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How To Become A Police K9 Trainer

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At Spectrum Canine We Start With Selecting The Highest Quality Dogs Available From Sources Across The World

Police K9 Instructor Course – School for Dog Trainers

What separates us from the rest is that we are constantly striving to learn new methods of training that can improve our repertoire of techniques so that we can continue to offer the best training on the market. We pride ourselves on not being a mass vendor.

We do not have hundreds of dogs waiting for a department to select them we make it our job to search the world for the perfect canine for each individual department and handler. We realize that every department has their own specific needs. We make it our duty to select the quintessential candidate and maintain it to the highest standard during its working career.

Dual Purpose Police K9:

This will be a dog that has passed the selection process described above, and will have received countless hours of training prior to beginning the basic handler class. This allows the new handler to begin the training school with a dog that already has a solid understanding of the basic skills required of him. Therefore the handler can focus on learning how to handle the dog, rather than having to teach the dog the bare minimum during the school, leading to a more enjoyable and efficient learning process. The six week basic handler school is mandatory upon purchasing a dual purpose dog.

The price is dictated by the quality of the dog and the amount of training he has received prior to purchase.

Cost: Contact Us.

Single Purpose Detection Dog:

Cost: Contact Us.

Services and Training

Cost: Contact Us.

Maintenance Training:

Police Dog Training Unit

Our Dog Training Unit is known not only throughout the country but globally, thanks to its world-class training courses.

Dogs are trained in a number of roles and disciplines, including general purpose and search and learning to sniff out explosives, drugs, money, blood, and dead bodies.We have a mixture of Belgian and German Shepherds, Malinois and Dutch Herders as General Purpose Dogs, with breeds such as Labradors and Springer Spaniels being used for specialist searching.A total of three dog trainers are based at our headquarters in Hutton near Preston where, between them, they train on average 40 dogs each year. We currently have 18 trained dog handlers spread across the county.All of our dogs are allocated to a handler who they will stay with throughout their working life they live at home with their handler and at the end of their working life most dogs retire and remain with their handler as a pet.

Medical Standards Of Care And Clinical Practice Guidelines

If you want to research the clinical practice guidelines for a disease, condition, treatment or intervention or for health services administration, you can browse them online here. Your prescription in determining the standards of care and clinical guidelines applicable to your cases. Medical standards of care and clinical practice guidelines are established by a consensus of health care professionals as diagnostic and therapeutic actions or behaviors that are considered the most favorable in affecting the patients health outcome. The Internet offers a wide variety of expert consensus and evidence-based standards and guidelines, which provide insight, on a national level, to a broad scope of medical practice. Additionally, standards of care are established through, state and federal regulations, institutional policy & procedures, expert witnesses and literature. These links will lead directly to the pertinent sections on standards, guidelines, or position statements.

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Week Basic K9 Handler Patrol/narcotics Course

Date: January 31st – March 4th, 2022Location: Chico CAPrice: $5,500.00 Per Canine and Handler

Meyers Police Canine Training is offering a 5 week basic K9 handlers course in Chico, California. This course is designed to provide the basic skills necessary, to the handler and canine to perform as a law enforcement canine team. Our training facility is comprised of over 7 acres of ideal training grounds, including on site lodging and dog kennels. Canines will be dual certified to California POST standards at the completion of the course for patrol and detection functions. Other state standards may be implemented if needed.

A complete K9 manual will be provided to the handler along with a K9 case law update course and a K9 medical course at no additional charge.

How To Become A K9 Police Officer Career Requirement Salary Guide And Top 9 Best K9 Unit Dogs

Become a Certified Police K9 Instructor and Trainer

Dogs have long been seen as mans best friend. Hence, it seems logical that they can provide a great deal of assistance to law enforcement agencies through their superior sense of smell and agility, among other very helpful attributes. The use of canines in America has been around for over a century now and has made the jobs of law enforcement agencies jobs a great deal easier.

An example of this is the TSA or ATF who has dogs stationed at airports that are able to detect illegal substances, such as drugs, with close to 100% accuracy.

In recent years Dogs are being employed more and more by various law enforcement agencies. However, before a dog can become a part of the k-9 unit, it must undergo special training. This training and certification are conducted by the United States Police Canine Association .

Here we will try to answer questions you may have about What a K9 unit is, what a K9 Units requirements are, and how to join the K9 Unit.

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Career As A Police Dog Trainer


Police dogs assist police officers in tracking criminals, collecting evidence and locating contraband such as drugs. Often they live with the canine officer with whom they work, which encourages an intense bond, according to Alvernia University. Many who train these dogs are employed with a police department, or they may work as a part of a private agency or training facility. Police dog training careers are also available with federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Transportation Security Administration that use police dogs to help detect narcotics and explosives.

