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What Flashlights Do Police Use

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Police use flashlights to stop cop watcher from filming Austin traffic stop

Designed with law enforcement and search and rescue teams in mind, this flashlight offers reliable lighting that you can adjust to a high or low output. This flashlight not only has a 560 metre throw distance and powerful 2500 lumen output, it is so durable that you can use it to break through glass .

Why Do Police Hold Their Flashlights Like That

The majority of police personnel carry LED flashlights. Police officers enjoy them because they are bright, simple to operate, and tiny enough to fit in their shirt pockets or duty bags. However, not all older style flashlights are unusable by officers many can be modified to work with batteries. An unmodified flashlight’s beam is too narrow for most policing applications.

The standard way that most officers carry their flashlights is with the tail end pointed up and away from their bodies. This is called “torch mode.” It’s intended to allow officers to see what’s behind them while still having some light for themselves. The problem with this method is that it creates a large area of intense illumination, which could be seen for considerable distances under certain conditions. A vehicle’s headlights, for example, will reflect off this torch beam and reveal its location.

There are several ways officers can modify their torches so they produce a narrower beam. One method is to use black tape to cover the lens of their flashlight. This will block out the light without affecting its shape or distance range. However, if the tape is removed, then the officer should consider another method of narrowing the beam.

These can either be done manually by an officer or automatically based on how the flashlight is held.

Why Do Police Hold Flashlights High

To focus the flash light over the face of the the person who the Police want to check. If a person holds any weapon or anything that can result in danger, that can be noted from a distance and the Police will accordingly take steps to detain the suspect by encircling him. Why do cops hold their flashlights overhand?

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Surefire P3x Fury Tactical Flashlight

At the risk of sounding redundant, the Surefire brand made its way onto this list a total of four times. It could be that I am partial to Surefire flashlights I have used several of them many times in the fire department or that they do, in fact, make the best tactical flashlights on the market. Again, everyone has their preference, so buy what works for you and enjoy your new flashlight.

If your new tactical flashlight happens to be the single-output Surefire P3X Fury, then youll appreciate all 1,000 lumens of it, especially when searching, signaling for help, simply finding your keys in your backpack, or temporarily blinding a would-be attacker in the dark of night. The flashlights beam is far-reaching, yet offers plenty of peripheral light and a wider central area for maintaining awareness of your surroundings.

Its a simple yet effective design, and one with a single tail cap switch for quick on and off. The only downside to this flashlight si that the tail cap switch only activates the momentary-on mode. For a constant-on beam of light, you have to actually twist the tail cap clockwise. While not a huge deal in and of itself, its a deal breaker for me because complete control via the tail cap switch renders a tactical flashlight much more efficient to operate. Buy It

What Brand Of Flashlights Do Police Use

Reliable and efficient police flashlight BL

What Brand Of Flashlights Do Police Use?

With the use of tactical flashlights, police prefer the flashlight from Streamlight which is one of the best flashlight brands in the market these days. With their ultra powerful editions in flashlights every few days they never lack behind and excite their consumers with some top notch technology. The police flashlight has some impactful uses so the prospective equipment should have sufficient power, a long lasting battery life, and durability in its every body part. The use might exceed as they have rather long shifts and operations, so the flashlight should fulfill all the needs fully.

Moreover, another factor which plays a huge role in this regard is portability and carrying the thing around. This means the torch needs to be efficient enough to satisfy them and all of their requirements. The ideal piece for them would be to ask for a smaller body with a powerful light output and most probably with a throw bean technology.

Streamlight is a serious name in the field of flashlights and its history stretches back to over 45 years. Beginning from 1973, it has made some extravagant and powerful tools for some of the most important sectors of industries. It is best known for its tactical handheld flashlights and also has a huge collection of firearm-mountable flashlights.

Why Streamlight?

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Fenix Pd35 Tac Tactical Edition Flashlight

A leader in their field, Fenix continues to advance the technology of both portable and outdoor illumination, specifically with their PD35 Tactical Edition LED Flashlight an everyday carry favorite for many. I, myself, have owned the Fenix PD35, and consider it hands down the best tactical flashlight for both on shift as a firefighter and for off-duty everyday carry.

At five and a half inches long, the PD35 is short enough to carry in your pocket, yet substantial enough to keep up with its larger flashlight counterparts. Youll get up to 1000 lumens from it when you really need it via a turbo mode, while five other outdoor modes provide the output you need for the situation at hand while saving power. Simple yet effective, the Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight wont let you down no matter how dark your days become. Buy It

Vizeri Led Tactical Flashlight

Vizeri LED tactical flashlight is very popular mainly because of the tiny attention to detail that is given to the product. Flashlights are a must not only for outdoor activities but are valuable for tackling all kinds of pitch black environments, especially those that police officers encounter on a regular basis. Vizeri has given this tactical flashlight a military grade construction and design. Vizeri LED flashlight comes with focusing lens and this provides light even during emergency situations. Let us discuss more about this flashlight.

