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Do Police Officers Get Life Insurance

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What Happens If Theres A Delay In The Insurance Company Paying

Day in the Life of a Police Officer

You should receive your 4850 benefits within two weeks of being unable to work. An unreasonable delay can be a penalty of up to 25% of the amount delayed under Labor Code Section 5814.12

Example: Nicole, a police officer, is injured on the job and taken off work by her doctor. Because she is a police officer she is eligible for 4850 benefits. She can receive full pay for one year. Based on a salary of $78,000 a year, Nicole earns $1,500 a week. As benefits are paid every two weeks, she is paid $3,000 every two weeks.

Because these benefits are not taxed, Nicole will receive more money net than if she were working.

If Nicole were not a police officer, she would only receive two-thirds of her average weekly wage, or $1,000, and be paid $2,000 every other week.

If Nicole continues to miss work after receiving one year of full-salary, her benefits after the first year will be lowered to the $2,000 payments for up to another 52 weeks.

Certain medical conditions are presumed to be related to an officers line of work.

Joint Life Insurance For Police Officers

protects two lives simultaneously .

Youll pay one premium, and the policy pays out only once upon the first or second death.

Generally, a joint policy can save you approximately 25%, compared to two single policies.

Although, a joint policy may not be suitable if youre a police officer with high-risk responsibilities.

This is because the circumstances of your job may bump up the premium, impacting both parties.

Therefore, this type of cover may be more suited to police officers with low-risk responsibilities who can take full advantage of joint policy savings.

Will I Receive A Payout If I Get Injured At Work

Life insurance is paid out on your death if you get injured you wont receive any payment from your life insurance. If this is a concern of yours then consider taking out accident insurance.

A second option is to look at income protection as you may be able to receive payments while youre injured and are unable to work.

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Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance

Employees may purchase Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance within 30 days of their hire date, the date they become eligible or during any open enrollment period. The City offers AD& D policies through Securian Financial at competitive group rates for coverage increments of $25,000.


Employees may choose to cover themselves, or themselves and their dependents. The amount of benefits dependents have will be a percentage of the employee’s amount of benefit.

Employee with*
0% 20%

*As determined on the date of the accident, coverage is in effect 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. Benefits will be paid in the event of accidental death, subject to some exclusions such as suicide, military service and war. Dismemberment benefits will be paid according to this table of losses:

  • Full amount: death double dismemberment quadriplegia
  • 75 percent of principal: paraplegia
  • 50 percent of principal: hemiplegia or single dismemberment
  • 25 percent of principal: loss of thumb and index finger on either hand

The AD& D policy also provides these additional benefits, should an unexpected tragedy occur:

  • Seatbelt Benefit
  • Adaptive Home and Vehicle Benefit
  • Therapeutic Counseling Benefit
  • Spouse/ Domestic Partner Education Benefit
  • Dependent Child Educational Benefit
  • Common Accident Benefit
  • Extended Dependents’ Insurance Benefit

See the plan booklet on the Accidental Death & Dismemberment for complete details on all benefits. Or call the Benefits Office at for a copy.



Income Protection For Police Officers

The P25 Standard and Compliance

At this time, Long Term Income Protection is not available for special constables, police officers and community support officers. Even though this is the case, some insurance companies will consider offering police officers short-term income protection policies, which include unemployment, accident, and sickness cover.

A short-term police life insurance policy will provide protection for between 12 and 24 months should the individual be unable to work due to an accident or injury on the job. This is a popular option, but it is important to make sure your income protection policy begins right as your sick pay ends.

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Can Police Officers Get Life Insurance

Yes. But the type of life insurance you can get will depend on the type of police work you do and whether or not you are considered high-risk. Generally, though, life insurance is available to most police officers and shouldn’t come with any special conditions.

That doesn’t mean that your premiums won’t be more expensive than other jobs, because being a police officer is considered to be more high-risk than other occupations. Your premiums will increase the more high-risk your job becomes.

Police air wing or bomb disposal Non-insurable
Police other officers including motorcycle police or special operations group Non-insurable
Railway worker railway police, shunter, track laying or maintenance High risk
Diving professional, military or police Non-insurable

Can I Also Take Out Critical Life Insurance

Critical life cover can be added onto your life insurance and usually at a standard rate.

However, you must disclose whats involved in your job to the provider, otherwise you may find some things arent covered. For example if you travel abroad in your job you need to tell them otherwise if you have an accident abroad the cover may not be included.

Providers will also enquire about your health if you smoke or drink alcohol youll need to let them know: your policy may become void if they find out later.

