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How To Tell If The Police Are Watching You

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Government Investigations And Federal Grand Jury Involvement

How to tell an officer you are armed

Once the federal criminal investigation for violations of procurement laws, the Buy American Act, or other false claims violations is near to or completed, the prosecutor may then present the criminal case to a federal grand jury for indictment. The grand jury looks at the evidence presented by the prosecutor to see if there is probable cause .

  • The grand jury decides whether the government attorneys have presented enough evidence to show that the defendant could be found guilty of federal crimes.
  • A grand jury indictment does not give a prosecutor a leg up at trial. He or she must still prove their case from the beginning.

If you are being investigated for fraud in government contracting, how can an attorney help you as a government contractor during the early stages of an investigation?

Having a government contractor defense attorney that is under investigation for federal criminal crimes involving federal procurement, can allow that person to approach federal authorities on your behalf and present either proof or mitigating evidence to attempt to resolve or mitigate the impact.

  • Your defense attorney can work with the US attorney in a way to help dispose of the case or reduce charges before a case is filed.
  • Waiting until charges are filed is too late and makes the defense lawyers job much more difficult
  • Get legal counsel that understands government contracting involved early

Q: What Happens If I Give Up My Right To A Hearing Or Leave The Us Before The Hearing Is Over

A: If you are deported, you could lose your eligibility for certain immigration benefits, and you could be barred from returning to the U.S. for a number of years or, in some cases, permanently. The same is true if you do not go to your hearing and the immigration judge rules against you in your absence. If the government allows you to do voluntary departure, you may avoid some of the problems that come with having a deporta-tion order and you may have a better chance at having a future opportu- nity to return to the U.S., but you should discuss your case with a lawyer because even with voluntary departure, there can be bars to returning, and you may be eligible for relief in immigration court. You should always talk to an immigration lawyer before you decide to give up your right to a hearing.

When Your Phone Is On The Hook You Hear Noises Coming From The Handset

A Hook Switch Bypass turns your phones receiver into a microphone. When installed, they create noises when your phone is on the hook. Additionally, this creates a double dilemma because it is effective within a radius of 20 feet from the phone. So, even when youre not talking on the phone, an eavesdropper can monitor what is being said.

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How Do The Police Deal With People With Mental Health Problems

The police or the custody sergeant may be concerned that you are mentally vulnerable. If you agree your legal adviser, friend or relative could tell the police you have mental health issues. If so, they should get an appropriate adult for you as soon as possible.

What does mentally vulnerable mean?

The police may think you are vulnerable if they believe that you will not understand what they say to you because of your mental capacity. You do not need a diagnosed mental illness to be mentally vulnerable.

You should be classed as vulnerable if you:

  • have difficulty understanding the consequences of what is happening to you at the police station,
  • dont seem to understand the importance of what you are told,
  • dont seem to understand the importance of questions the police ask you,
  • dont seem to understand the importance of your replies to the police questions,
  • appear to become confused and unclear about what is happening,
  • provide unreliable, misleading or incriminating information without meaning to,
  • do what other people tell you to do without wanting to, or
  • agree with everything someone is saying without questioning it.

Liaison and Diversion services

Liaison and Diversion services are provided by the NHS. They work within the criminal justice system, including at police stations.

Liaison and Diversion services identify vulnerable people who have contact with the criminal justice system. This includes people with mental health problems.

At interview

What Is Suspicious Behavior

  • If it’s suspicious to you, it’s worth reporting it to 911. Examples include:
  • Unusual noises, including screaming, sounds of fighting, breaking glass
  • People in or around buildings or areas who do not appear to be conducting legitimate business
  • Unauthorized people in restricted areas
  • Vehicles driving slowly and aimlessly through neighborhoods, around schools or parking lots
  • People peering into parked vehicles that are not their own
  • People who change their behavior when they notice they have been seen
  • People dressed inappropriately for the weather or occasion,
  • Abandoned parcels or other items in unusual locations

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Iv Additional Information For Non

In the United States, non-citizens are persons who do not have U.S. citi- zenship, including lawful permanent residents, refugees and asylum seekers, persons who have permission to come to the U.S. for reasons like work, school or travel, and those without legal immigration status of any kind. Non-citizens who are in the United Statesno matter what their immigration statusgenerally have the same constitutional rights as citizens when law enforcement officers stop, question, arrest, or search them or their homes. However, there are some special concerns that apply to non-citizens, so the following rights and responsibilities are important for non-citizens to know. Non-citizens at the border who are trying to enter the U.S. do not have all the same rights. See Section V for more information if you are arriving in the U.S.

