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Why Defunding The Police Is A Bad Idea

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We Dont Want No More Police

Why Defunding the Police is a Bad Idea, and What Would Happen

When Black Lives Matter protesters demanded he GET RID OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, the Pete Buttigieg of Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey, said he wasnt in favor of that.

The mayor has now been canceled. Watch him do the walk of shame out of the protest.

What OMG this guy is a mayor!!??

Luke Rudkowski

The Minneapolis council president believes that being able to call police and expect help is the height of white privilege. She and the rest of her coven have voted to get rid of the cop shop. There are more crazy ladies and men just like her at the mothership.

What Cities Have Defunded Police

According to a Forbes report from August 2020, at least 13 cities have defunded or are in the process of defunding their police departments:

  • New York City
  • Norman Oklahoma,
  • Austin, Texas

According to Forbes, funding cuts ranged from $1 billion in New York City to $3.5 million in Seattle and $850,000 in smaller cities like Norman, Oklahoma. However, Forbes also reports that several cities have increased police spending, including Houston, San Diego, Nashville, and Durham, North Carolina.

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Yang: ‘defund The Police Is The Wrong Approach For New York City’

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew YangAndrew YangAt 28 percent approval, say goodbye to Kamala Harris being Plan B to an aging BidenAdams wins New York City mayor’s raceBill Maher pushes back on criticism of Chappelle: ‘What the f— was that reaction?’ MORE on Thursday said defund the police is the wrong approach for New York City, nearly a year after the slogan became a rallying cry following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police.

Yang made his remarks during the citys first mayoral debate, when asked about his concrete plans to address the citys public safety in his first week of office if he’s elected.

He said the first thing he will do as mayor is tell the police force your city needs you.

The first thing Id do as mayor is go to our police force and say that ‘Your city needs you. Your city needs you to do your jobs professionally, responsibly and justly.’ But the police are going to be a core way for us to address the public safety concerns that so many New Yorkers have. And let me be clear, defund the police is the wrong approach for New York City, Yang, who ran for the democratic presidential nomination in 2020, said.

He also backed “intelligence-led policing,” which he said would attack the “iron pipeline” by monitoring what guns are being used in other states that may enter New York City.

Morales, another progressive-leaning mayoral candidate, also differed from Yangs perspective, concluding that safety is not synonymous with police.

Reduces Support For Training

Why Defunding the Police is a Bad Idea, and What Would ...

Many issues of police-involved violence occur because officers are not properly trained on when and how to use their equipment. Defunding the police takes away the resources that are needed to make sure officers are properly trained on things like the use of force continuum and de-escalation techniques.

D.J. Jordan and Scott Martin, two public officials in Virginia summed it up this way in an op-ed for Potomac Local News: Police brutality usually occurs when overly aggressive policing tactics are implemented in dramatic fashion, or with evil intent.

Although police abuse of power is rare overall, just one time is too many and enough to cause years of unnecessary scrutiny from the media and politicians with anti-police agendas.

Good policing requires a commitment to robust training that must be ongoing. This requires funding, Jordan and Martin wrote.

The less training is available, the more likely we are to see officers relying on their instincts instead of on best practices developed over decades of experience by teachers and trainers.

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Why Defunding The Police Is A Bad Idea

Ill be the first to admit that I have many problems with how the police operate. As I wrote about in my articles on why Orwell was right, if Americans would recognize tyranny, and what the Virginia 2nd Amendment sanctuaries are, along with many of my other posts on gun control and red flag laws, I think the police need to be watched as a potential force for tyranny. They have enforced unconstitutional laws in the past, generally related to guns and alcohol, and will do so in the future.

But that doesnt mean we should defund the police. Instead, it means we should build closer relationships with them so that they wont be willing to enforce tyrannical laws, just as examples of police misconduct mean they need better training, not less funding.

Even more importantly, America is full of criminals right now. While the best defense against criminals and looters is a gun, as Ive written about before and Lt. Col. Jeff Copper spoke about, the police are needed to maintain law and order.

Its easy to see that many Democrats havent thought through their calls to defund the police, or they just dont care about their constituents and the lives of American citizens. Thats because when police retreat, criminals advance.

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Allows Dangerous Violent Criminals To Win

Finally, perhaps the most compelling reason why defunding the police is a bad idea is that it lets the bad actors in our society put everyone else in harms way.

Police officers around the country keep us safe from drugs, violence, gangs, domestic abuse, and myriad other threats to the American way of life. No other branch of government or social service agency can do the job in quite the same way.

Its hard to see the consequences of defunding the police until it happens, at which time its already too late. As the new year begins, join us in the call to push for common-sense police reforms that will make our officers stronger, keep our communities safer, and restore the respect that police deserve.

Rather than defunding the police, the focus for reform in 2021 and beyond should be improving things like professionalism, readiness, attention to detail, and discipline. Lets dive into some ways that funding could be re-allocated in a more constructive way to reduce the number of police-involved deaths while still giving police the latitude they need to do their jobs day in and day out.