One crucial feature that differentiates Vizeri flashlight from other leading brands is the multiple lighting modes that come with the memory option. There are 5 different lighting modes suitable for different purposes. Memory mode lets you activate your last used mode right away. Low, medium, high, strobe and SOS are the five different lighting modes. Original high quality CREE XML T6 or XRE Q5 LED bulbs make it one of the brightest and advanced flashlights. Vizeri uses threaded inline tube connection and this eliminates vibrations. This is also available only in this model of flashlight.


  • An 18650 lithium-ion battery should be purchased separately.
  • Charger unit for the rechargeable battery should also be purchased separately.
  • Lack of kit and multiple accessories.

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Do Police Use Strobe Lights

Weapon lights, strobe lights, and flashes are all examples of illuminating devices. Almost every major police flashlight or weapon light manufacturer now offers strobing lights. Here’s a short rundown of some of the more common makes and models, as well as how the strobe is activated for each.

The two main types of police strobes are electronic and chemical. Electronic strobes use semiconductor components to produce thousands of cycles of voltage pulses quickly enough to appear continuous. These devices are usually powered by D-cell batteries that will last for several hours if used properly. Chemical strobes use a powerful explosion to create a flash similar to lightning. These devices need regular replacement of their sensitive chemicals, but they can shoot down criminals with much greater accuracy than unaided eyes.

Strobe lights have many applications other than just giving police officers night vision. For example, they can be attached to radar guns to mark vehicles with flashing lights as evidence, at traffic circles or roundabouts to notify drivers of an upcoming police checkpoint, or on bicycles to warn other motorists of an officer in pursuit.

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Flashlights For Police Military & First Responders

How to Use the LA Police Gear Flashlights

When out in the field responding to emergencies, being able to see your surroundings is of the utmost importance for staying safe. Only with a reliable LED flashlight can you ensure yourself with a proper light source at all times. Best of all, LED flashlights can be used for other purposes as well including searches, self-defense, signaling your location and more.

Our tactical flashlight selection goes above and beyond what a regular flashlight can do and withstands hard use thanks to its durable construction. Most of our LED lights will provide a high lumen output for a long-range, hardened casing, a glass breaker and even a strobe/pulse setting for optimal performance in any situation.

Here at Galls, we are proud to serve Americas public safety professionals with a massive selection of the best LED flashlights and flashlight accessories from the industrys best-selling brands. These brands include Streamlight, Maglite, SureFire, ASP, Coast, Nightstick and more.

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What Pistols Do The Police Use In America

Most police officers in America are armed with pistols. A pistol is more convenient, easier to use at short range and the most cost-effective form of firearm. Arming all officers with anything else doesnt seem feasible. While it is true that over 70% of police choose to use a Glock 22, there are %30 that choose to use a different firearm. Here are the most popular other choices of pistols for cops:

Best Police Flashlight 2021

If you are currently a police officer, we probably dont need to tell you how important it is to have a flashlight for your job.

Knowing how important a police officers flashlight is one thing, finding the best police flashlight in 2021 is another. To help you choose the best law enforcement flashlight you are going to need to look for certain things.

Accessories are one of the most important things to look for when looking for the best flashlights for police. What kind of accessories you are after will honestly depending on how you plan to use your flashlight.

Gun mounts are often considered a necessity on tactical police flashlights, while different lenses and diffusers are a requirement for a regular police duty flashlight. In addition to accessories, police led flashlights need to have several different modes to choose from.

Simply buying the brightest police flashlight on the market is not always the best choice, you want one that allows you to control the brightness levels, as well as switch into strobe mode.

If you just want really powerful check out our buyers guide that goes over super bright flashlights on the market today. Or our best led flashlight article that combines and links out to all of our other buyers guides like a hub.

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Streamlight Stinger C4 Led Rechargeable Flashlight

Lumens: 800 | Beam Distance: 297 M | Weight: 12.4 oz

The Streamlight Stinger LED Rechargeable Flashlight is equipped with a polycarbonate that is unbreakable. The lens is also known to be scratch and shock resistance, which makes this police flashlight perfect for action-packed tasks. Another good thing about this flashlight is that it has a simple on and off switch. It also comes with three different settings, which are the strobe, low brightness, and the high brightness.

This Streamlight Stinger LED Rechargeable Flashlight has a combination of LED technology and rechargeability. These produce the lowest cost operation compared to any other flashlights. This flashlight is made out of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum, with a comfortable non-slip rubberized grip. It also has an anti-roll rubber ring. Lastly, this police flashlight measures 162 inches in diameter, 8.41 inches in length, and 12.4 ounces in weight.

