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What App Tells You Where Police Are

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How Do I Know Who Can See My Location

POLICE MAD Google Made App That Tells You Where They’re Hiding

With Google Location sharing, you can choose who can find your location and how long you want to share your location….You can turn their location back on at any time.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .
  • On the map, tap their icon.
  • At the bottom, tap More .
  • Tap Hide from map.
  • Speed Camera Radar Speed Traps Detector App

    If you want a radar detector app whose primary function is to detect hazards present on the road, you should look into Speed Camera Radar.

    This app works differently from hardware radar detectors since it relies on a database of road hazards reported by other users, and provides you with live alerts. The app itself supports 3D design features and can detect police cars, speed cameras, mobile ambush, red light cameras, and static speed cameras nearby. Speed Camera Radar also has its own system that sorts different radio frequencies, just like a tangible radar detector would.

    In our experience, this app effectively uses the Internet to make sure you stay on top of road hazards, and encounter as little to no traffic as possible. It also has the advantage of functionality even when overseas, being one of the few radar detector applications that can be used in every single country in the world. That is certainly a plus for frequent travelers.

    Speed Camera Radar wont drain your smartphone battery as well. Unfortunately, the only drawback here is the amount pesky ads. But of course, that makes up for the apps zero price.

    Functions & Features

    • Able to work in the background
    • Available to all countries and free for download
    • Android compatible

    Radarbot Speed Camera Detector

    Another useful app if you live in an area with a high number of fixed-speed camera detectors is the Radarbot Speed Camera Detector app. In addition to being a navigation app, Radarbot also alerts you to various issues that may slow down your travel.

    Youll notice the map is filled with many stationary speed cameras on poles or at traffic lights. In addition, traffic light icons indicate a speed camera mounted at a traffic light intersection.

    If you tap the + icon at the lower left of the map, you can quickly tap one of six icons to report traffic issues like:

    • Fixed speed camera
    • A patrol officer using a radar gun
    • A mobile speed camera
    • A vehicle accident
    • Or a generic caution warning

    Your passenger can also take the time to write out some alert text to let other drivers know what danger exists on the road in that area.

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    Waze Navigation And Cops Radar App

    If you need an application that features dual function driver use, Waze is a good choice for iOS or Android smartphones. The concept of Waze isnt unique, but it removed the problem most radar detector applications had, which was high battery consumption. This means Waze wont drain your smartphones battery, and consequently wont leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

    Waze has a clean and basic user interface that makes it the primary choice for drivers who value easy navigation. Whats more, it can function both as a GPS navigation tool and a radar detector app. Waze can also locate law enforcement officers and radar guns. This feature has become popular with many users, and some even call it the Cops-Near-Me app. While using GPS, Waze allows users to tag locations of parked cops vehicles, traffic cameras, congestion, accidents, potholes, and more. This subsequently warns other radar detector app drivers when theyre close to these positions.

    Waze is an entirely free radar detector app, so all you have to do is download it on your smartphone and youre good to go. Out of all similar radar detector apps, Waze is the most affordable and it also delivers high accuracy. Through it, youll receive real-time alerts on traffic jams, turn restrictions, one-way streets, construction sites, accidents, hazards, and law enforcement traps. Regarding safety, the app will detect your driving speed and will warn you when youre going above the designated speed limit.

    Glob Gps Traffic Radar & Speed Limits

    " Just do what I tell you" : Why cops

    If youre one of the drivers out there who prioritize design and user compatibility, Glob is the best radar detector application that has both features. Whats more, it wont cost you a dime since all you need is either an iOS or Android smartphone.

    Glob delivers the latest information on car navigation and traffic, providing you with the best route possible. It also gives real-time alerts on driving hazards and speed cameras. Glob does this even while running on the background, and more impressively, in 2D and 3D maps. This allows you to gain as much information about the area as you need.

    The app also keeps track of whats on the road while youre driving. As such, its simultaneously contributing to the Glob GPS, Traffic, Radar & Speed Limits community even when the app is just running in the background.

    Currently, there are over three million drivers who depend on and contribute to the app, adding credibility to the community. It helps drivers navigate their way to work as well as complete daily errands. For those going on a road trip, the Glob app is reliable to have.

    Functions & Features

    • Detects mobile and fixed speed cameras
    • Comes with Biker Mode and Colorblind Mode

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    So How Do You Get A Console

    Swider, Allen and Watson offered several tips to shoppers hoping to snag a console.

    First: If you do choose to use a tracker, use several. “Never put all your eggs in one basket,” Allen said. “Make sure you’re following two or three restock accounts.”

    Also check out manufacturers and retailers, who are increasingly sending out their own alert services. Members of Walmart Plus, the retailer’s membership service, get a first crack at purchasing a PS5, said Swider users can also sign up for back-in-stock alerts on PlayStation.com.

