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How To Know If You Are Being Investigated By Police

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Dont Talk To Potential Witnesses

How do I know if I am being investigated for a crime?

If you are under investigation for a crime, you may feel angry and anxious. When threatened, it is human nature to take action. It is tempting to go to the potential witnesses against you and try to talk them out of testifying against you. For instance, you may tell them your side of the case: I didnt hit her. What you heard was my fist hitting the wall.

Talking to witnesses, though, is a bad idea. You could be charged with the additional crime of witness tampering which carries stiff consequences including a potential prison sentence. If you feel there is something to be gained from speaking to a witness, tell your lawyer and let him or her take care of it.

How Long Do The Police Have To Investigate Allegations

Although police investigations begin from the initial report of an allegation, an individual will only know that they are being investigated once the police have contacted them. This can either be once the individual has been arrested or if they are contacted to attend a voluntary interviewwith the police.

The police will interview a suspect and then either:

  • Charge the individual and either release them with a date to appear in court or hold them in custody to appear in remand court
  • Release the individual on pre-charge bail or
  • Release the individual under investigation.

An individual will be released under investigation or on pre-charge bail if the polices investigation has not been concluded. The police may have seized digital devices, documents and samples from their address which will need to be sent for forensic examination. In order to proceed with an investigation they may need to wait for experts to analyse any evidence and create reports that could then be used in the case against the individual. They may also want to interview the individual again or conduct further enquiries before seeking permission from the Crown Prosecutor to charge them.

Sign : The Police Come To Your Home

The police may come to your home for a number of reasons. They may come to ask if you know any information about a current investigation, to formally interview you, or to execute a search warrant.

Some of these reasons are more serious than others if your home is searched, its a strong sign that you are under investigation.

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How An Attorney Helps If You Are Being Investigated

As the police investigate, Ross Denison Law serves as an important buffer between you and the authorities. Make no mistake, whatever disingenuous inducements they offer, the police and the prosecutors office are trying to do you legal harm. Ross Denison Law ensures that your communications with law enforcement, if appropriate at all, are safe and do not disclose damaging information.

Once an investigation is referred to a District Attorneys office by a law enforcement agency, it important you have a skilled criminal defense attorney to negotiate on your behalf prior to a charging decision. Ross Denison Law will communicate with the District Attorneys Office to attempt to avoid unnecessarily serious charges or charges all together. If that is not possible, Ross will make certain the matter proceeds in a manner that limits the negative impacts on your life.

How Can I Know If I Am Being Investigated For A Crime

Jersey City Shooting: Everything We Know

If youre wondering if youre under investigation, heres what you should know. How can I know if I am being investigated for a crime? Usually, the police will call or visit and ask you questions because people do make statements and incriminate themselves or even provide a confession. That is the easiest way for the police to close a case. They will call you or show up at your home and ask to speak to you, or ask you to come in for an interview with a detective and that is how you will find out that you are a suspect in whatever crime they are investigating. In some undercover cases they are working you may not know ahead of time everything will be done via surveillance and your indictment may be a secret until you get arrested or find out there is a warrant out for your arrest. Those cases are rare most of the time you will know because the police will ask you about it.

Am I Obligated To Meet With The Police And Answer Their Questions?

Are Police Allowed To Lie To A Suspect During Investigation Or Questioning?

On the flip side, you cannot lie to them. If you lie to police, that can bring more serious consequences. You have the right to remain silent and it is what you should do. If you do choose to speak and you lie to the police, you could be facing additional criminal charges.

What Are the Differences Between Misdemeanor and Felony Charges?

How Long Do Criminal Cases Typically Take To Resolve?


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No Search Without A Warrant

Law enforcement officers must be in possession of a warrant from a judge in order to legally search your home or seize your property as evidence. You do not need to let any officers into your home if they cannot provide such documentation, even if they try to intimidate you into granting them entry. You can speak clearly through the closed door if you do not feel safe opening it, demanding to see a signed warrant and denying entry if they cannot provide one.

How Do Miranda Rights Come Into Play

The person should be read their Miranda rights upon arrest, if not immediately thereafter. The Miranda rights state that, You have the right to remain silent. Anything you will say or do will be used `against you and that you have the right to a lawyer et cetera. Everything that we hear, that we had seen on TV, or read, is something that should be told to the person if not at arrest, then immediately thereafter because those would be the persons rights, particularly the right to remain silent and not say anything. These would be constitutional rights that would be key to any type of criminal matter.

