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What Is A Police Mobile Command Vehicle

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Presence At The Scene

Mobile Command Centre

Remote operations arent always meant to be hidden.

Event security, for instance, can highly benefit from having a mobile command center at the scene.

While this will provide significant convenience for your operations, its presence alone will often deter would-be offenders. Preventing crime in the first place will always do more for security than an efficient emergency response.

In the above scenario, a single MCC could provide the following utility:

  • Serve as a mobile crime lab for investigations at the scene
  • Surveilling an area with thousands of people
  • Become a hub to provide fast, clear communication with other units
  • Serve as a mobile medical treatment facility

So, take this into consideration if your business is tasked with any of these responsibilities.

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What else makes the vehicle special?

The vehicle has a Freightliner chassis, and a custom-designed re-mountable body, which means the chassis can be replaced in the coming years when necessary. It can also access existing Calgary Police Service networks, including the HAWCS telecommunications link, and has a lifetime warranty.

We can access all of our IT systems, our information remotely from anywhere in Calgary, and even if the network goes down we have satellite back-up, so what you have is the people who are commanding a scene, whether its a response to an emergency such as the flood a terrorist event, will be able to have all the information that they need to make the right decisions, said Robitaille.

With files from Yolande Cole.

Mast And Camera Systems

Masts are telescopic units that are typically mounted on the exterior of the mobile command vehicles or trailers. Mounted at the top of these masts will be some type of pan/tilt camera system and/or specialized antennas. Customers will have many camera options based on their needs which can range from a typical pan/tilt/zoom camera all the way to a self tracking thermal imaging unit.

The above descriptions are the bare bones minimum that will go into a mobile command vehicle to make it functional. Every customer will have specific needs and wants when in the design and build phase of the project. Thus, many changes will occur as the project progresses through its stages. If a mobile command vehicle, mobile post, bomb squad or command trailer is in need or just need to acquire information and pricing please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Below, you will see a broad list of vehicles that we can build, fully integrated or rack ready. Pease view our previous projects to get an idea of the scope and type of work we can do for you.

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Ft Mobile Command Center

26ft Mobile Command Center Designed & Built for Everyday Use The 26ft Mobile Command Center by La Boit Specialty Vehicles is commercially-built from the chassis up on a Ford E450 Class C Chassis. This unit can be customized for a variety of functions, whether single-use or multi-purpose. Incident Command Center Communications Vehicle HAZMAT Bomb Squad

Two Creative Use Cases

Sacramento, CA Police Mobile Command Post

Mobile command centers are also handy to have on hand for non-emergencies, such as:

Public Safety Career Fairs

Mobile command centers can provide a high-profile way to show citizens what public safety is all about. In Valdosta, Ga., public safety agencies used their mobile command center at a Public Safety Career Expo to demonstrate some tactical and rescue tools used in real-life scenarios.

The event included a few dozen local and state public safety agencies, including the fire and police departments, EMS, the 9-1-1 Emergency Call Center and the Georgia Department of Labor. Local colleges and universities with public safety training programs were also invited.

Tax Assistance Events

Countless communities use their mobile command centers to help taxpayers on the go. In New York, for example, Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent the states Mobile Command Center filled with Tax Department employees to help guide residents in the Bronx and Queens through the online return preparation and filing process.

Save Money with a Refurbished Mobile Command Center

If your department or municipality is considering getting an MCC of your own, you may be wondering whether a refurbished command center is a good investment versus purchasing new.

Lets take look at three of the key factors that can make a refurbished mobile command center a good investment.

Low Miles

Easy Upgrading

Brands You Can Trust

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How To Spec Out A Mobile Command Vehicle

Purchasing a mobile command vehicle for a law enforcement agency requires combining up-front decisions and long-term planning

Of all the hardware a public safety agency can bring to an incident, a mobile command vehicle is arguably the most impressive. These vehicles are available in a variety of sizes and configurations ranging from small to extra-large.

As both natural and man-made disasters continue to expand in scale, these vehicles offer localities an asset that enables communication and coordination between multiple responding agencies.

While MCVs tend to be custom-ordered, they share a core set of features.

  • Communications: There is usually a radio mast, consoles and electronic gear to allow the MCV to replace or augment a communications center than has been disabled due to a disaster, or is too distant to be effective.

  • Meeting rooms: There are meeting rooms equipped with whiteboards and large-format TV displays for planning and briefing sessions.

  • Power and water: An onboard generator, water supply, and lavatory allow the MCV to operate independently for days or weeks at a time.

Here are eight recommendations for configuring and deploying a law enforcement MCV.

We Can Build The Mobile Command Center You Really Want

When you buy an LDV Mobile Command Center, your vehicle will be easy to deploy and a focal point of your Department. These trucks are extreme duty commercial vehicles, ready to work.

