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How To Become A Police Officer In Lexington Ky

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Louisville Metro Police Academy

Join Lexington Police (recruiting spot A)

The profession of policing is ever-changing. These changes are reflected in new laws, court decisions, and technologies. The Louisville Metro Police Department is committed to providing a professional standard of law enforcement service to the community. In order to fulfill this commitment, LMPD members will be properly trained, with sworn members receiving training as recruits and all members on a continuing basis. Training is provided to recruits with an emphasis on developing their interactions with the community, reasoning ability, and judgment. All officers are required to attend yearly in-service training. This in-service training is one of the means by which officers are provided new information and skills and existing knowledge is reinforced.


HOURS: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ky Police Academy Requirements

Those candidates who attend a certified police training academy will find the course rigorous and demanding. The curriculum of 760 hours in a residential setting is mentally and physically challenging. But, even before considering the education requirements of becoming a police officer in Kentucky, candidates will be screened to make sure that they meet certain other minimum standards.

The Process Of Becoming A Correctional Officer In Kentucky

Submit an Application

Interested candidates for corrections officer jobs in Kentucky may search and apply at the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet website. Those whose qualifications meet the standards will be placed on a register of eligible candidates and may be contacted as positions become available in the counties in which the applicant specified a desire to work as a correctional officer.

Interview and Testing

Selected candidates from the Kentucky correctional officer register may be contacted to interview with the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Those who pass the interview are subject to a full background check, psychological evaluation, physical examination, and drug test prior to hire.


Federal Correctional Officer Training

New federal correctional officers receive 80 hours of orientation at their assigned facility which includes introduction to facility operations and prison population. The remaining 120 hours of training are conducted at the Staff Training Academy in Glynco, GA. Officers will receive training in firearms, bus operations, witness security and self-defense. In following years, officers must receive at least 16 hours of training annually.

State and County Correctional Officer Training

All new corrections officers in Kentucky must complete 160 hours of training in two phases. Phase I of training is conducted at the job location, and Phase 2 at one of the following Kentucky Department of Corrections training centers:

  • Kentucky State Penitentiary
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    Kentucky Correctional Officer Jobs: Death Row

    Currently, the commonwealth of Kentuckys Department of Corrections has 33 inmates on Death Row. Just one Kentucky Death Row inmate is female. All of the men are housed at the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville, while the woman is at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women in Pewee Valley. Kentucky could soon overturn its death penalty, however, as the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, state representatives and state prosecutors have recommended its abolition. If overturned, those currently with a death sentence would likely receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

    How Much Does A Police Officer Make At University Of Kentucky In Lexington

    Lexington police officer fired after he accidentally shot someone ...

    Average University of Kentucky Police Officer hourly pay in Lexington is approximately $18.71, which is 17% below the national average.

    Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

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    Becoming A Police Officer In Bowling Green Kentucky

    Bowling Greens first law enforcement officers made their appearance in the early 1820s and ever since then have dutifully served the residents and guests of their city. Working in Bowling Green you will stand with around 90 officer colleagues, all of which work each day to protect life and property and enforce all city ordinances, statutes, and state laws.

  • Minimum requirements
  • Step 1. Meeting Police Officer Requirements in Bowling Green

    The minimum requirements you must meet for becoming a police officer in Bowling Green are:

    • Be in good shape
    • Have no felony or domestic violence offenses
    • Be of good moral character
    • Drivers license and no major driving offenses
    • U.S. citizen
    • At least 21 years old
    • High school diploma
    • Four years of active or reserve military service
    • Certified law enforcement officers

    Step 2. Application

    You can either print an application from the city website or request the human resources office to send you one in the mail. Applications are only available when there are openings with Bowling Green police jobs, so you must monitor the citys website, local newspaper, and the Bowling Green PDs facebook page. You can also fill out an online notification form to receive an email when jobs become open. Make sure you fill out the application completely and return in by the deadline.

