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When Is Police Shift Change

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What Do I Have To Study To Prepare For The Selection Panel

Coronavirus: Covina First Responders Salute Health Care Workers With Shift Change Procession

Victoria Police selection panel members will be looking for applicants who demonstrate behaviours consistent with our organisational values. You will be asked a series of questions comprising of behavioral based questions.

Your responses should include examples of your behaviors/experiences which illustrate your capacity in the following areas: Tasking and Coordination, Achieving Results, Establishing Productive Working Relationships, Communicating Effectively and Displaying Personal Drive and Integrity.

We do not expect applicants to understand procedures, powers or policy whilst answering questions.

Learning From Lou’s Story: What You Can Do

  • A challenging, shifting work schedule and a schedule where individuals routinely work the night shift can put you at risk for sleep deprivation. See Adopt Good Sleep Habits for tips on how to maximize the quantity and quality of the sleep you get.
  • Understand how your body’s internal clock can help you get the most out of your sleep, even if you do not work at night or in rotating shifts. See The Drive to Sleep and Our Internal Clock in the Healthy Sleep module.
  • Some workplaces have instituted policies that support the health and safety of individuals who work at night or in rotating shifts. Bright lights, nap breaks, and work hour limits can all contribute to a better work environment. For more information, see Make Changes at Work.
  • Sleep deprivation, which is often a byproduct of shift work, affects not only your health, but also your judgment and the safety of others. Take the How Awake Are You? interactive challenge to find out how sleep deprivation affects reaction time.
  • Sometimes shift workers may suffer from a sleep disorder that affects the quality of their sleep. If this is a concern, see When to Seek Treatment in the Healthy Sleep module.
  • Sleep is one of the three pillars of health. Take sleep seriouslymake it as much of a priority as the other two pillars, good nutrition and exercise.

It’s The Latest In A Cross

Police gave their own salute to the front-line medical staff at Calgary’s hospitals this weekend with a full parade of lights and sirens at the 7 p.m. shift change.

The salute joined thousands around the country who have taken a moment to thank those who are putting their lives on the line every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Tonight officers from all over joined members of the community to show appreciation for the health-care workers who are doing their best to keep us healthy,” Const. Chris Martin wrote in a tweet on Friday.

“Thank you to our health-care workers and thank you to everyone who has been helping them by staying home.”

He added hashtags #lightsofhope and #yyc7pm which have quickly caught on as Calgarians pour out their thanks on social media.

The salute to hospital shift change has become a daily moment of respect in cities around the world, as citizens step out on their balconies and open their windows to applaud, cheer and bang pots and pans at 7 p.m., a time chosen to coincide with the shift change at most hospitals.

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The movement began in Italy, with spontaneous music making and balcony salutes for shift change starting weeks ago. The nightly ritual has also been picked up by those self isolating in India, Spain, Israel, California and elsewhere.

In the Beltline, residents took to their balconies. And in Canmore, they took to their back decks.

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Requesting Time Off As A Police Officer

Requesting time off as a newer, more junior officer can prove to be difficult. For majority of police departments, requesting time off requires your submission to go through an approval process up the chain of command, starting with your sergeant.

Days off are usually granted based on staffing for that particular day and seniority. So, if enough officers are scheduled to work and be present, you might be ok. However, there is a magic number of officers that must be staffed each day. So you might find it tough to get everything you seek early on, but know this does get better should you stick it out.

If the number of officers working on a particular day falls short due to officers calling in sick, the department will give out overtime to officers that want to work on their day off to fill in the gap. Maintaining ample staffing is paramount each and every day.

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Overview Of The Findings: No Impact On Performance But Important Impacts On Other Outcomes

Police response times spike during NOPD shift changes ...

The results revealed no significant differences between the three shift lengths on work performance, health or work-family conflict. There were, however, important differences for other outcomes. The 10-hour shift offered certain benefits not associated with 8-hour shifts, and 12-hour shifts had some disadvantages.

Sleep and Fatigue. Significant differences were found in the average amount of sleep officers got across the 8- 10- and 12-hour shifts, but there were no differences in the quality of sleep. Officers working 10-hour shifts averaged significantly more sleep than those working 8-hour shifts. Officers working 12-hour shifts reported greater levels of sleepiness and lower levels of alertness at work than those assigned to 8-hour shifts. Officers on 8-hour shifts averaged significantly less sleep per 24-hour period and worked significantly more overtime hours than those on 10- and 12-hour shifts.

A 10-hour shift may be a good alternative to the traditional 8-hour shift in larger agencies however, caution is advised when considering 12-hour shifts because of increased levels of sleepiness and lower levels of alertness. Indeed, researchers have noted that people underestimate their levels of fatigue, so officers may be sleepier than they reported while working 12-hour shifts.

