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How To Get Money Back From Police

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File A Claim To Dispute A Forfeiture

Sterling Heights police, bank teller help scam victim get money back

You can dispute a forfeiture if you receive written notice that your property was seized by the police for use in unlawful activity. Follow the steps below to dispute a forfeiture.

  • Find your posted notice in the list below. You must submit your dispute form within 120 days from the date the notice was posted.
  • Call toll-free at or email to get a Notice of Dispute Form.
  • Submit your completed Notice of Dispute Form to the Ministry of the Attorney General by mail, email or fax.
  • The Police Investigate And Make Connections

    Different scams often end up with the police as fraud. Its worth it to report fraud to the police, even though the chances of getting the property back are low.

    Fraud can be punished with a fine or imprisonment

    • for petty fraud a fine
    • for fraud a fine or maximum of two years of imprisonment
    • for aggravated fraud a minimum of four months and a maximum of four years of imprisonment
    • for identity theft a fine

    Protest Organiser Taken Into Custody

    22:22 , Oliver O’Connell

    Trucker convoy protest organiser Chris Barber has been seen being taken into police custody on Ottawas Albert Street.

    Protest organizer Chris Barber taken into police custody on Albert Street, in the last hour.

    Glen McGregor

    Reports are coming in of other sporadic arrests in downtown, but no concerted police action yet.

    An arrest just happened on Wellington street. He is being escorted down Metcalfe now to a cruiser. Crowd becoming agitated, yelling shame. #ottnews

    Rachel Aiello

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    You Lost Enough Money

    While even a single dollar that someone takes away from you deceptively needs to be recovered, the real world is not that perfect. When you file a complaint against an online exchanges for taking your money, you have to make sure that the amount you lost was big enough for the lawyers to be interested in your case. If you lost only a few dollars, you might not get much help from anyone. There is no motivation for anyone in such a case. However, if you have lost a lot of money, you should get in touch with lawyers or Money-Back instantly and inform the professionals about your issue. They will work on your case to reach a logical solution as soon as possible.

    Final Thoughts

    There are hundreds and thousands of people around the world who got scammed by crypto exchanges recently. In fact, as time passes, you will see more of these cases emerging. Fake crypto exchanges are appearing on the internet every single day. They use psychological tactics to convince people that they are legitimate trading platforms, and new traders who dont know much about trading fall for them. If you are someone new to trading, you should take every step with utmost care. Do not sign up with unregulated exchanges, and if you already have, you should get in touch with Money-Back as soon as possible.

    Elderly People As Fake Police Officer Victims

    Revealed: The secrets of how not to get a ticket when you ...

    The scammers target older people in particular and fish for their debit card and online banking information. In most cases, the scammers trick the elderly by pretending to be police officers over the telephone or in person.

    The fake police officer may, for example, call the elderly person first, and later a person or persons posing as police officers show up at the elderly persons door. The fake police officer then tell their victims about various, fictional, acute threats to their bank accounts. The victims are told to urgently provide their online banking details and passwords or bank and payment cards in order to protect their assets.

    The money on the accounts has been stolen by using the banking information obtained. The money is often transferred to accomplices bank accounts with their help or by withdrawing cash directly from cash machines.

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    Notice Posted On February 1 2022

    File number: 50020-2022$6,385.00

    The property was seized at the area of King Street and Clarence Street, London on November 28, 2021 by the London Police Service.

    Submit your completed dispute form within 120 days of:

    • receiving a written notice, or
    • the posting date above

    Contact the Civil and Administrative Forfeiture Program to:

    • get and submit a Notice of Dispute Form
    • ask about the administrative forfeiture process
    • ask how to file a claim

    Civil and Administrative Forfeiture ProgramMinistry of the Attorney GeneralOntario Victim Services, Centralized Programs Delivery Unit720 Bay St., 5th FloorToronto, ON M7A 2S9

    Ottawa Truckers Will Have To Wait For Delivery Of Their Mypillows

    Wednesday 16 February 2022 22:20 , Oliver O’Connell

    Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell and a truck full of 10,000 of his pillows were denied entry to Canada to support protesting truckers.

    The MyPillow CEO and a videographer were intercepted at the Port Huron-Sarnia border crossing on Tuesday evening on their way to Ottawa to distribute pillows and Bibles to protestors, a Canadian government source told The National Post.

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    Ottawa Police Issue Further Warning To Demonstrators

    Wednesday 16 February 2022 23:50 , Oliver O’Connell

    Additional notice from Ottawa Police Service warns of severe penalties.

    The Ottawa Police Service wants to inform you that under provincial and federal legislation, you will face severe penalties if you do not cease further unlawful activity and remove your vehicle and/or property immediately from all unlawful protest sites.

    • You may be arrested and charged with criminal offences including but not limited to mischief, and potentially charged with a variety of other non-criminal offences.

    • Your vehicle and property may be seized or removed.

    • Your drivers licence may be suspended or cancelled.

    • CVOR certificates may be suspended or cancelled.

    • Your personal or business bank accounts, including virtual currency, may be subject to examination and restriction.

