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Are Police Reports Public Record In Missouri

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Investigatory documents that do not deal with a current investigation, undermine another investigation, or expose the name of a protected person are public, as are records of law enforcement arrest reports. Criminal justice systems require these reports to be completed by officers who have witnessed an incident or been told about it by other officers. These reports serve several purposes: to record information about the incident to identify suspects and to establish probable cause for an arrest or charge.

That said, not all police reports are available to the public. Some reports may contain personal information about others, such as victims or witnesses, and they may also include information that would jeopardize their safety if made public. Other reports may contain sensitive details about investigations or proceedings.

Generally speaking, all police reports are public records. However, some reports may contain private facts about individuals that would be highly offensive or objectionable to them. In cases like this, you will need to obtain permission from the individual to disclose or publish their private information. You can find out whether this applies to your case by checking the reports Liability section. This will indicate whether there is any chance that disclosing the report could result in legal action being taken against you. If so, you will need the individuals written consent before releasing the report.

If Records Containing Criminal Investigation Information Are Not Public Records Does That Mean That All Law Enforcement Records Are Confidential

N.C.G.S. § 132-1.4 states that records of criminal investigations conducted by public law enforcement agencies or records of criminal intelligence information compiled by public law enforcement agencies are not public records. However, unless otherwise prohibited by law, certain information collected by public law enforcement agencies become a public record as defined by the Public Records Law.

For example, the time, date, location and the nature of an apparent violation of the law reported to a public law enforcement agency, and the name, sex, age, address, employment and alleged violation of law of a person arrested, charged or indicted are public information. N.C.G.S. §132-1.4 &

Note: State Bureau of Investigation records are not public records and access to them is not available under the Public Records Law. Case law has held that access to SBI records is controlled entirely by N.C.G.S. § 114-15. Similarly, case law has held that prison records are confidential and are not subject to inspection by the public or by the inmate involved.

Report And Video Requests

If you have questions about making a request for police reports or videos, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Solicita un reportaje o video en español.

Other types of reports may be purchased online, in person or by mail.

You can also call 816-234-5100 to check report availability, then come in person to any patrol division station with photo identification.

Or request by mail at: Kansas City Missouri Police DepartmentAttn: Records Section/Mail Desk1125 LocustKansas City, MO 64106

Refer to Fees for Records for report fees and enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request. Turn-around time for some requests is six to eight weeks.

How to obtain your case report number

Headquarters-only services

Some types of report requests can only be fulfilled at Police Headquarters, located at 1125 Locust. These include archived police reports prior to 1999 and subpoenas.

You also may download the below request forms in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese.

General Public Records Request Forms

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Can You Find Out When Someone Got Divorced

If you are looking for confirmation that a person is divorced, who they are divorced from and the legal terms of the divorce, then these pieces of information are all a matter of public record. Also contained within the divorce record will be the date upon which it was granted and the court where it was finalised.

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How To Access Your Police

St. Louis Police Must Release Internal Affairs Records to the Public ...

Members of the public have the right to request records containing their personal information from the Ontario Provincial Police or a municipal police service. Individuals who make these requests may have, for example, played a role in a suspected offence, been involved in a call for service or some other police-attended incident or had a relative who died in circumstances that led to the involvement of a police service.

Someone else, such as a lawyer or other person acting on your behalf, may make the request for you, or you may do so yourself. You may file a request by submitting a form and paying a fee, either by mail or in person.

Commonly requested records include:

  • officers notes and
  • police-related 911 calls.

Many people think that they cannot request a police officers notes, but a police notebook is generally in the custody or control of the police service and is subject to freedom of information requests.

Requesting information from a police service follows the same process as asking for records from other types of government institutions. However, the nature of police-held information means that frequently some of these records or some passages within these records are exempt from disclosure under Ontarios access to information legislation.

In all cases, if you disagree with a police services decision to deny your access request in whole or part, you may file an appeal with our office.

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How Far Back Can Employers Check Criminal Background In Missouri

There are no state laws preventing employers from acquiring Missouri background checks for job applicants. There are certain federal limitations, however. Employers cannot inquire or retrieve information about arrests that happened more than seven years ago. Additionally, job applicants can request a copy of all information the employers retrieve about them.