Day Tracking Course Jan 31

A week-long tracking course with instructor Cody Barday. Become a better tracking team and push your limits. The course will include both rural and urban tracks as well as some limited visibility and night tracking. This course is not designed for as an intro to tracking course, and all teams in attendance should have basic tracking knowledge and preferably real-world experience. The tracking course is limited to 8 teams.

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Experience Requirement For K9 Officers

Before applying for a position in the K9 unit, officers have to accumulate 1-2 years of experience as a police officer. K9 officers must be active officers with good rapport. Only after showing competency as a police officer can applicants gain experience working with trained police dogs. After training with a police dog, K9 unit officers gain experience working with their own canine partners. Officers will have to earn this experience on the job and learn the associated skills require for a K9 unit officer, including tracking, animal handling & animal safety in large crowds of people.

Police Dog Training Qualifications

The training that goes into becoming a police K9

A police dog trainer must have patience and an affinity for working with dogs, along with an intuitive sense of what motivates a dog. These professionals must be able to evaluate the animals to determine if the animal is able to successfully execute expected tasks. Dog trainers must be good communicators, using their voice and hand gestures to communicate to the animals. Training requirements vary by state, but some states require that police dog trainers have experience as K-9 handlers on a police force.

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K9 Officer Daily Tasks

The day-to-day tasks of a K9 officer mirror those of other law enforcement agents, only with the addition of a police dog partner.

  • Handling, training, and caring for police dog partner
  • Responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for law enforcement officials
  • Interviewing suspects and witnesses to collect evidence
  • Analyzing crime scenes and collecting evidence
  • Conducting searches and patrolling areas to search for illicit items, bodies, or evidence
  • Citing and/or arresting individuals, filing reports, and testifying in court

What Are The Relevant Jobs Available Post

Post-military, you can be a veterinary technician, security guard, civilian dog trainer, or K-9 police, also referred to as a K-9 law enforcement officer. These are all highly-respected jobs that you already have the qualifications for.

Your skills from being a military working dog handler are transferable for these positions. So, you can put your expertise and experience to good use. It will also be less challenging for you to transition back into civilian life.

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Basic Explosive Detection Dog Handler Course

Our Basic Explosive Detection Dog Handler Course is a comprehensive course taught by current and former law enforcement K9 handlers and supervisors that teaches beginner handlers all they need to know to be safe and effective in the field. This course is designed to train the Explosive Detection K9 handler alongside their assigned detection dog. This course takes both the K9 handler and dog through all the phases of explosives detection dog training, including obedience, imprinting, teaching the alert as well as all of the basic skills training for explosive detection dog teams. Listed below are some of the topics covered during our Basic Explosives Detection Dog Handler Training Course:

Basic Odor Theory

Key Skills For K9 Officers

The training behind becoming a police K9 unit

K9 officers need the same skills as other police officers, in addition to skills in animal handling. We cover several key skills for K9 officers below.


    K9 officers regularly engage with police dogs, which requires animal handling skills, as an out-of-control police dog could lead to severe consequences. K9 officers must care for their police dog at all times.


    In conjunction with their police dog, K9 officers respond to crime scenes and search for evidence. While controlling their police dog, K9 officers secure scenes, safely collect useful evidence, and bring in evidence for analysis.


    K9 officers maintain responsibility for themselves and their police dogs. They must remain cognizant of their environment and nearby people. These professionals often visit schools and other non-threatening environments where they must maintain a professional demeanor.


    K9 officers train with their police dogs to find and collect evidence. Because other law enforcement officials do not receive animal training, K9 officers must communicate what their police dog signals to other officers.


    As active members of law enforcement, K9 officers must maintain their physical fitness. Police dogs must also remain physically fit, and this responsibility falls on the K9 officer. Officers must regularly run with their police dog to build strength, stamina, and conditioning.

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    Dog Trainer Courses For K9 Police Department

    In order to professionally train K-9 handlers, it is necessary to learn the proper techniques. Master Dog Training teaches highly professional dog training skills ranging from bomb detection to narcotic detection. There are multiple methods that can be used to teach a handler to properly work with his dog to perform the necessary skills. The trainer must teach a K-9 handler and his dog how to track a person and how to find objects in a 150×150 square area. These lessons must be able to be applied in every possible setting.