    Step 3. Tests

    Your written test will evaluate you in the areas of:

    • Information interpretation
    • 1.5-mile run

    Step 4. Oral Interview

    Step 5. Background Investigation

    Step 7. Final Review

    Bowling Greenlaw Enforcement Academy

    The Bowling Green Law Enforcement Academy , is the newest police academy to Kentucky law enforcement training.

    The establishment of the BG LEA represents a significant, historic event and turning point for this agency and law enforcement. It also represents a huge success for our department, city government and the Bowling Green community. BG LEA training staff believe the establishment of their own Basic Academy will enhance the preparation of their new officers through the Bowling Green city and BGPD centric curriculum. This academy will allow new officers to enter into field training with a more comprehensive understanding of our agency, their community, their culture and the department and academys expectations. The BG LEA will be responsible for basic training for all Bowling Green Police Department recruits. The new academy has a curriculum of 815.5 hours or 20 weeks.

    Our mission statement is, We, the members of the Bowling Green Police Department, in partnership with the community and on behalf of the city, commit ourselves to maintaining order, creating safe and secure neighborhoods and promoting driver safety. In doing so, we shall adhere to the following principles:

    SERVICE We are committed to quality service and are responsive to the needs of our citizens through problem-solving partnerships.

    INTEGRITY We foster the highest performance standards, ethical conduct and truthfulness.


    HOURS: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Depending on the Training Schedule

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    Police Officer Training In Kentucky

    To join the police force in the state of Kentucky, aspiring candidates have to fulfill certain criteria, like getting the right education, meeting age requirements, and clearing a strict hiring process.

    The educational requirement is a high school diploma. Although this is the minimum education qualification needed to join the police force, it is always better to get an advanced degree like an associates or a bachelors degree in the field of criminal justice or a field related to law enforcement.

    Becoming A Police Officer In Louisville Kentucky

    Lexington police officer volunteers to help restore historic cemetery

    Only the most qualified officers are hired for Louisville police jobs. To become a cop you must make it through a lengthy application process that includes a city, police, and civilian screening process. Besides the ideological reasons for becoming a police officer in Louisville, the practical reasons can stand on their own: paid holidays, high salaries, good health benefits, retirement package, and life insurance.

    This guide will provide you with an explanation of how to become a cop in Louisville and help you to be better prepared to join the ranks of the citys finest:

  • Minimum qualifications
    • Good physical shape and moral character

    Step 2. Apply Online

    Once you have verified you meet the minimum standards your next step will be to fill out an online application and create an online resume. The city human resources department will check your application to make sure it is complete and that you meet the minimum requirements. If everything looks good then you will be scheduled to complete the physical agility test.

    Step 3. Physical Agility Test

    When you are scheduled for your physical agility test you will receive a list of documents to bring with you when you come for testing. Included in the list of documents is the pre-polygraph/background investigation booklet that you will need to fill out and return at the beginning of your physical agility test. This will be used later in the application process.

    Step 4. Oral and Written Examination

    Step 5. Panel Interview

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    How Long Does It Take To Become A Police Officer In Kentucky

    This will depend upon a few things, chief among them being the availability of vacancies with the Kentucky State Police or any other local law enforcement department in the state. When you apply against any open police officer positions, you will have to go through the KSPs candidate screening and selection stage. This is likely to take 3 to 6 months on average.You will then have to enroll at the Kentucky State Police Training Academy if selected. Over here, you are likely to train for about 6 to 8 months. So, in total, the complete process of becoming a Kentucky police officer will take around 1.5 years.

    Lexington Kentucky Corrections Officer Job Description

    Those interested in corrections careers in the Lexington area have 11 state and federal facilities within commuting distance to choose from. By a recent count there were 650 correctional officers living in Lexington, making an average yearly salary of $36,260. Kentucky is currently planning to build a new prison in the area to alleviate overcrowding at the facilities near Lexington, a move that will bring additional jobs in corrections to the region. Candidates hired into corrections positions will first have to navigate their way through an application process and then complete an intensive training program.

