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Can I Buy A Police Scanner

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Uniden Sds100 Digital Handheld Scanner

Police Scanner: 5 Best Police Scanners in 2021 (Buying Guide)

This radio scanner from Uniden offers an extreme functionality that youve never experienced before. It could work even in the most remote areas with little to no signal.

Searching for a decent signal is a real challenge in remote areas. However, you would not have to go berserk searching for signals when using this device. Uniden radio scanner comes with a real I/Q radio design that advances digital function even in signal-destitute areas, such as mountains and far-flung provinces.

Another feature that I genuinely like about this radio scanner is that it is water-resistant. You would never have to worry about this scanner obtaining moisture, especially in critical situations. It still works efficiently and can even recover signals for effective communication in emergencies.

Additionally, it comes with a rugged design to withstand long time usage.

Since this device uses a Lithium-ion battery, recharging is a breeze. It also has excellent efficiency and incomparable sturdiness for a radio scanner.

Another advantage of a Li-ion battery is its exceptional stability, allowing you to obtain a higher energy concentration and power capacity. This feature enables extended power retention compared to other battery types.

  • Batteries are rechargeable, stable, and efficient.
  • Advanced features may take time to master.

Editors Pick: Uniden Bcd996p2 Digital Scanner

The Uniden BCD996P2 is ideal for anyone interested in taking up radio scanning as a serious hobby. Priced at around $400, it offers pretty much everything top-of-the-line models do at a lower price.

It can pick up both analog and digital signals but, unlike the BCD536HP, its not pre-programmed so youll need to input frequencies manually. This may seem complex for a beginner, but scanner enthusiasts say this process can actually prove enjoyable for people who are truly interested in mastering their new hobby.

The BCD996P2 can detect certain nearby transmissions on its own without programming however, the range isnt always consistent and the signals must be extremely strong in order to be picked up.

The BCD996P2 has enough memory to store up to 25,000 channels, along with number tags that allow you to quickly switch between frequencies without going through them one by one . You can assign number tags to service searches or custom search ranges youve created as well.

Other useful features include National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration alerts, a list of priority channels that you want to scan continuously while listening to other transmissions, a key lock to prevent unwanted modifications, 100 quick keys for your customized scanning parameters and alerts for specific channels with different tone and volume patterns.

Uniden Bearcat Sr30c 500

$ as of April 7, 2022 4:33 pm


  • LISTEN IN AND STAY INFORMED! The Uniden Bearcat SR30C is a very affordable 500 channel hand-held scanner with loads of features in a convenient compact design.
  • LISTEN TO OVER 32,000 FREQUENCIES: Get started listening right away with convenient pre-sets for the most popular searches. Frequencies are preset in ten service banks, Non-Digital Police/Fire/Emergency, NOAA Weather reports, Marine, Racing, Civil Aircraft, Ham Radio, Railroad, CB Radio, and other bands. This makes it easy to find channels that interest you.
  • PC PROGRAMING lets you program your scanner using your PC. Close call RF capture technology instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters and the Priority Scan function Scans the channels you have designated as priority channels. Memory backup keeps the frequencies stored in memory for an extended time if the scanner loses power
  • DELAY FUNCTION helps prevent missed replies during two-way conversations. Other features include keypad entry, Earphone Jack, key lock, battery low alert, battery save. The triple-conversion design ensures excellent Performance.
  • THREE POWER OPTIONS: #1- The included USB cable will power your SR30C from your PC or other USB power source, such as a smart phone USB charger . #2 – Two AA alkaline batteries . #3 – Two AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries . You can also charge rechargeable Ni-MH batteries in the unit using the USB cable.

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What Customers Are Saying

Featuring over 10,500 customer reviews on Amazon, the Cobra RAD 480i is one of the most well-reviewed police scanners in the industry. An overwhelming majority of reviewers 84 percent rate this scanner 4 stars or higher. A total of 69 percent of reviewers rate this police scanner 5 out 5 stars.

Individual reviews marvel at how far a distance this scanner works and note the dependability of the Cobra RAD 480is alerts. A large number of reviewers mention the scanners connectivity to a USB cable and the scanners overall compact design.

How To Choose A Police Scanner

Uniden BCD325P2 Police Scanner Review 2020

When choosing a radio scanner, you should consider what features you want, how much you want to spend and whether the scanner is designed for beginners or experienced radio operators. For instance, do you want a desktop or handheld unit? Do you want to plug in your zip code and start listening, or do you want a more sophisticated unit? There are also both digital and analog models available today.

To help you choose the best police scanner for your needs, weve put together a SPY Guide to help. Below are the best police scanners for everyone from advanced users to first-time scanners.

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What Does Trunking Mean On A Scanner

Since a trunking system might send its call and response on different frequencies, a Trunking or Trunk-tracking scanner is needed. These scanners will let you monitor the control channel frequency as part of the TalkGroup so you can hear both calls and responses and more easily follow conversations.

What Will Replace Scanners

If newsrooms aren’t able to hear police correspondence, it will be up to police services to relay information to the media in another way, “which means greater communications expenses,” Sinclair said.

“Resources will have to be theoretically redirected towards communications where they really should be more properly spent on police on the street,” Sinclair said.