Who Has A Power Of Arrest In Mo

Any local police officer has the power to arrest in Missouri. Sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, highway state patrol officers, and any other office in a jurisdiction with more than two thousand people can arrest someone in the state of MO. Private citizens can also make a citizens arrest in the state of MO and use deadly force if necessary when witnessing a class A felony or a misdemeanor if the perpetrator threatens their safety. Peace officers have the right to arrest someone in their own municipality.

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What Is A Dwi In Missouri

A DWI in Missouri, also known as drunk driving, is one of the most serious traffic violations that a driver can commit on Missouri roads. Missouri DWI law proffers strict penalties for drivers who operate motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as they put others lives at risk.

Missouri law enforcement officials look out for drivers who appear unable to maneuver their vehicles probably and may stop them for a field sobriety test. The police will arrest any driver that has a measured blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more. For commercial drivers, the limit is 0.04%. In Missouri, first-time DWI offenders will lose their drivers license for ninety days. Multiple offenders may lose their licenses for 1 – 5 years. The court may also sentence a driver convicted of DWI to jail or impose other penalties.

Do You Need A Witness To Get Married In Nj

Missouri GOP lawmakers call for special session to address defunding police, public safety

In addition to these documents, you will need to bring with you a witness who is at least 18 years or older. Dont worry, you dont have to bring your entire guest list with you to the municipal court, as well. If you want to reaffirm your civil union or obtain a remarriage license, the process is relatively similar.

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What Does The Missouri Public Records Law Say

The Missouri Sunshine Law is the states public records law. It aims for transparency from public agencies and provides relatively few exemptions to your right to access public records.

After the Freedom of Information Act was passed, Missouri became one of the first states to create its own open records act.

The Missouri Sunshine Law requires that meetings, records, votes, action, and deliberations of public governmental bodies be open to the public. Anyone can request documents, and you are not required to explain why you want them.

What Are Missouri Inmate Records

Missouri inmate records provide incarceration information for individuals serving time in prison and jail. Jail records are official documents describing aspects of the operations of detention and correctional facilities. Inmate records provide details of individuals held in these facilities, including identifying information.

The Missouri Department of Corrections runs state-operated prisons as well as oversees the operations of community supervision and community release centers. It is also responsible for probation and parole programs. For an inmate search, use the Offender Search tool provided on the MODOC website. For additional information and jail records, contact the Departments Constituent Services Office by sending an email to

Missouri does not release inmates health care information to the public. Those looking for health and mental health records, as well as sex offender treatment information for specific inmates, must provide notarized and completed Release of Information forms signed by the offenders. Send the form along with inquiry about medical records to:

Missouri Department of Corrections Medical Services SectionDivision of Offender Rehabilitative ServicesP.O. Box 236Jefferson City, MO 65102

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How Do I Get My Criminal Record Expunged In Missouri

The very first thing you should do when attempting to expunge your criminal record in Missouri is at least call an attorney. They can help guide you through the process and fill out the paperwork for you so that you are best represented. After that, you must retrieve a petition to expunge form from the Missouri Courts website. After submitting, the court will hear your case and decide to grant the expungement or not.

What Counts As A Felony In Missouri

Springfield man shot after hitting officer with car at police station ...

Felonies in Missouri are any crime that is punishable at a minimum of a year in prison. Missouri divides types of felonies into classes, from A to E . Certain crimes that would usually be treated as misdemeanors can be upgraded to a felony depending on your past and certain circumstances. Examples of felonies include manslaughter, first-degree burglary, rape, and murder.

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How To Get Missouri Criminal Records Online Free

Under Missouris Sunshine Law, unless otherwise excluded by law, records kept by public governmental bodies are open and available to the public. This means that in Missouri, with a few exceptions, law enforcement agencies and the court system must make criminal and arrest records available. Although there are many services that will conduct a Missouri criminal records search for a fee, you can also access many of these records for free online through the Missouri courts system and law enforcement agencies.

Exception For Recorded Recollections

First, there is an exception for recorded recollections. That is, if a witness writes something down in the past and cannot remember it when it comes time to testify, their statement can be read into evidence provided that the witness thinks the prior writing accurately reflects their knowledge and was written down at a time when they knew and still remembered whatever is recounted in the writing.

Thus, in the case of a police report, the officer wrote events down in the report so he would not forget them later. When he gets to trial, if he does not remember something from his report, he is allowed to simply read the report into evidence as long as he thinks it is accurate.

