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Where Can I Buy A Digital Police Scanner

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Digital Trunking Police Scanner Buyers Guide

What can you get with a Digital Police Scanner?

Well, you wont go wrong with any of the scanners we reviewed above depending on your needs, but it doesnt hurt to understand some of the important factors to look for as well.

A scanners most important feature would be to support all types of channels and communication systems, especially as more and more local public services have been upgrading to advanced digital trunked systems.

A good scanner would not only allow you to listen to your local police, but also other emergency and public services.

The programming is another factor you need to consider. Beginners need to avoid scanners with complex programming requirements like the plague, as they can be incredibly hard to program and set up. Our top police scanner on this list the Uniden BCD436HP is both easy to program and use, and boasts solid functionality with a great overall performance.

The Uniden BEARTRACKER 885, the last option on our list, is a unique option too that offers the combined functionality of a CB radio and a police scanner, albeit it isnt an advanced scanner like the Uniden options we reviewed.

‘the Problem Is The Disclosure’ Says Privacy Commissioner

Sinclair said that identifying information can be removed before information goes to air, but Kruzeniski said whether the media decides to report on the information or not isn’t relevant to what is deemed a privacy breach.

“The problem is the disclosure, not what the third party says they will or won’t do with it,” he said.

“If a ministry dumped a whole bunch of files on Hamilton Street, that is a breach even though the media isn’t there and nobody reports on it there’s still been a disclosure of information that wasn’t really authorized.”

Q: Can Digital Scanners Pick Up Police Frequencies

Regardless of whether your local police use an analog or digital system, a digital scanner will be able to access the frequency. Most modern police scanners rely on digital technology, so it is not difficult to find an effective option. The Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series is an example of tech that will work for both types of signals.

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Why Do You Need A Police Radio Scanner

A police radio scanner will let you listen to local emergencies in your area, first-hand! Be it a natural disaster, a freeway accident, a criminal manhunt, or a crime in progress you get to learn about everything. On top of that, these scanners will let you know about weather conditions, traffic situations, road conditions, etc. so that you can stay prepared. These scanners are a vital tool for those who spend most of their time commuting on the road.

Uniden Bc125at Handheld Police Scanner Review

Best Digital Police Scanner Reviews (Updated October 2020 ...

The Uniden BC125AT handheld police scanner is one of the most sophisticated scanners you can buy. This model also includes the Uniden-specific Close Call RF capture technology. Whats interesting is the Do Dont Disturb mode that will stop all close call checks during any transmission.

There are 500 Alpha-Tagged Channels, which are divided into 10 storage banks, making it way easier to find the channels that you want to listen to frequently.

In total, this gadget works with more than 40,000 frequencies so that you can listen to many bands that include the police band, the military, civilian, aircraft, railroad, civil air, racing, and amateur radio services, bands. Of course, you will get access to weather bands as well.

The unit doesnt require programming to use because you can use the handheld scanner straight out of the box using the presets for the common searches. That doesnt mean you cannot program it. It comes with a USB cable that you can use for programming it using your computer. The programming software is available for free on the internet.

The device comes with a multi-functional rotary knob that you can use for controlling the volume, scroll through channel banks, and adjusting squelch.

The sound quality of the scanner is decent, and it can remove static. The backlit screen is also easy to ready. The unit is very lightweight and allows for easy portability.


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Uniden Sds100 Digital Handheld Scanner

This radio scanner from Uniden offers an extreme functionality that youve never experienced before. It could work even in the most remote areas with little to no signal.

Searching for a decent signal is a real challenge in remote areas. However, you would not have to go berserk searching for signals when using this device. Uniden radio scanner comes with a real I/Q radio design that advances digital function even in signal-destitute areas, such as mountains and far-flung provinces.

Another feature that I genuinely like about this radio scanner is that it is water-resistant. You would never have to worry about this scanner obtaining moisture, especially in critical situations. It still works efficiently and can even recover signals for effective communication in emergencies.

Additionally, it comes with a rugged design to withstand long time usage.

Since this device uses a Lithium-ion battery, recharging is a breeze. It also has excellent efficiency and incomparable sturdiness for a radio scanner.

Another advantage of a Li-ion battery is its exceptional stability, allowing you to obtain a higher energy concentration and power capacity. This feature enables extended power retention compared to other battery types.

  • Batteries are rechargeable, stable, and efficient.
  • Advanced features may take time to master.

What To Consider Before You Buy

Before you buy, its important that you already know what type of radio system the local county services use, since scanners are built for trunking systems, analog radio systems, or digital systems. The requirements will vary from place to place, with major cities using the most advanced digital models.

As I mentioned earlier there a couple of different types of scanner designs to choose from, handheld models which are highly portable, and desktop base models which are not Additionally, Some base models can also be installed in vehicles.

