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How To Pay Police Ticket

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How To Pay Using Citepay

Did you know you can pay your parking ticket online?
  • Select Colorado and then Castle Rock Municipal Court from the drop-down menus on the CitePay website
  • Enter your citation number and date of birth to find your information
  • Select the items you wish to pay
  • Use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, debit card or checking account information to make the payment
  • Print a receipt

How To Pay Your Ticket

Online – You can pay your online ticket here –

– You can submit your payment by cheque made out to the “The Provincial Court”. Mail payment options are currently by personal cheque or money order only, and you should never send cash by mail. To submit payment by mail sign the back of your ticket and send it with your cheque or money order.

In PersonPayment is accepted at any courthouse and payment can be made by cash, cheque, money order, debit, MasterCard or Visa. Please bring your ticket with you so we can best apply your payment to the right account.

Further Information

Check The Status Of Traffic Tickets And Fines Online Or Request A Meeting To Resolve Your Case

Get information about tickets or fines for how much you owe, where to pay and how to request a meeting with a prosecutor before your trial.

Timelines for most Provincial Offences Act matters have returned to normal. Check your ticket or fine notice and ignore ticket instructions that say “do not mail” or you must attend in person. You can request a trial or early resolution meeting by mail or email depending on the municipality. Ontario Court of Justice appeal timelines are extended to April 12, 2021.

sets out the rules for:

  • parking violations
  • Liquor Licence Act, for example)
  • These offences are handled by municipal court offices and can include traffic or noise by-law offences, building code violations, not having proof of insurance, public intoxication and trespassing.

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    Before You Search For A Ticket

    Make sure you have the location code and offence number printed on your ticket or notice, so you can look up your case.

    If youve received a summons you will need the case number on the summons. If you dont have this information, or youve lost your ticket, contact the municipal court office in the jurisdiction where your ticket or fine was issued.

    Online Fine Payment Frequently Asked Questions

    Man issued ticket for blaring

    What type of browser do I need to use this service?

    Internet Explorer 6.0+, Safari 2.0+ or Firefox 2.0+ all with Javascript and pop-ups enabled.

    What is the maximum number of fines or dollar amount that I can pay?

    You may pay up to 10 fines. The maximum payment for one transaction is $9,999.99. The 10 fines can be any combination of a handwritten ticket, a photo enforcement ticket or a computer-generated ticket that can be paid online.

    What credit card can I use to pay?

    VISA or MasterCard are accepted. Payment will be processed in Canadian funds only. It will appear on your statement as ” MB JUSTICE FINES/AMENDES”.

    Can I pay any fine online?

    Only Provincial Offence fines can be paid online. Some tickets and fines cannot be paid online. They include cases where:

    • the fine has been sent to a collection agency and/or a driver’s licence or vehicle registration has been placed on hold, or a hearing date has been set or requested
    • the ticket has no set fine amount, âTO BE DETERMINED BY A JUSTICEâ is checked off and a fine has not yet been set by the court
    • items were seized when the ticket was given and the items have not yet been dealt with by the court
    • the fine is for a criminal offence

    What should I do if I pay the wrong fine online by mistake?

    If you paid the wrong fine online by mistake, call the Provincial Offences Court in Winnipeg at 204-945-3156, between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, not including holidays.

    Here are some of the reasons:

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    Pay A Traffic Citation

    Before paying your traffic ticket online or by phone, please note that you agree to the terms listed below:

    • If you wish to elect traffic school, you must complete a traffic school affidavit before you pay your ticket online. You will be contacted by email after completing the traffic school affidavit online with further instructions.
    • Online transaction fee 4.5%: Effective 6/1/2020, there is a non-refundable fee of 4.5% added to the transaction amount for the convenience of using the online service.
    • Automated Phone transaction fee 4%: Effective 6/1/2020, there is a non-refundable fee of 4% added to the transaction amount for the convenience of using the phone interactive response system.
    • Representative Assisted Phone transaction fee 6%: Effective 6/1/2020, there is a non-refundable fee of 6% added to the transaction amount for the convenience of working with a representative.
    • It will take 1-3 business days to process your payment.
    • By paying your traffic ticket online or by phone, you are waiving your right to attend a driver improvement course or to contest the ticket in court.
    • Points may be assessed to your driving record.

    How To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online

    If you have decided to just pay your ticket and accept thepenalties, here is what you will need to do:

  • Have your TVB handy You will need the traffic ticket number that will appear on your stub.
  • Get out your New York State license, permit, or non-driver ID for the DMV number and enter it in.
  • Sign in to the DMV database
  • Find your unresolved ticket and follow the instructions.
  • Plead your case.
  • If you decide to plead Not Guilty on your online form, the NewYork DMV will send you a Notice of Hearing. You will want to speak to anexperienced New York lawyer about what comes next if you decide not to pay aspeeding ticket online.