    • If you bring a minor with you to an unlawful protest site, you may be charged and fined up to $5000 and/or potentially spend up to five years in prison.

    • Those who are delivering fuel and other supplies to those taking part in the unlawful demonstration can be charged.

    • Persons traveling to any other unlawful protest sites to participate in or support the unlawful demonstration can be charged.

    • Be aware that legislation now prohibits interference with any critical infrastructure including 400-series highways, railways, airports and international border crossings.

    Elon Musk Ramps Up Criticism Of Trudeau With Extremely Poor Taste Hitler Tweet

    Guns for money: Winston-Salem police buy back 300+ guns

    15:32 , Oliver O’Connell

    SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk has ramped up his criticism of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a Hitler meme in response to a report about Canada sanctioning cryptocurrency wallets connected to the trucker protests.

    Musk posted a meme showing a a picture of Hitler with the caption Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau. I had a budget.

    Elon Musk

    Twitter users were unimpressed, calling the tweet not funny, extremely poor taste, and a new low.

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    Member Of The Squad Defends Cafe Owner Who Donated To Freedom Convoy’

    14:02 , Harriet Sinclair

    Squad member Ilhan Omar has come to the defense of an Ottawa cafe owner who recieved threats and was forced to close her business after it was revealed she had donated money to the freedom convoy protests.

    Tammy Giulianis name was among those made public on Sunday following a hacking of the GiveSendGo website, which was later reported on by The Washington Post.

    Representative Omar tweeted: I fail to see why any journalist felt the need to report on a shop owner making such a insignificant donation rather than to get them harassed. Its unconscionable and journalists need to do better.

    She continued: I wish journalists wrote the articles they think they are writing. Sorry to say it, but your stories arent always balanced and often have a clear political bias. Calling it out isnt harassment or journalist bashing. Everyone has a right to critique your story and its merits.

    Ps. I fully read the article multiple times and I still dont believe there was merit to the story as reported other than further harassment. You all are entitled to your opinions, but my opinion remains the same. These kinds of stories ruin peoples lives and are uncalled for.

    How To Get Back Property Held By Police For Evidence

    The police might seize all sorts of evidence in a criminal investigation, from the accused’s own property to that of his family, employer and even the victim the owner does not have to be charged with a crime to have his phone, gun or other property held. You are always entitled to your property back when the case if finished. The only questions are how, and when.

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    Police Recover Stolen Firearms Truckers Claim Were Part Of Plot

    Wednesday 16 February 2022 19:15 , Oliver O’Connell

    Police in Peterborough, Ontario, have recovered a stolen trailer loaded with more than 2,000 firearms.

    A conspiracy theory floated by members of the truck protest was that they had information that nefarious elements would plant the weapons in trucks in Ottawa in an attempt to discredit them.

    Freedom Convoy 2022 spokesman Danny Bulford said, We received information from multiple believed reliable sources that firearms may be planted in Ottawa specifically around the to specifically discredit the protest and to use as a pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protesters.

    Now the protest security guy is saying they have “private intelligence” that the 2,000 firearms stolen in Peterborough may be planted with Ottawa protesters by “nefarious elements.” Okay…?

    Glen McGregor

    Mr Bulford didnt provide any details about their sources.

    A statement from police reads:

    The trailer sought in a theft of firearms incident in Peterborough along with a large quantity of the firearms has been recovered in Peel Region.

    The trailer and its contents are being returned to Peterborough and Peterborough Police, along with the manufacturer, will be going through the items to determine if anything is still missing.

    The focus to date has been to locate the trailer and the missing firearms and the investigation will continue as will the search for suspects.

    When You Receive Notice


    In a federal asset forfeiture case, you should receive a Notice of Forfeiture from either the DEA or FBI. This notice will inform you of the process, but it can be a bit confusing. The important thing is this: To get a court hearing to defend your property, you must file an Administrative Claim on a timely basis. You also must post a cost bond, if it is needed.

    The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 or CAFRA outlawed most cost bonds. But for a seizure involving US Customs laws, you still may need to post a cost bond equal to 10% of your propertys value when you submit a claim.

    If you have no assets, you can ask for a waiver of this cost bond. Your forfeiture notice will state if there is a cost bond or not. Note that the cost bond does not work like a bail bond. Paying your cost bond does not get your property released to you before trial. The bond simply pays for the costs to the government for seizing your property and holding it. If you prevail in your case, you may get the entire bond back this is the judges call. If you lose, you only will get back part of the bond back, after costs are deducted for storing your property.

    After you file the claim and the cost bond, the US Attorneys Office reviews your case. If they decide to proceed with the forfeiture, they then file a civil case with the US District Court. You are served with a complaint the government has 90 days from when it gets your administrative claim to file the judicial forfeiture action.

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    About Property Seized As Evidence

    Unlike property seized as contraband, property seized in evidence is not confiscated from the owner. Rather, it remains in the safe custody of the police and the district prosecutor until the criminal case is over. While you may be able to reclaim your property early in some circumstances for example, if you can persuade the police that having your phone is absolutely essential to your job most times, you’ll have to wait until the case is definitively over. This includes time spent on appeal which may run to many weeks, months or even years. It’s worth mentioning that when the police seize contraband items like illegal weapons and drugs, you can’t expect to get them back. Law enforcement is likely to destroy these items.

