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When Is The Police Auction

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How Do Police Auctions Near Me Work

Granby to hold online auction of police-found items

An auction is a means of purchasing and selling goods using a bidding format. Each bidder competes with one another, and the individual who offers the highest price eventually wins. An auctioneer begins by pricing items low, and this attracts more bids. As the price creeps up, there are less bids and eventually the highest bidder triumphs!

If you are the winner you will need to be prepared to haul away the goods, pay the bill, and pay the taxes.

Many people are worried about the legalities, but the fact is that purchasing stolen goods is completely legal ! No item will ever be sold in a police auction until every possible effort has been made to return the goods to their rightful owner.

Police forces often use auction houses to sell these confiscated goods. Individuals are free to attend these events in person and start their bidding! If you prefer to join in from home some police forces run official eBay stores where you can bid online.

When you attend an auction house, youll be able to go take a look at the items before that auction starts. Its a great way to plan what you want to bid on before the auction gets underway.

So Why Dont I Find These Police Auctions By Searching Google Or Bing

You could probably find a small number of police auction websites after a few minutes of searching IF, , you know exactly what youre looking for, you know what the auction house is called, where they are located and what they specialise in.

That said, you then need to search through each website and find the information youre looking for, if they publish it online . You would need to spend time to find the auction events, the catalogues, the times and dates and then cross-reference them and save them somehow

Now imagine trying to do that for nearly FIVE HUNDRED police auctioneers you couldnt because its just a plain old fact that over 95% of these auction houses wont come up on the first ten to twenty pages of Google.

Other Forms Of Police Auctions

There are live auction auctions where you can buy police impounded cars, but there are also online auctions as well. The online auction process is very similar to the live auction. The primary difference is that you will not be able to inspect the car before you make a bid.

While this is the case, online auctions will have very detailed car descriptions. There will also be pictures of the vehicle alongside the description. Some online auctions will also allow you the chance to ask some questions about the vehicle before you start bidding.

Another difference is the fact you will not have access to the vehicle on the day you bid for it. You will have to pay for the car first and most online auctions will accept credit cards and bank transfers for this. After payment, you will have the choice of picking up the vehicle or have it shipped to you.

This means that the drawback of the online auction, when compared to a live auction, is the fact that you will not have access to the vehicle before you start bidding. This makes the whole process a bit riskier. The benefit is that you will have access to a lot more vehicles and you will be able to bid on vehicles from the other side of the country.

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Why Should You Consider A Police Car/ Police Impound Auction

In many ways, a police impound auction is the same as a regular new or used car auction. The only major difference is that a police car auction has vehicles that have been confiscated by the police, insurance companies, finance companies, or banks. Hence, these cars come from a variety of backgrounds.

The major advantage of police car auctions is that they can help you get great deals. These cars are often in very good condition and provide you much better value than you first realize. Since they are pre-owned and the agencies are looking to recoup their cost as quickly as possible, they are offered at quite low prices as well. In fact, the deals are so good that you will find many car dealerships that specialize in such vehicles since they can rack in a tidy sum.

In fact, cars are not the only vehicles that are sold at police car auctions. A large variety of vehicles, including motorbikes, vans, and even boats can be available at these auctions for an affordable price.

In addition, former police cars that have become old or are surplus in requirements are also sold off to auction houses. Every year, law enforcement agencies need to replace many vehicles to keep their fleet well-run so that they offer the best service to the public. If you find police cars in an auction house, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that these vehicles were well-serviced and properly maintained by qualified professionals as squad cars.

Cps Police Auction Returns Virtually

Police Auctions in Australia


Cornwall, ON The Cornwall Police Service is pleased to announce the return of the Annual Police Auction.

Since returning in 2020, the event has shifted to a virtual auction. This years auction will once again take place online, with bidding opening on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 at 12:00 pm and ending Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 8:00 pm.

Interested bidders can view the online catalog of items in advance of the bidding by clicking here.

Some of the items being auctioned include:

  • E-Bikes

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Do Not Let The Superficial Scare You

When you go to a government auction, weathered paint can cover up a mechanically sound vehicle. A small dent in the tailgate may not be a sign of misuse and just the result of a parking lot bump. However, when you are at a police auction, these signs can mean that the car is so bad that they do not think it is worthwhile trying to fool you.

These Sales Are Being Held Right Now As You Are Reading

They really can be a bargain hunters heaven. The Police sell a myriad of goods at prices you could have previously dreamed of.