    Education and Experience Requirements

    Candidates learning about the process of how to become a correctional officer in and around Lexington should understand that federal and state jobs each have their own set of standards. Federal positions require all applicants to qualify in one of two ways:

    • Having a bachelors degree in any field from an accredited university. Candidates wishing to qualify at a higher pay-grade should have at least 9 semester hours or 14 quarter hours of graduate-level study in:
      • Social Science
      • Police officer
      • Any related occupation

    For state correctional officer jobs, the Department of Corrections requires its officers to have at least a high school diploma or GED.

    Correctional Officer Skills Development and Training

    State DOC employees will participate in the Corrections Officer Basic Course that is divided into two phases:

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    Middlesboro Kentucky Corrections Officer Job Description

    Working as a correctional officer in the Middlesboro area affords several advantages. Officers are contributing to society and their local community, ensuring justice for the victims of crimes, living in a scenic part of the state near the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, and employed in an area that offers three nearby correctional facilities, with a fourth in the developmental stages. Two sites in Letcher County are being studied for a new federal facility that would help to ease Kentuckys federal prisoner population boom that has grown from 50,000 in 1980 to 219,000 in 2012.

    Currently the Kentucky Department of Corrections operates the Bell County Forestry Camp in Pineville, a 300-bed minimum security prison where inmates provide their labor to the Division of Forestry fighting wildfires.

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons operates two other facilities in the area, the Federal Correctional Institution in Manchester and the United States Penitentiary in McCreary

    Having the Right Experience and Education

    Requirements differ between the state and federal facilities when it comes to having education and work experience. The Bureau of Prisons, the agency responsible for hiring at federal prisons near Middlesboro, requires all correctional officer applicants to have either the following education or work experience:

      • Law
    • CS/tear gas
  • Emergency medical procedures
  • Applying for Correctional Officer Jobs

    Message From The Chief Of Police

    Lexington Officers Awarded Promotions

    Welcome to the Lexington Police Department website. I am honored to be the Chief of Police for the City of Lexington, North Carolina, and lead the professional staff, sworn and non-sworn, that make up this department. I have enjoyed serving the Lexington community my entire law enforcement career. I have witnessed first-hand the continued growth of our community and know the commitment of our city and community leaders to keep building Lexington to be a City of Choice. I am personally and professionally excited about the direction of our community.

    Whether a resident, daily commuter, or visitor to our city, my goal is for you to enjoy life with confidence in the public safety we provide. We look forward to building upon the partnerships we share with the community and groups within the community.

    We appreciate the opportunity to have open communication regarding the performance of our duties. Whether it is to highlight a job well done or to discuss your concerns, we hope you share commendation and complaints, both of which will receive professional attention.

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Chief of Police.Robby RummageChief of Police, Lexington Police Department


    While being role models of honor and integrity, we will be a source of pride for the citizens of Lexington by our commitment to excellence in professional policing.

    Core Values

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    Physical Fitness Test Docjt Richmond Ky

    The Physical Fitness Test is administered by the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, KY. The Physical Fitness Test is a test battery consisting of five items:

  • Bench Press

  • Sit up Test

  • 300 meter run

  • Push up Test

  • 1.5 Mile Run

  • To pass the Physical Fitness Test candidates must achieve 50 minute points based on the table below:

    When applying for a Police Officer position, the tentative Physical Fitness Test date will be announced in the Job Summary. The test lasts for roughly three hours on the scheduled Monday morning.

    How To Become A Police Officer In Kentucky

    To be a police officer or sheriffs deputy in Kentucky means having a rewarding career serving and protecting the people of the Bluegrass State. There are opportunities in local police departments, sheriffs offices, and with the state police. Those working in law enforcement in Kentucky earn a competitive average annual salary in a state in which the cost of living is 11% lower than the national average.1,2 Prospective law enforcement officers in Kentucky must meet the requirements set by the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet . Learn more about these standards as well as information about careers with major departments in Kentucky below.