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Life Insurance For Uk Police & Met Officers 2021

In many cases, being a police officer or working in law enforcement is considered to be a high-risk occupation.

Because of this, many individuals believe that their police life insurance coverage may be difficult to obtain or may carry very high premium payments that they cannot afford.

The good news is that life insurance policies for police officers can be secured with standard terms from most insurance providers.

Write Your Life Insurance In Trust

Community Emergency – “A Day In The Life of A Metro Police Officer”

Reassured offer a free trust writing service for the majority of life insurance policies we sell.

This process allows you to place someone you trust in charge of your life insurance policy.

The trustee will then manage the pay out and distribute the funds according to your wishes, similar to the executor of a will.

Why write your policy in trust?

  • Avoid 40% inheritance tax
  • Avoid the probate process
  • Have better control of your policy

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Why Is Life Insurance For Police Officers Important

As a law enforcement officer, your life is always at greater risk while protecting the citizens. Remember that a police officer always follows instructions from their commander. As such, they can put themselves in risky situations while executing their daily duties. Even if you are a police officer, you still have a family to protect. So, you need to be concerned about your familys financial security in case you pass on while executing your duty.

Being a police officer does not mean you can only die by the gun. There are many ways a police officer can put his life in danger. Some of the dangers of police officers may include:

  • Traffic Accidents- Traffic police officers spend most of their time on the highways. While patrolling, they can be knocked by careless drivers who are trying to escape the long arm of the law.
  • Careless Shootings- Police officers have been authorized to carry and use firearms. While on duty, they can shoot one another due to a disagreement, or through careless mishandling of firearms.
  • Acting as First Responders- Police officers are usually placed on risky situations like crime scenes or daylight robberies. Any law-breaker around the scene would want to fire at any police officer on sight first to escape.

The Benefits Of Simplified Issue Life Insurance When You Are A Cop

If you a police officer with a medical issue like diabetes or are in a REAL high-risk profession you may want to check out simplified issue term life insurance instead of traditionally underwritten coverage.

You dont have to undergo a physical exam. You are asked a battery of questions to determine if you qualify for better rates. Its quick and easy and surprisingly affordable.

If you have serious medical problems and think youll be denied coverage, then you need to speak with an independent high-risk insurance broker to confirm that thats the case. If so, you may be better off to stick with topping up your existing group coverage.

Keep in mind, most consumers overestimate the severity of their health issue when it comes to applying for life insurance. I find the majority of the time, clients are healthier than they realize. So its very important to double-check. After all, it could mean saving a lot of money.

NOTE* If you have a moderate to serious health condition, you may qualify for up to $500,000 of simplified issue term life insurance with Canada Protection Plan, one of the top non-medical providers in the country.

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Does Police Life Insurance Cost More

Typically speaking, working for the police is considered a high-risk occupation and the higher the risk perceived by an insurance company, the more likely they are to charge a higher, non-standard premium.

Because not all insurance providers will view the risk in the same light, its important to shop around for quotes, or better yet, have a whole-of-market expert do this for you.

Its also worth noting that assessments are done in the same way as if you were applying for life insurance as a member of the general public. A provider will still want to know your age, your state of health, your smoking and drinking habits and any existing illnesses you may have.

The advisors we work with know which insurance providers offer the best life insurance policies to police officers and can save you time by gathering quotes and ensuring you get the best policy at the right price.

Find out how much you could save on your life insurance by making an enquiry online.

Tenth Nypd Officer Dies By Suicide

This Is What a Traffic Cop First Notices About You ...

In the wake of her husband’s death, Scherzer received little, if any, emotional or financial support that other widows of deceased police officers normally receive. There was no flag given to her at his funeral. He was not honored with any kind of memorial. Max died on the morning of Aug. 21, 2016. She and her children lost their health insurance by October.

“It was another kind of loss,” Scherzer said. “The first thing you get when you marry a police officer is the blue family. You become part of that group. And I felt like after Max killed himself that me and the kids kind of got kicked out of that police family.”

Every year, more police officers die by suicide than in the line of duty. No federal agency keeps statistics, but according to the non-profit Blue HELP, at least 175 police officers have died by suicide this year.

While both police departments and government agencies across the country are increasingly acknowledging the growing mental health crisis among police officers and first responders, and implementing programming and legislation as a result, less attention is paid to the families, and spouses, who are left behind.

“Too many people take that stigma to heart and that stigma then passes on to the family, when it’s not the family’s fault,” said Karen Solomon, president of Blue HELP. “They shouldn’t be penalized. They shouldn’t suffer.”