Leveraging our 45 years of experience and our second-to-none craftsmanship, we go to great lengths to ensure spot-on performance of mission-critical communications and technology. Not to mention, we do so with an eye on the future, extending the life of your mobile command center by strategically designing interiors for easy, cost-effective upgrades.

Experience the LDV exclusive Intel-I-Touch vehicle automation system, which reduces deployment and setup time by 70%! Convenient touchscreen interface handles slide-out deployment, generator functions, lighting, HVAC, vehicle leveling and power management systems. We have thousands of mobile command center drawings, ideas and layouts ready to go. Set up your brainstorming session today!

Looking for a good deal on a high-quality used tool truck or specialty vehicle? Youve come to the right place. View both LDV-owned and privately-owned trucks for sale. We update our inventory regularly, so check back frequently.

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We Build Your Ideal Command Center Vehicles

We thoroughly enjoy crafting trailers intended to make adifference in the world. In fact, were extremely passionate about it! We alsolove taking on unique and challenging projects. Weve yet to turn a requestdown and never plan on doing so. Even if you need technical assistance, ourcrew is able to work with your IT department to set up wiring for computer andtelecommunications systems. Get started on building your mobile command vehicletoday. Call Advantage Trailer of fill out our online form to receive your freequote ASAP!

The Benefits Of Investing In A Mobile Command Center

Mobile Command Vehicle (MOCOM)

The case for investing in a mobile command center for police departments and other public safety agencies is strong theyre easily customizable, can be as high-tech as you need them to be, and theyre appropriate for a wide variety of use cases.

With the proper mobile command center, police officers and first responders have the ability to host all of their necessary functions in a single area, all while being able to move throughout their community as needed.

As public safety technology and 911 Communications continue to evolve, the benefits for investing in a mobile command center are as compelling as ever.

Benefits of Mobile Command Centers

A mobile command center typically includes some combination of multiple workstations , a conference area, video surveillance features, and even a bathroom. They truly are comprehensive solutions for the public safety sector.

An MCC allows personnel to:

Stay Safe and Dry

Before you even get into all of the safety features loaded into a mobile command center, you can step back and look at the unit for what it is: a large truck. During extreme weather situations, police officers will be able to congregate in a single area, stay safe and dry, and continue research or paperwork in a secure location.

Better Protect the Public During Events

Analyze Evidence Immediately

Respond to High-Risk Events Effectively

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Grover Beach Police Acquire New Mobile Command Vehicle

A new police vehicle will be out on the streets in Grover Beach.

The police department says the mobile command vehicle replaces the one theyve been using for the last 28 years.

It will be used for many things, including critical incidents and crime scenes along with community events.

Grover Beach police say the cost of the new vehicle was $372,000.

The police department is planning to donate the old vehicle to another law enforcement agency that does not have one.

Big On Size Even Bigger On Capabilities


Frontline Communications large mobile command vehicles range in sizes from 35 self-propelled units to 53 trailers and are meticulously designed to replicate an agencys emergency operation center with advanced technology and communications capabilities. Providing up to 800 square feet of operations space, the Frontline Communications’ C-40X-4 platform can accommodate a large conference room and numerous workstations. A commanders aid station is built into a slide out in the conference room to control video inputs and communications streams for use by the incident team.Our systems engineers, with decades of technical systems design experience, will customize each Frontline Communications emergency response vehicle as needed, to include satellite, microwave or cellular video transmission, teleconferencing, HD and thermal cameras, radio communications and dispatch, weather stations, and more.Each Frontline Communications large mobile command vehicle is designed to be set up and operational in minimal time. Features and equipment such as full electric awnings, sliding swivel seating, white board surfaces, lavatory, galley, and custom paint and graphics can be included on any design. When it comes to a custom mobile communications vehicles, we make your concept a reality.


Pierce® Velocity® Arrow XTTM EnforcerTM Impel® custom chassisFreightliner M2-106 or 112

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Custom Designed And Fabricated Mobile Offices

To kick off your project, we will pair you with a trainedstaff member who is best equipped to meet your custom mobile command vehicleneeds. Our staff is comprised of the best designers in the industry, so theycan craft you a rig that is functional, comfortable, attractive and durable.Weve made mobile command vehicles for a number of companies some of whichinclude: a fully-equipped mobile office for BP, a medical center on wheels forthe American Red Cross, a moving veterinary station for the International Fundfor Animal Welfare, and many more.

Protection For Your Equipment

New Jersey Transit Police Mobile Command Center

Since working in the field often requires expensive equipment, youre often limited to what you can bring with you without a mobile command center.

For example, factors like weather, size/weight, and the need for power sources are common obstacles that businesses face. An MCC will serve as both a shelter for equipment and a way for that equipment to operate.

Oftentimes, your MCC will even function as a remote office, eliminating the need for you to be outdoors in the first place.

Its spaciousness will also allow you to keep everything you need in a central location as opposed to needing multiple forms of transportation for your equipment.

