogs special skills.

K9 agents must care for and form a bond with their police dog which is one of the most important factors in this equation. In order to be effective in this role, K9 officers must be able to work well with animals and have the ability to maintain control of their police dogs at all times. After hours, K9 agents take their police dog partner home and serve as its handler while off-duty.

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Tips From A Serving Handler

Work hard and get a good few years experience as a police constable before specialising this will give you the insight and skills needed in dog handling. Other forces like the RAF and Army can train you to be a dog handler, but if you want to be out day-to-day on dog-handling operations, I would recommend a career with the police. This guide will show you EXACTLY how.

How To Find A K9 Training

Earning the Badge: K-9 handler

1- Start by finding a recognized company that works in the field.

2- Ask to see the certifications and training of the person giving the training. This person should also have had training with documented evidence, right?

3- Ask to see the facilities and methods that will be used to train you. You also need to know what goals the training allows you to achieve. That is, what assessment / certification will be done?

4- Training should take more than 6 months with your own dog and a minimum of 2 months with a dog already trained by a professional. At the bottom of that, it is certain that you will not have the training and the information sufficient to be operational on the ground.

Above all, remember that the profession of a dog handler is not just a job. It is a passion with variable hours and which will often require you to be on the road!

Do you have questions about the job or the training? Write U.S.

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How To Become A Dog Handler

If you are someone who is interested in working with dogs, you might consider a career as a detection dog handler. Those in this role have the opportunity to help law enforcement detect contraband with the help of canine partners. This job requires an in-depth knowledge of dog behavior along with a passion for training. In this article, we explain everything this career entails and how to become a dog handler.

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How Can You Become A K

Becoming a K-9 police officer is difficult. So, be ready to invest blood, sweat, and tears. In short, you will need to go through 12 steps to be a K-9 police officer:

  • Fulfill the required education and have the necessary experience
  • Apply to be a police officer or for another law enforcement position
  • Be fingerprinted and pass the background investigation
  • Pass a polygraph test and a few physical fitness tests
  • Pass a medical exam and the ultimate police written exam
  • Sit through an interview for the position
  • Be a police officer for at least one year
  • Apply to be a K-9 officer
  • Sit through an interview for the position
  • Start working as a K-9 officer
  • Complete training for the job
  • Received a certificate from the US Police Canine Association

For more, check out:

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What Does A Law Enforcement K

K-9 officers are responsible for enforcing local, state, or federal laws depending on the agency that they work for, and they are a peace officer. Typically, their duties are based on the mission of the agency that they work for, the division within that agency that they are assigned to, and the skills of the dog.

For instance, a dual purpose K-9 is specialized both in nose work for detection of narcotics or explosives and in bite work for protecting both the public and his handler. In this scenario one of the major purposes of the K-9 handler would be patrolling.

When it comes to a track and find or an area search, a K-9 handler paired with a cadaver dog would be utilized. Some of the larger agencies have bomb dogs assigned to the handlers who deal majorly with explosives. There are K-9 handlers with narcotics detecting dogs who are assigned to the jail.

A K-9 handler is required to train their dog to meet the needs of his department. The canine accompanies their handler on duty and assists them in a variety of tasks that include detecting illegal substances, explosive or chemicals, tracking and rescuing missing persons, and locating submerged or buried corpses or human parts.

Police K9 Trainer School Program Details

Dogs Unit Specialist Teams Gloucestershire Police Archives

Our most inclusive working dog program, the Police K9 Trainer / Instructor Program combines all aspects of both our Protection and Detection Trainer programs, and emphasizes tasks Police K9s and their partners are called to do. Our training facilities provide realistic scenarios for working K9s, trainers and handlers, so dogs and handlers graduate ready to get to work. This program is ideal for current and former Law Enforcement Personnel, K9 unit supervisors and handlers, military, as well as for civilians who are interested in training and handling K9s for this fascinating line of work.

Students who attend our 12-week program receive a solid foundation in dog behavior, learning theory, training tools, and behavior modification techniques. This foundation allows our Police K9 trainers to communicate effectively with their partners, build a solid relationship with their dog, and accurately troubleshoot any training or behavioral problems the dog may develop throughout its working career.

