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How To Make Anonymous Report To Police

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A Lite Version Of The App Is Also Available In Many Other Cities Across India As Well This Version Does Not Have The Option To Contact The Police Or Send Complaints Directly

Anonymous crime reporting app

All reported issues are checked at the call centres set up by CitizenCOP, from where the team members pass the information on to the concerned authorities or other NGOs they collaborate with. For instance, in a recent case of domestic violence reported from Jaipur, CitizenCOP was able to provide immediate help through an NGO operating in the area.

The CitizenCOP NGO, formed under the CSR wing of INFOCRATS, has a team of 10 people who keep an eye on all the serious issues that are reported and share them with the concerned authorities. The best thing about the app is that it maintains anonymity. Users dont have to register themselves to begin using the app, and their names and numbers are not included in the complaint unless they want to share them. This eliminates the fear of identity disclosure that many people experience when complaining about issues, especially to the police.

The features of the app include:

How Do You Report A Probation Violation Anonymously Do

How do you report a probation violation anonymously, do you need proof? my friend is on felony probation for nine years, he has been violating his probation for five months because he is now a non report, he has been doing drugs and drinking everyday, it worries me because now he gets violent when he doesnt have it, i just want him to quit

Doing The Right Thingsafely

One things for sure: David and Lisa are not alone. Concerns about personal safety and legal prosecution scare many people away, ultimately leading to them opting to keep drug crimes quiet.

But it doesnt have to be that way it is possible to report drug dealing anonymously.

Crime Stoppers is an effective national program that collects anonymous crime tips. Anyone who wants to report drug activity can contact Crime Stoppers via phone or online. A national tip line is available 24/7, and the program also operates out of local offices. Witnesses to drug crimes can make an anonymous phone call or fill out an online form. Whats more, you can rest easy knowing that all Crime Stoppers workers are trained to protect the callers identity and, instead of caller ID, all incoming phone calls are assigned a numerical code.

Crime Stoppers isnt the only way you can report drug dealing or use. Alternate options include contacting the Drug Enforcement Administration or the Department of Justice . Both have websites and phone numbers to anonymously report drug activity or submit tips through a hotline.

  • As of March 2019, Crime Stoppers efforts have resulted in over 746,000 arrests, clearing out over one million legal cases.1

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Where To File A Complaint About Police Misconduct

If you would like to file a complaint alleging a violation of the criminal laws discussed above, you may contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation , which is responsible for investigating allegations of criminal deprivations of civil rights. You may also contact the United States Attorneys Office in your district.

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Submit A Crime Tip Anonymously

Police Warn Residents of Circulation of Fraudulent Letters From ...

WeTip is committed to providing the most effective, anonymous citizens crime reporting hotline system in the nation. To report a crime anonymously online, all you need is to submit a crime tip. WeTip promises and ensures absolute anonymity, not just confidentiality. WeTip provides intelligence and information to local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies relating to criminal activity obtained from an online and telephone crime reporting hotline.

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What Is The Brady Rule

The Brady Rule, named after Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 , requires prosecutors to disclose materially exculpatory evidence in the governments possession to the defense. Bagley, 473 U.S. 667 . The defendant bears the burden to prove that the undisclosed evidence was both material and favorable.

Do Police Reports Do Anything

Police Reports. Police investigate crimes and arrest people, but they do not charge people with crimes. Police records thus are not part of the court system, and documents like arrest reports or crime/incident reports kept at police departments are not presumed to be open to the public as court records are.

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How Do You Anonymously Report Someone

Submit an anonymous tip to your local police department or FBI field office. Visit the website of the law enforcement agency in your town, city, or district and look for a link where you can go to report a crime. If youre unable to find one, head over to and use the provided form to tell what you know.

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Report Crime Anonymously: Contact Crimestoppers

Legal Self-Help : How to Anonymously Report Drug Dealing

Crimestoppers is an independent charity working to solve and prevent crime. Its a way for people, who for whatever reason may be reluctant to tell Police what they know, to anonymously report information about crime and criminals via an independent third party. You can contact Crimestoppers anonymously when you know about a crime that has been, or is being committed, you suspect a crime is being planned, or any other activity you think is illegal. To report a crime anonymously:

Find out more on the Crimestoppers website.

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Should You Report Child Abuse

Anyone who suspects any form of child abuse should report it immediately. If you believe someone is abusing or neglecting a child, you can anonymously report it. Witnesses can call any law enforcement, social worker, educator, and even healthcare worker at any time.

