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How To Obtain A Police Report In Texas

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How To Obtain A Copy Of Your Crash Report

How to Get A Copy of Your Texas Accident Report – Video

You have two primary options to obtain a copy of your crash report in Texas: by mail through the Texas Department of Transportation, or online. Keep in mind that it may take up to fourteen business days from the date of the crash for the report to be finalized. Sometimes, it takes even longer.

To obtain a copy of your crash report by mail, you must fill out a CR-91 form and mail it with the appropriate fees to: Crash Data and Analysis, Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 12879, Austin, Texas 78711.

Online. To obtain an electronic copy of your crash report online, click the following link: . You can search for a crash report using the names of anyone involved in the crash, the drivers license number for anyone involved in the crash, the Vehicle Identification Number of any vehicle involved in the crash or the TxDOT Crash ID assigned to the crash. If you are searching by name, make sure to double-check the date to ensure you are purchasing the correct report. To download the report, you must certify that you are authorized to obtain a copy of the report. Once you have selected the correct report with the correct date, you can download a PDF version of the crash report.

Crime Records Division Overview

The Crime Records Division acts as the Texas State Control Terminal for eight state and national criminal justice programs and is responsible for the administration of these programs, providing critical operational data to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in Texas and nationwide. CRD is comprised of the Crime Records Services, the Criminal Justice Information Service Security Office, and the Texas Law Enforcement Support Office program. CRD supports law enforcement agencies and the people of Texas by providing accurate, timely and responsive information to include biometric identification, access to criminal justice information, as well as technical assistance for CRD programs. The Divisions mission is defined by its commitment to public safety and service.

How Do I Obtain A Police Report

In most cases the public portion of police reports can be obtained from the APD Incident Report Database. Please read the Incident Report Database instructions on how to obtain the report. Make sure to enter the case number exactly how it is shown in the instructions.

For information about purchasing a copy of the public portion of a police report contact the Austin Police Department Report Sales Unit at 974-5499. Reports can be purchased at the Main Police Headquarters, located at 715 E 8th Street. Reports are 10 cents a page and only the public portion is available for purchase from the report sales office. This is the same report that can be obtained from visiting the APD Incident Report Database. Report Sales new hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Access the Public Records Center to submit a public information request as well as retrieve documents regarding your public information request. See quick reference guide here.

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Why Do I Need The Police Report After A Car Crash

In order to recover compensation, you need to prove the other driveror another third partycaused your car accident. This can often be hard to do, since the other party may not want to admit fault in the accident.Police reports often contain essential information about an accident, including the date and location of the crash, contact information of the drivers involved, statements from witnesses, and the officers understanding of what happened. If the other driver received a citation for violating a traffic law, that may also appear in the report.That information can offer compelling proof that the other driver caused the wreck and is liable for your damages.

Requesting By Us Mail

Police Report Template

Send to El Paso Police Dept. Records Division, 911N. Raynor St., El Paso, TX 79903. Include your postal mailing address. Allow 10 business days for a response. The fee for reports requested by mail is $1.50.

Costs and payment for reports and records

  • OFFENSE REPORTS and INCIDENT REPORTS: 10 cents per page for the first 50 pages Additional charges for overhead, materials, and labor if more than 50 pages.
  • CERTIFIED ACCIDENT REPORTS: $6.00 plus $2.00 extra for a certified copy.
  • OPEN RECORDS PROCEDURE REQUESTS: 10 cents per page for the first 50 pages There may be additional charges for overhead materials, and labor if more than 50 pages.

Please pay by cash, money order, or check. Send or to deliver to:


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Accident Reports Are An Important Part Of Your Case Heres How To Request A Copy Of Your Report In Texas

If youve been involved in a car accident, one of the most important pieces of evidence is the accident reportcalled a Texas Peace Officers Crash Report in Texas. Youre entitled to a copy of this report, and this article will explain how to request one.

Following an auto accident, there are several things you need to do in order to ensure that you have the best chance at a successful claim. One of the most-overlooked steps is immediately requesting a copy of your accident report. These police reports are often heavily relied upon by insurance companies, and will likely have a significant impact on your claim.

Because Texas peace officer crash reports are typically filled out by the responding officer and not a trained investigator, they are not always 100 percent accurate. Your attorney may be able to have the original report amended in order to correct the facts, but its extremely important that any mistakes or inaccuracies be caught early on.

If you were injured in Texas accident and have hired a car accident attorney like us to handle your claim, your crash report has likely already been requested. If you do not have an attorney, this article will explain the process of requesting a copyeither online or directly from your local law enforcement office.

Whats Contained in an Official Crash Report?

When Will My Accident Report Be Available?