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Left Takes A Hard Turn On Police Brutality

In the wake of George Floyds death, there has been a lot said about the way that the police interact with black men and womenand thats a good thing.

There should be a conversation about how police interact with citizensregardless of race. The senseless deaths of people while in police custody needs to stop.


Instead of working with police officials and trying to come up with new policies for how the police should interact with the public, the Left just throws out the most extreme thing they can come up with: defunding and abolishing the police.

Their goal is for all government funding to be withdrawn from local police forces, and theyre willing to go against anyone, government official or citizen, to make it happen. Just watch what happened when Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey refused to comply with that demand:

Seriously? Abolish the police?!

Thats absolutely ridiculous

We are a nation of laws. If there is no one left to enforce those laws, then what do we become? Ill tell you: a nation of lawlessness.

But thats not how the Left sees it. We wont be lawless, they say. Well allow communities to police themselves.

If they think that can work, theyve spent the last 30 years on a hippie commune

Because here in the REAL world, that doesnt work.

Preserve The Good Root Out The Bad

Why Defunding the Police Isnt Such a Radical Idea

If you are a black man and the only time you ever see police is when they are responding to a complaint or a crime, it cements a view of police as the outsiders, the heavy uncaring hand of the law. That does not encourage black people to explore careers in law enforcement, where their unique perspective, experiences and love of community would be so valuable to a peaceful, civil society and change the departments in a way we would like.

Ben Crump: Knee of the entire police department brought George Floyd to his death

To this end, budgetary changes that can impact the culture and actions of U.S. law enforcement should preserve and even expand programs and opportunities for police-community interactions that have nothing to do with arrest and prosecution. These initiatives do not require firearms, pepper spray or armored vehicles. They just require humanity and a commitment to public service.

As angry as we are at the systemic problems in American law enforcement, we must be careful to preserve what is good in the profession while rooting out all that is bad.

Erroll G. Southers is a former FBI special agent, professor of the Practice in National & Homeland Security at the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy, director of the USC Safe Communities Institute and director of Homegrown Violent Extremism Studies. Follow him on Twitter:

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Pam Nad Yw’r Heddlu’n Cael Ei Ateb

Rydyn ni i gyd yn gwybod bod llofruddiaeth George Floyd wedi troi’r holl sefyllfa ochr i lawr. Mae pob unigolyn yn rhy fawr dros adrannau plismona.

Mae’n amlwg bod angen i ni weithio ar adeiladu gwell perthnasoedd rhwng swyddogion gorfodaeth cyfraith ledled y Wlad. Mae hynny’n rhywbeth y dylem i gyd ei gefnogi.

Fodd bynnag, mae rhai llywodraethau lleol yn cymryd y camau anghywir i ddatrys y mater pwysig hwn. Mae’r mudiad radical sy’n galw i dalu am adrannau heddlu lleol sy’n ennill momentwm yn syniad hurt y mae’n rhaid i ni i gyd ei wrthod.

Os yw cymunedau lleol yn dechrau dilyn y rheolau hyn, ni fyddai ond yn brifo llawer o’r bobl sydd angen eu hamddiffyn fwyaf. Rhaid i’n harweinwyr lleol wneud yn well.

Gallwn wneud yn well. Credwn yn wirioneddol y gallwn gael newid heb chwalu rhan hanfodol o’n cymdeithas.

Defunding The Police Is A Bad Idea

Seattle now has one of the lowest ratios of cops to citizens of major U.S. cities.

  • Monday, October 26, 2020 1:25pm
  • Business

A couple of years ago, a major regional medical clinic leader announced his support for a local tax hike to beef up the citys police force and provide cops with better training and capabilities. His rational was two-fold: the Clinic needed police to augment its security and good public safety attracted the best staff.

Any realtor will tell you people want good schools and safe neighborhoods. They want police who can respond quickly to emergency calls and investigate crimes.

Today, the persistent rioting in cities, such as Seattle and Portland, has police departments focused on stopping destruction, burning and ransacking while more traditional police calls go unanswered.

Londons Daily Mail reported last August: More than 60 Portland 911 calls go unanswered overnight as police respond to violent, tumultuous rioting where protesters threw softball-sized rocks and glass bottles at officers. Call types ranged from theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hazards, hit and run, burglary, violation of restraining order, alarms, stolen cars, harassment and many others.

At least 118 officers have separated from the force in 2020, with the bulk leaving after the Seattle City Council embraced radical activists pushing to defund the police. Separations are all-inclusive, including resignations and retirements, Rantz added.

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Democrats Want To Defund The Police: Why That Would End Poorly

Recently it has become incredibly obvious that Democrats want to defund the police. Not all of them want that. Joe Manchin probably doesnt. In fact, according to a Politico article, Manchin said You cant defund the police, thats stupid, its crazy and anyone who talks about that is nutsYou have to have the police.

