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How To Become A Police Officer North Carolina

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Employment Process For Police Officers

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The City of Sanford continuously accepts applications for the sworn Police Officer applicant pool. We invite applicants to submit an online application to be considered for any sworn Police Officer openings that may occur throughout the year.

Information regarding the requirements can be found under the Basic Qualifications and Requirements for Employment section. A North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission Personal History Statement must be completed and submitted as an attachment at the end of the online application process.

Minimum Qualifications And Automatic Disqualifiers

Complete qualifications and automatic disqualifiers will be listed in the job posting.

To meet the minimum qualifications to be a police officer, applicants must:

  • Be 20 years of age at the time of application
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have no felony convictions or serious misdemeanor convictions in the past five years, which includes:
  • Any crime for which the punishment could have been more than 2 years
  • A crime or unlawful act defined as a Class B Misdemeanor within the last 10 years
  • 2 or more crimes or unlawful acts defined as Class A Misdemeanor within the last 5 years
  • A DUI or DWI within the last ten years
  • Pass a physical fitness test and the Police Officer Physical Agility Test
  • Meet vision, hearing, and other physical requirements
  • Possess a valid drivers license, with no suspensions of driving privileges in the past three years
  • Satisfactorily pass a background investigation, polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, and drug screen
  • Automatic disqualifiers for the position of police officer or police officer trainee include:

    • Illegal selling or distribution of any drug
    • Any use of hard illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, or heroin within the past 2 years

    Why Choose Central Piedmont

    Our basic law enforcement training program is highly respected in the southeast, and our students have a 100% state exam pass rate. The benefits of our program include hands-on education, experienced instructors, access to agencies for employment, career opportunities, and military credit. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the student Criminal Justice Association.

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    Is Blet Hard To Pass

    Students in the class scored a 100% passing rate. The BLET program spans over 18 weeks of intense training divided into 36 topics of instruction. Approximately 65% is in the classroom and 35% is practical hands-on training. Students must master all 36 topics to be eligible to take the state certification exam.

    Becoming A Police Officer In North Carolina

    Trooper Brandon Carroll Peterson, North Carolina Highway Patrol, North ...

    The process involved in becoming a police officer has multiple steps. Each candidate must successfully make it through each round of steps and make it to the next set of requirements. After satisfying the minimum requirements for becoming a police officer, candidates must pass a series of exams.These include:

    • Physical examination This thorough exam is carried out by a physician to ensure that candidates are physically capable of dealing with the job.
    • Drug screening A comprehensive drug test will be carried out to check for any illegal substance use.
    • Psychological evaluation Conducted by a clinical psychologist, this test is essential to determine whether candidates are mentally sound.
    • Polygraph examination All candidates must submit to a polygraph test to test their moral character.

    If a candidate clears all of these examinations, they will advance to the academy training step.

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    Training Institutions For Police Officers

    Under the direction of North Carolina, NC Sheriffs Education and Training Standards Commission, a Basic Law Enforcement Training curriculum is developed that prepares entry-level recruits with the physical skills and knowledge to work in practical field. Below are some of recognized academies in North Carolina that provide the basic training to the police officers.

  • North Carolina Justice Academy
  • The Justice Academy has two campuses and strives to enhance the career of law enforcement officers through education, research, and training. Both Salemburg and Edneyville campuses have state-of-the-art facilities that include practical exercise areas, fire range, and driving tracks.

  • Fayetteville Police Training Academy
  • The Fayetteville Police Department provides Basic Law Enforcement Training in which the new recruits are required to undergo 25 weeks of intense training. They also have to complete Intensive Physical Fitness Program, followed by 11 weeks of field training. A field training officer evaluates the recruits and assess their on-the-job training.

  • Wake County Law Enforcement Training Center
  • The academy is accredited by North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriffs Education and Training Commission. They offer a comprehensive program, maintaining the training records of the new recruits.