At the Police Auctions website youll find your opportunity to discover where and when these Police Sales happen. Through the auction search engine you will even be able to view the merchandise before you part with a penny.

Register now and happy hunting!

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Thats Hundreds Of Auctioneers Thousands Of Auction Events And Tens Of Thousands Of Auction Items That Just Wont Be Found On A Simple Engine Search Or Portal Why

  • Auctioneers are not geared up for optimizing their websites for search engines so a Google search on police auctions for instance, brings up all sorts of results, much of it irrelevant!
  • Search Engines arent like GAUK because we are a Specialist Auction Engine and our information is handled manually by humans.
  • Auctioneers that deal with police seized goods do not list on auction sites because of the fast turnaround and the fees are prohibitive
  • Many auctioneers do not advertise in traditional press because the costs are prohibitive

The cold, hard truth is that it takes the participation of auctioneers, a large team of data-input staff, some very sophisticated, proprietary software, a bunch of very expensive, dedicated servers, a number of technical guys and a rather large budget to keep GAUK running!

Police Lost & Found What Happens To Items Handed Into The Police And What Are The Criteria For Them To End Up In Uk Police Auctions

Feds: Detroit police officer in charge of vehicle auction took bribes

Usually the finder can keep the goods if they are not claimed within two months.

Occasionally the police may want to hold onto the goods if they suspect them to be stolen or suspect that the owner can be traced. The legal owner can claim their goods back up to one year after they have been handed over. If the police have handed the items to the finder they must retain them for a year. If the goods are found by the Police they can be disposed of at the discretion of the Chief Constable.

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Public Auctions Ever Considered Attending One

Complete Access to General Auctions, Vehicle Auctions, Government Auctions & Police Auction Sales of Confiscated and Stolen, Recovered and Unclaimed Personal Possessions.


Government & Police Auctions are a time-proven and established route used by these agencies and Police forces across the country to dispose of goods recovered from proceeds of crime, lost and found, seized, unclaimed stolen and confiscated property. Auction sales are held on a regular basis at auction houses and venues all over the UK.

Our comprehensive Auction House & Auctions database covers ALL sales going on each week, and details hundreds of auction lots every, single day. shares with you all this information on all the events covering the lots for sale with direct links straight to the Auction House & Relevant Auctions!

These items, these valuable items, these once cherished possessions are simply a headache for the police forces. They have to be stored or even warehoused in some cases and this is a sever drain on the system.

In short, the police and authorities just want them gone and are willing to accept what they can get on the day Often these auctions have NO RESERVE!

Police-Auctions.UK team monitor every Police Auction house and event in our database 24/7, uploading new items daily This really is insider information and available nowhere else and thats a guarantee!

· Cars & Commercial Vehicles

How Do Cars End Up As Police Seized

You may have seen cars that have been branded as police seized if you are searching for pre-owned cars to buy. Although this may seem like the cars have been directly involved in a crime, the chances of that are actually pretty low. Instead, most police seized cars have been repossessed due to non-payment on finance agreements. In many other cases, the vehicles sold at police car auctions have been towed away by traffic police and impounded.

Here are some of the reasons why cars may be seized by the police:

  • The insurance policy on the car has lapsed. If it has expired, the police can impound your car.
  • The car may be parked illegally on roads or public land or if they are becoming an obstacle. This includes broken-down vehicle, which can be towed away by the police.
  • A car that is parked in a handicapped spot may be towed.
  • If your car is impounded and the owner of the car has not paid the taxes on it, your car may not be released to you.
  • Your car may be impounded if you have been driving it with an expired, suspended, or revoked driving license.
  • If your car has experienced mechanical failure and is inoperable or too dangerous to stay on the road, it may be towed away.
  • A vehicle that is in good working order that has been abandoned on the street may be picked up by the police and sent to an auction house.

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Police Auctions Near Me Final Thoughts

These are fun events to attend, but they can get competitive. Like any vehicle auction, you should know what you are doing and have an understanding of what you are bidding on and the risks. There are certain rules certain states have that limit the number of vehicles you can buy and sell in a year. So depending on your state and how you plan on bidding, you may need to get a dealers license. This is what I have learned from the police auctions near me.