So, yes, some of them are still sane and dont want to get rid of the men and women that keep America safe and I deeply commend them for that, as the winds of their party are pushing farther and farther to the left and more and more against law enforcement. But the sad fact is that many Democrats want to defund the police and leave Americans defenseless to the predations of the worst elements of society. I will show that in this article.

Jim Mcdevitt: Defunding The Police Is A Bad Idea

Defunding The Police

Tue., Aug. 4, 2020

Several U.S. cities are under siege by violent activists who are using the tragic death of George Floyd as a vehicle for looting, burning and all out destructive criminal behavior. Not only is this counterintuitive, but it denigrates the memory of George Floyd and detracts from the basic message of the peaceful protesters. In the midst of this all out violence and criminal behavior, many of the protesters and some politicians want to defund or even eliminate the police altogether. Quite frankly, this make no sense whatsoever. Public safety is the number one duty of local, state and federal government.

In Spokane we are asking the Spokane Police Department to play multiple roles, including social worker, psychiatrist, counselor, mentor, trauma specialist, domestic violence expert and many others, as well as the traditional functions of keeping the peace, investigating and arresting those who chose to break the law.

Some critics say they would like to see law enforcement resources invested in public outreach and crime prevention programs. Perhaps they dont realize that many such programs already exist. Current programs conducted by SPD may be unknown to many citizens other than those directly impacted or involved. A sampling of current programs now underway or in which SPD participates include the following:

Youth Police Initiative

Participation with Homeless Service Providers

Collaboration with the Downtown Spokane Partnership

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Violent Crime Is Rising

As an array of American voices rose around defund the police, so did violent crime. Homicide rates increased 30% in 2020 in 34 large U.S. cities, according to the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice, a non-governmental coalition of 14 current and former police chiefs, elected leaders and community advocates.

Criminologists hesitate to point to a single factor to explain rising homicide rates. 2020 was a unique year, considering the pandemic, racial justice protests, more gun purchases, widespread layoffs, school and office closures, and a hotly contested presidential election.

In June, the White Houseannounced a new strategy to address violent crime. At a news conference, Biden struck a holistic tone, with more, not less, federal funding directed toward policing. Biden stressed the $350 billion pool, part of the American Rescue Plan, available to state and local governments to hire more police.

The White House will also work with 16 cities, including Minneapolis and St. Paul, on community violence intervention programs. Violence intervention programs usually rely on trusted community members to mediate conflicts before they become physical and to connect people to social services. State and local governments can also use the federal money to help young people find summer jobs. Studies published in Science have linked community engagement and summer jobs to reduced violence.

Police Presence And Crime Reduction

No matter what policing looks like in Americas cities and counties in the coming years, there is evidence that more police presence can reduce crime.

A in The Review of Economics and Statistics examines what happened when patrol cars in Dallas were called away from their usual beats during 2009. The author, Tel Aviv University economist Sarit Weisburd, associates a 10% decrease in Dallas police car patrols away from their beats with a 7% increase in crime.

While the allocation of officers to beats may be driven by the demands of providing fast response times, in reality, the presence of these cars reduces the probability of crime, Weisburd writes.

A 2019 meta-analysis published in Campbell Systematic Reviews associates hot-spot policing with lower crime rates. Hot spot policing can take several forms, but generally it means assigning more police to high-crime areas, more community engagement and more traffic enforcement.

The authors did not generally observe results indicating crime spilled into areas around hot spots. There were instances, such as a hot spot program in Mesa, Arizona from August 2008 to March 2009, where crime displacement happened.

Amid a labor dispute in 2014 between New York City police unions and Mayor Bill de Blasio, officers held a work slowdown for nearly two months. During the slowdown, broken-window policing declined and so did complaints of major crimes, like burglary, assault and grand larceny, the authors find.

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Cities Dont Usually Bust Their Budgets On Police

Despite calls to defund the police, policing does not usually comprise a huge portion of municipal spending. Since the 1970s, state and local governments combined have spent about 4% of their annual budgets on policing, while overall crime rates have fallen since the 1990s.

Most police funding in big cities goes to compensate officers and other personnel. Local governments spend about 6% of their budgets on police, compared with about 1% of state budgets, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data by the Urban Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank.

Im a tax-and-spend Democrat, says Moskos, a former Baltimore city police officer. I want other programs to be funded more. But what does that have to do with policing?

He notes that city spending on police can vary widely. Typically, according to Moskos, whether a city spends a large percentage of its budget on police is related to whether the city also pays for education. Cities direct a bigger percentage of their budgets to policing if the county or some other entity pays for schools. By far the largest share 40% of local spending goes toward education, according to the Urban Institute analysis.

Still, Moskos says, the point remains that police spending often represents a small portion of city budgets and money for social services could be found elsewhere.

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