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How To Write A Police Statement

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When To Give A Statement As A Witness

Better Police Reports: Writing the Narrative

Generally, it doesnt hurt to give a statement as a witness, but you can still be charged with making a false statement to police if you make an untruthful statement. It is therefore important, if you are a witness, that you tell the truth. Your statement may help police to investigate the crime.

You should consult a lawyer if you feel that making a statement might implicate you in relation to the crime, or in relation to any other crime. The police cannot coerce you into making a statement, but if you dont make a statement you can still be called to court to give evidence by way of a subpoena.

It is important to realise that, if you make a statement, it will be given to the accused and/or the accuseds solicitor. You can choose to withdraw the statement at a later date if you wish by contacting the police officer in charge of investigating the matter .

What Happens To The Defendant After You Recant A Statement

Just because you recanted your statement you made to police doesnt necessarily mean that any charges leveled against the defendant will be dropped.

Take for example a case of domestic violence. Harry hits Sally and she calls 911. When the police arrive, Sally tells them that Harry hit her, and he is arrested and taken to jail. Later, Sally wants to recant her statement because Harry is the breadwinner and she cant afford for him to go to jail. Even if Sally recants her story, the prosecution may decide to use other evidence to attempt to prove the case against Harry, including a tape of the 911 call made by Sally.

It is wise to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney before making any decision about recanting your prior statement to law enforcement.

How To Stay Informed

When you report the crime, the police will tell you how to contact them. You can also ask for a phone number or email address if one isn’t given to you.

If you do know the first and last name of your police officer in chargepolice officer in chargeYour main contact person with the police for your case.View the full glossary, you can email them directly by using the following email format .

Your email should include a way for them to contact you, such as an email address or a phone number. You can also call or visit the police station and ask to speak to the officer in charge.

You can ask a support person to assist you when making inquiries about your case. You can also ask for an interpreter if you dont speak English well. You can find out more about getting an interpreter at the below link:

Losing a loved one to homicidehomicideWhen a person is killed by another person.View the full glossary is an extremely traumatic experience. You’ll have a police officer assigned to you or your whnau. This officer will be able to:

  • to answer any questions you have and make sure you know what is happening during the investigation
  • to put you in touch with specialist support agencies
  • to explain when you can see the body and whether you will be able to touch them or not
  • to talk to you about financial assistance you might be entitled to.

Funeral arrangements

More information about the coronial process

Sexual violence is never the fault of the victim-survivor.

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Mobile Lost Complaint Letter To Police

Theft is a theft no matter whatever kind of theft it may be and it needs to be reported to the police department authoritys in order to get the required action for it. A mobile loss may be either theft or a person might lose their mobile by ways such as when the person forgets his/her mobile at a particular place.

Both of these incidents can be reported so that the police can conduct the search operations and the mobile can be found within the due time. Here below is the template which you can use to lodge the complaint about the mobile loss or the mobile theft as the case may be.

What Exactly Is A Policy

Free Printable Police Report Template Form (GENERIC)

A policy is simply a document that contains instructions that determine how things are done in your organization.

It clearly defines modes of conduct, reflects theorganizations values, and determines the cultural structure of yourorganization.

Your policy is your organizations action plan. It serves as a guide to influence the decisions you make. It also serves as your employees go-to book for office behavior and work ethic.

It is important to note that policies differ from oneorganization to the next. The content of a policy depends on the mission andobjectives of your organization.

Need more clarity on what exactly is a policy? Then watch the video below:

Now that you know what a policy is, the next importantquestion is, Why is it necessary to create a policy for my organization?

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Interviews And Recording Of Statements By The Police

A suspect is typically held in police custody from the point of arrest. During this time, as part of investigations, statements will be recorded. There are two types of statements that may be recorded:

  • Witness statements and
  • Cautioned statements.
  • If the suspect is under 16 years old, then under the Appropriate Adult Scheme for Young Suspects, an independent and trained adult will be present with them during the interviews conducted by the police.

    It is also possible for a suspect to be released on bail, depending on whether bail is offered, and if one or more bailors put up security for the suspects release from custody. Nonetheless, the suspect is expected to and must continue to remain available for investigations, which includes the taking of statements.

    Letter To Police Example

    Letter to Police Example 1: Write a letter to the Police Inspector of your area informing about an attempted theft that took place in your house. You are Naresh/Neelam.


