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What’s The Oldest Age To Become A Police Officer

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Ontario Police College Physical Component

How old is too old to be a police officer?

As of September 2019, all applicants that have been offered a pre-employment letter by a police service will be required to successfully pass the PREP during their Basic Constable Training course at the Ontario Police College. The Ontario Police College is located in Aylmer, Ontario, which is the official training facility for all police constables across the Province.

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The Power Of Life Experience

Within any industry, general life experience is worth a lot. Young cops starting out come with little to no life experience and lets be realistic, you definitely benefit from it when working in law enforcement. Throughout the majority of the US you must be between 19 and 21 to become certified as a police officer. At this age, most rookies are unaware of the problems happening in the area on a daily basis, let alone know how to deal with them.

With age comes life experience. This will hugely benefit you in your role as an officer and law enforcement agencies know this.

How To Become A Police Officer In Canada & Disqualifiers To Avoid

Choosing a new career , can be an overwhelming process. Opportunities are endless in a country like Canada. Its not easy figuring out which direction to take in the first place.

Canadian Business helps you narrow down your options with a list of The Top 25 Jobs in Canada. And were here to help you break down #14 on that list: police officer.

Being a police officer comes with great responsibility, authority, and trust. Therefore strict standards are upheld in the selection process to ensure only the right candidates are hired. This process typically includes:

  • A written exam
  • Have no criminal convictions and no criminal charges pending

In addition to the above list, each police force adds its own list of requirements.

Those applying for the RCMP need to meet the following additional requirements:

  • Permanent resident applicants need to have resided in Canada for the last 10 years.
  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Possess a valid, unrestricted driver’s licence
  • Be able to spend 26 weeks at the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Be willing to relocate anywhere within Canada
  • Not have any tattoos that depict or incite hate, harassment, or discrimination against individuals on the basis of the grounds listed in Canadian Human Rights Act, section 3.
  • Not wear any personal effects on the body that may interfere with the personal protective equipment.

The Vancouver Police Department asks that their applicants meet the following additional requirements:

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How To Enter A Police Academy

Getting into a police academy is not an easy task. Most of them require applicants to undergo rigorous examinations and background checks. These tests and checks are done to screen any student who may not be fit to work as a police officer. Furthermore, some police academies accept only students who are already employed by a police department.

The minimum educational requirement for a police trainee is a high school diploma. However, there some police academies that still prefer an applicant with a bachelor or associate degree.

Other requirements necessary to apply for a police academy include a US citizenship and age above 18 or 21 years old, depending on the police department. The United States Capitol Police, however, requires applicants to be at least 21 years of age.

Most academies disqualify candidates who have any criminal backgrounds, or felony offenses from training. They may also conduct a thorough background investigation on any person who wishes to apply.

If the applicant passes all these requirements, he will then have to take various entrance exams police academies carry out. Each police academy has the freedom to formulate its exams and schedule. Hence, an applicant must prepare for the exam made his chosen academy.

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It’s Not Too Late To Live Your Dream

deathbydesigngaming: Indianapolis Police Department Non Emergency Number

There’s probably a good chance that you can enjoy a second career as a police officer if you can pass a physical abilities test or a fitness evaluation, and if your background and work history are suitable for a law enforcement job. Now is the time for you to complete that application and take the first step toward a rewarding second career if you’ve always wanted to work in law enforcement.

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When Is It Too Late To Go Into Policing

If you can meet the physical demands of the job, it is never too late to start your career in policing. Many of our officers have had other careers, and their prior fields have been as diverse as social work, piloting commercial aircraft, information technology, law practice, engineering and professional athletes. Many of our officers go into policing because they want a job where they can see immediate results of their efforts and make a difference in peoples lives everyday.

Police1 Readers Respond: What Should The Age Requirement Be To Become A Cop

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    General Information And Qualifications

    The City and County of San Francisco invites you to join a highly respected police department and serve the citizens of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. San Francisco Police Officers perform a wide variety of duties to promote public safety and security, prevent crime and enforce the law. Police officers perform a number of essential functions. For example, they patrol districts to prevent and detect crime respond to calls for assistance conduct criminal investigations interact with the community to build cooperation and support pursue and arrest suspects enforce traffic and parking laws write reports and maintain records work with superiors, peers, and others as a team prepare for and participate in planned events prepare for court and give testimony and fulfill other administrative duties when required. This is much more than a job it is an opportunity to build a career of which you can be proud.

