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How To Get A Police Blotter Removed From The Internet

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How To Remove Mugshots From Google

Federal class action lawsuit filed against Town of Brookside, police officers

It is a pretty well-known fact that hardly anyone ever clicks beyond the first page of Google. So, if you type in your name and your mugshots come right up, then you could use a practice of replacement rather than removal to get rid of your mugshots. Basically, anything that is less new and less relevant will be pushed down further on Google in subsequent pages, and hardly anyone will ever see it.

It doesnt take very long for Google to pick up the information, and your mugshot could potentially show up on the first page when someone searches for your name. That is why it is so important to get on top of it and remove it quickly.

Although Google is known for being difficult when it comes to content removal, if you stick with it and contact them repeatedly and explain the situation, they may remove your mugshots from the search results. Therefore, even if they stay on the websites, your mugshots will be hidden from the public view.

South Carolina Mugshot Removal

South Carolinians need real legal protections to prevent falling victim to the mugshots. If youve ever been arrested and booked into custody for a serious crime, the police or sheriffs department may decide to have a picture taken of you. While the mere fact of being arrested may cause a persons image to be plastered

How To Remove Mugshots From Mugshotscom

Since their legal troubles and arrests, now offers free removal for anyone who can provide paperwork proving they were never charged with a crime or expungement documents showing their crimes are now sealed. There is a contact form on their website that you can use to do this.

Fill out the form with your name, address, phone number, email address, and a message about your issue. Dont be aggressive they dont have any legal obligation to remove your mugshots, so try to be nice. Send an email to their legal address: and attach your legal documentation proving the dismissal of charges or expungement paperwork. Check back between 7-10 days, and your mugshots should be removed.

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Can I Expunge My Record Am I Eligible For An Expunction

Under most circumstances, in order to be eligible for an expunction, you must not have been convicted. You are considered convicted whether you were found guilty by a judge or a jury. It does not matter whether you stood trial or plead guilty or no contest: if a judge found you guilty after a guilty plea or no contest plea, then you have been convicted. If a jury found you guilty after a trial, then you are also convicted.

Generally, if you were sentence to probation, even deferred adjudication probation, you are not eligible for an expunction. One exception to this is if you plead guilty to a Class C Misdemeanor and the case was ultimately dismissed . Another exception is for DUI and other age-restricted offense. Another exception was created by the 87th Texas Legislature in 2021. If you were convicted of UCW, as it existed prior to September 1, 2021, you can get your record expunged. Learn more details about this expunction eligibility scenarios

You are strongly encouraged to hire a lawyer to handle your expunction because you only get one chance to do it. If you want to clear your criminal record, you should make sure to do it right. At the Saputo Law Firm, we keep up with the latest law related to expunctions as well as the most innovative technologies involved with the sale and distribution of public arrest record documents to private companies. Please call us at to learn more about expunctions or to schedule your consultation with an expunctions attorney.

Contact Netreputation Today For Expert Help In Records Removal

Mugshot Removal

Most find themselves playing whack-a-mole when they are unsure where their arrest records actually are. And the last thing we want to do is remove 1-2 mugshots and have additional images show up a few weeks later.

That is why our team searches over 400 mugshot publications and local newspapers to ensure we locate all arrest records online. We scan the web, searching for data that can compromise your safety and your privacy.

When youre ready to take the next step, we will send you a detailed statement of work. We do this prior to collecting payment to illustrate our process from start to finish.

This also includes our 100% money-back guarantee. So, if we fail, you will get your money back.

Want to delete those arrest records fast? Call our Removal Team today at to schedule an appointment or by filling out our contact form below for a free consultation. One of our representatives will be in touch promptly.

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Do You Need Help Removing Arrest Records Online

How do I get my mugshot removed from the internet? If you have been recently arrested, you may be shocked to discover that your mugshot is now published on the Internet. Indeed, it would be quite appropriate for your mugshot image to be the first search result that appears when your name is searched in

Deleting Mugshots Off The Internet For Free

To do this, you need to take a bunch of pictures of yourself and post them on various websites such as:

  • Other photo-based websites

Be sure to caption each one with your name to replace the content with fresher, more relevant content. Dont forget about using alt tags . Do this for a few months and it will work.

Another helpful tip is to start a WordPress blog and post to it a few times a week, using your name, and a photo. This will help to flood the internet with new information about you and push the old mugshots down further and further into obscurity, very quickly.

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Why Remove Police Blotter Reports

In today’s information technology driven times, one’s online presence can make or brake her. Arrest reports and mugshots published in online police blotter and on local news sites is detrimental to the online reputation of a man or woman. Our talented team of private information removal pros can quickly remove a police blotter blurb for your name, and do it for cheaper than any other company.