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Buying Guide For Best Police Scanners

During the CB radio craze of the 1970s, another electronic gadget also gained significant popularity: the police radio scanner.

Private citizens could now use a tabletop receiver with special tuning crystals to pick up local police, fire, and ambulance calls. Users could also eavesdrop on the chatter at air traffic control centres and emergency weather channels.

Modern digital police scanners no longer require tuning crystals to pick up these remote conversations. Today, you can use a police scanner to listen in on thousands of different channels, any of which could be broadcasting action at any time.

How To Choose A Police Scanner

How To Buy a Police Scanner I Zip Scanners

When choosing a radio scanner, you should consider what features you want, how much you want to spend and whether the scanner is designed for beginners or experienced radio operators. For instance, do you want a desktop or handheld unit? Do you want to plug in your zip code and start listening, or do you want a more sophisticated unit? There are also both digital and analog models available today.

To help you choose the best police scanner for your needs, weve put together a SPY Guide to help. Below are the best police scanners for everyone from advanced users to first-time scanners.

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Different Types Of Digital Radio Police Scanners

There are two types:

  • Base or Mobile scanners: These sit on a tabletop or the car or vehicle dash . You dont carry them around in your hands. They have antennas and a better range compared to their handheld counterparts.
  • Handheld scanners: They are small and extremely portable. You can carry them in your pocket, your purse, or in your hand. You can clip them on your belt as well. They dont have great range or clarity as in the base or mobile variants.


Best Home Police Scanner

Our Rating:

Offering menu-driven programming, and scan list functionality, you can easily set this model up in a matter of minutes and organize all your favorite channels by taking advantage of the scan list and memory backup features. Its also able to scan the most common trunked radio system signals, and comes with the popular digital AGC feature which will compensate for low user audio levels.

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Uniden Sds200 Mobile Digital Trunking Scanner

In the easy-to-use radio scanner department, this model from Uniden is on top. With its seamless, user-friendly features, youre definitely up for a fast start.

Technology updates can be quite scary for beginners, so Uniden made it easy for its users to operate this sleek radio with basic scanner knowledge. Turn it on and play it straight away. Yeah, as easy as that. But if youd like something more with this radio, you can explore and update its features to maximize many of its advanced services.

The reception it provides is noticeably clear, devoid of the usual hissings we hear with vocal transmissions. And the sound is adequate for a clear understanding of whats said on the line. Neither too loud nor too shallow.

I also take particular interest in this brands practical features. Its my way of gauging the makers. If you dont get the basic things right, what more the relatively advanced features. But so far, it does not disappoint.

The display is spot clean, both in appearance and functionality. Mine has worked for more than two years now, without fading. Thankfully, my scanner didnt suffer the same fate as other brands whose displays readily faltered.

Plus, you get to control what appears on display. The controls are also easy to operate and are quite fluid theres no need to force anything to work.

  • The price is a bit higher.
  • The learning curve for advanced features operation

Uniden Bcd996p2 Digital Mobile Scanner

Uniden BCD325P2 Police Scanner Review 2020


This mobile police scanner has over 25,000 channels and a dynamic memory system so you can program the frequencies you prefer to listen to and make them easy to access. Its designed for the hobbyist, with a digital decoding system and a sizable memory bank that can remember your preferences. Its got Close Call RF Capture Technology built in as well as the latest APCO Project 25 Phase II systems for radio capturing. Its got NOAA weather access so you stay up to date on all extreme weather events and the S.A.M.E weather alerts send warnings when there are notable condition changes in your area. Theres also an optional GPS receiver included so you can enjoy location-based scanning in addition to the sophisticated TrunkTracker V technology.

Pros: Sophisticated technology thats easy to use and access, advanced weather monitoring, plenty of channels to choose from.

Cons: The speaker doesnt have the best sound quality.

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Best Digital Police Scanners

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, at no cost to you.

If youre interested in staying current with up to the minute news and information within your community, a digital police scanner is a great device to have on-hand. With a police scanner, you can find out the latest local news, including emergency events, such as burglaries, fires, and traffic accidents.

These devices also allow you to get the most current information about the weather forecast, aircraft information, and travel conditions on the roads. In other words, if you want to stay abreast of the latest news that could affect your daily life and the lives of your loved ones, a digital police scanner is an absolute must. Not only are they useful for anyone who provides emergency services, such as dispatch operators and EMS personnel, but theyre also great tools for the average person.

As with most electronics, there are tons of digital police scanners on the market. To help you choose the best one, weve compiled a list of the top five devices currently on the market:

Uniden Bcd436hp Handheld Scanner

Exceptional convenience is the key asset of this Uniden home patrol digital scanner. It is easy to navigate your way around this handheld scanner. Find out more of its unique features that would be up to your liking.