    Funds Recovery With Payback

    PayBack offers this kind of service with wealth recovery experts and fund recovery specialists ensuring that you get your investments back from scammers. However, what really is funds recovery?

    In a nutshell, funds recovery is a service that is both consultative and investigative in its approach. This is a service employed by victims that have been duped by online fraudulent crimes to retrieve their money from bogus merchants and trader scams.

    Funds recovery services like PayBack specialize in handling internet scams online and lend a hand in providing refunds and reimbursements to the targets through the use of arguments and disputes, along with digital fingerprints track downs, analysis of cyber transactions, and an in-depth investigation.

    Companies that provide funds recovery services have a high chance of a successful crypto scam recovery, Bitcoin scam recovery, scam money recovery, and wealth recovery.

    When PayBack receives a complaint from victims, they immediately work and review the details of the situation. For a successful recovery, funds recovery review or scam recovery review of the claims must be done, and pieces of evidence must be gathered.

    The complaint must be valid, and the terms and conditions of the company must be followed.

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    Interim Police Chief Promises To Clear Streets

    14:13 , Oliver O’Connell

    Global News reports Steve Bell, Ottawas interim police chief, says officers will clear the streets of people who oppose the government and Covid-19 restrictions in the next few days, warning they are ready to use methods people are not used to seeing in the capital.

    He made the promise to Ottawa city council on Wednesday after taking on the interim role following the resignation of former chief Peter Sloly on Tuesday.

    Throughout Wednesday, police handed out notices to protesters camped outside Parliament Hill and other points in the city, warning them that the Emergencies Act put in place by the federal government gives them the power to seize vehicles, restrict movement, and make arrests of those obstructing roadways and causing a disturbance.

    Demonstrations have been underway for almost three weeks.

    Police ready to use methods people not used to seeing in Ottawa: interim chief

    Global National

    Mike Lindell And His 10k Pillows Denied Entry To Canada

    Mooresville police ordered to pay man back after forfeiting seized money through controversial proce

    05:30 , Oliver O’Connell

    Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell and a truck full of 10,000 of his pillows were denied entry to Canada to support protesting truckers.

    The MyPillow CEO and a videographer were intercepted at the Port Huron-Sarnia border crossing on Tuesday evening on their way to Ottawa to distribute pillows and Bibles to protestors, a Canadian government source told The National Post.

    Graeme Massie reports.

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    Recover From Online Trading Scams

    These questions linger among those who have fallen target to online trading scams. Forex and Cryptocurrencies have shaped the trading markets quite differently. Nowadays, more and more people have been susceptible to these scams.

    However, with PayBack, getting your money back quickly is not a problem.

    Scams in online trading are connected to investment scams that are prevalent in the trading markets. They are often posted and advanced on social media sites, with fraud traders promising high returns along with popular endorsements from prominent people to encourage and attract people to trade and invest with them.

    They pose as professionals with legitimate-looking websites to trick people into their scams.

    PayBack provides solace for any online trading scams. The company helps people from trade platform scams and lets victims recover money from Bitcoin scam.

    If Your Money Is Seized After An Arrest Can You Get It Back

    Criminal Defense

    When they make an arrest, California police officers also often seize cash and other items of value. It can take a great deal of time and patience to recover your cash and other valuables even if you are never convicted of a crime.

    What allows the police to take someones money? When and why do the police seize cash? And if its your cash thats taken, how can a Long Beach criminal defense law firm help you get it back?

    When the police confiscate money and other items, its called asset forfeiture. Asset forfeiture is one of the most formidable and often unfair tools that law enforcement uses, and it can be used whether or not someone is actually convicted of committing a crime.

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    Ontario Woman Flabbergasted By Police Visit After Facebook Post About Protest

    Wednesday 16 February 2022 20:14 , Oliver O’Connell

    An Ontario woman who was thinking of attending the Freedom Convoy protest on Saturday, and posted about it on Facebook, was shocked when an Ontario Provincial Police officer showed up at her front door.

    The Toronto Sun reports Nadine Ellis-Mafei, a farmer and mother-of-three, was flabbergasted at the visit by the officer, who handed her a leaflet advising her of what she was and was not allowed to do at a protest.

    Because of the protest happening provincewide, yes, we have been monitoring the protests, the officer said, in a video of the encounter Ms Ellis-Mafei recorded with her phone.

    So you saw something on my Facebook? she asked the officer.

    No, on the Facebook group, was the reply.

    So, theres a protest coming up, the officer went on to say, standing on the front porch. Im simply providing you with information about a peaceful protest, and now Im leaving. That is all.

    The leaflet outlines protesters may gather peacefully, express their thoughts, get messaging out in a lawful way, and have freedom of association.

    They are not allowed to block or obstruct a highway, breach the peace, cause a disturbance or take part in a riot, wear a disguise at an unlawful assembly or with intent to commit an offence, disobey a court order, harm or injure anyone, or possess a weapon.

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