Surefire P2x Fury With Intellibeam Technology

5 Best Stun Gun Flashlights  A good defensive tool ...

Originally established in 1969 as Newport Corporation, the company started its journey in the industry with their laser sight. It was then renamed as Laser Products and the company became an industry leader in producing handgun sights used by SWAT teams and other law enforcement agencies. SureFire was later born, and proceeded to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of compact, powerful and strong lighting tools for tactical use, from laser sights and baton lights to weapon-mounted and handheld lights. Today, the brand is well-known for its durable tactical illumination tools, including its police flashlights.

Fury series flashlights from SureFire are known for their ability to deliver a completely focused beam of light for tactical use. The SureFire P2X Fury is one of the most popular flashlight models from the brand. What makes the P2X Fury with IntelliBeam Technology a highly regarded model currently is the technology itself, which basically adjusts the light output automatically to match your surroundings. The flashlight can deliver light output even as low as 15 lumens up to 600 lumens, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Some drawbacks of this police flashlight model are that it doesnt have a strobe function, a feature that most police officers expect. Also, the batteries are known to drain pretty quickly therefore, you may have to stock up on batteries.


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What Is A Pressure Switch On A Flashlight

Everyone is familiar with what a flashlight does. However, not everyone knows its utmost importance in self-defense as well as military and police use.

Tactical flashlights are activated to disorient enemies through their nearly blinding illumination. An interesting feature of many tactical flashlights available in the market is the pressure switch.

A pressure switch or a pressure pad on a flashlight activates the light with a firm hand grip. It typically comes with a pad connected to the tail cap, which reads the pressure level. You can also use the pad to control different light modes.

With a pressure switch, you can concentrate on gripping the pad and the trigger making you more focused on the target.

Find out about how a pressure switch works on tactical flashlights in the next few lines.

Olight M20sx Javelot Tactical Flashlight

Olights new M20SX Javelot is essentially an updated version of the companys popular M20-X Warrior tactical light. So what makes the M20SX better than its predecessor? Several reasons, actually, including a much brighter 820 lumens, a modified LED that increases the flashlights beam distance to over 1,200 feet, and not one, but two tail switches for accessing three output modes and a tactical strobe mode.

Additional features include an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum construction with heavy knurling throughout and a combat grip ring for a superior grip during use. Carry it in your pocket, duty belt, in your bag, or even mount it to your weapon thanks to a variety of compatible tactical accessories. Buy It

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Streamlight 75458 Stinger Rechargeable Flashlight

Established in 1973, Streamlight is a company that is known to design and manufacture products after gaining a complete understanding of what their customers need by doing what they do. The companys employees undergo low-light shooting courses, firefighters training, and gain more such experiences in the real world to come up with products that are not only appealing, but also completely efficient. As a result, Streamlight remains a go to brand in the industry and their flashlights are wide preferred and used by various law enforcement agencies around the world.

If you have been searching for a police flashlight that will make your colleagues refrain from using their flashlights and go for yours, one that is sure to impress you and very rarely fail you, the 75458 Stinger DS LED Rechargeable Flashlight would be a viable choice for you. Built with C4 LED technology and thousands of hours in lifetime, this police flashlight is something that will easily piece through darkness.

Any best police flashlight should be powerful enough to deliver excellent brightness thus, not only making it easier for you to see in the dark, but also to use it as a tool to blind your threats temporarily. With the ability to produce a maximum of 640 lumens of light, the Streamlight Stinger 75458 is definitely one of the brightest flashlights available in this category. Also, the flashlight comes with a white light instead of a yellow one, which is another aspect most users seem to welcome.


Requirements For A Tactical Flashlight

Police Security Flashlight Review

When the police or the military look for a flashlight for their units, they dont simply look at the lumens of the flashlight and select the model with the highest lumen feature. The rugged nature of the work that our armed forces work under requires a flashlight that will match these conditions and continue to function when needed.

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Different Ways To Use The Best Police Flashlights Of 2021

One of the things that makes finding the best flashlights for police so difficult is how many different ways they are used by law enforcement.

Many people out there think that a tactical police flashlight would make the best choice for law enforcement officers because it can be used as an everyday flashlight and can also be used for self-defense.

But, the best flashlights for law enforcement are not always going to be a made for combat. One of the most common uses for a police LED flashlight is for reading and writing tickets, as well as looking at drivers licenses.

A tactical flashlight can easily be used for this task, but are not always the best choice do to their size and weight.

When it comes to using the flashlight as a striking device for self-defense purposes a durable flashlight with a strong bezel is the best choice, as its size and weight make it a great weapon.

The best flashlights for police will probably have a strobe mode to disorient and will be bright enough to blind a criminal at close range. An LED police flashlight is also used for low light shooting, many law enforcement officers will use gun mounts to attach a flashlight to their weapon rather than having to hold the flashlight while holding their gun.

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