Obtaining a Copy of Your Accident Report

Upon Completion Of This Report Process You Will:

See the words: “Your online police report has been submitted” showing that your police report is complete.

Be given a police report case number.

Please Note:

All cases filed using the Citizens Online Police Reporting System will be reviewed.

Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.

Filing a false police report is a crime.

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What Is A Crash Report And Why Do I Need It

Texas law requires crash reports to contain certain information. For example, the crash report will provide you with the following information:

  • Identifying information for the drivers involved
  • Identifying information for the responding police officer
  • Contact information for any witnesses
  • The drivers insurance information, including the insurance company and policy number
  • Identifying information for the vehicles involved
  • Date and time of the collision
  • Location of the collision
  • If the vehicles had any defects
  • Roadway, weather, lighting conditions

Perhaps, most importantly, the crash report may also provide a description of how the crash occurred, indicate what factors contributed the crash, and list any citations issued and laws violated for the crash. This information is extremely important to determine who is at fault for the crash. If one of the drivers received a citation for the crash, there is a good chance that they will be found at least partially at fault. The crash report often helps prove that.

Looking Up Dallas Police Reports

Police Conduct ‘Methodical Search’ Of TX High School As Parents React Near Campus

To look up police reports from Dallas, first try an online search of the department’s report records. There are several available. The Dallas City Hall website provides search engines for offense incidents and arrests. You’ll need to provide basic information like an incident report, if you have one, along with names, locations and time frame.

The Dallas Open Data website also contains a variety of police report online searches. Search the general Dallas Police Open Data file or search Dallas incident reports for a few specific neighborhoods. Read More:How to Look Up Police Reports by Case Number

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Crime Records Services Overview

DPS has the responsibility to provide local and state law enforcement and criminal justice agencies around the clock access to several different mission-critical law enforcement and criminal justice information systems. The Crime Records Services is comprised of various programs that collect information submitted by local criminal justice agencies throughout the state. Submitted information is compiled into statewide databases or systems and forwarded to national criminal justice databases at the Federal Bureau of Investigation . DPS also serves as the clearinghouse for all non-criminal justice fingerprints.

What You Need When Requesting A Report

The more information you have when requesting an accident report, the better. While its sometimes possible to obtain a car wreck report without complete information, its usually more difficult. To request an auto accident police report, youll want to have:

  • The badge or ID number of the officer that responded to the scene of your accident

  • The names of all drivers involved in the crash

  • The location of the accident

  • The date of the accident

  • The Crash ID number

One important thing to know before requesting your car crash report is that you dont need to retrieve it for your insurance company. They have the ability to obtain the accident report on their own, and if they want you to get it for them, theyre just being lazy.

Of course, its usually best to consult a personal injury attorney before you even start talking to your insurance company. Insurance companies are greedy and like to twist your words around to make sure that they can give you as little money as possible. If youve been injured in a car wreck, call the law offices of Juan Hernandez, P.C. Juan Hernandez is one of only 2% of attorneys who are Texas board-certified to practice personal injury law. He and his team of lawyers will make sure that you get the full compensation you deserve from your insurance company and the driver who injured you.

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How To Get A Copy Of A Police Report In Texas

Youve just been involved in a car accident. You need to get a copy of the accident report. There are several ways you can go about doing this. And the procedures differ depending on whether your accident happened in Dallas, Fort Worth, or the other cities in the DFW area.

Before you Leave the Accident Scene.

Once the officer has conducted the investigation, the officer will give each driver a small form. On this form is a Case ID number written on the top. Also on this form are instructions on how to obtain the accident report.

Make sure you keep this form handy. You will need to refer to it later.

When Will the Report be Ready?

The investigating officer will tell you that the report will be ready in about 10 business days. However, it will probably be completed before then. I have seen reports completed in three days or so for less complex accidents. More complex accidents or accidents involving a fatality will usually take longer just depending on the circumstances.

But, on average, the report is ready in about 5 business days or so.

Requesting the Report directly from the Police Department.

You can request the accident report directly from the police department that made the report. You can do it by mail or in person. Instruction on how to do this will be on the form given to you at the accident scene by the police officer.

The Texas Crash Report Information System Website.

How To Look Up Dallas Texas Police Records

Police Department

You can look up public police records in Dallas, Texas, using online search engines provided by Texas Open Public Records, the state Department of Public Safety, Dallas County and the Dallas Police Department. You can also go in person to the Dallas Police Department.

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Injured In A Car Wreck

A car wreck can turn your world upside down. On top of dealing with physical pain and medical treatment, you may also be unable to work, facing expensive medical bills, and struggling to get your car repaired. Financial stress can add to your mental and emotional stress.

