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What Are The Best Police Boots

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Atac 8 Inches Mens Boot

How To Choose The Best Tactical Foot Gear [POLICE BOOTS]

In addition to a reliable securing system, 5.11 Tactical boots are infamously known for their durability, strength, safety and comfort. The company offers a broad range of police duty boots that come with patented Shock Mitigation system as well as several other categories. The ATAC and XPRT are definitely the most popular models of all 5.11s tactical police boots. And well find out why that it.

Built for Law Enforcement

One of the reasons why the ATAC will always make it on any list of best police boots is that fact that it was actually built and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement, tactical operators, and military personnel. From the long shafts all the way to the slip-resistant outsole, you can tell the ATAC has been tested by battle. The boot is just the ideal weight for police work, and the extra flexibility doesnt hurt much either.

Additional Support

Nothing drains a cop more than having to work on their feet all day. The 5.11 ATAC boots provide all the extra support you need in the form of injection molded Phylon midsoles. Combined with the non-metallic shank and youve got everything you need to stand all day without even fidgeting.

How To Find The Perfect Fit In A Tactical Boot

You may have now found the boot that is right for your specific needs, but you need to make sure that the boot will fit your foot well. Whats a perfect boot if it doesnt conform to your foot as it should? Here are a few tips that will assist you in properly sizing your boot according to the shape and size of your foot.

Another way you can adjust the comfort level of your boots is to add comfort insoles. These can be beneficial for someone who is on their feet for many hours per day. Your boots should feel like an extension of your foot, and if youre going to spend the money on a good pair of boots, then you might as well make sure that they are going to fit properly.

How To Clean Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are pretty easy to clean. You can always use water and soap applied on a soft cloth that comes to direct touch to the surface of the boots. There is no chance you will need any polishing agent.

This kind of boots can easily give you the appearance you want as well as the respect you deserve as a law enforcement officer.

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Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots With Coolmax Lining 45 6 8 Tall

Ryno Gear is famous for making various items for outdoor use, from tactical boots to motorcycle accessories.

The price of RYNO GEAR Tactical Combat Boots with Coolmax Lining is going to seal the deal for many, but theyre are a lot more than just affordable.

4.5-inch model:

This tactical boot is made with leather and ballistic nylon for fantastic comfort and wear for extended amounts of time. Anyone in the military or involved in tactical activities would consider it a reliable choice for a second pair.

Thanks to their build and materials, the shoes require little to no time for breaking in. They feature CoolMax lining which will wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and fresh throughout the day. This tactical boot is an excellent choice for the warm season and the occasional rain, with its water-resistant inner lining.

6-inch model:

The insoles are shock absorbent for better comfort, and theyre also easy to remove. You can use this feature to customize this tactical boot to your needs.

The comfort is impressive, and the padded collar with mesh lining is one feature to keep in mind. The mesh lining provides efficient ventilation, for less discomfort during the hot summer days.

Stability isnt skipped on either, and the boots come with rubber outsole for increased grip and resistance to slips.

The boots come with durable and reliable zippers, so its effortless to put them on/take off.

9-inch model:

Heres a short list of pros:

Police Work Boots Comfort


Working long hours actively on your feet can surely take its toll, so you will want a shoe that provides a comfortable fit and good cushioning. Shock absorbency is likewise very important to protect your feet against impact when running or jumping.

Other features such as a waterproof membrane, moisture-wicking lining, and odor control can help to keep your feet dry and fresh inside out and will prevent foot conditions and bacteria from developing.

In very hot weather conditions a breathable and well-ventilated boot will be quite handy, whereas you will need to look at some form of insulation when I come to extremely cold weather conditions.

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Astm Standards & Patrol Boots

More common among work boots, ASTM safety standards are rigorous tests set out by the American Society For Testing & Materials . These test the boots performance according to their impact, compression, electrical, puncture and metatarsal resistance as well as its conductive and static properties.

In order to be eligible for some tests, the boots need to feature some sort of safety toe. However, a recent series of standards have been introduced for non-safety toe boots too.

Although the hazards of the emergency services are different when working on a construction site, the protection they offer can be equally as beneficial. Since you may often face dangerous environments, these can save you from injury.

Unfortunately, not many tactical boots undergo these tests. Nevertheless, the few that do can assure you sufficient protection.

If you want to learn more about the ASTM safety tests, you can learn all about them on our guide to work boots. Additionally, the above shoes that do adhere to ASTM standards feature links in their details so you can learn more about these particular characteristics.

Police Boots Buying Guide

If you are a law enforcement officer, then you should always be ready for anything. But apart from tactical training and quick reflexes, you need the right gear for the job. As a police officer, you spend a lengthy period of time on your feet, which means that you need a supportive, protective and comfortable pair of police boots for your work. However, since police boots are not standard-issued, people have different opinions on which is the best pair. Well, there is nothing like one-size-fits all. What works for one person may not work for the other. Here are some considerations to make when purchasing your next pair.