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    Kentucky Sheriff Deputy Requirements

    To become a sheriffs deputy in the state of Kentucky, new recruits must apply to the sheriffs office in the county for which he or she hopes to work. Each county sheriffs office sets its own hiring procedures and any requirements in addition to state minimums. Once offered a position as a deputy, the new recruit must complete a police academy.

    How To Become A Ppo: Applying

    Join Lex Police: Why Lexington?

    Before filling out an application, candidates interested in learning how to become probation and parole officers in Kentucky should first confirm they meet the minimum requirements:

    • Bachelors degree
    • At least 21 years old
    • Able to pass a drug screening and background check
    • Physical ability to perform job duties

    Applications are submitted online and require the applicant to have internet access and an email address. Applications are only accepted when there is a current opening for PPOs. Candidates will need to access the Kentucky State Personnel Cabinets website, create an online profile, and search for an opening for Probation and Parole Officer I for entry level jobs.

    Applicants will hear back from the human resources department as to whether or not their application has been successful, and if so receive further instructions about an interview date and other details regarding the application process.

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    Louisville Kentucky Corrections Officer Job Description

    Correctional officers in the Louisville area provide a vital public service and ensure justice for victims of crimes. As of May 2012 there were 1,880 employees in the field working in the greater metro area at all levels of government- federal, state, and local. Louisville Metro Jail, the largest correctional facility in the city, had an average daily population of just over 2,000 inmates in 2012 with nearly 42,000 bookings that year. Kentucky is planning to build additional correctional facilities in the area to ameliorate the regions current prison overcrowding.

    Education and Experience to Become a Correctional Officer in Louisville

    The regions three branches of government each have their own agency that oversees correctional operations in the Louisville area:

    • The Louisville Metro Department of Corrections
    • The Kentucky State Department of Corrections
    • The Federal Bureau of Prisons

    Each agency maintains its own policies for filling correctional officer jobs in Louisville. At the federal level, candidates are eligible to become correctional officers if they meet one of the following two requirements:

    • A bachelors degree in any subject, with higher pay considered for candidates possessing at least 9 semester hours or 14 quarter hours of graduate study in fields such as:
      • Criminology
    • Prisoners search and cell inspections
    • Improvised weapons detection
    • Witness security
    • Prison transport and bus operations

    Applying for Corrections Positions

    • The Louisville Metro Jail

    Becoming A Police Officer In Owensboro Kentucky

    As a police officer with the Owensboro police department, there will not be any scarcity of positive ways you can interact with the community. To start with, the department hosts an annual, run from the cops, five kilometer event to raise police awareness. It also puts on a citizens police academy to teach members of the community what Owensboro police jobs are like and provide helpful community policing tips.

    The following is a step-by-step guide on how to become a cop in Owensboro so you can add your strengths to this police force:

  • Minimum requirements
    • Be at least 21 years old
    • U.S. citizen

    Step 2. Application

    The Owensboro PD accepts applications year-round though they are only reviewed when there is an opening for a police officer. You can form online or send it by mail to the Owensboro PD. Make sure to complete your application in full and include all requested documents.

    Step 3. Tests

    Once an active hiring session has begun and your application has been judged to be competitive and complete, you will be notified of your scheduled appointments over three days to complete three tests:

    • Video Exam: In this test you will watch a video and respond on a questionnaire about how you would personally react to each situation.
    • Mathematics- 20 questions in 20 minutes
    • Grammar- 20 questions in 15 minutes
    • Reading comprehension- 25 questions in 25 minutes
    • Report writing- 10 questions in 15 minutes
    • Bench press
    • 1.5-mile run

    Step 4. Oral Interview

    Step 7. Training Academy

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