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What Should You Do If You Are A Suspect In A Pre

If you learn that you are being investigated as a suspect, you need to take immediate steps to protect yourself. If you are innocent, do not make the mistake of believing that if you cooperate with the police that no charges will be brought against you. You should take these steps:

  • Unless you have been arrested, you have a right to leave if you are brought in for questioning and should exercise this right.
  • Do not agree to a search unless the police have a warrant. You are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures of your property and you under the Fourth Amendment.
  • Do not speak to the police without a lawyer being present. Anything you say can and will be used against you.
  • Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. A lawyer can protect your legal rights and build a strong defense if you are arrested. They may also be able to help you avoid criminal charges being filed against you.

Now: Authorities Provide An Update On The Investigation

Delane Gordon’s traffic stop gone wrong Under investigation

From CNN’s Jason Hanna, Aya Elamroussi and Melissa Alonso

Memphis authorities are providing an update now on the case of Eliza “Liza” Fletcher and the ongoing investigation.

Police said earlier Tuesday that a body found this week in Memphis is that of a teacher who was abducted there while jogging last week, and a suspect is being charged with murder.

Fletcher, 34, was identified as the person found dead Monday in the Tennessee city, roughly 7.5 miles from where surveillance video showed she was forced into an SUV early Friday, Memphis police said on Twitter.

A suspect arrested over the weekend, Cleotha Abston, 38, has now been charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of kidnapping, in addition to kidnapping and other charges previously filed, Shelby County Court records show.

The cause of Fletcher’s death was not immediately announced.

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How An Attorney Can Help

Even if you are not sure that you are being investigated, an attorney can help because an attorney will be able to speak with you about your options should you eventually be investigated or charged. The attorney can advise you of what the police will be looking for and how you might be approached based on their evaluation of the circumstances in your specific case. An attorney can also be on call in case the police do approach you and can be a significant resource in how to interact with the police.

Additionally, an attorney will be able to do some initial background investigation to try to find out exactly what the police are looking for to determine the nature of the potential charges to be brought. For some attorneys, this might mean checking out the warrant logs at the local county courthouse to look for a search warrant or arrest warrant issued for you, for your residence or for the residences of your acquaintances and business partners.

Are Police Allowed To Lie To You And Vice Versa

On a state matter, police are permitted to lie to get information from you. One of the oldest tricks in the book is they arrest your friend and tell you they just confessed and said you did it, to which you may reply that you didnt do it, that you just drove the car, and right there, they have what they need.

However, while police can lie, you cant because, even if youre not criminally prosecuted for the crime, they can prosecute you for lying. For example, in a federal investigation, they never have anything to convict Olympic sprinter Marion Jones with, when it came to her use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs, but they were able to prove she lied about using them, and she went to federal prison for five years for nothing more than lying to police.

A second way lying to police can hurt is because everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You dont have to speak at the trial, but if you assert the right not to speak, the only thing the jury may hear is that you lied, which means theyll have a credibility issue to believe the police, who are just doing their job, or you, who is the person who is on record lying on police reports and video surveillance?

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You Can Apply For A Protection Order

A protection orderprotection orderA protection order means an offender can be arrested if they hurt, threaten or approach you or your children. You can apply for a protection order if you’re in a domestic relationship with the offender. A judge can include a protection order in a sentenceView the full glossary means an abuser can be arrested if they hurt, threaten, approach or encourage anyone else to abuse or threaten you and your children. You can apply for a Protection Order if you’re in, or have been in, a close personal relationship with a person being violent towards you.

Its free of charge to apply for a Protection Order.

If you urgently need a Protection Order the court can make a temporary Protection Order on the same day. For more information on getting a Protection Order as well as the forms and advice on how to get a lawyer to help you with these forms, you can visit:The Ministry of Justice website

How The Police Perform Criminal Investigations

Police ID suspect in SWAT situation  charged with rape

The scope of a criminal investigation can vary depending on the type of criminal activity being investigated. In some cases, such as reckless driving charges, a fight at a bar or other location, or domestic violence, the police may not need to conduct any investigation other than at the scene before arresting someone.