Frequently When You Answer The Phone No

A final sign you are being spied on hearing tones with no one on the other end. While it may just be a FAX machine calling the wrong number, several listening bugs can also be the culprit. Among the other possibilities, however, is a slave device, a line extender, an infinity transmitter, or a harmonica bug.

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Have You Committed A Crime Signs You May Be Under Investigation

You will likely be investigated if youve done something that may be considered a crime. Be on the alert because the police might be wiretapping you or observing your actions.

If you associate with people who have been arrested, its possible that you may be, too. This is why you should be updated about whats happening in your circle.

You Receive A Written Or Recorded Copy Of A Private Conversation Youve Had

Why Cops DONT Have to Give You a REASON

This is solid proof you have been under surveillance. Sometimes eavesdroppers send copies of private conversations to let you know they have something on you. This is an easy way to blackmail, intimidate, or otherwise psychologically undermine the target. This tactic is frequently used in divorce cases, civil suits, custody battles, criminal cases, to seek an advantage over the other.

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A Threat To Our Voices

Even if the accuracy of facial recognition technology improves, some people have serious concerns about its use by authorities. Groups that defend civil liberties say that police could use the technology to identify anyone who is out in public at any timeeven if what a person is doing is legal. According to the 2016 study, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other cities are moving to use systems that do that, claiming that they help them find crime suspects.

The accuracy of facial recognition technology may improve. But some people would still have serious concerns about authorities using it. Groups that defend civil liberties say that police could use the technology to identify anyone who is out in public at any time, even if what a person is doing is legal. According to the 2016 study, some cities are moving to use systems that do that, including Chicago and Los Angeles. Those cities officials claim that the systems help them find crime suspects.

An Overview Of The Pre

Most people imagine that the police arrest someone who is in the process of committing a crime. However, offenders often get away before the police arrive. In many cases, hours go by before someone notices a crime has occurred, such as someone coming home to discover a burglary. Once a crime has occurred and law enforcement is notified, then the police will conduct an investigation, identify a suspect, and present the matter to the district attorney.

Investigations of significant felonies or those that cross state lines may be handled by a federal agency, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Drug Enforcement Administration .

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What Type Of Data Can Be Used Against Me

You may be surprised by the sheer amount of data that you have on your phone, laptop and social media accounts. Modern mobile phones are not just phones, theyre also mini computers, cameras, calendars, recorders, diaries and albums.

Once the police have access to these devices, they can learn everything about you from the videos youve been watching online to the things that made you argue with your ex partners.

This information could be used to incriminate you. For example, the police might use your GPS data to determine how fast you were travelling before a collision. They might use location data to identify whether or not you were at the scene of a crime when it happened. They can even retrieve deleted photos from years ago.

In a post called Electronic Devices and Law Enforcement: What You Need To Know, one of our lawyers, Jonathan Wall explained that people often assume that theres nothing incriminating on their phone, only to find that there is information relating to different crimes than theyre initially being investigated for. He wrote: A person might be arrested for a drugs offence and the police discover other data such as video or GPS data showing that they have driven dangerously and vice versa somebody may have been arrested following a road traffic collision and police discover an involvement in drugs.

Q: What Are Warrants And What Should I Make Sure They Say

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A: A warrant is a piece of paper signed by a judge giving law enforcement officers permission to enter a home or other building to do a search or make an arrest. A search warrant allows law enforcement officers to enter the place described in the warrant to look for and take items identified in the warrant. An arrest warrant allows law enforcement officers to take you into custody. An arrest warrant alone does not give law enforcement officers the right to search your home , and a search warrant alone does not give them the right to arrest you . A warrant must contain the judges name, your name and address, the date, place to be searched, a description of any items being searched for, and the name of the agency that is conducting the search or arrest. An arrest warrant that does not have your name on it may still be validly used for your arrest if it describes you with enough detail to identify you, and a search warrant that does not have your name on it may still be valid if it gives the correct address and description of the place the officers will be searching. However, the fact that a piece of paper says warrant on it does not always mean that it is an arrest or search warrant. A warrant of deportation/removal, for example, is a kind of administrative warrant and does not grant the same authority to enter a home or other building to do a search or make an arrest.