Reporting child abuse is daunting, and you may question whether or not its your place. You may not think that reporting right away would make a difference, but it could save a childs life. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, neglectful, or sexual, you should report it.

Witness and reporters are legally protected. Anyone who reports child abuse in good faith has rights and legal protection. You cannot be sued for have your identity revealed if you make a report.

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Can I Remain Anonymous If I Call 101

You have the option of reporting a crime anonymously. In case of an emergency, dial 999. For non-urgent problems, dial 101 . Anonymous tips can be provided to the independent charity Crimestoppers by dialing 0800 555 111. They will not give your name and dont need to know your identity you can remain completely anonymous.

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What To Do If Someone Is Driving Recklessly

If you see someone driving recklesslywhether it be from texting, drunk or drowsy driving, being overly aggressive, or otherwise careless drivingreport it by calling 911. But only call if you feel its a dangerous situation. Remember, the 911 system is intended to render urgent assistance in true emergencies.

If you see a reckless driver, help keep the roads safe by reporting them. To report the car immediately, pull over to a safe location and call the police. You will need to provide the police with a basic description of the car. This is the best option when the situation is life-threatening.

Should You Report A Crime Anonymously

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If you are a victim of a crime or witness a crime, you may have second thoughts about reporting it. You may think reporting the crime is more trouble than its worth, as happened with the infamous murder of Kitty Genovese in the 1960s. But instead of ignoring the crime, you may want to consider reporting it anonymously.

Some of the benefits of reporting a crime anonymously are that it may encourage you to report it in the first place. Other benefits can include leaving you out of it.

However, there are some drawbacks to anonymous reporting as well.

For example, police may not be able to use you as a witness and could have a harder time finding the perpetrator.

Whether you want to anonymously report a crime is an individual decision you have to weigh. If you do choose to go this route, you should know there are typically several options to make an anonymous report:

In this day and age of surveillance cameras and Internet snoops, it may be nearly impossible to do anything, much less report a crime, anonymously. However, you should remember that reporting a crime is usually better than not reporting a crime at all.

Related Resources:

If you have experienced police misconduct:

  • Contact the law enforcement agency involved.
  • Submit your complaint in writing to the chief of police or the head of the law enforcement agency involved.
  • Send a copy of your complaint to the Internal Affairs Division of the law enforcement agency. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

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Reporting Crime In Person

Head to your local station to talk to the person at the front counter and they will tell you what to do next. You may be able to speak to an officer straight away.

Appointments arent always necessary, but to ensure someone will be there to assist you it is best to phone ahead especially if your nearest station is a small or rural station. Call 105 to connect with your local station.

Why Do I Have To Be Responsible While Others Seem To Ignore Having Car Insurance

Because we live in a civil society, most of us do the right thing. And while money is tight sometimes, and it seems like it would be easier to just save that car insurance premium money for a more pressing issue, you know that this isnt the right thing to do.

  • First off, having the peace of mind that you are covered if you are in an accident is a good thing. Being uninsured is just a weight on your shoulders and causes you undue stress every time you turn the key to start your car.
  • Secondly, without car insurance what would you do if your car were totaled or, worse, if you were in the hospital for a serious injury? The amount of money to replace a car or to cover hospital bills can seem insurmountable at times.
  • Lastly, as an adult you should be responsible for your actions or future actions. Having car insurance is a responsible thing to do. If an accident is your fault, you want to at least be able to cover the damages and injuries to the other party.

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Why Filing A Police Report Matters

You might think that filing a police report over a minor incident doesnt matter all that much. Perhaps you assume that doing so will just be a waste of your time for something that isnt going to be seen by anyone anyway, but that isnt quite true. Although certain reports have to be given priority over others, it is important to have the full data of all of the reports that come in. Police departments from coast-to-coast rely on this information to make more informed decisions about policing going forward. They can:

  • See and detect patterns of crime in certain areas
  • Identify which types of crime are the biggest concerns in a certain population
  • Ask for more funding based on the number of crimes reported in the area

You should not allow yourself to get discouraged and think that you are just spinning your wheels. The police departments sincerely appreciate your efforts regardless of how quickly they are able to act upon them.

How Do I Make An Anonymous Police Complaint

WEB EXTRA: How to give police an anonymous tip

5/5If you do choose to go this route, you should know there are typically several options to make an anonymous report:

  • Visit a police website. Most police departments provide a link on their website that allows you to email an anonymous report.
  • Call the police hotline.
  • In respect to this, how do you anonymously report drug dealing?