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    What If I Do Not Choose An Option

    You have 15 days to respond to your ticket. After that, the Justice of the Peace will review your ticket. Once reviewed, the Justice of the Peace may find you guilty in your absence. Additional costs will be added.

    Once found guilty, you will be mailed a courtesy letter called a Notice of Fine and Due Date. Once you have been convicted, it is too late to choose one of the options on the back of the ticket.

    Red Light Camera Tickets

    Postal 2 – Paying Traffic Ticket

    If you have received a red light camera notice of violation, you have 60 days to pay the violation or request a hearing. Payments made within 60 days of receipt of the violation are made directly to the vendor. If you have any questions during this time frame, or if you wish to request a hearing, you must contact the vendor directly at the address below. If you fail to remit payment within 60 days, the violation will become a Uniform Traffic Citation and you will be subject to a higher payment amount. Clerks Office employees and the Clerk of Courts & Comptroller of this county do not have any control over the installation and operation of red light cameras inside any jurisdiction.

    Intersection Safety Program

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    Confirm Your Traffic Violation

    Confirm your traffic violation and court by looking at your traffic citation. You must pay the full amount of the fine to the correct court.

    If your citation does not require a mandatory court appearance, you can resolve the case before your scheduled court date by accepting the penalty and paying the fine. Keep in mind that accepting the penalty is pleading guilty to the citation. If you pay before your court date, you will not be required to appear in court.

    Examples Of City Of Windsor Penalty Notices:

    The following is an example of a Penalty Notice that is issued by a Parking Enforcement Officer. Learn how .

    The following is an example of a City of Windsor Certificate of Administrative Penalty that is issued by a Windsor Police Services Officer. Learn how .

    If you ignore the Penalty Notices listed above or do not act upon them within 30 days of issue date, the penalty amount may result in additional administration fees. If you ignore the original penalty notice, you will receive the following Notice via Canada Post:

    Failure To Pay Your Traffic Ticket Fine

    If you do not pay the full amount of your traffic ticket fine within the time allowed, your license will be suspended.

    If suspended, you will need to pay an additional $50 late fee for each violation, plus a reinstatement fee to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to have your license reinstated.

    You have 30 days from the date the decision is entered in your case to pay your fine, unless otherwise ordered by a judge.

    Adjustments Errors Or Warrants

    How to Pay Your Ticket

    Not all offenses are eligible to be paid online. In certain cases, valid registration or licensing may result in an adjustment to your fine amount. If you believe an error or adjustment needs to be addressed, you may contact the Clerk’s Office at 770-531-7066 or visit the office in person. You cannot pay your fine online if you have missed your court date AND a warrant has already been issued. You must call the Clerk’s Office for payment options.

    If You Were Not Driving The Vehicle

    If you were not the driver, in order to prove that you were not operating the vehicle at the time of the violation, in addition to your testimony at trial, the law requires you to provide a letter to the District Court that states that the person named in the citation was not operating the vehicle at the time of the violation.

    The letter must be:

    • Sworn to or affirmed by you and mailed by certified mail.
    • All corroborating evidence must be included in the letter.
    • Send your letter in an envelope marked SPEED CAMERA – NOT THE DRIVER to: Montgomery County PO Box 10314, Gaithersburg, MD 20898-0314.

    Questions? Contact Safe Speed Enforcement at

    Ticket Not Found Message

    If a Ticket Not Found message appears when you click the Pay Your Fine Online button, your payment options depend on the age of your ticket.

    Recent ticket

    The ticket hasnt been entered into the online ticket payment system, yet. In this case, you can:

    • pay the ticket online at a later date up to and including the appearance date on the ticket
    • pay the ticket at a registry office or courthouse
    • mail your ticket and payment

    In rare cases, you may not be able to make an online payment for a ticket until its appearance date.

    Older ticket

    If your ticket was issued more than 2 years ago, you can either:

    • pay the ticket at a registry office or courthouse
    • mail your ticket and payment

    Phase 2 Sent To Court

    If youve submitted your citation with a plea other than No Contest search CourtView online for citation status. No payments will be accepted after 45 days.

    Trouble Paying? Payment plans or extensions can be requested through the Court. Before your trial date, you can enter a No Contest” plea and file a request to extend the fine due date to pay the ticket by filing a Request to Extend Fine Due Date, TR-218. For additional information, call the Court Accounting Office at 264-0555.