  • Charlotte Police and Fire Training Academy
  • How To Become A Police Officer In Raleigh

    The city of Raleigh in central North Carolina has a population of over 451,000.1 Together with Durham and Chapel Hill, the area is part of a major metro. With a low unemployment rate of 4.3%, Raleigh can be a great place to live and work.1 Approximately 729 sworn officers and 146 civilian personnel work for the Raleigh Police Department .2 The process of joining the Raleigh Police Department is outlined below.

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    North Carolina Trooper Or Highway Patrol Requirements

    The North Carolina State Highway Patrol employs over 1,600 troopers who cover at least 78,000 miles of roadways in North Carolina.2 In order to apply to become a North Carolina state trooper, candidates must meet statewide standards and:

    • Be at least 21 years old and 39 or younger when starting Patrol Basic school
    • Have no felony offenses or serious misdemeanor convictions
    • Have a good driving record
    • Be willing to work and live in any area of the state of North Carolina
    • Have 20/20 vision in each eye, or uncorrected vision of no more than 20/100 in each eye corrected to 20/20
    • Pass the Cooper Fitness Test with a score of at least 50% for age and gender
    • Pass the standardized test with at least a 10th grade reading level

    The starting salary for North Carolina highway patrol officers is $37,323 per year fully sworn troopers earn between $44,000 and $64,202 per year depending on longevity and other qualifications.2

    Police Departments In North Carolina

    Entire Police Force in Kenly, North Carolina Resigned After Black woman Becomes Town Manager

    In 2017 there were about 23,370 sheriff and police patrol officers in North Carolina.4 From the Atlantic Ocean on its east coast to the mountainous terrain of its western border, North Carolina has communities of all sizes from rural to metropolitan that can provide rewarding careers for aspiring police officers. Law enforcement candidates must meet state and local requirements, complete a state-approved training academy, and complete on-the-job field training.

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    Candidates Must Meet The Following Minimum Requirements:

    – 20 years of age at the time of application – Valid driver’s license – High School Diploma or GED All applicants must complete an online Wilmington Police Department application packet to be considered. Candidates must successfully complete the recruitment process to include: physical abilities testing written test interviews background investigation polygraph psychological evaluation and medical examination with drug screen.

    Police Departments In South Carolina

    Those wishing to become South Carolina police officers, patrol officers, and other sworn officers must meet the minimum requirements established by the state legislature as well as any additional requirements adopted by the agency to which the candidate is applying. Candidates must also complete training at an approved academy. Many agencies within the state also require post-academy continuing education.

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    Raleigh Police Officer Requirements

    The Raleigh Police Department recruits outstanding candidates to work as cops in the city. To meet the basic requirements for applying, candidates must:

    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Hold US citizenship
    • Possess a valid drivers license
    • Demonstrate good moral character
    • Have vision that is correctable to 20/20
    • Reside within 60 miles of the downtown Municipal Building after being hired
    • Not have any felony convictions or convictions for disqualifying misdemeanors

    The first step in applying to the RPD is to fill out an online application and submit required documents such as a driving record. Based on the application, the department selects qualified candidates to take the reading comprehension test and the physical ability test. Those who pass the testing phase undergo an interview process, a polygraph examination, and a background investigation. Finally, the Chief of Police selects candidates to offer employment and these recruits move on to basic training in the police academy.

    For more information about how to become a cop in a typical big city, see 10 Steps to Becoming a Police Officer on our home page. If you are ready to apply, find specific application information on the Raleigh Police Department recruiting page.

    Police Training Academies In South Carolina

    Police Officer Jared William Franks, Greensboro Police Department ...

    The South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council approves police training programs within the state, including those for pre-service officers. In order for a prospective South Carolina officers training to qualify, the director of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council must approve the training program completed.