    Consider following some dedicated gamers or technology reporters, who unlike bots will be able to answer questions, and often try to warn followers of scams. And scams are plentiful, said Swider, who said he gets hundreds of messages a day from consumers being tempted by PS5s offers on Facebook Marketplace or Twitter. Any such offer, especially for a price close to the retail price, is fake, he warned.

    “No one is looking to give you a console for $550 when it’s $500 and it’s sold out,” he said. “People message me all the time and I have to be curt. It’s a scam.”

    Escort Live Greatest Radar Detector App 2020

    Reliability, dependability, and accuracy are the strong suits of Escort Live. Exclusive for Escort radar detectors, this radar detector app guarantees a credible source of info for real-time trap sightings on the road.

    The app itself is user-friendly, and even connecting to an Escort Live-compatible radar detector is trouble-free. Just press the Bluetooth icon located at the top right part of the screen, after which it would prompt you to choose the radar detector you are using. It will then automatically connect and integrate the data between your smartphone and the radar detector.

    As for the display, the Escort Live app has one of the best-looking interfaces weve seen. It shows spotted law enforcement markings on the map, plus an overspeed warning thats easily visible onscreen.

    At its most basic, this radar detector app detects red light cameras and remembers locations of false alerts for future drives. The app also indicates speed limit information depending on your location, and automatically uploads live updates on radar and laser data to its cloud server. The Escort Live App also provides topnotch accuracy, mainly because it can collate uploaded data from different actual drivers within a certain area. With more users updating the app, the more accurate the information every driver can source from it, especially in avoiding law enforcement traps along the way.

    Functions & Features

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    Top 10 Radar Detector Apps For Android And Ios

    Going over the speed limit is a common thing people end up doing at some point in their lives. They can either do it on purpose for a fun experience or accidentally when they’re in a rush. But the police have their eye out for the speeding vehicle. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get a speeding ticket.

    In that case, a handy application software like the radar detector is what you need. With this software installed in your vehicle, you can easily get away with speeding by knowing which places don’t have police cars waiting on the side of the road for speeding cars.

    And in case the police are near, you can slow down your vehicle enough to not get suspected. But which radar detector is best suited to you? You can find that out by reading this review on the top 10 radar detector apps for Android and iOS.

    Ccw Concealed Carry 50 States

    OSHA’s new app tells you how hot Summer In the City is gonna get

    This app is designed to keep concealed carry permit holders informed and up to date on firearm laws in all 50 states. The app is developed around a U.S. map which makes it particularly useful for planning trips across state borders. It also give one-touch access to local law enforcement in every state.

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    Google Maps Speed Trap Alert

    By far, the best app for getting alerts about police speed traps is . Unfortunately, this feature was only recently added, met with some disapproval by most law enforcement agencies.

    Its a community-powered feature. Meaning that a passenger in your car can tap the up arrow at the bottom of the display and then tap Add a report.

    There are a variety of reports you can issue, including crashes and slow down. But this new feature added Speed trap to this screen.

    By tapping Speed trap, youll add your current location as a speed trap alert hotspot for other drivers coming up behind you.

    For years, drivers have flashed their headlines at cars coming in the opposite direction to warn them of an upcoming speed trap. This new technology is just the next generation of that approach.

    After a period of time, vehicles behind you who also use Google Maps will see an alert asking them if the speed trap in that location is still there. Until someone notifies Google Maps that the police officer has left the location, the speed trap icon and the real-time alert will remain for all users in the area.

    This App Tracks Crime Emergencies Near You But What About Privacy

    You wake to the sound of sirens. Red and blue lights flash through your window shades. You fumble in the dark for your mobile phone the screen shows its just after 3 a.m. After a few minutes of lying in bed, panic starts to set in. Should I get up and leave or stay put? Do I start the car or run to the neighbors house? In that moment you have no idea what to do.

    It’s this type of scenario the smartphone app Citizen is trying to address with its new crime tracker. The app debuted in San Francisco in September. Think of it as police scanner, neighborhood watch, Yelp and Twitter all rolled into one.

    When you launch the app it brings up a city map. Your location is marked with a blue dot. Any emergency incidents unfolding across the city are represented as red dots.

    On a recent morning in San Francisco, these red dot incidents included the following:

    • Three men fleeing in stolen Chevy
    • Man carrying gun in waistband
    • Coyote lunging at children, dogs
    • Chihuahua hit by car
    • Naked man near garbage can

    Tapping on a red dot brings up a timeline with updates like Officers are on scene or Suspect wearing orange hoodie. You can also set the app to alert you when an incident occurs within a quarter-mile of your location.

    Citizen says it has amassed roughly 250,000 users in San Francisco and New York, the other city where it provides service.

    Each call, or incident, is then tagged with a location for mapping.

    The ultimate goal is to increase transparency, Artz says.

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    How Can U Tell If Your Phone Is Being Tracked

    Always, check for an unexpected peak in data usage. Device malfunctioning – If your device has started to malfunction all of a sudden, then chances are that your phone is being monitored. Flashing of a blue or red screen, automated settings, unresponsive device, etc. could be some signs that you can keep a check on.