  • Illegal drug trafficking: submit a Tip online or call your local DEA office.
  • Report criminals posing as DEA Special Agents, illegal sales/distribution of drugs suspicious online pharmacies and other drug-distribution-related crimes. 877-RxAbuse
  • Likewise, can I report a crime without giving my name? Report the Crime Anonymously. . Give details of the crime including where and when it occurred, but do not give your name. You will be given a code number and instructions regarding when to call back to find out the progress of your tip.

    Besides, can an anonymous tip be traced?

    Yes, a criminal defense attorney can find out someones identity if they called the police and made an anonymous tip. But, the caller can also be listed as a confidential witness.

    Do police investigate anonymous tips?

    The detectives and/or patrol officers would review the tip and attempt to corroborate what was anonymously reported. Often, the tip may corroborate information that is already part of an on-going investigation. If that is the case, the information from the anonymous tip may be included in a warrant affidavit.

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    Can You Go To Jail For A False Police Report

    Penal Code 148.5 PC is the California statute that makes it illegal to make a false police report of a crime. The report could be of a misdemeanor or a felony offense. False reporting is only a crime if the person making the report knows it to be false. The offense is punishable by up to 6 months in jail.

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    Can I Make An Anonymous Online Report Using 105policegovtnz

    You cant file an anonymous report via 105 as we need some personal information in order to follow up on your case. If you want to report a crime to Police without your name or contact details attached, please use Crimestoppers* or by calling 0800 555 111.

    * Crimestoppers is an independent charity that helps New Zealanders fight crime by providing an anonymous and simple way to pass on information.

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    Harassment Of Two Or More Persons

    Section 125 of the SOCPA added a new subsection 1 to the PHA making it an offence for a person to pursue a course of conduct involving the harassment of two or more persons on separate occasions which the defendant knows or ought to know involves harassment, the purpose of which is to persuade any person not to do something that he is entitled to do or to do something he is not under any obligation to do.

    What Does Peel Crime Stoppers Do With The Tips

    How to report â CYBER CERT

    Peel Crime Stoppers will forward the tip information to the appropriate police authorities. The Investigators will work hand-in-hand with the information, and will inform Peel Crime Stoppers on how the case is progressing. Therefore, its important for the caller to call back for an update on the case.

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    Anonymous Crime And Tip Reporting

    You may report crimes or suspected crimes anonymously to the UC San Diego Police Department. When providing information by phone, you may ask the dispatcher to remain anonymous. You are not required to provide your name or other identifying information.

    If you recently witnessed or are witnessing a crime or suspected crime in progress, please call the UC San Diego Police Department to ensure a timely response.

    You may report crimes in progress or life threatening emergencies using 9-1-1.

    If youd like to report suspicious circumstances or request a police officer to respond promptly using the non-emergency phone, you can dial 534-4357 or click the button below from your mobile phone.

    You may also submit an anonymous tip for crimes or incidents that have already occurred. The UC San Diego Police Department uses P3 Global Intel Tip Management Software to enable community members to report these tips anonymously online or by downloading the mobile app. You may report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.

    Your identity is safe. No one will ask for your name or phone number. There is no caller ID, call tracing, call recording or call forwarding.

    Do not use this system to report crimes in progress. To report a crime in progress, call or text 9-1-1.

    Please use anonymous reporting wisely. This tool is for reporting legitimate safety concerns.

    How Do I Anonymously Report Someone To Delhi Police

    I was casually browsing and stumbled upon this.

    The number of comments on that site is worrisome!

    Also I tried to find how to make an anonymous complaint and sadly I could not find anything. I suggest making an online complaint, using fake details?

    Never tried this

    Try posting on Delhi Police twitter handle

    Im gonna do this. Setting up Tor Browser. Will create a throwaway Gmail account.

    Casually Browsing

    Dont we all.

    But seriously tag the Delhi Police twitter because that has the best chances of any action. An actual complaint wont get you very far.

    CP guys especially have a high chance of being legit.

    I was looking for car audio systems on OLX. Ran quotation searches on the phone numbers listed, to find out more information. Google turned up the site on the post on one of the searches. Name on TrueCaller isnt reliable. Im in Delhi, btw .

    lol. most of three are posers. and looks like a post for indiansonfacebook.

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