Similarly, the length of time the police will engage in a pre-arrest investigation will depend on the seriousness and complexity of the crime. Some can take days, weeks, or a year or more to complete. Here are some ways that law enforcement officials and prosecutors conduct an investigation before making an arrest.

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How Can You Tell If You Are Being Investigated

Our professional legal team at Mike G Law are experienced with the procedures that law enforcement officers use to gather evidence on suspects. As such, we know how to tell if the police are investigating you, and we want to share our tips with you so that you can be prepared. Here are some of the most common signs.

  • You are Contacted or Visited by the Police: The strongest indicator that you are the subject of a criminal investigation is that the police come to your home and ask you to come in for questioning. They may also try to contact you at your place of work. In neither of these cases are you obligated to speak to them and they cannot legally enter your home without a warrant.
  • Your Friends and Relatives are Contacted by the Police: Law enforcement officers are also likely to contact anyone you may be acquainted with, such as your friends, family, and co-workers, and ask them questions regarding the investigation.
  • Police are Lurking Around Your Home or Workplace: The police may also surveil you at your home or place of business. If you notice police vehicles or suspicious unmarked cars outside for a significant time period, you could be being watched or followed by law enforcement.
  • You Receive Questionable Social Media Requests: Officers have also been known to use fake social media profiles to gather information on suspects during pre-file investigations. Suspicious contact requests online could be from undercover law enforcement agents.

Signs Of Being Under Investigation

To decide whether or not you should call an attorney, consider the items below as signs the police are likely investigating you as a criminal suspect:

  • The police call you or come to your home. This is not a conclusive sign, but it is always a necessary first step for a detective pursuing a criminal investigation. If you are asked to come into the station to make a statement, this is a red flag.
  • The police contact your relatives, friends, romantic partners, or co-workers. If the police contact one or more people you are connected to, this is a significant sign that they are trying to gather information about you as a suspect for a crime.
  • You notice police vehicles or unmarked cars near your home or business. The police can survey you at home or your work. You may notice more police vehicles in your neighborhood, unmarked cars parked in your neighborhood or by your office, or that someone is following you.
  • You receive friend or connection requests on social media. You may receive a friend or connection request from someone you do not know on social media. Or, you may notice new people following you on your public accounts. This could be a police officer.

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District Attorney: Suspect Will Be Arraigned On New Charges Tomorrow Morning

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said that the suspect was arraigned this morning and will be arraigned tomorrow on new charges.

Mulroy said he spoke to Eliza Fletcher’s family this morning and asked that the public please respect their privacy.

CNN reported earlier Tuesday that a suspect arrested over the weekend, Cleotha Abston, 38, has now been charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of kidnapping, in addition to kidnapping and other charges previously filed, Shelby County Court records show.

How To Tell If The Police Are Investigating You

Alleged sexual, drug crime misconduct: What we know about the FBI investigation of Caldwell Police

Getting investigated by the police is one of the many things in life we never want to come across. It comes with stress, work-life disruptions, and, of course, unwanted attention and doubt from neighbors and family.

If you think you are under a law enforcement agencys surveillance, you must be intimidated or frightened thinking about all the things you may or not have done wrong. But before you start worrying right away, here is how to tell if the police are investigating you.

If you are suspected of a crime or for aiding and abetting one, you or your close friends and family will be contacted by the police. However, until the investigation is complete, or they have enough evidence to charge, you will not be privy to any of the information even after hiring a lawyer.

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If Unsure Whether You Are Being Investigated Should You Still Contact A Lawyer

If you are unsure you are being investigated, but you are still concerned about the possibility of an investigation, the first thing that you should do is go see a lawyer. It is absolutely the right choice to make. An attorney will be able to tell you not only what the likelihood of an investigation potential charges are, but an attorney will be able to prepare you for the moment that a charge is brought and will be able to give you a sense of what the outcome will be and what steps you will need to take in your case.

Benefits Of Contacting An Attorney

If someone suspects that they are being investigated, they will want to make sure that they do everything properly and avoid making any missteps along the way. The best way to accomplish this is by contacting an attorney. Many people are investigated and are accused of things they may not necessarily be involved in. For this reason, it is important to get a criminal defense attorney involved as soon as possible so that they can begin speaking with law enforcement to ensure that the persons rights are protected.

No matter the situation, if a person believes they are being investigated by law enforcement, they absolutely should talk to an attorney.

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