    Lost Your Citation Copy

    What happens when you don’t pay a speeding ticket

    You can call or visit the Clerk’s Office for information regarding court dates, citation numbers, and other similar questions. if you have lost your copy of the actual citation issued, please have your state driver’s license number, approximate date of citation, and other personal identity information available when you call or visit.

    Extensions And Payment Plans

    If you don’t pay your fine in time your fine goes into default, which may result in

    • Additional collection and administrative costs
    • A suspensions of your drivers licence
    • Fine being added to your property tax bill
    • Civil enforcement, which may include garnishing wages/bank accounts and or registering a lien against property and assets
    • Fine being sent to a credit reporting agency
    Request an extension
    If you require more time to pay your fine please contact us to apply for an extension.
    Set up a payment plan
    A pre-authorized monthly plan is available for outstanding fines. When you apply, please include your name, ticket number and drivers licence number.

    Clerk Of The Circuit Court & Comptroller Palm Beach County

    • How much do I owe in my case?See simple instructions to look up your cases and see how much you owe.
    • Do I need an appointment for a passport application and what do I have to bring? Passport services are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in our branch offices. Request an appointment.For more information about passports and application requirements, please see the U.S. State Department’s website.
    • How do I get an appointment for a marriage license?Complete this form to request an appointment for a marriage license or ceremony.

    Payments are due within 30 days of receiving a citation. If you are unable to pay your ticket in full, we can help you establish a monthly payment plan.

    If your payment is past due or your case has been referred to a collection agency, learn about your options.

    Fine Payment After Sentencing

    Your file will be brought to the Criminal Counter upon sentencing. Please take a number on the post in the main hallway, wait for your number to be called and the next available clerk will assist you. If you have pled guilty or are found guilty and ordered to pay a fine, it is assumed that you will pay the same day as your hearing. There are additional fees and surcharges that the Legislature has required that we impose. These fees are forwarded to the State and are used to pay victims of crimes and provide police officer training, among other things. Read more about paying a traffic fine.

    S To Pay Your Penalty Notices Online:

    Pay My Ticket

    To pay your Penalty Notice online, please continue to and select ‘”Pay City of Windsor Parking Tickets.” By clicking that hyperlink, you will be directed to a screen similar the image below. Please verify all information being entered.

    Amount of the ticket you are paying

    Please Note:review

    Depending on the day, date, and time of the transaction, it may take up to 72 hours for payment to reach our office.

    If you are having technical difficulties with the site or wish to inquire on a refund that was processed, please contact “Teranet/PayTickets” directly at .

    Speed Monitoring Local Designee

    Please note: Montgomery Countys Local Designee may review your citation for technical issues with the equipment or erroneous information on the citation. The Local Designee does not adjudicate the citation.

    Contact our Speed Program Local Designee

    • Mail Speed Program Local Designee Montgomery County Police Traffic Division, 100 Edison Park Drive, 3rd Floor, Gaithersburg, MD 20878-3209
    • Email

    Section 21-809

    All jurisdiction with photo speed programs shall designate an official or employee to investigate and respond to questions or concerns about that jurisdictions speed monitoring system program.

  • The Local Designee shall review a citation if the person who received the citation request review before the deadline for contesting liability.
  • If the Local Designee determines that the citation is an erroneous violation, the Local Designee shall void the citation.
  • If the Local Designee determines that a person did not receive notice of a citation due to administrative error, the Local Des may resend the citation or void the citation.
  • The Local Designee may not determine that a citation is an erroneous citation based solely on the dismissal of the citation by court.
  • The Local Designee may not be employed by the contractor or have been involved in any review of the citation, other than review for this purpose.
  • Upon receipt of a written request or concern from a person, the Local Designee shall provide a written answer or response within a timely manner.
  • Other Municipalities And Private Parking Enforcement Issued Tickets:

    If you received a Parking ticket from another municipality or a Private “Parking Enforcement” Company , you need to contact that specific location directly, as our office will only have information and be able to accept ticket payments for tickets that were issued by the City of Windsor Parking Enforcement in accordance to the Parking By-law 9023 . Location and payment options can usually be found on the back of the ticket.

    Speeding Tickethow Do I Pay Online


    I rented a car in Switzerland, and I recently received a speeding ticket near Lausanne, in Vaud. On the ticket, I was told to visit this website to pay online-

    I went to the website, but I don’t know where to go from there to pay. Can someone direct me through the website so I can pay this ticket? Thanks for your help!


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    You can get an idea with information at What is called “summons” means court decision, fine can depend on drivers income and wealth.

    For a more exhaustive official list of traffic fines see for instance – available in German, French, Italian only

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    Just use your common sense.


    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    You were lucky indeed. Would you be going just 1 km/h more over limit you would have spent CHF 250!! 😮

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