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Will The Police Help With Keys Locked In Car

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Will The Police Open My Locked Car

Phoenix police officers rescue children locked in hot car

Kids are often told that they can contact the police any time they need help. But once youre an adult with keys locked in your car, youre on your own. In most cases, police wont open a locked car for you, and if they try, they might end up damaging your car by mistake.

In fact, because the police have a different job entirely public safety you shouldnt call them about a locked car unless its a true emergency. But if there is a true emergency that places life or property at risk for example, youve locked your baby in the car on a hot day then you most certainly can call the police for help.

Tips For Keys Locked In A Car

Tips for Keys Locked in a Car

Despite the rise of keyless ignitions and so-called smart car keys, AAA still answers millions of calls each year from members whove locked themselves out of a car. And thats just one source of roadside assistance. If youre standing by a locked car staring at your keys inside, it might be small comfort indeed to know that you have so much company. A few solid tips on how you can and cant get that car unlocked and how to keep this from happening again may be more helpful.

Instead Explore Your Options

Many modern vehicles are built with automatic safety features that keep you from locking your keys in the car. Some have services like OnStar that can open the car remotely. The problem is that many of us are still driving older models and do not yet have these luxuries.

If you are driving an older car and you lock your keys inside, the options available to you include:

Option 1 Calling 911: Many people who wind up with their keys locked in their car call the police to come to their location and help fix the problem. In most cases, the police will be able to unlock the car, but they can also call a tow truck if they cannot. Of course, you will be paying for this service. Calling the police should be a last resort and one that you should use only if you feel that you are in immediate danger.

Option 2 Calling the Dealership: This will mean taking the car to the dealer on a flatbed, which can be costly. Replacing the key through the dealer can also be very expensive depending on the model you drive.

Option 3 Calling Your Locksmith : When you call your locksmith, explain your situation and give them your location. Note that there are scam artists out there who call themselves locksmiths, so you will want to do some research to make sure that you are dealing with a company that has a good reputation.

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Unlocking A Locked Door Through A Slim Jim

Another way to unlock your car door is to make use of a tool thats more commonly known as a slim jim. Although this kind of tool can work, it is a much more difficult task to do. There is a risk of damaging the weather stripping on the door. Additionally, there is also a risk of damaging the other wires on the door.

This method is not recommended for automatic locks or those that have automatic windows because of the presence of more wires. Its not worth taking the risk of damaging the connections just to open the door.

Here are the steps on how to do that:

1. Find a suitable Slim Jim tool

The ideal material to create this tool is a long and slim piece of metal like a hanger. The end is bent to create a hook, this is the part that goes into the door. Sometimes, the metal from the hanger isnt that sturdy. You can double it over to ensure the hook keeps its shape.

2. Insert into the door

Due to its thinness, you can insert it on the door in between the weatherstrip and the window of the passenger seat rather than the driver seat.

There are fewer wires on the passenger seat because most of the controls are found on the drivers seat.

3. Use the hook to open the lock

The locking pin is what you are aiming for with the hook. Pool the hookup ones it grips the lock. To easily find the lock, you should find the bottom edge of the window then go two inches further down.

Locksmith Houston: Is It A Good Idea To Call The Police To Unlock My Car


All of us have been there before: You go out to the parking lot either after a very long day of running a quick errand or shopping, and cant find your car key anywhere to get the car open. You start fumbling with your shopping bags and start to feel frantic as you continue searching for them. Then you finally see your keys either sitting on the center console or hanging from the ignition. If you have ever locked yourself out of your car on a hot Houston, Texas day then you know it can feel like an absolute eternity to figure a solution out for the problem. If you are enrolled in a roadside assistance program that provides car lockout service, then most likely you will call them first. However, you may still be left waiting for a long time. That can be very uncomfortable and also inconvenient since you probably have many other things that you need to do besides wait around. If you dont belong to this type of service, or you dont have time to wait for them to arrive, you may consider calling the police to assist you. However, here is why that is something you shouldnt do:

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Why Choose A Car Locksmith And Not A Car Dealership

Not only do we offer much lower rates than that of your local car dealership, we offer something that they very likely do not: roadside assistance. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, we can meet you and help you back to wherever it is that you are going. Our technicians carry their tools with them, so there is no need for you to pay for a costly tow truck ride, not to mention the time it may take at a dealership or mechanic. Dealers and mechanics typically work 9-5, off holidays and weekends. We are truly a 24/7 mobile locksmith company ready whenever you need us.