Uniden is one of the most innovative brands of radio scanners out there. Im impressed by how they came up with a scanner that could integrate close-call radio frequency capture, high-quality GPS connection, and a hi-fi system probe, all in one huge display. These features are truly life-saving.

So, whats a close-call radio frequency? I like this feature because it offers optimum convenience due to its ability to detect nearby radio transmissions. The close-call feature eliminates the hassles of manual tuning as it instantly captures signals within your specified radius, making your work faster and more convenient.

Looking for frequencies in any location wont be as tedious as it was back then. Thanks to its GPS connectivity and efficient receiver structure analysis. With these features, your scanner knows your exact location and will begin scanning all frequencies listed in the area.

Some of its practical features include nine tone patterns to choose from, alerting when you receive a channel ID, a close call hit or when the scanner tones out, 15 levels of volume settings, seven display colors, and three flash patterns.

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Is It Legal To Own A Police Scanner

Yes, owning a police scanner is legal. However, certain activities are not allowed using a police scanner. Those include:

  • Listening to police communications to help a criminal escape.
  • Listening to police or security communications to help a crime take place.
  • Listening to cell phone communications and encrypted communications.

So, despite police scanners being legal, there can be a set of rules governing their usage. Make sure that you check the rules present in your state.

Police Scanner Buying Guide

Best Police Scanner of 2020 | Top 4 Police Scanners

Tracking local events with police scanners has been a popular hobby for many years. Beyond the entertainment and gossip you can get out of such a device, a police scanner can be an invaluable security tool. By tuning into the frequencies of your local emergency services, you can keep one step ahead of crime incidents, traffic accidents, fires and severe weather events even before news outlets report them.

Its worth noting that some of these devices have a steep learning curve. Even seasoned users sometimes face complications, especially when they purchase a new model. If youve never used one before, it may take some trial and error to program and maximize its detection capabilities in your area.

Also, you should know that most of the programming software for scanners is made for Windows. So, if you dont own a computer with a Windows operating system , programming or updating the police scanner might prove to be difficult.

There are, however, professionals who will program the scanner for you , based on your location. In addition to independent scanner radio programming services, the scanner manufacturer Uniden will program a scanner at a cost of $40 to $100.

These are the main factors to take into account when shopping for a police scanner:

Model type. There are two types of police scanners: base and handheld.

Base models usually cost $300 or more and are meant to be used mainly in home settings. Some can also be mounted in vehicles.

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Whistler Ws1010 Analog Radio Scanner Review

This is one of the best police scanners that you can get. The WS1010 police scanner is completely analog and offers a lot of interesting features include NOAA S.A.M.E. alert and Skywarn feature.

With 200 channel memory that can be stored in 10 separate storage banks, this small handheld gadget can set a priority channel that it will check every 2 seconds even when scanning for other frequencies.

If you want, you can program it using your computer. You can update the database, take a backup, or program the scanner directly through your PC.

As far as powering options are concerned, you can power it up using the included AC adapter or using rechargeable batteries or non-rechargeable dry cells.

The sound quality of the device is pretty impressive, but you can make it better using the squelch control knob on the top that can eliminate static. It comes with a backlit screen with good contrast that allows for easy readability.

The device is equipped with a one-touch search option that will allow you to access air, traffic, police, marine, ham, and weather frequencies.


Q: Why Is The Police Scanner Public

Police retain the right to withhold information that can impact an ongoing investigation which, in the past, led to encrypted frequencies . However, when different emergency departments tried to coordinate, these encrypted channels proved to be a risk. Most remain public to ensure open access during a time of crisis.

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Whistler Ws1040 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio

The last option on our list of the best CB radios is the Whistler WS1040 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio. This option is a bit pricey, but being that it offers so many robust features and that its made by Whistler, we think that its a worthwhile investment. If youre looking for a handheld digital police scanner, this is a good option to consider.

Featuring menu driven programming with context sensitive help, every item on the menu gives you help details to make programming and using the scanner as easy as possible. A Scan List function lets you arrange, group, and scan all of your items based on your individual preferences. With Free-Form Memory Organization, this device dynamically organizes your memory so that its as efficient as possible.

You can stay current with the latest weather forecast, too, thanks to the Skywarn Storm Spotter feature, which offers instant access to the frequencies that are used by storm spotter networks. A digital AGC automatically adjusts low audio levels to provide the clearest reception. It also offers data cloning, so you can transfer the data youve programmed to a different WS1010 scanner.

What We Like About It

  • Handheld, lightweight, and portable
  • The price is a bit high
  • Some users said it was difficult to use

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