Meet with an experienced online arrest removal specialist for a free consultation to remove a police blotter or arrest report from local arrest news stories, mugshot websites and search engine results.


We have native English-speaking customer support agents based in the United States standing by 24/7 to answer questions and aid our clients in the complete removal of police blotter news and arrest reports.


What Is A Police Blotter

Watch: Bodycam Captures Phoenix Police Officers Ambushed By Suspect

Police blotter is a slang term that actually goes as far back as 16th century Europe. At the time, no formal police force existed. Instead, some communities and groups of traders, merchants, church members, and others employed a private security force to protect their goods. They also paid private citizens to capture and convict thieves .

In any case, whats important here is that the organizations hiring the security tracked events in a large ledger. The term blotter comes from the type of material used to clean up excess ink during the record-keeping process.

Somehow, blotter became synonymous with the record itself and the name, well, kind of stuck.

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Explore Having Your Arrest Expunged Or Sealed

First, see the rules regarding expungement and sealing in your state. These can be found at the Restoration of Rights Projects 50 State Comparison.

If your case qualifies for expungement or sealing, it is recommended you proceed with expungement or sealing because each outcome can increase your chances of getting police blotter content removed. Each state has different rules regarding expungement a process by which criminal files are removed from the public record.

While you should check your local rules to see if you qualify for expungement, most states permit expungement of charges that were dismissed or did not result in a conviction.

Alternatively, some records can be sealed, which simply removes them from public access. Anyone that wants to view a sealed record will need a court order. Often, juvenile records are automatically sealed once an individual turns 18 and cannot be viewed without a court order. However, this is not always the case and may vary from state to state.

Even if you obtain an expungement, you may need to follow up to ensure all records are removed. For instance, some mugshot sites may still show your arrest record. Fortunately, many of these sites will accept proof of expungement or sealing to remove content from their website.

Lawyer For Mugshot Removal

Mugshot Removal Service There are a lot of new entrants into the mugshot removal space since we began offering reputation management services in 2012 as the only firm to offer our clients a solution that did not involve directly partnering with mugshot websites. The only other competitors we have in this space are Mugshot Removal

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Contact A Connecticut Internet Scrubbing Lawyer To Remove Your Online Arrest Record Today

So if your Connecticut case was dismissed through the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program, Alcohol Education Program, or any other Connecticut diversionary program, and you need to remove your Connecticut DUI / DWI,domestic violence, or disorderly conduct arrest from the internet, you should contact an internet scrubbing lawyer at the Mark Sherman Law firm. We are one of the leading and most experienced firms in the State of Connecticut on this sensitive issue. Our libel and defamation lawyers are ready to help you begin protecting your reputation today. Call us for a consultation at 358-4700.

Our Customized Information Removal Service

Remove DOJ " Your computer has been blocked"  virus (MoneyPak Scam)

After you complete the form below, we will follow up with an email and phone call. We understand this is a sensitive matter and comes with a sense of urgency.

For this reason, your designated account manager will search the entire internet for all traces of your arrest. This includes searching for court records and other public records that contain information you want to be removed from view on the web. Once we have located this information, we go to work, targeting each site individually with opt out requests, legal options, and strategies to help get this information removed. We have developed relationships with many websites and database hosts, allowing our team to be successful in removal with one simple request. Remember that information from public records exposes you to anyone with an internet connection we work quickly to protect your reputation and your online safety.

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Removing Police Blotter Result On Google For My Name

When searching my full name on google, one of the top results is a local news website publishing local police blotter from a misunderstanding the police and I had

This search result really damages my reputation in personal life and especially when any school or employer googles me, but none of it is even legally viable.

The “charges” they pinned on me sound really serious but none of them were pursued and were all dropped/erased from my record because i didnt actually do anything it was all a misunderstanding/i fit the stereotype. I was treated very poorly by them that day despite telling them i was innocent and would like this result gone also because it is a jarring memory i dont want to be reminded of, let alone have it stamped on my name/reputation.

Can I have it removed from Google search? and what information privacy laws allow me to do this? would appreciate any advice.

location: New York

If I Received Probation Can I Get An Expunction

Any conviction will typically disqualify you from an expunction, including a straight probation sentence, except for DUI and other age-related alcohol offenses and, after the 87th Texas Legislature, any UCW convictions as the statute existed prior to September 1, 2021. You are also not eligible for an expunction if you received deferred adjudication for an offense, unless that offense was a Class C misdemeanor or for a UCW. However, if you have received probation and youre not otherwise eligible for an expunction, you may still be eligible for an order of nondisclosure. You may also qualify to apply for judicial clemency if you received a probation sentence after conviction. Learn more information about Judicial Clemency here

If you were convicted, pled guilty, or pled no contest, then your arrest may not be able to be expunged. You also may not be able to expunge your record if you jumped bail or violated the terms of probation or if it was part of a criminal episode.