    Officers Ask Map App To Remove Police Tracking

    Donât push complainants to use e
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    Waze allows users to share when they’ve seen a police officer. Law enforcement officials say that could put police in danger. Wazehide caption

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    Waze, the popular navigation app boasting more than 50 million users worldwide, has a new critic: police officers. Over the past few weeks, law enforcement officials have been urging the app and its owner, Google, to disable a feature that allows users to report when they’ve spotted a police officer, in real time, for all other Waze users to see.

    Sergio Kopelev, a reserve sheriff in Orange County, Calif., is one of the law enforcement officials behind the push to remove Waze’s police tracker. He says he first discovered the feature through his family.

    “In early December, or mid-December, I saw my wife using the app when she picked me up from the airport,” Kopelev tells NPR. “I saw her tag a location of a police officer. And then as the officer was moving, I saw her update the location. … She told me about Waze, and I said, ‘Look, this isn’t good.’ “

    Police Ask Waze To Stop

    After that day, Kopelev reached out to Waze directly. He made posts about the feature on Facebook. And he eventually gave a talk about the app and its police tracker to the National Sheriffs’ Association’s annual convention. His talk there led to even more outcry from officials and a good amount of media coverage, but even before that conference, police around the country had been speaking out about it.

    Police Spotting Not Really New

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    Tomtom Gps Navigation Traffic

    Offers a variety of traffic features, but if you drive a lot this app will cost you.


    • Gives real-time traffic information reported by other drivers.
    • Gives traffic camera alerts, where available.
    • Can use up to 4 maps offline to avoid using a lot of data.
    • Offers advanced lane guidance so you know you are in the correct lane for your destination.


    • Only the first 50 miles of navigation are free each month. After that you need a monthly or yearly subscription.
    • App is not updated frequently.
    • Some users reported offline maps do not function well .

    Android, iOS

    The social traffic app that also alerts you to traffic problems and speed cameras.


    • Gives alerts for traffic information, road events like accidents, and speed cameras.
    • Ability to confirm other users alerts when you are traveling the same route.
    • Report the location of speed cameras, and see other users reports of where they are.
    • Have the apps alert widgets visible while using another navigation app.


    • The map within the app is not good.
    • Speed limit alerts often dont function.

    Android, iOS

    Eleazar Tells Police: Start Night Patrols For Carolers

    POLICEMEN have been told to start their night patrols, especially after the government allowed carolers during the holiday season amid the ongoing pandemic.

    Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, the outgoing chief of the Philippine National Police , gave the order as he reminded the public to keep on observing health protocols despite a decline in the number of coronavirus disease 2019 cases.

    “Now that Christmas season is almost here, I am sure that our youth will begin their carolings as part of the Filipinos’ tradition,” Eleazar said in a statement on Thursday.

    “I have tasked our police force to begin their patrols every night to secure the carolers and to make sure that the carolers would continue to observe the health protocols,” he added.

    The Department of the Interior and Local Government announced on Wednesday that it was allowing Christmas caroling in Metro Manila after it has been placed under a more relaxed Alert Level 2.

    Interior Secretary Eduardo Año, however, also said that Christmas carolers are still required to wear their face masks and observe physical distancing to prevent an increase in Covid-19 cases.

    The Department of Health issued the same reminder by saying that face masks and even face shields should be maintained during caroling.

    “Our Christmas season would be a lot joyful if the number of Covid-19 cases would continue to decline and that our loved ones are still with us without having any illness,” he stressed.

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    Is The Citizens App Free

    Citizen, the app that tracks local crime and lets users film incidents as they happen, has launched a new subscription service. Tuesdays update marks a significant change in Citizens business, which until now has involved sending smartphone alerts about nearby crimes and incidents to its users for free.

    Cobra Iradar Cops Radar App

    How to Use Waze App for Police Alert

    Like the previous apps weve reviewed, the Cobra iRadar is an app that costs absolutely nothing but doesnt skimp on radar technology functions. As such, its a great choice for those who arent on board with dropping absurd amounts of money for a radar detector application.

    Out of many traffic apps on app stores, Cobra iRadar sets itself apart from the rest by taking pride in its ad-free platform, which makes a massive difference when it comes to the amount of time spent using it. Cobra iRadar supports iOS and Android smartphones, although some features within the radar detector application require a compatible Cobra radar detector. Another unique thing about this app is its calendar integration, which gives you automatic access to driving directions relevant to events and appointments that would have been missed otherwise.

    Overall, Cobra iRadar is a free program that guarantees relevant information regarding routes, parking, and traffic for an easy and quick drive. It also provides constant updates on new policemen locations, hazards, and accidents, which work in your favor especially when it comes to preventing yourself from getting your first speeding ticket.

    Functions & Features

    • Less than 5% chance of false alerts

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