    Eligibility Requirements

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Physical Requirements For Police

    How Old Can You be to Become a Police Officer?

    Many police departments require recruits to pass a physical fitness test. To ensure you pass the test, begin training early, focusing on running, stairs and strength exercises. Most departments will also look at your physical health and will want you to have good vision, hearing, cardiovascular health and a healthy weight-height ratio. You may want to have your hearing and vision checked before applying, and start dieting to manage your weight.

    Many police departments are making adjustments in their physical requirements to allow for older candidates. For example, in Los Angeles recruits are allowed to carry 2 percent more body weight than previously and in Juneau, Alaska the number of required situps in one minute has been reduced to 15 from 30.

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    What Are The Training Procedures

    Every new recruit goes through exactly the same basic training programme, which lasts 15 weeks at a National Police Training Centre and is followed by further training on the job. Recruits are then on probation for two years before they become fully-fledged police officers.

    Training is in four stages. Recruits spend two weeks at their local force training centre, familiarising themselves with police procedures and with the law. You will receive your uniform and make an official declaration as a police constable before a local magistrate. There then follows a 15-week intensive residential course with continual assessment and exams. Strenuous physical activity, self-defence training, and teaching on the law, how to understand the criminal mind, and how to treat people fairly, are all part of the course.

    After this, trainees return to their home force and are allocated an experienced tutor constable who guides them through the routines of police work. You are then considered suitable for independent patrol, and pass on to more advanced training. After two years probation you will be required to attend further training locally before being appointed to the rank of constable.

    Minimum Age Limit For Police

    The minimum age for new recruits to begin their application process with a police force ranges from 17 to 21 years old. According to the NYPD, in the New York City Police Department, a 17½-year-old may register and take the written civil service exam, the first step to becoming an officer. Even if the candidate passes the application process, however, he can’t be hired as an officer until he’s 21. In San Diego, recruits must be 20 years old to take the exam and 21 when they graduate from the police academy. The Los Angeles Police Department won’t allow a new recruit to begin training at the police academy until he’s 21, while an 18-year-old can file his application with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

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    Maximum Age To Become A Police Officer

    Many departments don’t have a maximum age after which a prospect will no longer be able to apply. For example, the San Diego Police Department and according to the Department of Police Service in the City of New Haven, this agency doesnt have an upper age limit. Just as many departments do have rules about the maximum age for new applications to begin their training and to be hired, however.

    In New York City, prospects must take the initial exam before their 35th birthday, while the Fort Worth Police Department will let candidates take the exam up to age 44. Applicants should not assume that if they’re older than 30 they’re ineligible to become a police officer, but they should carefully investigate the requirements in their area.

    Career Considerations After Applying

    Former Blenheim detective who led

    Being a police officer is a physically demanding job and you will likely be working with rookies much younger than you. Police officers work long hours and are often scheduled on a shift rotation. Carefully consider if the job requirements match with your current lifestyle and commitments at home. Also remember police officers go through a probationary period and promotion through the ranks usually requires years of service as well as more exams and physical testing. If youre applying to be an officer at 48, you wont likely be applying for a promotion until into your 50s.


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    Police Officer Age Limit Am I Too Old To Be A Cop

    Many people think you need to be fresh out of school to get hired as a police officer, but this isnt the case. If youre considering a second career as an officer than you might just be in luck.

    If you chat with police officers about their employment history, chances are the majority didnt start out in law enforcement. You will find that many officers come from backgrounds in other industries and in various professions. All types of people take up careers in law enforcement and they do so at varying ages. The stereotype thats been created is not always true, so you are likely to still be able to take up your dream career in law enforcement.

    While some law enforcement sectors do have certain rules around your age, many will accept applications from you even if youre older.