But if the other driver was at fault, you have options. Youre not alone. Taylor King Law has a team of attorneys who will ensure you get the money you deserve for the pain youve suffered. Weve been helping our friends and neighbors for more than 25 years.

At Taylor King Law, we handle your case like a long-distance race, not a sprint. We will always work to settle your case as quickly as possible so that you can get your bills paid and move on with your life, but we will never cut corners or allow the insurance company to take advantage of you. Because our attorneys fee is a percentage of your settlement, if there is no settlement then there is no fee.

Well be with you every step of the way, from getting your medical bills to negotiating with the insurance company. Thats our On your side By your side promise.

Questions? Call us today at 1.800.CAR.WRECK , or reach our law office in Texas at 903-551-7203. You can also reach us online through our chat feature or using our Online Contact Form. Youre just a call or click away from getting the help you need.

Contact Taylor King Law

An initial consultation with an attorney is both free and confidential.

Legal Requirements To Request Your Accident Report

In order to purchase a Non-Redacted copy of Texas peace officer’s CrashReport ID 17313269, you must certify that you meet one of the requirementsof Texas Transportation Code 550.065. Providing false information is aviolation of Texas Penal Code §37.10 and could result in criminal penalties.

You must comply with at least one of the following:

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Criminal Justice Information System Technical Security Overview

The CJIS Technical Security Office is comprised of a team of experienced and professional auditors that are responsible for auditing local agencies to ensure ongoing compliance with all technical aspects of the FBI CJIS Division’s policies and regulations as contained in the FBI CJIS Security Policy.

Reports & Clearance Letters:

Laredo Police Department Texas refuses to give a father a missing childs report.

Please allow at least two days for reports to be processed from the date of occurrence before you request copies. Request copies in person or by mail.

Offense Reports: Public copy no charge. Full copy with narrative must be requested HERE.

Arrest Reports: Public copy no charge. Full copy with narrative must be requested HERE.Clearance Letters or Local Criminal History Report: $4.00 Certified Copies of any report: Add an additional of $1 to the report fee.

All official open records requests under the Texas Public Information Act are handled through the City Secretary’s Office


Reportes de Acidente seran llenandos por solicitud en linea.

Usted puede obtener una copia del reporte de accidentes de un oficial de la policía de Texas Usando el reporte de accidente del Departamento de transporte de Texas. Los clientes que utilizan los sistemas en línea reciben sus informes inmediatamente si el reporte está disponible para su compra. Para comprar una copia de su informe de accidente, visite:

Hay un recargo mínimo para usar este sistema que se paga al Departamento de Transporte de Texas cuando ordene una copia de un reporte de accidente.

Reporte de Ofensa: copia publica sin cargo

Reporte de Arresto: copia publica sin cargoCarta de Acreditacion: Historial Criminal local: $4 Copias Certificadas: Un dolar addicional al costo reporte.

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Reasons You Cant Find Your Crash Report

1. Not filed yet

It may be that the report has not yet been filed by the police officer, orthat you are missing some information relating to the accident, like theexact date or location, the specific police department that attended youraccident and awhole load of other reasons. You can useMyAccidents Alert toolto be notified by SMS or email when you report is filed

2. Not sure of some details

It may be that you arent sure on some of the exact details relating tothe accident. You may have lost your ticket and do not have the Case ID.You may not be sure of the specific Police Agency that attended theaccident. Here are some ways can help:

Where Can I Purchase An Accident Report In Harris County In Person

The locations at which you can purchase a Harris County crash report are:

  • District 1 Substation 6831 Cypresswood, Spring, Texas 77379. Phone: 281-376-2997
  • District 2 Substation 7900 Will Clayton, Humble, Texas 77338. Phone: 281-446-9155
  • District 3 Substation 14350 Wallisville, Houston, Texas 77049. Phone: 713-455-8050
  • District 4 Substation 16715 Clay Rd., Houston, Texas 77084. Phone: 281-463-2648
  • District 5 Substation 23828 Tomball Pkwy., Tomball, Texas 77375. Phone: 281-290-2100
  • Vehicular Crimes 3540 W. Dallas, Houston, Texas 77019. Phone: 713-274-7400.

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Obtaining A Car Wreck Report By Mail

If you dont feel like driving to city hall, you can also get the report by mail. Its also important to note that you may actually not be able to go to city hall to get the crash report in a smaller city, so its important to check which options are available to you beforehand.

The typical way to obtain an auto accident report in Texas is to send a request to the city hall directly. Theres usually a fee of around $6.00 for them to mail the report back to you. Some cities or counties may also have alternative methods for obtaining a crash report. Tarrant county allows you to mail the sheriffs office to get the report for free.

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