If you are trapped in the middle of nowhere and trying to get back on the road, contact our emergency locksmith services today!

I Locked My Keys In The Car Now What

You walk into work and realize you left your coffee in the car. But when you go back to grab it, the door is locked and your keys are sitting on the drivers seat.

If youve been driving for very long, chances are something similar has happened to you. You cant go anywhere until you and your keys are reunited. So how do you get back behind the wheel and on with your day?

Here are some tips to help ensure youre prepared in the event of a lockout.

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Can Police Unlock Your Car

No. The police do not unlock your car for free unless its an absolute emergency such as a baby stuck inside the car. … If you are locked out of your car you must call a automotive locksmith. If you are locked out of the car in the middle of the night then you will need to search for a 24/7 emergency locksmith.

I Locked My Keys In The Car Who Do I Call

Police: Driver Flees Accident Scene Leaving Bumper, Calls Afterward For Help To Retrieve Keys

Once you are sure you can’t get in, and you aren’t in a situation that warrants a 911 call, you’ll have to figure out who can help. If you have a spare key at home and there’s someone who can bring it to you, that’s a good choice. Avoid phoning your friend who bragged at a party about how he could break into cars using a slim jim. Slim jims and amateur thieves cause damage to modern vehicles and could leave you with an outrageous repair bill.

If you have roadside assistance, hopefully, you programmed the number into your phone when you bought the car. Aceable also offers Roadside Assistance in addition to their driving courses. If neither of those free options work for you, it’s time to call a tow truck. Make it clear to the person you speak with that your keys are locked in the car.

“Roadside assistance professionals have special tools for unlocking car doors,” said Mia Bevacqua, Chief Mechanic at “Should you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, you’ll want to call roadside assistance or a tow truck company to unlock the doors. Be sure that you’re in a safe location while you wait for help to arrive.”

Another piece of advice if the tow company you call doesn’t offer that service, ask them for the number of another tow company in the area that can help.

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Our Local Car Lockout Services

Locked out of your car? Maybe you are on your way to the movies or maybe you are just going home. Either way getting locked out of your car is a hassle you were not anticipating. Whether you lock your keys in the car or just plain lost them we can help you get back in your vehicle and back on the road.

Car lockouts happen to the best of us, and always at the worst of times. Modern, high-tech keys such as proximity keys are fantastic for the convenience and security that they offer over traditional keys. Nonetheless, they are easily lost and if you go back to your auto dealer are extremely costly to replace.

We have the tools to cut a new key for you on the spot regardless of what type that it is. With more modern systems, we can also ensure that only your new set of keys works with your vehicle just in case your old ones might have fallen into the wrong hands.

How To Unlock Your Car Door Without A Key

As mentioned, there may be times when calling for help isn’t an option. Still, taking matters into your own hands should always be a last resort as there are always risks involved. Keep firmly in mind that your insurance provider will be unlikely to cover the cost of damages you cause in the process. That said, here are some of the DIY methods on how to get your keys out of a locked car:

At the end of the day, you’d be best served calling for professional help from a locksmith or roadside assistance. Even a towing company may have the tools and expertise to open your car without causing damage. This peace of mind is well worth the price. Just be sure to explain beforehand what your situation is, so that they know which tools to bring with them.

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String Or Small Diameter Rope

If you have shoelaces, then you have the right tools for the job. This can be done with any string small enough to fit between the car door and the frame. This method will only work on cars with post locks. A post lock is an upright lock that is manipulated by being pulled up or pushed down . Once you have your string, the next thing you will need is a little information on how to tie a slip knot. Firstly, the knot needs to be as close to the center of the string as you can manage.