    Florida Police Jobs Outlook

    The future for law enforcement careers in Florida looks quite promising. Through 2026, police and sheriffs patrol officer positions in Florida are expected to increase by 12.9%.9 There will be an estimated 3,270 average annual openings for law enforcement in Florida, including replacements.9 Many new officers will be needed to replace the high number of retiring baby boomer police officers in the coming years. Of course, local budgets also play a hand in the recruitment cycle of each police department.

    For more information current law enforcement openings, take a look at our police jobs board.

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    How Can I Volunteer For The Police

    Each of the police forces offer a range of different volunteer opportunities from becoming a Special Constable to volunteering as a call handler. Usually, they will have a dedicated area within their careers pages outlining the volunteer options and how to apply. If you cant find these, its worth sending an email to the force recruitment team so they can direct you.

    Age Might Be Just A Number

    91-year-old cop has no plans to retire

    Your age at the time of application is far less important for a majority of departments than whether you can physically perform the job. You’re ahead of the game regardless of your age if you’re in good shape and can demonstrate that you can handle the physical rigors that a police officer is likely to encounter on the job.

    Check with departments you’d like to work for to make sure there aren’t any age restrictions. Some, such as the New York State Police and the federal governmentdo have maximum age limits. But you can likely find a department near you that will hire you at any age if you meet the other qualifications because there are so many law enforcement agencies within the U.S.

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    Minimum Age Requirements To Take Police Officer And Firefighter Exams

    No person shall be eligible to take an examination for original appointment to the position of firefighter or police officer in a city or town if the applicant will not have reached 19 years of age on or before the final date for the filing of applications for the examination, as so stated provided, however, that an applicant who reached 19 years of age while serving on active military duty, who was not 19 on or before the date of an original examination, shall be eligible for any subsequent make up examination that is offered.

    No person shall be eligible for original appointment to the position of police officer in a city or town until that person has reached the age of 21.

    How Much Will I Be Paid

    Starting salary levels for a new police constable may vary by force area, so please check your chosen force website. Generally speaking, starting salaries for police apprentices are around £18,450. Once youve passed your probation, you normally receive an annual pay rise, with the maximum salary for police constables being around £40k.

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    How Long Does The Recruitment Process Take

    Recruitment times can vary by force so its worth checking when you apply what the expected timelines may be. In many instances it will take around 4-6 months, but it may be less or more than that depending upon the volume of candidates at any given time and how individuals progress through the various stages.

    How Hard Is It To Become A Police Officer At Age 50

    Melton Rural North


    If you’re looking to start a new career in your 40s or 50s, law enforcement is an option. While minimum age requirements are standard for aspiring police officers, police departments with no maximum age are common. If yours is one of the few that does set a maximum age limit for police, you may have to relocate if you hope to wear the badge.


    While police departments can set a maximum age limit, most do not. Fitness standards for someone applying in their 40s or 50s are often lower than for a 20-something applicant. However, you’ll still have to meet educational requirements and pass a background check.

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    How Old Can You Be To Go Into Law Enforcement

    Becoming a law enforcement officer is often the dream career of many regardless of their age. A lot of people, however, do ask themselves if they are too young or too old to go into law enforcement. There are minimum age limits set by each state, and some states set a maximum age as well for going into law enforcement. There is a listing of the police officer requirements for each state. When it comes to actually getting hired by an agency, as does not matter as much as how well the applicant is prepared for the job, and the competitive selection process.

    Mastering the Police Interview quite often turns out to be the real determining factor for the successful candidate. If you are able to handle your oral interview well, you can present your age as an advantage, regardless of the actual number. Younger candidates have the privilege of being open to learn and adopt the habits of the agency they apply for, while older applicants bring a lot of life experience with themselves.

    Yet, if you are still wondering what is the best age to apply for a law enforcement officer, below you will find more details about the minimum and maximum age requirements, as well as some useful tips on how to prepare for the job while still in your teen years.

    Will I Be Able To Practice My Religion While On Duty

    The on-call nature of policing means flexibility is sometimes required, UK police forces are committed to creating a diverse workforce that respects and accommodates the faith needs of officers wherever possible. If youd like more information, there are also a number of support organisations you can contact, or feel free to get in touch with your preferred force directly.

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