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How Much Do Police Officers Make In Texas

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How Much Does A Police Officer Make In Texas

Why Some American Police Make Surprisingly High Salaries – None Of The Above

how much does a police officer make in texas

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How Much Money Does A Cop Make Per Year: Average Salary & Pay Scale

As I explained above the amount of money a police officer makes is based largely upon his or her experience, location, or whether or not he/she works in a specialized unit. On average, a typical cop can expect to make about $50,000 to $100,000+ per year. The pay will increase after your first year, and keep increasing as you gain more experience.

If you interview for a specialized position or work your way into supervison like a sergeant and lieutant, your yearly earnings will peak to around $70,000+ or higher in most cities.

Remember those numbers does not reflect every agency as it defers from department to department. Those recruits who are fresh out of the academy will make a little less than seasoned officers who have been on the job longer.

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Annual Salary And Benefits

Police Officer I $59,065
Police Officer II $60,856
Police Officer III $62,701
Police Officer IV $64,601
Police Officer V $66,756
Police Officer VI $68,852
Police Officer VII $70,948
Police Officer VIII $72,661
Police Officer IX $74,576
Police Officer X $76,286
Police Officer XI $77,995
Police Officer XII $78,970
Police Officer XIII $79,773
Police Officer XIV $80,584

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What Does A City Police Officer Do

Merritt represents the parents of three of Lamb’s minor children, who have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against DeValkenaere and the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners.

Not quite on the force for a year, a Johnson City police officer took a call on Thursday that hit home literally.

The Baltimore City Police Department seeks candidates with the highest moral and ethical standards for our agency.

In the past year, prosecutors have brought criminal charges against five white Kansas City police officers for allegedly using excessive force against Black people.

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ Atlantic City police officer Joseph Bereheiko received an honorable mention award from the National Association of Police Organizations at the 28th Annual Top Cops Awards Dinner.

How Much Do Police Officers Make In Texas


Do police officers in Texas make a lot of money? What is the average pay for Texas police officers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers in Texas earn an average of $63,740 a year, equivalent to $30.65 an hour.

This is 6% less than police officers nationwide, but it is 26% more than the typical Texas worker.

  • Latest wage data is for May 2019
  • Pre-tax earnings Wages only – does not include benefits
  • Data is for the entire metro area, not just the city
Metro Area

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How Much Do Police Officers Make In Each State

Below youll find the average annual wage for Police officers in all 50 states based on the latest data, from May 2019, according to the BLS.

The state with the biggest growth in police officer salaries over the last five years is Hawaii. The average police officer salary there grew by 31.3% from 2014 to 2019, from $59,950 to $78,720. California, the highest-paying state, has seen police officer salaries increase by a little over 20% over the same period.

Driver’s Licenseearn +1273% More

The jobs requiring this license have decrease by 26.48% since 2018. Police Officers with this license earn +12.73% more than the average base salary, which is $51,514 per year.

Number of job openings on Indeed requiring this license Change from previous year

More critical skills and qualifications that pay well

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How Much Do Police Officers Make In Dallas Texas

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Entry And Promotion Qualifications

Texas National Guard to head to Mexico border | KVUE

In most countries, candidates for the police force must have completed some formal education. Increasing numbers of people joining the police possess tertiary education qualifications and in response to this, many police forces have developed a “fast-track” scheme whereby those with university degrees spend two to three years as a Constable before receiving promotion to higher ranks, such as Sergeants or Inspectors. Police officers are also recruited from those with experience in the military or security services. In the United States, state laws may codify statewide qualification standards regarding age, education, criminal record, and training but in other countries requirements are set by local police agencies. Each local Police agency has different requirements.

Promotion is not automatic and usually requires the candidate to pass some kind of examination, interview board or other selection procedure. Although promotion normally includes an increase in salary, it also brings with it an increase in responsibility and for most, an increase in administrative paperwork. There is no stigma in shunning promotion, as experienced line patrol officers are highly regarded.

Dependent upon each agency, but generally after completing two years of service, officers may apply for specialist positions, such as detective, police dog handler, mounted police officer, motorcycle officer, water police officer, or firearms officer .