The researchers collected departmental data and performance data from simulators to assess officer performance on each of the three shifts.

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Background Of The Issue

Most police departments have traditionally placed their patrol officers on a 40-hour workweek in which personnel work five consecutive 8-hour shifts, followed by two days off. In recent years, however, an increasing number of law enforcement agencies have moved to some variant of a compressed workweek. Some officers work four 10-hour shifts weekly or three 12-hour shifts . While this trend has been moving apace, few, if any, rigorous scientific studies examining the advantages and disadvantages of these works schedules for officers and their agencies have been completed until now.

The researchers used the most rigorous scientific techniques available: a randomized controlled experiment. The NIJ-funded study was conducted by the Police Foundation.

Toronto Police To Test Changes To Officer Schedules A Move Long Disputed By Board And Union

Wendy Gillistimer

It has been a thorny issue for years, long putting the police board and the officers union at loggerheads. But in a tentative victory for the forces modernization efforts, a year-long experiment with an overhauled Toronto police shift schedule is set to launch in the new year.

Banal, bureaucratic and, well, boring though it may sound, the Toronto police shift schedule has been an intractable and long-standing problem, particularly in recent years as pressure mounts to decrease costs and increase efficiency within Canadas largest municipal police service.

The current system, called the compressed work week, is comprised of three overlapping shifts: a 10-hour day, 10-hour evening, and eight-hour night shift, a total of 28 hours for each 24-hour day. The biggest criticism of the system is that it sees roughly the same number of front-line officers patrolling the streets, no matter the time of day a set-up that doesnt account for the ebbs and flows of crime and demand.

That is not consistent with the notion of using police officers when theyre needed and where theyre needed at the most appropriate time, Mayor John Tory told reporters last week.

More effective scheduling and deployment was identified as priority in the Way Forward, Toronto polices modernization plan aimed at increasing public trust, cutting costs and embracing new technology.

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‘i Know It Won’t Fly With All Community Groups’

Joseph Smith, co-founder of Generation Chosen, a non-profit group that works primarily with at-risk youth in the Jane and Finch area, said the new schedule could have a negative impact on his community.

“I know it won’t fly with all community groups,” Smith said.

“The presence of police officers, just generally constantly surveilling the neighborhood, it doesn’t bode well with the community residents. It makes them feel uncomfortable, it makes them feel like where they’re living isn’t safe, or isn’t good, and it honestly makes them feel negative about their own neighbourhood,” Smith said.

“It impacts them in such a dramatic way.”

Smith said it is about clarity and transparency. Members of community need to know what police intend to do with their proactive policing time, he added.

The Toronto Police say the new schedule should give officers more time to engage with communities.

With files from Greg Ross

I Have Heard About A Ballot Process What Is This

Long Island Police To Use Schools As Shift Change Points

In circumstances where an urgent need arises a ballot may be required to fill a ‘special position’. These positions are generally located in country areas that from time to time have not been filled by internal transfer methods. In this situation, those members at the end of their probationary period that have not been allocated a position may be transferred to one of these positions. Allocation of these positions is conducted via a ballot process.

Members that have elected to be transferred to a country station will not be subject to the ballot process.

If balloted, you will be required to remain at the location for a minimum of two years but can stay as long as you like after that.

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How Thorough Do I Have To Be With My Disclosure On The Application Form

We understand that you may have had issues or prior offences in your past, which you may think will impact your application. We advise applicants to disclose all previous history and allow Recruitment Services Branch to make a thorough assessment.

You are expected to disclose everything, as failure to disclose any previous issue or prior offence history will be looked upon unfavourably and your application may be cancelled.

It is an offence under the Victoria Police Act to gain entry to the Police Force using false, misleading or incomplete information

I Have A Medical Condition I Wish To Discuss Prior To Submitting An Application How Do I Get This Assessed

If you wish to check whether your particular medical condition will affect an application for Victoria Police, please download the medical guidelines FAQs.

  • pdf133.67 KB
  • If you unable to find the answer in the guidelines and want to determine whether a condition may affect your capability to perform the role of a police member, you will need to fill in the PRELIMINARY ENQUIRY OF MEDICAL CONDITIONS FORM HERE

    To fill this form you will need to provide the following details:

    • explanation of the medical condition with as much detail as possible
    • what medication is being taken, if any
    • date of birth
    • postal address
    • phone number/s

    This form will then be assessed by the Police Medical Officer who will be able to advise you of your suitability for Victoria Police.

    Please email the completed form to the Victoria Police Medical Advisory Unit at:

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    Where Will I Be Posted After My Probationary Period

    If you nominate a country location, and if there is a vacancy available, you may be transferred to that location at the end of your probationary period . If there is not a vacancy at that nominated station, you may be transferred to another country station in the vicinity. Once transferred you must remain in that position for a minimum of two years.