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Best Police Boots Protection

Police officers come into contact with many hazards on a daily basis, slippery, oily and wet surfaces, sharp objects that can cause punctures and uneven terrain.

For all of these, you need a durable slip-resistant outsole with a puncture-proof plate, and good ankle support to prevent injuries.

Water seeping in, heat, chemicals, and abrasion can likewise be a factor, therefore tough and durable upper materials that are resistant against these elements is a good option.

Then there is also the risk of heavy falling objects and compression hazards, for this a safety capped toe, and a metatarsal guard can come in quite handy.

Best For Ems: Under Armour Womens Stryker Tactical Boots

Best Police Boots 2021 [Police Socks Too!]

Key features


  • Not fully waterproof

You will find it super easy to slide your feet into these Under Armor Womens Stryker Tactical Boots as they have a loop design on at the back for you to pull them on. These boots are kind of lightweight and comfortable to wear so that they can be the best tactical boots for people who work in law enforcement, construction, or EMS workers.

Despite being a pair of tactical boots, the wearer feels like running sneakers because the materials are soft and light. Dont look down on the durability and performance of these best tactical boots, though. They have high abrasion-resistant uppers with the cast PU construction that enhance exceptional protection and durability to offer long-lasting wear. Plus, these boots also have a roomy toe box, you can put your bunion bump in them, and they will provide a perfect fit even for wide feet.

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Best For Active Duty: Maelstrom Tac Force Tactical Boots

  • Modest durability

Maelstrom builds shoes for men and women in uniform. It even says so on the companys About Us page. Maelstrom thinks of the best ways to assist law enforcement, security, and safety personnel in doing their jobs.

The footwear manufacturer has distinguished itself for its commitment to outstanding performance and design, and that craftsmanship is on full display in the Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boot. The affordable boot comes with full-grain leather and dense rubber outsoles. These features give you optimal resilience while still enabling you to traverse boulders, gravel, or dirt.

The rubber outsole has an aggressive tread pattern to reduce your chances of slipping. Its perfect for diverse terrain and urban environments. While the all-terrain outsole offers a reliable foothold, you should not use it the commercial kitchens.

Instead of sporting a Gore-Tex coat, Tac Force comes with proprietary iH20-Tex technology. The waterproof material keeps feet moisture- and pathogen-free, even in the most challenging climates. The addition of a moisture-wicking liner also prevents your socks from turning into miniature swamps.

Some of the other reasons people love these Maelstrom Tac Force Boots include:

  • Long-lasting YKK side zippers
  • Semi-rigid supports in the heel and toe
  • Multiple color options

Q: What Are The Most Comfortable Tactical Boots

A: It depends. There is no single right answer here. There are too many variables in play:

  • The shape of your foot
  • The weight you’re carrying
  • Whether you’re running or hiking

You shouldn’t worry about comfort too much. The truth is – most boots will be comfortable after you break them in. Your foot adjusts to the boot, the boot adjusts to your foot.

Side note: There are exceptions. Jungle boots of the U.S. Army, for example, were notoriously uncomfortable.

The best thing you can do here is:

  • Assess what your needs are
  • Get the right boots for your needs
  • When assessing your needs, start from:

    • The type of terrain you’re going to be crossing
    • How much weight you need to carry
    • Weather conditions – how cold will it get? Do you need to stay out in the cold for long? Is there snow?

    Lightweight 6″tactical boots are comfortable on shorter distances & light loads. They give you less ankle support, but you don’t need it either. Excellent for urban areas, for example.

    Full-size 8″ tactical boots are better for long hikes with a lot of gear on your back. Especially if we’re talking about rough terrain. For that, high ankle boots are a must.

    Finally, if you need to spend hours in cold & wet conditions, look into getting full-leather tactical boots. They’re more expensive but will pay off if you need to operate in snowy conditions.

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    Expert Tips For Shining Tactical Boots

    Keep in mind that your tactical boots need a smooth foundation with a thick base coat before youll get a mirror shine. These instructions on how to shine tactical boots need to happen in the right order or you wont get the gleaming finish youre after.

    Here are a few other things to remember when it comes to polishing tactical boots:

    • Use small, circular motions in every step.
    • Work with the thinnest layer of polish possible.
    • The first shine is always the hardest after that, youll have a solid base coat and the process will become faster and easier.

    Got a pair of suede tactical boots or shoes? Read our FAQ for tips on cleaning 5.11 Tactical boots that are made with suede.