    Most South Carolina officers complete training at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia. Other South Carolina police officer training academies include:

    • Columbia Police Department Training and Career Development Division Columbia, SC
    • Summerville Police Department Training Division Summerville, SC
    • The Carolinas Institute for Community Policing Greenville, SC
    • Department of Homeland Security Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Charleston, SC
    • United States Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy Charleston, SC

    Visit the SCLE website to learn more about police officer training in South Carolina.

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    Career Paths And Opportunities

    Police work is not just about patrolling the streets and catching criminals. There are many different roles and careers you could apply for once you are a trained police officer. Police departments encourage and often incentivize officers to study and further their careers within the police force. A degree in law enforcement will greatly increase your chances of a promotion and a higher salary.

    Here are some of the different policing jobs you could explore

    Time Needed To Join The Charlotte

    The CMPD Training Academy runs a 22-week long course for new recruits. Once this program is complete, the successful candidates have to undergo field training for 14 weeks. Add to that the time taken to complete preliminary selection, and you will need about 1.5 years to become a Charlotte police officer.

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    Becoming A Police Officer In Winston

    The Winston-Salem Police Departments 561 sworn officers are responsible for patrolling the citys 133 square miles and protecting the more than 230,000 residents that call this city home. The Winston-Salem Police Department is made up of three Divisions:

    • The Office of the Chief of Police
    • The Field Services Bureau
    • The Investigative and Support Services Bureau

    Individuals who want to learn how to become a cop by meeting police officer requirements in Winston-Salem should use this guide as an instructional manual for attaining Winston-Salem police jobs:

  • Meet Minimum Qualifications for Employment
  • Take a Reading Comprehension Test and Physical Abilities Test
  • Apply for Employment
  • Receive a Conditional Offer of Employment and Complete Post-Conditional Offer of Employment Testing
  • Receive Final Offer of Employment and Begin Academy Training
  • Step 1. Meet Minimum Qualifications for Employment

    Individuals interested in becoming a police officer in Winston-Salem should first determine if they meet minimum qualifications for employment, which include:

    • You must be a U.S. citizen.
    • You must be at least 20 years old.
    • You must possess a high school diploma or GED.
    • You must have no DWI convictions in the last 5 years.
    • You must either possess, or be able to possess, a North Carolina drivers license.
    • You must have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions.

    Step 2. Take a Reading Comprehension Test and Physical Abilities Test

    Step 3. Apply for Employment

    Documentation Of Criminal Charges

    Police Officer Slams S.C. High School Student to the Ground

    When an applicant has a criminal record, he/she must list ALL charges, regardless of the disposition or the date of the charge, on the Personal History Statement and the Report of Appointment/Application for Certification. Even if a charge was dismissed by the court or the district attorney, it still must be listed under the Criminal Offense Record section of these forms.

    Every charge listed must be accompanied by true/certified copies of the warrant for arrest, citation/magistrates order, etc. and the court disposition/judgment. This documentation may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts Office in the county in which the applicant was criminally charged.

    Failure to list ALL charges may result in denial of certification or suspension/revocation of an existing certification.

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    Application And Hiring Process

    The hiring process with the department may take between 90 to 120 days to complete. The following steps are part of the hiring process:

    • Pre-employment testing
    • Physical fitness testing
    • Panel interview
    • Health assessment
    • Background investigation, including a polygraph examination
    • Psychological evaluation

    Employee Benefits And Position Information

    Starting basic salary for Police Officer Trainees is $41,511.00. Upon completion of the academy and obtaining certification from the state, salary will increase to $44,738.00. For the next 3 years, the salary will be raised per city council approval. After 3 years of service as a police officer, officers advance to Senior Police Officer and are paid a salary of $47,965.00.