Auto Auction Protocol For Covid

Greeneville Police Dept. Seized Firearms Auction
  • A viewing of available vehicles will be held the Friday before the auction from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.
  • No more than ten people at a time will be admitted to the auction area during the viewing period
  • All people in the viewing area are required to wear a face covering
    • Hands must be sanitized before entering the Impound Unit Lobby and Auction Area
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
    • All viewers and bidders on City of Cincinnati property will be required to wear a face covering
  • Those without a face covering will not be admitted, and anyone who removes the face covering will be escorted off the property
    • Bid tickets will be issued at 9:00 A.M. on a first come, first serve basis
  • Only one bidder at a time in the lobby or outside ticket table
  • Only one bidder per ticket
  • No less than six feet between bidders, designated by ground markings
    • All bidders will take direction from the police officer stationed at the entrance to the auction area and from the auctioneer inside the auction area
    • If not interested in bidding on a vehicle, participants will be directed to stand and wait on a marker until the bidding begins on the desired vehicle
    • Once finished bidding, all bidders must leave the auction area to pay for their purchase or leave the premises
  • Purchasers will wait in line on the designated spaces to pay
  • The line will form on the first space six feet from the lobby door
  • Only one purchaser will be allowed in the lobby at a time
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    What Is A Police Auction

    A police auction works just like a conventional auction, where individuals can bid on and purchase goods. The difference is that these are stolen goods which have been confiscated by the police. The police will usually return confiscated items to their rightful owners however, when this is not possible, the items are sold at a police auction. Police auctions are incredibly popular because you can snap up goods for great prices!

    You might be wondering why police auctions exist in the first place? Well, the fact is that the police force doesnt have the space to store all the confiscated items that they acquire. When its evident that the item cannot be returned, the police force uses auctions to legally pass on the goods.

    How Will Gauk Police Auctions Listings Help Me Locate Police Auctions In The Uk

    GAUK Police Auctions is a massive web-based database, featuring Police Auction Lots coming up for bidding, contacts, dates, times, regions, and a wealth of other information designed to help UK bargain hunters find the most fantastic deals on a huge range of goods. This is THE definitive guide to Police Auctions and government agents!

    At GAUK Police Auctions you will find all the information our data input teams and proprietary software track down. You will not find much this stuff anywhere else Guaranteed

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    Fake Police Auctions: How To Avoid

    Just ignore the ad. Police departments dont typically advertise their auctions globally for the public, but locally. The largest online police auction website is Property Room , which is ranked 281st on the Internet Retailers 500 List. Stay away from bogus Police auctions.

    The company, founded in 1999 by former police officers and detectives, sells confiscated police goods and approved third party merchant merchandise to the highest winning bidder. You can access PropertyRoom clicking the link below:

    Police Auctions Fraud: How It Works

    Police Auction Held For Items Seized From Criminals

    Police auctions take place as law enforcement officers come across and confiscate various goods regularly. These are items that were stolen or bought with illegally-made money. Therefore, the local departments often organize Police auctions where it sells these items, usually for low prices, with all the proceeds going to a police charity. However, criminals found a way to take advantage of the game and came up with a very ingenious scam, which still happens these days.

    They organize fake Police auctions online and then advertise them. They get peoples attention in order to pay for non-existent items by making them think they are getting great deals. The crooks even build websites, so they take the scam in the virtual world, where the number of potential victims is infinite. The scam has two variations. In the first one, the victims pay but never receive anything.

    In the other case, questionable individuals claim to organize online auctions for seized items, create good looking sites, and insist that all the objects are of high-end value and rare. They even send the actual products to the buyers who purchase them.

    In reality, all these items sent mostly jewelry, brand name clothes, and other materials easy to ship are nothing but cheap products made in Asia sold at ridiculous prices to victims who believe theyve got amazing unique pieces.

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    Save Coppers By Buying An Ex Police Car

    Each year some ten million cars are sold in the UK. One and a half million of these are sold through auctions.

    People can be wary of vehicle auctions because they worry that the cars may not be straight or legit. BUT theres one kind of auction where you can always guarantee that the cars on display are exactly what they say they are: Police Cars.

    Only around 5,000 Police Cars are sold at Police Car auctions each year but if you know where to look, you can nick yourself a bargain for a good set of wheels. There are several auction houses commissioned by police forces to sell-off their old vehicles.

    Police Car Sales usually take place every couple of weeks, and they are held right across the country.

    Once a car has served its time, its stripped of all its Police markings, siren, radio, gun box and serviced, before going under the hammer. These vehicles may have done more miles than your average family runabout but, Police Cars are kept in tip-top condition. No expense is spared in keeping these motors immaculate and they receive the best parts, tyres, even oil.

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