    Best Overall: Bates Gx

    Best Police Boots
    • Zippers that are prone to faults
    • Cannot be resoled

    If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you need a shoe that delivers support and comfort throughout the day. When law enforcement officers, paramedics, and construction workers want a shoe thats up to the task, they trust the Bates Mens GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip. The supportive construction and lightweight design deliver the all-around performance you need without the footwear feeling burdensome or unwieldy.

    The four-season boot has a breathable Gore-Tex membrane that wicks moisture away from your feet. Even on the hottest summer days, your feet should remain dry and cool as perspiration escapes through the microscopic perforations. The full-grain leather exterior also shields you from precipitation and mud if youre outside in less than ideal conditions.

    Customers around the world have purchased Bates footwear for more than a century because of its superior cushioning. The shoe giant makes it easier than ever to personalize the fit of your tactical boots. The pliable interior helps take pressure off your legs and joints.

    The GX-8 has a removable insert, so you adjust the level of cushioning. The material contours to your foot for more comfortable walking, jumping, and running. You can take out the insert, if you prefer to feel closer to the ground.

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    Q: What Are The Best Tactical Boots For Women

    A: The same as for men. All tactical boot brands offer men’s and women’s sizes. Also, the shape of the foot is the same between women and men.

    The only thing I can think of is that women are lighter than men on average. This means that a woman will put less stress on her boots while wearing them. If anything – a woman’s boots will last longer

    Maelstrom Mens Landship 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot With Zipper

    Maelstrom Tactical are well known for the high quality and professional tactical shoes and apparel that they manufacture. They offer excellent products for law enforcement officers, fire marshals, security people, tactical users, and also for uniform officers. When it comes to tactical boots, anybody can create a product for duty officers but, Maelstrom Tactical strive to provide best in class innovative and high performance tactical boots and apparel that are both comfortable and durable. LANDSHIP 8 is one of the best tactical boots offered by the brand.

    LANDSHIP is a combat tactical boot that comes with a zipper for easy on and off operation. Military and other uniform officers will benefit a lot from this feature. The uppers are manufactured using a combination of full grain top quality leather, mesh and suede. The mesh is air breathable and this lets you stay dry even after long working hours. LANDSHIP also has a moisture wicking lining on the interior which makes your feet stay dry. The rubber sole construction makes it oil and slip resistant. All these features are there to make you feel comfortable and confident.


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    Under Armour Valsetz Rts Tactical Boots

    Established in the year 1996, Under Armour is known to be an outstanding brand to rely on when it comes to performance apparel. The companys products are known for their ability to keep users dry, light and cool throughout their practice, workout or game sessions. With their products categorized under three different categories: HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear, they cater to a wide customer base, and the quality of their products continues to attract new buyers. In addition to offering tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes in general, Under Armour make some of the best tactical boots for men and women.

    Made completely from synthetic materials, the Valsetz RTS tactical boots from Under Armour are one of the very few models you will find on the market that are totally void of leather. If you are quite traditional when it comes to boots, this may not be your first choice when you think about best tactical boots however, your skepticism is most likely to be dissipated by the performance of these boots. The main selling point of the RTS tactical boots is the combination of water resistance, durability, and light weight.


    Best Boots For Police Officers

    Top 10 Best Tactical Boots for Survival & Law Enforcement

    When you put your life on the line day in and day out, you need gear that enables you to perform at your best. Police boots are no different. For any law enforcement officer, you need a pair of boots to last through the year and allow you to perform in any and all weather conditions. Keep reading to learn more about thebest police boots for law enforcement.

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    Belleville Khyber Lightweight Waterproof Tactical Boot

    You have probably noticed that many of the police boots that we reviewed arent entirely waterproof. If youre looking for footwear that you can wear in the snow, swampy mud or anything in between, these might be the answer.

    These tactical boots are designed to withstand moisture. They have a leather and synthetic upper, like many of the other boots in this review. The GORE-TEX fabric bootie that lines your foot keeps you completely dry.

    These boots may seem too good to be true. Theyre lightweight and breathable, yet warm enough for winter weather. Theyre extremely durable and protective, but the leather is pliable and allows your feet and ankles to flex.

    The 8-inch shaft is well-padded and provides enough ankle support for most people. However, the design of the leather that is stitched to the outside of the ankle area makes it rub against some peoples ankle bones. This may be uncomfortable.

    The Vibram Ibex outsole is exclusive and provides excellent traction. Its grippy on wet, slick, and gravelly surfaces. Its thick enough to keep you stable on a flat road or a hilly hike.

    If youve experienced foot pain from long days of standing, walking, or running, these shoes might provide an effective solution to your discomfort. The heel counter secures your foot in place, which aligns your ankle and gives you stability.

    Although the toe isnt reinforced, it feels extremely firm. These shoes deliver adequate protection in a lightweight body.


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