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Frequently Asked Questions About A Police Officer Salaries

The average salary for a Police Officer is $59,954 per year in Houston, TX Area. Salaries estimates are based on 114 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Police Officer employees in Houston, TX Area.

The highest salary for a Police Officer in Houston, TX Area is $81,214 per year.

The lowest salary for a Police Officer in Houston, TX Area is $44,259 per year.

City Of Frisco Benefits

The City of Frisco offers numerous benefits for its employees including comprehensive medical and dental plans. For a complete list of benefits offered by the city, view the City of Frisco Benefits Plan. The city’s human resources department is proactive in reviewing its annual benefits plan and routinely makes changes that best serve the city and its employees. City employees receive some of the best benefits in the state.

  • George A. Purefoy Municipal Center6101 Frisco Square Boulevard
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    Do Police Officers Get Paid Overtime

    A: Yes, but not always. Overtime is usually paid when a police officer works more than 40 hours in one week or they work on holidays themselves . For example, if you were to work an extra hour of overtime during the day and then come back later that night for another four-hour shift, you would be paid at the overtime rate.

    What Happens When You Become A Police Officer

    Retiring UPD Police Chief Reflects On 40 Years Serving ...

    When you become a police officer your salary will depend on where you live but most officers make upwards of $50K per year. Benefits usually come in the form of a pension program and 401 retirement plan.

    You will also receive training at the academy that includes topics such as law enforcement procedures, firearms safety, self-defense tactics, crime prevention techniques, first aid skills , vehicle operations for police officers , etc.

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    What Police Officer Salary Should I Look To Earn

    A: The answer depends on your situation and what kind of life you want to live whether thats living comfortably in the city or saving up for a big family vacation every other week. There is no one-size fits all police officer salary, but police officers typically earn between US$60k-$120k USD per year which could allow people to get by comfortably without having to worry about paying their bills each month and also not being able to afford luxuries such as vacations every other week.

    Police Officer Salary In Texas

    How much does a Police Officer make in Texas? The average Police Officer salary in Texas is $58,800 as of December 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $54,900 and $64,000. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

    10th Percentile Police Officer Salary $51,349
    25th Percentile Police Officer Salary $54,900
    50th Percentile Police Officer Salary $58,800
    75th Percentile Police Officer Salary $64,000
    90th Percentile Police Officer Salary $68,734

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    How Much Police Officer Salary Do You Need To Be Happy

    A: The answer depends on what someone is looking for in life whether thats a good police officer salary or time spent with the family. There isnt really one specific police officer salary, but we often think of police officers earning between US$60k-$120k USD per year which could allow people to get by comfortably without having to worry about paying their bills each month and also not being able to afford luxuries such as vacations every other week.

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    What Police Officer Salary Do I Need To Live Well

    NYPD Training Video: Much Worse Than We Imagined

    The truth is, everyone has different needs when it comes to living well and making ends meet. Some people might be happy with an annual police officer salary of $50k while others may want more like a police officer salary between 100-150K USD per year which also depends on where they live or what kind of lifestyle theyre looking for in general .

    There are several factors that contribute to how much a police officers earns such as education level, experience, rank, location so there really isnt one answer we can give you about this question but if you ask us wed say police officer salary that can allow for a comfortable lifestyle is US$60k-$120k USD per year.

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    How Much Police Officers Make In 2022

    Based upon where you are working as a policemen, his/her salary can be very different. Senior police officers, for instance, make much more than a rookie police officer who is enrolled in the law enforcement training academy.

    Detectives on the other hand, ca often make more than patrol officers. If you are in a specialized team like undercover, SWAT or other specialized units youll probably be amongst the highest paid employees in the department.All and all the income of a police officer per week depends on several factors like

    • The size of the city/town/county
    • Size of the police department
    • Average income of residents in the city/town/county
    • Career advancement opportunities at that particular agency

    These four things are closely linked to how much a police officer can make per year. However the base pay of a police officer on paper is not the end all be all as police officers have opportunities to supplement their income through off duty employment.