    Subject- Regarding theft attempt in house number 684 on 5 September 2020

    I hereby write this letter to inform you that there was an attempted theft in my house, numbered 684 during the afternoon hours of 5 September 2020.

    The thief tried to break in through the back entrance, after climbing down from the roof. Fortunately, he was seen by the neighbour who informed us on time. My wife and daughter were alarmed and informed the society guard. However, the guard was unable to catch him and the burglar ran away. I have attached a CCTV recording with the letter. It may prove useful to identify the suspect.

    There have been quite a number of theft cases in our area for the past few weeks. Since it is a matter of our safety, I request to look into this matter and take the necessary action at the earliest. Looking forward to your kind assistance in this matter.

    Thanking you

    The Deputy Superintendent of PoliceBorivali East, Mumbai

    Subject- Regarding disturbance in the neighbourhood

    Respected Sir

    I want to draw your kind attention to the issue of nuisance being created in my neighbourhood. It is very troublesome.

    I request you to look into this matter as soon as possible and take the rectifying action. I look forward to your cooperation.

    Thanking youSunita


    Thanking youSameer


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    Recanting A Statement When And How Can You Recant A Statement

    Anyone who gives a statement to the police may decide at any time to recant that statement. However, just because you want to take back your statement doesnt mean that you are free to do so without the risk of potential criminal consequences. If you say that the statement you made was false, you could be charged with obstruction of justice or making false statements to law enforcement. If you are sure you want to recant your statement, you should speak to an experienced attorney before doing so.

    Complaint Letter To Police For Theft

    Writing Better Police Reports: Building Your Brainpower

    Theft is an illegal act and thus is strongly punishable and being the illegal act it is looked after the police of the region. If a certain kind of theft has taken place or has been conducted at your place, then you need to report this incident to the police as soon as possible so the required action can be taken.You will be required to write the complaint against the theft to the police station since without the complaint the police cant take any legal action in this regard. You can use the below-mentioned template in this regard to writing the complaint.

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    What Is A Police Report

    A police report is an important document stating a record of a criminal incident, such as assault, identify theft, or robbery, for example. Any representative in the police department can write a police report. Making a report needs to be dangerous because it involves legal procedures. The law enforcement team also writes them after someone reports an accident or crime to them.

    Templatefor Writing A Policy Draft

    Now, you know everything you need todevelop your policy and implement it. It is time to put what you have learnedinto action. Ive created a way to help make writing policies easier.

    All you have to do is download the SweetProcess template for writing policies.

    This template presents you with theright formats, design and layout, key components, and everything else you needto write your policy. It makes the process of writing very easy. All you haveto do is fill in the blank spaces.

    Everything you need to do in eachsection of the template has also been explained in simple terms.

    Save time today and grab our free template for writing your policy. Click here to download immediately.

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    Our Statement Of Values

    These values guide the operation of the Department and the conduct of its members. These are our fundamental beliefs from which our agency sets policy, delivers services and implements programs. Values set standards for our members in executing their public safety duties. These values guide our actions.

    Complaint Letter Format To Police Station

    FREE 7+ Sample Police Reports in MS Word

    We have already discussed that it is important to write a complaint to the police in order to enable the police officers to take any action in this regard. Here you would be needing a proper format in this regard in which you can write this complaint.

    The format of the complaint matters since this is what delivers the whole concern of the complaint in the clear and easy manner. If you are looking for the ideal format for the complaint then you can get it from here.

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    Conditions Of The Protection Order

    The order will include conditions preventing the person named in the order from being violent or abusive towards you or your children. The order will usually include some non-contact conditions but you can choose to agree to some contact if you want to. You can even stay living together if that’s what you want.

    Non-contact conditions can prevent the person named in the order from:

    • coming to your house or onto your property
    • trying to stop you, your children or your friends or family from coming or going
    • phoning, writing or contacting you in any way unless:
    • theres an emergency
    • you give them written permission, or
    • youre both asked to attend a family group conference.

    You can work with your lawyer or the Family Court to decide special conditions, for example, what happens when you pick up or drop off your children.

    The person named in the order will probably have to attend a court-appointed stopping violence programme.

    Can You Be Forced To Give A Statement To Police

    Under no circumstances can you be forced to make a statement to police. You have the right to be silent. The police can only ask for your name, date of birth and address if they reasonably believe you have committed a crime or are about to commit a crime.