    If you do not nominate a country location you will be matched to a metropolitan location where you must remain for a minimum of two years.

    Trying Times For Law Enforcement May Call For Alternate Work Schedules

    à´àµà´µà´¿à´¡àµ? പശàµ?à´à´¾à´¤àµ?തലതàµ?തിലàµ?â? à´ªàµà´²àµà´¸àµ? à´·à´¿à´«àµ?à´±àµ?റിലàµ?ഠമാറàµ?à´±à´

    Changing peoples work schedules is a significant disruption to not only their lives but their families as well

    Police chiefs nationwide are facing challenges filling vacancies created by a higher than usual departure of officers due to in part recent civil unrest and a perceived lack of support for law enforcement from community leaders.

    In Minneapolis, a Twin Cities personal injury attorney claims to represent 175 officers who are filing for disability benefits due to PTSD or other mental health issues. Departments such as Seattle, Dallas and Atlanta are experiencing similar issues. Staffing shortages can be addressed by overtime or alternate work schedules, but police leaders must review several considerations before implementing shift changes.

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    I Have Tattoos Can I Apply

    Victoria Police has recently updated their policy regarding Uniform and Appearance Standards, which includes direction around tattoos/body art and piercings. Employees are required to project an image that is consistent with a professional and disciplined law enforcement agency.

    Tattoos on the face, neck and hands will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please send photos of your tattoos for assessment to or .

    Tattoos on the legs and arms will be permitted but must be covered whilst on duty if they are deemed inappropriate or offensive.

    Columbia Police Changing Shift Structure Beginning In September


    The Columbia Police Department announced officers will move to 12-hour shifts beginning September 5.

    Officials say the change aims to increase the number of officers on shifts and available to respond to calls.

    Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones says the changed schedule will increase officer safety, improve the Departments ability to provide training and increase opportunities for officers to take time off.

    “Were committed to minimizing the number of consecutive 12-hour shifts an officer will work,” Jones said. “That is in the best interest of the officer and the community.”

    In the release, the department reports over a two-week period, an officer generally will work 80 scheduled hours. That includes six 12 hour shifts and an eight-hour shift.

    The Departments Operations/Patrol Division reports only 64 officers are available to work however the department is authorized to employ 88 police officers

    “In addition to predictable vacancies, officers are not available to work for many other legitimate reasons,” Jones said.

    Those reasons include military deployments, qualifying medical and family health issues, illness and injuries which continue to compound already low staffing numbers. The Department also has experienced several retirements and resignations. Under these conditions, Jones said that the current 10-hour schedule is inefficient.

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    What Is A Certified Copy Of A Document

    A certified document is a copy of a primary document, that has on it an endorsement or certificate that it is a true copy. It does not certify that the primary document is genuine, only that it is a true copy of the primary document. Authorised persons include but are not limited to currently serving police officers, registered Pharmacists, registered medical practitioners and Justice of the Peace.

    Summary: What Does A Police Officers Schedule Look Like

    Police line up to thank healthcare workers during shift change

    To wrap up, it is fair to say that for some, the schedule works. Its definitely not the worst schedule in the world, especially if you get a nice chunk of days off in between your working days.

    The pay, gratification, other officers you work with and the job do outweigh the negative aspects of the randomness associated with scheduling.

    It is important to remember that as you become a more seasoned officer and gain seniority within the department, you are more likely to get the exact shift that you want and that best suits your life. You might be forced to work that dreaded shift for six months, a year, or a few years, but be sure to stick it out.

    In the end, a police officers schedule may be tough, but those we speak with feel blessed to serve their city and community each and every day. The smile that bring to their face, goes beyond missing the odd day socializing.



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    How Long Is The Recruitment Process

    The recruitment process for police officers is very complex, it is currently taking 6-9 months to complete. This period can extend if further checking or testing is required. To ensure that your application runs smoothly, please ensure that you respond to all calls and/or emails from Recruiting Services and return all paperwork at your earliest convenience.

    Impact On Social Life

    Lets briefly touch on your general social life. Keeping up with family and friends may become slightly difficult as you work strange and long hours.

    You will typically be exhausted after working a twelve hour shift and when you get home, you may find yourself just needing to chill without the social interaction.

    However, make sure you communicate your situation with those closest to you so that they understand what you are going through. Youll be surprised how understanding theyll become and accommodating to scheduling catchups around when you can meet.

    Be prepared to miss out on birthdays, St. Patricks Day, Cinco de Mayo or days filled with activities. But get on the front foot and asked your closest to celebrate with you on a time that works for everyone. A party isnt a party without the people you want to have there!

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