    All police department employees, sworn and civilian, are offered the following benefits:

    • Get paid while attending Basic Law Enforcement Training .
    • Retirement program through the NC Local Government Employees Retirement System . The City of Asheville also provides a 401K plan with employer contributions. Sworn officers receive an additional law enforcement retirement supplement through the LGERS system.
    • Mentoring and peer support for new hires.
    • Tuition reimbursement for qualifying courses of study.
    • Health, dental, and life insurance.
    • Incentive pay for:
    • Senior Police Officer status and Intermediate/Advanced Law Enforcement Certificates

    Most non-probationary police officers have the option of taking a department vehicle home. Take-home cars are assigned by availability and seniority.

    Additional information on employee benefits is available through the City of Asheville Human Resources Department.

    Patrol Officer Schedule:

    Specialized Units:

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    Raleigh Police Department Information

    The RPD serves the capital city of North Carolina with a diverse police force that reflects its community. The RPD is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. The department is organized into four divisions: Administrative Services, Detective, Field Operations, and Special Operations. Specialized units within these divisions include Drug Enforcement, Bicycle Patrol, K-9, Selective Enforcement, and Threat Assessment.

    The RPD works to engage the community and to help residents of Raleigh understand more about the department and crime by working with Raleigh Community Engagement to recruit citizen volunteers. The Police Volunteer Program offers residents several ways to get involved including working at special events, patrolling parks, or working on crime prevention programs. All volunteers receive 38 hours of training through the police academy before beginning work.

    Requirements & Disqualification Factors

    Police Officer Tyler Avery Herndon, Mount Holly Police Department ...

    As for the state minimums, all police officers in the state must be U.S. citizens and at least 20 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent GED certificate. As is the case with other states, North Carolina has an extensive list of disqualifying factors involving criminal convictions and drug use. Here are some.

    • You may not be a police officer in North Carolina if you have been convicted of a felony or a crime for which the sentence could have been imprisonment for more than two years.
    • You cannot be certified a police officer in the state if you have been convicted within five years prior to applying for a job of what the state defines as a Class B misdemeanor.
    • Domestic violence convictions will disqualify a candidate because federal law prohibits anyone convicted of domestic violence from carrying a handgun.

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    South Carolina Sheriff Deputy Requirements

    There are 46 county sheriffs in South Carolina who appoint deputy sheriffs to assist with tasks such as routine patrols and criminal investigations. Sheriffs deputies in all jurisdictions must meet minimum qualifications established by the South Carolina legislature, which stipulate that candidates must:

    • Be a US citizen at least 21 years of age
    • Be a registered voter
    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Post a bond of $1,000 for performance of the duties of office

    What Are The Training Requirements To Become An Emergency Communications Officer

    Emergency Communications Officer Trainees must complete a 16-week, in-house field training program. Field training consists of three phases where trainees will be assigned to Police Field Operations, Cary Emergency Medical Services and the Cary Fire Department. ECO trainees will receive several certifications, and are required to obtain their Basic Emergency Communications Officer Certification within the first year of employment.

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    Minimum Requirements For Prospective Police Officers In North Carolina

    If youre seeking to become a police officer in North Carolina, you need to ensure that you meet the following basic requirements. Prospective candidates must:

    • Be at least 21 years of age
    • Hold U.S. citizenship
    • Have a clear criminal record
    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Have a valid North Carolina drivers license
    • Not have been dishonorably charged from the armed forces
    • Have a good moral disposition

    What Does A Federal Police Officer Do

    Gaffney police officer fired after arrest on numerous charges in North Carolina, officers say

    When officers are hired onto a police force, they typically attend a Peace Officer Standards and Training Council -certified police academy for a certain number of hours.

    The Australian Federal Police, while a federal agency, provides policing to dependent Australian Commonwealth Territories.

    In addition to police officer education level, some police departments also consider the experience level of prospective recruits.

    Nearly one in four local police officers worked for a department that required entry-level officers to have at least a two-year college degree..

    Attorneys for a 7-year-old autistic boy who was handcuffed and held to the floor for 38 minutes by a Statesville police officer at Pressly School have begun taking depositions as they prepare for a possible trial in federal court.

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