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Policy Options For Police Officers

Every policy type is different to suit different requirements.

Your personal circumstances will help determine the policy thats most suitable.

But whats helpful, is to know the options available.

If your role within the police force is particularly risky, you may consider term based cover that provides protection during your working life.

These include:

Coverage You Get Through Work

The coverage your employer gives you can vary. This varies by occupation and several other factors. If you dont know what type of coverage your employer has given you, be sure to find out.

You should know the type of coverage your employer provides. This will help you to get the right amount of additional coverage if needed. Its essential to be aware of how much coverage you have currently and how much more you need.

In general, law enforcement officers are given great benefits as far as health insurance, and a pension go. While this is helpful, you arent given everything you need. Life insurance is often included in this, but it isnt sufficient. Dont overlook life insurance simply because you have excellent benefits in other areas.

Most of the time, you will not receive enough coverage from your employer. You will have some coverage, which is a nice benefit, but it isnt enough. Life insurance is something you want to make sure you have enough of. If not, your family is not given the protection they need when you pass away.

In almost every case, you will need to get additional coverage. You can add an extra death benefit through your employers life insurance, but you will likely need more than that.

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Police Officer Insurance Benefits Vs Individual Life Insurance

Lets look at an example.

Kevin joins the Ontario Provincial Police when hes 27. Fast forward 10 years, hes now 37, married with 2 young children and a $500,000 mortgage. As a first-class constable, Kevin earns approximately $100,000 annually and is expecting to retire with a full pension at age 57.

His friend and co-worker, Pete, recently purchased a personal life insurance policy so Kevins trying to figure out if its something he should consider. Hes done some research online and feels that $1 million of term coverage would leave Emily, his wife, in a good position financially if something were to happen to him on the job.

Is Life Insurance More Expensive For Police Officers

Police officer attacked during routine traffic stop

If your job is classified as high risk, your premiums are likely to be more expensive. High-risk roles can include the following:

  • Railway police
  • Mounted police officers
  • Bicycle unit

These aren’t the only factors that can prevent you from getting cheap life insurance. Other important things that can affect the price of your premiums include:

  • Your age. Premiums go up as you get older.
  • Your health. Healthy people without medical problems pay less.
  • Your lifestyle. The healthier your lifestyle, the lower your premiums tend to be.
  • If you smoke. Smokers pay much more than non-smokers.
  • Level of cover. The higher your benefit payout, the larger your premiums.

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The Streets Are Getting Increasingly Dangerous For Police Officers

In the past, police officers didnt have to be as fearful for their lives as they are nowadays. Our society used to pay more respect to those who put their lives on the line every single day to protect our lives and to help bring order to our society.

Unfortunately, things have changed over the years. Police officers are getting murdered every day, all across the globe, and the threats against police officers are getting increasingly more common.

Recently, riots against law enforcement have put police officers lives at risk even further, and the support that these riots are receiving is alarming.

Private Life Insurance Policies

The benefits of private policies are their flexibility. You can choose what type of insurance you want, from term to permanent, pick your coverage amount, and they will follow you from job to job, industry to industry.

The main downside to a private policy is going to be the price. Because private policies are not subsidized by any employer and are bought individually, they arent as affordable as most group life insurance options.

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Utah Widows Payout Rejected In Husbands Cop Shooting Case

American General Life Insurance Company steadfastly maintains its refusal to pay out on a life insurance claim to the widow of the man shot by police in Centreville, Utah.

Heres how the story unfolds.

Vincent Farrand took out a life insurance policy with AIG in 2011 with a face value of $500,000.

He named his wife Molly Farrand as beneficiary.

In 2014, which was 3 years later, police were called to the couples residence. Mr. Farrand appeared to be intoxicated and was carrying a handgun. Police allege they told him several times to drop the weapon.

While walking toward a gate in the backyard, police contend he continued to carry the gun and was mumbling something similar to Shoot me. Youre going to have to shoot me. Farrand was eventually shot and killed by police.

The autopsy of Mr. Farrand also revealed that he had 0.21% alcohol content at the time of his death.

Molly Farrand contends that her husband was in the process of lowering the weapon. It should be noted that it is legal to carry a handgun in Utah because it is an open carry state. She filed a civil action against Centreville for $2 million dollars.

The municipality settled out of court for $127,000 but made clear that it did so with no admission of fault of the part of the police officer.

Ms. Farrand submitted her life insurance claim to American General who denied the claim.

In a letter to her dated August 18, 2014, the company claimed that her husband was suicidal and legally impaired.

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