    What Is A Good Police Officer Salary

    A: The answer to that question really varies depending on what someones specific needs are, where they live, how much education / experience they have etc. However we typically think of police officer salaries between US$60k-$120k USD per year which could allow people to get by comfortably without having to worry about paying their bills each month but also not being able to afford luxuries such as vacations every other week .

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    Heres How Much Money Police Officers Earn In Every State

    The salaries of police officers can vary widely, with the average annual wage in Mississippi being … less than $40,000, while in California, it’s over $100,000.


    Amid the havoc wrought by the spread of coronavirus , the jobs of first responders like paramedics, emergency medical technicians, firefighters and police officers have become more vital than ever. Despite the risks and specialization required for these jobs, often times they do not earn the kind of money commensurate with the critical responsibilities they take on. Using the latest occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics , we looked at the average salary for police officers in every U.S. state, both current wages and over the last five years. Read on to find out how much police officers earn in each state.

    What Do Police Officers Wear


    Police officers wear uniforms, but the style and color varies depending on where they work. For example, in New York City all uniform pants are black whereas in San Francisco they can come in navy blue or tan khakis. Some departments require officers to wear a duty belt with pouches that hold an officers firearm, handcuffs, and other necessary equipment.

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    Occupational Safety And Health

    There are numerous concerns affecting the safety and health of police officers, including occupational stress and death in the line of duty. On August 6, 2019, New Jersey Attorney GeneralGurbir Grewal announced the creation of the first U.S. state-wide program to support the mental health of police officers. The goal of the program is to train officers in emotional resiliency and to help destigmatize mental health problems.

    City Police Officer Salary In Texas

    How much does a City Police Officer make in Texas? The salary range for a City Police Officer job is from $46,077 to $63,170 per year in Texas. Click on the filter to check out City Police Officer job salaries by hourly, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, and yearly.

    • Filter


    Employees: Use this as a guide for salary expectations, but be aware that responsibilities can change across companies for the same job title, so there may be differences between this data, other free site and our subscription products bought by employers.

    Employers: This data could be used as reference point in your market pricing, but not the only source, due to differences across jobs locations, and sizes of companies.Consider additional sources like our Employer reported data.

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    How Much Do Police Officers Make A Day

    A: There is no set answer to this question because it depends on where you work and your rank within law enforcement agency . For example, if youre an entry-level officer working in rural Alabama with no experience, youll likely earn around $100-$150 per day whereas if youre a Lieutenant in New York City with 20 years of service under your belt, its more likely that youll make upwards of $350-400 on any given work day.

    Job Description And Responsibilities Of A Policemen:

    How a ‘lens of fear’ can make officers more likely to use deadly force

    As you know the main responsibility of a police officer is to protect and serve the community in which they live in. They are there to investigate crime, respond to suspicious activity, and many more such as

    • Report timely to locations of criminal incidents. Conduct checking, collect proofs, arrest suspects based on specific legislation.
    • Patrolling to ensure no criminal activities are going on in localities.
    • Assist public in response to requests regarding domestic violence, child abuse, theft, robbery and other criminal activities.
    • Cooperate with traffic police in cases related to road accidents.
    • Conducting arrests in regards to cases related to violation of human rights, security and peace of an area.
    • Perform criminal backgrounds checks.
    • Conduct awareness programs for community security and reducing crimes.
    • Preparing crime reports and presenting progress of any case to senior officers.
    • Attending and helping courts/lawyers in solving criminal matters.
    • Interview alleged person who is supposed to be a culprit of any criminal activity.

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    Grand Prairie Police Department

    The information provided below is for general information purposes only. The following is a highlight of the advantages that await you as an employee of the city. Full details are contained in the legal documents that govern our individual plans, policies and procedures. The City of Grand Prairie reserves the right to change or alter this information at any time. The receipt of this information does not constitute an offer of employment or an employment contract.

    Do Police Officers Get Paid 401k Or Healthcare

    A: Yes! Some police officer salaries include retirement benefits and healthcare coverage. For example, if you work in the state of California, your salary will be closer to $109,000 a year with both 401k and health insurance as part of that title whereas if youre working in New York City without any experience at all, your salary may be closer to $85,000 per annum with no 401k or benefits attached.

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