Protecting your equipment during use is also an added benefit, as there are countless factors that could result in equipment becoming damaged .

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Need A Mobile Command Unit These 7 Companies Will Build Them For You

The versatility of a mobile command vehicle underscores how much of an asset it can be

Building a mobile command unit can be a complicated task involving many decisions and moving parts. From tackling major public events to conducting DUI testing, the versatility of a mobile command vehicle underscores how much of an asset it can be. Here are seven businesses that can help you with this worthy addition to your departments fleet.

1. La Boit Specialty Vehicles, Inc.La Boit Specialty Vehicles offers agencies mobile command centers for needs such as HAZMAT and bomb squad response, as well as multi-purpose vehicles that can handle a variety of tasks. The company custom-builds the units from the chassis up. Originally catering to the veterinary market, La Boit began building for law enforcement after their vehicles ended up providing aid at Ground Zero.

2. LDVLDV sells new, customized command centers as well as used models, and also offer retrofitting services. Most of their vehicles are equipped with their Intel-I-Touch system a one-button operating and power management system. Their vehicles played a part in securing Super Bowl XLVIII and their wide variety of clients includes the St. Louis County Sheriffs Office.

Mohawk specializes in trailers both custom-built and specifically designed for tasks such as decontamination and DUI tests, among others.

Request product info from top Police Specialty Vehicles companies

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  • Mobile Command And Control Vehicle Requirement

    The Police Department wanted a tactical Mobile Command and Control Vehicle for incident management necessitating mobility, advanced video surveillance cum monitoring and an efficient communication system. The MCCV had to have an efficient connectivity medium with the Police Head Quarters & Police Control Rooms for quick, effective

    communication, providing real-time situational awareness to the higher officials enabling quick decision making. The MCCV had to be highly efficient in terms of its surveillance& monitoring capabilities and act as a Mobile Command Center during emergencies, massive rallies, conventions and protests.

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    Ways Mobile Command Units Are Used By Public Safety Agencies

    Youve probably seen the scene before in movies: Theres a tense hostage situation or a bank robbery gone wrong, and the police cars and SWAT teams start rolling up. And somewhere nearby, theres a large van or truck that looks similar to the ones that UPS and FedEx drive around, but more fortified.

    Inside this truck are the people making the calls, making the decisions and making the plans. These vehicles are called mobile command centers, and theyre hugely important pieces of technology for police, firefighters and other public safety workers.

    Inside these mobile command centers, youll find all kinds of tech, public safety software, communications gear, and other vital tools that public safety workers need to do their jobs.

    Here are a few of the possible uses of mobile command centers in the field.

    Crime labsBelieve it or not, police dont always have to transport evidence back to some distant crime lab to get the results they need. Many MCCs are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to test all sorts of potential evidence from a crime scene.

    Public safety workers can get the results they need on the spot to help them do their jobs more quickly.

    Bomb units

    Large event securityIn a case where a city or community is hosting a multi-day festival or event, public safety workers often bring in more than one MCC to serve not just as mobile headquarters for those on duty, but to provide wireless surveillance of a wide area filled with hundreds of thousands of people.

    How Tobuy A Mobile Command Unit

    New Westminster Police Fire Mobile Command Vehicle

    August 1, 2003 by Melanie BasichBookmark +

    They may seem like big, expensive hunks of metal on wheels, but many agencies have come to realize that mobile command vehicles offer many advantages for the cost.

    Mobile command units are big expenditures, but they are well worth it to departments that have purchased them. One vehicle can act as a base of operations for a critical incident or as a means of crowd control for a local parade. It can also be used in high-crime areas to coordinate operations or even as a mobile substation. Both of these applications can help bring a strong police presence into a community.

    While it isnt hard to find ways to use a mobile command unit, justifying the use of such an expensive police resource can be tricky.


    Funding is a different issue for every agency. Some larger agencies have mobile command units built into their vehicle replacement plans along with squad cars and motorcycles, while other departments have used separate funding for their specialty vehicles.

    The Thurston County Sheriffs Office had to give up some of the cars it had planned to purchase when it decided to buy a mobile command unit from Braun Northwest. The decision was seen as a benefit in the long run. But sometimes its hard to convince the rest of a department that a specialty vehicle is as vital a need as new patrol cars.


    What broke the logjam was 9/11.

    Space Cases

    Command posts are easy to get long, but not wide, says LAPDs Reyland.

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    We Operate At The Highest Level

    At Summit Bodyworks, we dont take no for an answer. We innovate and problem-solve. We dont follow industry trends we create them. We serve our customers with smiles on our faces and integrity as our foundation. When it comes to our work, decades of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into perfecting our crafts. Our team of project managers, engineers, account managers, and technicians work together to ensure our quality is excellent and our process smooth. As an industry leader, were confident that the service and support youll receive from Summit Bodyworks simply cannot be matched.

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