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What Happens When A K

Every agency has its own policy on what happens when a K-9 retires. For many agencies, when the K-9 retires, the K-9 handler then moves on from being a K-9 handler and goes into another position withing the agency. For instance, Hollys canine, Bane is slated for retirement this year while a new K-9 is gearing up taking Banes position. That new K-9 will have it own new K-9 handler

The contract the Detectus McManus has with the city as a K-9 handler, is that she will buy K-9 Bane for a dollar and then it will literally become a retired K-9 officer, much like how police officers become retired. His liability, care, vet bills, and everything else will them become the responsibility of Detective McManus personally. Right now, the city of St. Francis technically owns Bane and carries that liability for him.

Our Police K9 Instructor Course Is Taught By Leaders In The Industry

Our most comprehensive working dog course, the Police K9 Instructor Course combines all aspects of both our Protection and Detection Trainer courses, and emphasizes tasks Police K9s and their partners are called to do in the field. Our instructors and training facilities provide real-life scenarios for police K9s, trainers and handlers, so dogs and handlers graduate ready for the street. This program is ideal for current and former police officers, Police K9 Instructors, K9 unit supervisors and handlers, military, as well as for civilians who are interested in training and handling police K9s for this demanding work.

Our Police K9 Instructor Course teaches attendees what they need to know to be effective Police K9 instructors for working dogs of all types. Graduates of our program are confident in their skills, and most importantly, confident in their K9 partner. They learn to trust their police K9 implicitly because they are part of the total learning process and know the training methods taught at Highland Canine Training, LLC are proven to be successful in the field.

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What Skills Do You Need To Be A Dog Handler

Some of the skill sets that you will need to become a military dog handler are patience, compassion, communication, and teamwork. On top of that, you need to possess fundamental military ethics, professionalism, and firearms knowledge.

There are military dog handlers in all branches, but the most common and sought-after position is the dog handler in the Army. That being said, we will focus on Army dog handler requirements in this article.

What Happens To The K


For someone who is looking to become a K-9 handler, it is also important to understand what retirement for a K-9 handler looks like. In a few agencies, once a K-9 handler has performed their tour of duty with a specific dog for six to eight years , they will no longer be a K-9 handler. In this scenario, the handler can then apply for a promotion and or get integrated back into patrol. In other agencies, the K-9 handler has the option to take on another K-9 after their K-9 partner retires.

Before taking the position of a K-9 handler, an officer needs to know what will happen when their dog retires, and whether they get to keep their K-9 handler position after their current K-9 partner retires. In agencies where the K-9 handler has the option of taking on another K-9 after theirs retires, some K-9 handlers have been known to have worked with over four dogs or more throughout the span of their career.

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Expert K9 Training Offered Worldwide

As part of our continued commitment to increase the industry standard for working dogs, we are proud to offer our services globally. We offer:

Customized K9 TrainingExpert Consulting K9 Team Evaluations

For years, we have worked with law Enforcement, Military, NGO and Security agencies across the world to help them develop stronger working dog programs. We offer customized training packages to meet your individual needs. For more information, .

K9 Officer Job Description

Knowing how to use a trained canine to solve crimes and enforce laws can put you in an elite class of police officers. As a K9 officer, you do many of the same job tasks as police officers. You may patrol a set route or neighborhood, answer emergency calls, and backup other law enforcement personnel. Since your dog may be trained in one or multiple skills, you may be assigned to crime scenes or police calls that require the canines unique abilities.

According to the Seattle Police Department, K9 handlers may use their dogs to locate fleeing criminal suspects, search for human remains, and seek out illegal substances. K9 officers should be quick-thinking, able to work as part of a team, and flexible. While you may work alone some days as part of a normal patrol route, there may be days that you work with all sorts of law enforcement personnel on a range of calls or situations.

K9 handlers often work irregular shifts and schedules. Depending on if the canine is trained in bomb detection, drug sniffing, or another specialty, the dogs services may be needed at any time of the day or night. As a result, you may be on-call 24 hours per day. Its likely that youll be assigned to evening, overnight, and weekend shifts, depending on the needs of your department and unit.

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