    It is also important to remember that, although the police can request that you attend a police station for the purpose of making a statement, they cannot make you do so without arresting you. To arrest you, they must reasonably believe that you are either about to commit a summary offence or that you have committed an indictable offence .

    If you feel uncomfortable with the conduct of a police officer, or you feel that they are trying to force you to give a statement against your will, you should immediately ask to speak to a solicitor.

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    If You Dont Want To Go To Court

    You should talk to the person who asked you to go to court and tell them how you feel. There might be things they can do to help make going to court easier.

    You might still have to go to court, even if you dont want to – it will depend on how important your evidence is to the trial.

    If you have to go to court, the court might send you a witness summons. If you get a witness summons, you have to go to court when the summons tells you to. You can find out what happens if you get a witness summons.

    What Happens If You Do Not Move On

    Police Writing

    If an officer gives a direction, you have to stay away from that place for up to 24 hours. If you refuse to move on or stay away from the area without a reasonable excuse, the police can issue an on-the-spot fine of two penalty units.

    If the matter is heard in court, the maximum fine is five penalty units.

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    How To Create An Electronic Signature For The Police Statement Template Word Form On Ios Devices

    To sign a police statement right from your iPhone or iPad, just follow these brief guidelines:

  • Install the signNow application on your iOS device.
  • Create an account using your email or sign in via Google or Facebook.
  • Upload the PDF you need to eSign. Do that by pulling it from your internal storage or the cloud.
  • Select the area you want to sign and click Insert Initials or Insert Signature.
  • Draw your signature or initials, place it in the corresponding field and save the changes.
  • After its signed its up to you on how to export your police statement format: download it to your mobile device, upload it to the cloud or send it to another party via email. The signNow application is just as efficient and powerful as the online app is. Get connected to a smooth connection to the internet and begin executing documents with a legally-binding electronic signature within a few minutes.

    Where To Report A Crime

    In Quebec, in an emergency or if you feel unsafe, call 911.

    In all other cases, contact the police service in your area or call 911. The police will tell you whether theyll meet you at your home or where the crime occurred. They can also ask you to go to the police station to report the crime. For smaller crimes, such as theft of items in a car or vandalism, the police might let you report it over the phone or online. Reporting a crime is also called filling a complaint.

    If the crime happened outside your area, the police can transfer your complaint to the police service in the area where the crime took place.

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    How To Write A Motor Vehicle Accident Report

    This article was co-authored by Lahaina Araneta, JD. Lahaina Araneta, Esq. is an Immigration Attorney for Orange County, California with over 6 years of experience. She received her JD from Loyola Law School in 2012. In law school, she participated in the immigrant justice practicum and served as a volunteer with several nonprofit agencies.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 441,668 times.

    Typically when you’re in an accident on the road, the police will complete a police report describing the accident. However, in some cases you may need to submit your own report, either to your insurance company or your state’s DMV. If you need to write a motor vehicle report, take time to gather accurate information so you can describe the incident with as much detail as possible.XResearch source

    New York City Department Of Correction

    Police Report Template
  • How do I find out if the person who committed a crime against me is incarcerated?
  • The Victim Information and Notification Everyday is a 24-hour service that provides you with automated notifications of the release dates and status of people incarcerated in the New York City Department of Correction or State Department of Corrections jail and prison systems. When you sign up, V.I.N.E. will ask if you prefer to be notified by text, phone call, and/or email.
  • You may sign up for V.I.N.E. or learn more about V.I.N.E. by calling 888-846-3469 or TDD 866-847-1298.
  • The following resources are available if you would like further information about an inmate:
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • What if the person who committed a crime against me goes to federal prison? How do I find out if he/she is incarcerated?
  • Victims of federal crimes are entered into the Victim and Witness Notification System through the Federal Bureau of Prisons. If you were not automatically entered into the VNS and wish to be, please contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the jurisdiction where the offender was prosecuted.
  • VNS will notify you when the offender reaches the release date, if he/she escapes, is granted a furlough , is transferred to a residential reentry center , has an upcoming parole hearing, dies, or is placed in a residential reentry center .
  • What is the difference between a jail and a prison?
  • A prison is for people who have been convicted of a felony. Prisons are run by the state and federal governments.
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