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Understanding Wa State Records Law

The Washington Public Records Act requires agencies to make public records available to members of the public with limited, narrow exemptions.Definition of a Public Record The PRA defines a public record to include any writing containing information relating to the conduct of government or the performance of any governmental or proprietary function prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristic. Writing as defined in the PRA means handwriting, typewriting, printing, photographing, and every other means of recording any form of communication or representation, including, but not limited to, letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combination thereof, and all papers, maps, magnetic or paper tapes, photographic films and prints, motion picture, film and video recordings, magnetic or punched cards, discs, drums, diskettes, sound recordings, and other documents including existing data compilations from which information may be obtained or translated. All public records are presumed disclosable unless they fall within the specific exemptions of the Public Records Act or other statutes which exempt or prohibit disclosure of specific information or records.

Exemptions More information regarding specific exemptions contained in the PRA and other statutes which exempt or prohibit disclosure as well as the Citys obligations under the PRA is available at:

What Information You Can Find In A State Criminal Report

OFallon, Mo. authorities take new approach to police pursuits

A Missouri arrest report will be full of useful information like name, address, phone, email, gender, race, height, weight, physical description, tattoos, scars, Missouri mugshots, and sometimes even fingerprints. Along with that, other details are included like arrest details, charges, convictions, dispositions, jail time, fines, fees, bond, and bail paid, pleas, the dates of arrest, location and time. Typically an arrest report will also contain vehicles that were involved and the arresting officers name and agency.

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Learn As Much As You Can About The Database

Its always a good idea to learn as much as you can about the database before making your request.

  • Before filing a request, check your citys open data portal, or the Police Data Initiative if youre compiling data from multiple agencies. You may find the information you need is already online.
  • Incident reports and other types of forms, and public access sites for things like court records or inmate locations, are usually generated by a database. Therefore, each piece of information separated by a header should correspond to a separate field in the underlying database.
  • Patrol guides and other employee training manuals, like this Report Writing Manual from the Bakersfield Police Department, often include very specific instructions for data entry, including field names, code definitions, and screenshots of the various steps in the data entry process.
  • The databases documentation gives the most detailed breakdown of the database, such as the user guide, data dictionary, record layout, entity relationship diagram, and a glossary of terms. Sometimes it helps to attach examples of each, because most people arent familiar with these types of records.

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Are Missouri Criminal Records Public

Yes, Missouri Criminal records are public. The Missouri Sunshine Law requires that state and local law enforcement agencies make state public criminal records available to requesters. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is the primary custodian of criminal history documents, although local law enforcement and courts also maintain copies. The Missouri State Highway Patrol allows the public to obtain criminal records online, through the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site .

Criminal records, considered public in the United States, are made available through some third-party aggregate sites. Searching with third-party websites is often easier as the information is not limited to geographic record availability. Information found on third-party websites can serve as a jumping off point for parties searching for a specific record or multiple records. Typically, requesters must provide the following information to gain access to these records:

  • The record subjects name, unless the subject is a juvenile.
  • The record subjects last known location, including cities, counties, and states.

Third-party websites offer these search services, but they are not government sponsored. Availability of records may vary.

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Access Missouri Criminal Records Online Free

Although there are for-profit companies that will conduct criminal background checks for a fee, you can find Missouri court records online, free of charge. is a public records search website run by the Missouri court system that allows anyone to search for public case records, including docket entries, party names, judgments and criminal charges.

Navigate to the Missouri Courts website to access the Missouri public records website, To conduct a Missouri litigant name search, click on Litigant Name Search to find any court records associated with that persons name.

Fill in at least the last name of the litigant you are searching for. If the last name is common, you may need to include a first name, middle name, case type and filing year to narrow down the results. Each case number associated with that person will appear, and using the case number, you will be able to search through all of the public case information pertaining to that particular incident. Although these records are available online for free, if you wish to obtain a copy of public records from a governmental agency, you may need to pay a fee.

How Can I Access Public Records In Missouri

Tarkio Police Dept. hires new officer

In some cases, Missouri requires a person to submit a public records request.

The request is sent via mail, email, or phone to the record-holding department.

Every department is different, so expect some variation in processes and price, especially when accessing documents from multiple governmental agencies.

In general, a public records request should include:

  • Your name
  • A time frame that you would like to receive the materials by
  • Document delivery method, mail or email

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