Make a slip knot:

  • Make a loop five inches left of the center of the string. Make it a little larger than the diameter of the hole formed when you touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb .
  • Grab the tail end of the right half of the string and move it into the hole . Leave the shape loose. This will result in somewhat of a pretzel shape.
  • Keep your thumb and forefinger on the crease of the original loop.
  • The pretzel shape has the original loop and the loop created by the tail end entering the hole. Take the tail end back through the hole that is created .
  • Keep the pressure on the right end tailpiece of the string and the original loop crease and pull the two parts away from one another. This leaves only one loop.
  • Now by pulling on the left end of the string the existing loop should contract. You can similarly expand the loop by placing your finger in the loop and pulling the loop apart.
  • We Explain What To Do If Your Keys Are Stuck In Your Car Or Ignition Or If Children Or Pets Are Trapped Inside

    Learn How To Get Help For Keys Locked In Car

    Many of us have experienced that feeling: the sinking sensation, moments after you realise that you have locked your keys in your car. While some modern cars have systems to stop you from doing this, not all of us have these models and systems can fail. If youre in that situation, read on to find out what to do if your keys are locked in the car.

    The most important thing to remember is to remain calm. While your natural instinct may be to panic – especially if your child or pet is trapped in the car – keeping a level head will help you make rational decisions and get things sorted much quicker. Remember that youre not alone the AA recovery service alone receives around seven callouts to locked cars every day. Its even happened to Carbuyer staff nobody is immune.

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    Who To Call For Help If Your Keys Are Locked In The Car

    Before you risk getting your hands dirty or drawing unwanted attention to yourself, there are a few different, less drastic, measures you can take to gain access to your car. In most cases, this revolves around calling for help. Assuming you were fortunate enough not to lock your mobile in the car, there are some people you can dial up.

    • Family or friends – You should have a spare key for your car, usually safely tucked away at home. Call a family member or friend to bring it over.
    • Roadside assistance – It’s a story they’ve heard countless times, so don’t feel shy to call them. Most service providers in the USA should include this as part of their package.
    • A locksmith – Yet another professional who will have the tools needed and won’t be surprised when you say, “My keys are locked in my car.”
    • Police or emergency services – This should only be a viable option if you have also locked a child or animal inside the car. In either situation, they should be your first call if it is a hot day or there is a risk of dehydration or injury to the occupants.

    How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Car Door Unlocked

    The cost to unlock your vehicle will be about $50. Our locksmiths are located nationwide and can be out to your location in under 30 minutes. Over the years, the locksmiths at Locksmith Pros have helped thousands of customers regain entry to their vehicles. If your car door is locked and you cannot get in just give our operators a call and they will have a locksmith out to you in no time. Our locksmiths are available 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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    Who To Call When You Lock Your Keys In Your Car

    When you’ve locked the keys in the car, you have a few good options. If you are in a safe location and you have your cell phone with you, prepare to call for help. Don’t worry, the phrase, “I’m locked out of my car,” is something every police dispatcher has heard thousands of times.

    It’s crucial to understand that if there is a pet or child in the car, you must call 911 right away. Don’t try to break the glass you could injure your pet or child. Police will have the equipment needed to safely open your car door. Even if your car is empty, if you don’t feel safe, that’s also a good reason to call 911 and ask for help.

    Locked Keys In Your Car

    LCPD Officer Saves Child Locked in Car

    If you ever lock your keys in your vehicle, here are some tips to help you stay calm and get help on the way:

    Dial 911. Assess the situation. If you are in a bad neighborhood or its late at night and you dont have a safe, well-lit place to wait, . Your safety comes first. In many cases, the police can unlock the cars door. If they cant, they will probably call a tow truck. You will be responsible to pay the towing company, but at least youll be safe.

    . AAA, Allstate, and other organizations that provide roadside service can get you inside your car, though it could take a while for them to reach you.

    If you dont subscribe to such a service, most new cars come with roadside assistance during the basic warranty period. The number to call might be posted on a window decal. If it isnt, you can get the details by calling a dealership. To be prepared, you should store the number in your phone or write it down on paper and keep it in your wallet or purse.

    If you dont have a new car or you dont belong to a service such as AAA, ask about adding roadside assistance to your auto-insurance policy.

    Phone a friend. If you have a roommate, partner, or friend that has access to your spare key, give them a call and ask them to rescue you.

    If you have no free options, most towing services provide locksmith services. Call 411 for services in your area.

    Before you find yourself with locked keys in your car, here are a few precautionary steps to take:

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