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Request A Copy Of The Police Report

Start by requesting a copy of your full police report. If your case is still ongoing or under investigation, you may not be able to obtain a copy of the report until the case is closed. If the matter is resolved, you can request a copy of the report by visiting the police department where the arrest took place.

As long as you were a direct party to the incident you should be able to obtain a copy of your report within a few days to a week.

It is important to obtain the police report to see if the actual report matches the information cited in the police blotter.

For instance, a police blotter might cite an arrest for domestic violence while the police report lists disorderly conduct as the reason for the arrest. If the report and blotter do not match, you may only have to notify publishers that their blotter information was incorrect for them to correct their records.

Turning To Your Lawyer For Help

How to safely remove your personal information from the internet

While turning to a lawyer for help can sometimes be the sensible option, its often not the best, particularly at this stage.

As weve already discussed, the process behind removing criminal records generally involves one of just a small handful of choices. This is the same no matter who is handling it.

At this stage, much of what your lawyer might do may be done by yourself. Read on to find out more.

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How To Remove Your Name From A Police Blotter

This page has been peer-reviewed, fact-checked, and edited by multiple qualified attorneys and legal professionals to ensure substantive accuracy and coverage. Our publication process is robust, following a 16-step content creation and review process.

If you have recently been arrested, charged with a DUI, or had a run-in with the police, chances are your name has been featured on a police blotter. Unfortunately, police blotter records do not always tell the full story and may mislead the public. Unless you take action, your name or personal information may still be featured on a police blotter even if charges are later dismissed.

By taking the following steps, you may be able to get your name and arrest information removed from a police blotter:

  • Request a copy of your full police report,
  • Obtain copies of the docket and journal entries from your criminal case,
  • Explore whether your arrest record can be expunged or sealed, and
  • Submit expungement orders to websites to get expunged or sealed records removed.

At Minc Law, we have helped more than 2,500 clients remove over 50,000 pieces of unwanted online content. We know what it takes to get negative and unflattering online content removed. We also help clients bolster and protect their online reputation, so they are not defined solely by what internet search results say about them.

Remove Criminal Record From Google Via Suppression

Finally, lets look at using search engine suppression.

Suppression is best when removing a listing or de-indexing a link on Google or Bing falls short of the mark.

Each of these approaches rests on various factors, ranging anywhere from current state laws and site owner disposition to the search engines decision-making process.

Suppression, however, is proven to produce fantastic results for those looking to remove a criminal record from Google.

Suppression works by replacing negative results when searching for your name with positive ones. Chances are when you search your name, things like arrest details, mugshots and other criminal records will appear somewhere in the top 3 results.

Thats because these results are deemed the most relevant. And when you add more relevant content, these results are likely to be replaced.

The ultimate aim is to push down results concerning your criminal record until theyre not visible on the first page.

Once theyre relegated to page two, fewer than five percent of web users are likely to see them in search results, according to reports.

So, while the information still exists online, its links are no longer prominent on Google. This means its unlikely to be seen by most people, even when theyre actively searching for your name.

In terms of some of the above, a lawyer may be able to expedite matters.

At NetReputation, we have over a decade of first-hand experience removing and suppressing harmful online content.

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What Is The Difference Between Expunction And Non

Expunctions and orders of nondisclosure are very similar, but there are important differences between the two. Both expunctions and nondisclosure are judicial orders that can clear your criminal record, but they do it in different ways. An Order of Expunction is a more powerful judicial order that can extend to a wider array of private, public and governmental agencies. If your arrest is expunged, all parties subject to the order are required to redact, delete or destroy all records relating to the arrest .

Nondisclosure merely prevents the disclosure of records by government agencies to the general public, but the records are not destroyed, and the records may be shared with various government and certain other private entities. The records are never destroyed.

Both orders of nondisclosure and expunctions do not change the status of your record for immigration purposes. Under immigration law, if you plead guilty, you will be considered guilty whether or not you were eventually adjudicated guilty. So a guilty plea resulting in deferred adjudication will still count as a conviction for immigration purposes.

Eligibility rules are different as well for nondisclosure. If you successfully completed deferred adjudication probation, your record may be eligible for an Order of Nondisclosure, but you will not be eligible for an Expunction.

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