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Q: Can I Call My Consulate If I Am Arrested

A: Yes. Non-citizens arrested in the U.S. have the right to call their consulate or to have the law enforcement officer tell the consulate of your arrest. Law enforcement must let your con- sulate visit or speak with you if consular officials decide to do so. Your consulate might help you find a lawyer or offer other help.

How To Remove Spy Apps From Your Phone

If you have a question in mind like Is my phone being tracked with a spy app? then you can use the following solutions to remove spy apps from your phone

1. Manually Delete from Apps manager

Since a spy app will delete its icon and work stealthily in the background, if you think your smartphone is being monitored, you can go to the Apps Manager in your device settings and manually delete the app from there. No matter how advanced a spy app may be and try to hide its presence, it will be visible in Apps Manager, though it may present itself as some other important system service.

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High Crime Rate Statistics

When youre looking into a potential neighborhood, look at the crime statistics. According to the fbis annual crime report, there were 1,197,704 violent crimes across the country in 2015. 1Although crimes are often concentrated in big cities, it doesnt mean your neighborhood is necessarily safe even if its in a small town. As youre researching online, check out sites like and to get a better idea of your area.

There’s Always A Strange Car Outside

“Officer, I am carrying a concealed firearm”

This is probably the easiest way to tell your pot dealer is under the microscope of drug enforcement. If you’re going to see your drug dealer and there is always some sort of strange vehicle outside of their house, there is a good chance they are being watched. Law enforcement doesn’t always play coy and sit and watch from a distancethey’ll literally be right outside in an unmarked car. If you do see this, let your dealer know. You don’t want to freak them out, but they’ll definitely appreciate you looking out. Hey, maybe they’ll even throw you a free dubsack.

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Q: What Kind Of Law Enforcement Officers Might Try To Question Me

A: You could be questioned by a variety of law enforcement officers, including state or local police officers, Joint Terrorism Task Force members, or federal agents from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security , Drug Enforcement Administration, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, or other agencies.

Q: What If Law Enforcement Officers Threaten Me With A Grand Jury Subpoena If I Dont Answer Their Questions

A: If a law enforcement officer threatens to get a subpoena, you still do not have to answer the officers questions right then and there, and any- thing you do say can be used against you. The officer may or may not succeed in getting the subpoena. If you receive a subpoena or an officer threatens to get one for you, you should call a lawyer right away. If you are given a subpoena, you must follow the subpoenas direction about when and where to report to the court, but you can still assert your right not to say anything that could be used against you in a criminal case.

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How A Lawyer Can Help You During A Pre

Many people do not realize that they can hire a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney before their arrest. However, this can be very beneficial to you. Ways that a lawyer can assist you at this stage include:

  • Conduct an investigation. Your attorney can conduct their own investigation, which can include reviewing the polices evidence against you, interviewing witnesses, researching applicable laws, and hiring expert witnesses.
  • Prevent your arrest. Depending on the crime you are suspected of committing and law enforcements evidence against you, your attorney may be able to discuss your case with the police and prosecutor and convince them not to pursue charges against you.
  • Help you surrender. If the police obtain a warrant for your arrest, a lawyer can advise you on what to expect when you are arrested and help you surrender. They can also assist you in obtaining bail so that you are released from jail while your criminal case is being decided.
  • Be present when youre questioned. Your lawyer can be present anytime the police are interrogating you.
  • Enforce your constitutional rights. You have many constitutional rights, such as the right to remain silent, in a criminal case. Your attorney can enforce your constitutional rights to protect you and to ensure that evidence illegally obtained is not used against you.

B Reset Phones Computers Passwords And Social Media

Pin by Cheryl Castleberry on BLEED BLUE
  • If your stalker might ever have had had access to your devices, they could have installed spyware or GPS tracking devices without your knowledge, so the smartest thing to do is get new ones.
  • Even if you don’t think they’ve installed spyware, reset your devices to factory settings and choose new passwords for all sites you frequent, including banks, social media, entertainment sites, and online shopping. This may only be a temporary solution, but do it anyway.
  • If the stalking was online, then deactivate your social media accounts. Try setting new ones up under a different name and share your profiles with trusted friends one at a time, over a period of weeks. At the very least, check all your privacy settings and make sure you’re not sharing with the public.
  • Dont post your life on social media. People can pick up all sorts of clues about you, your routine, places you go, etc. Keep posts general.

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