    Detection Dog Handler Training

    Training for the detection dog handler is likely the most important aspect of developing an effective Police K9 detection dog team. It is important for detection dog handlers to understand the concepts and fundamentals of both training and handling detection dogs in order to be productive and successful in the field. Therefore, we stress the importance of these fundamental skills during any of our detection k9 handler training courses. The K9 handlers ability to manage the dog effectively as well as their ability to recognize a change in breathing, a change in behavior, and final indication on target odor is critically important. Learning to handle any type of detection dog can be frustrating and challenging for the novice K9 handler, but is something that must be done seamlessly in order to be successful. Our courses present this information in a way that is simple and easy for handlers to understand and apply while working the dog, even in demanding field environments.

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    K9 Police Dog Training

    K9 dogs are expected to perform well in various situations, such as finding a suspect through smell, protecting its handler, finding hidden objects in a 150×150 area, knowing how to respond when under fire, and detecting explosives and narcotics. Before a handler can start working with a dog as an official Police dog, the dog must pass the normative police test, or can be bought, fully prepared, from Master Dog Training.

    A K9 officer and his or her dog, should undergo lessons in maintaining the police dog normative once a week. A K9 handler and a police dog improve their work per Shutzhund dog training, tracking training, bomb detection, and K9 tactics. We simulate different situations that may pop up during serious police work, using automobiles, a garage, sport , elementary schools, shopping centers, etc.

    Police Dogs You Can Count On

    How is a Police K9 Trained

    We provide some of the finest quality imported dogs from Europe for our Police K9 and Military K9 training programs. These dogs are meticulously selected to ensure their trainability, sound temperament, drives, and sociability. Dogs selected for our Police K9 Training Programs come with an industry leading two-year health guarantee, current vaccinations, microchips as well as hip, elbow, and spine x-rays.

    Whether you are looking for green dogs for an in-house training program or a fully trained police dog, we offer a variety of dogs and training programs to serve our law enforcement and military clients. We can provide you with dual purpose as well as single purpose dogs and can customize training for dogs to meet specific departmental or agency needs.

    With our GSA Schedule 84 Contract we can offer most agencies discounted pricing and affordable rates on our dogs and training programs.

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    What Is The Projected Growth For This Job Opportunity

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 5 percent anticipated growth for police dog trainers between 2014 and 2024. On average, the BLS reported the average salary for a law enforcement dog trainer is $58,320.

    Keep in mind that canines will likely always be used to help out law enforcement officers, meaning there will always be a need for police dog trainers.

    License And Certification Requirements For K9 Officers

    Requirements for licensure or certification vary depending on location, industry, and job level. For example, one state may require K9 officers to complete a training course, while another might require professional certification.

    Even when not required, certification can improve a candidates employability and potential salary. The United State Police Canine Association offers professional certifications for K9 officers and police dog trainers.

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    What Types Of Certification Are Available

    No specific licensing is required to become a protection dog trainer. However, if you want to become a professional and leader in your industry, it is wise to pursue certifications. Many who would hire you will want to ensure that you are adequately prepared to train their dogs.


    Youll be training animals acquired to potentially save someones life. Their training must be top-notch lives literally depend on it.

    There are several options for certification. As mentioned above, the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers offers two options: Knowledge Assessed, and Knowledge and Skills Assessed.

    As a trainer, you can qualify for the first of the two by proving a minimum of 300 hours of experience as a dog trainer, with 75% of those hours spent leading class as head trainer. Youll also need to pass an examination.

    To qualify for the second certificate, youll need a minimum of 500 hours as a head trainer and pass an exam.

    Customized Police Canine Instructor Programs

    Become a Certified Police K9 Instructor and Trainer

    Students have traveled from around the globe to learn to be dog trainers through our informative and comprehensive dog trainer programs. Our School for Dog Trainers has hosted students from North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia. We have instructed handlers and trainers from Law Enforcement and Military organizations from the US and around the world. We offer customized programs for Police, Military and Private Security groups, tailored to meet the individual needs of your agency. For more information on group rates and availability, please .

    Regardless of your current skill level and experience working with dogs, our Police K9 Instructor Course Programs have something to offer. Our goal is to meet the learning requirements of each individual student, and our courses can be customized to meet those needs.

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    Tips From A Serving Handler

    Work hard and get a good few years experience as a police constable before specialising this will give you the insight and skills needed in dog handling. Other forces like the RAF and Army can train you to be a dog handler, but if you want to be out day-to-day on dog-handling operations, I would recommend a career with the police. This guide will show you EXACTLY how.

    Is This The Career For You

    With this dynamic and rewarding career, you can sleep each night knowing the dogs you train will one day be put to work, saving lives and helping law enforcement and military personnel stay safe. What a great feeling!

    We hope this article has given you a good understanding of what it takes to become a protection dog trainer. Now that you know more about this exciting opportunity, what will you decide? Is this career right for you?

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