“What’s the first thing that you’re going to cut? It’s probably not going to be the members who are policing the street, it’s going to be the people providing information out to the public. And so really trying to get that timely information is really affected.”

In Toronto, police now tweet out information on calls. But the population of Saskatchewan cities would likely not sustain 24-hour updates, Kruzeniski said. Another solution could be a password-protected police website for the media to access, he said.

Sinclair said he doesn’t think police will get information out to the public as quickly as the media. He is also concerned there will be an implicit bias to the information provided.

“When the police are in charge of communications regarding police issues that certainly raises the question of, are you getting an unfiltered version of what’s happening out there?”

Sinclair said the next step is further discussions and negotiations with the media, the police, the province and the Privacy Commissioner.

Kruzeniski said he hopes a compromise can be reached.

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Uniden Bcd536hp Homepatrol Series Scanner

If youre not handy with programming but want a digital radio scanner for yourself, Uniden BCD536HP is exactly what you need.

Its a next-level digital radio capable of trunk tracking V with genuinely advanced features for an enhanced radio scanner experience. But you think youre not so techy? No problem! The company hears you and offers this user-friendly device designed both for newbies and advanced level users.

Many of us would agree that programming doesnt go easy, especially for the starters. So its quite disappointing how a lot of radio scanners require programming before they can be serviceable.

But not 536HP! Right after purchase, you can immediately use this scanner as it comes with its own radio reference database. The moment you turn it on, its ready to start scanning.

Therell be no need to key in every emergency service provider frequencies around to listen to them. Plug it in and listen to police, fire, E.M.S., weather, military, and other similar frequencies right away!

You also dont need to load up your scanner with useless frequencies because it sports a system that can accurately detect and monitor frequencies available nearby permitted locations. Scanning has also been made easier with its scan-by-location mode, where you only need to input your zip or G.P.S. coordinates to refine the search.

I like that its Wi-Fi-ready because it allows me to access the scanner through my smartphone via the Uniden Siren App. A real scanner master.

Media Argue To Restore Saskatoon Police Scanner

What can you get with a Digital Police Scanner?

Lawyer Sean Sinclair is representing newsrooms, including CBC, in the argument to make the scanner in Saskatoon accessible again.

“The concern of the media organizations that I represent on this is simply that they aren’t going to be able to provide the level of service that their viewers and readers expect,” Sinclair said.

“There are a number of circumstances that can arise where there’s dangerous situations that are developing and Police One and getting that information out to the public is so important.”

Sinclair cited a few incidents where the media was able to alert the public immediately after hearing something on the scanner. One was in 2016 when emergency services were called to five locations in the city in a two-hour span as suspicious packages with a white powder were delivered. Sinclair said the scanner is also useful when there are high-speed pursuits and police want drivers to avoid the area.

Information and Privacy Commissioner Ron Kruzeniski acknowledged the importance of the relationship between the media and police, but said in meetings with both, it was made clear to him that personal information had been transmitted over the scanner.

Kruzeniski said that could include a name, address or nature of the call if it’s regarding something sensitive like domestic violence.

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Uniden Bc125at Handheld Police Scanner Review

The Uniden BC125AT handheld police scanner is one of the most sophisticated scanners you can buy. This model also includes the Uniden-specific Close Call RF capture technology. Whats interesting is the Do Dont Disturb mode that will stop all close call checks during any transmission.

There are 500 Alpha-Tagged Channels, which are divided into 10 storage banks, making it way easier to find the channels that you want to listen to frequently.

In total, this gadget works with more than 40,000 frequencies so that you can listen to many bands that include the police band, the military, civilian, aircraft, railroad, civil air, racing, and amateur radio services, bands. Of course, you will get access to weather bands as well.

The unit doesnt require programming to use because you can use the handheld scanner straight out of the box using the presets for the common searches. That doesnt mean you cannot program it. It comes with a USB cable that you can use for programming it using your computer. The programming software is available for free on the internet.

The device comes with a multi-functional rotary knob that you can use for controlling the volume, scroll through channel banks, and adjusting squelch.

The sound quality of the scanner is decent, and it can remove static. The backlit screen is also easy to ready. The unit is very lightweight and allows for easy portability.


Best Budget Scanner: Uniden Bearcat Bc125at

The Uniden Bearcat BC125AT, not to be confused with the similarly named Uniden BearTracker, was recognized by our review team as the Best Budget Scanner available in 2022. You can listen to over 40,000 frequencies with this police scanner with compatibility to both civilian and military bands. This scanner has 500 alpha tagged channels as well as the Uniden-specific Close Call RF capture technology.

The biggest differentiating factor that the Uniden Bearcat BC125AT has in comparison to the competition is the fact that its a handheld scanner. Although you will be unable to conduct trunking or digital radio system monitoring as this is a handheld scanner, it is extremely portable. The lightweight portable design allows for this radio scanner to go just about wherever you go.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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To Encrypt Or Not To Encrypt Is The Question

Before encryption, media companies used to listen in on the radio for situations that may arise and which may need their attention.

Media companies used to assign a person to listen in and if a good situation arises, they can cover it.

Radio enthusiasts also listen in on the channels, some enthusiast even helped the cops solve crimes by providing infos to them, but all these came to an end when encryption came.

What Is The Difference Between Analog And Digital Police Scanners

Best police scanners

Hello varian1, From what i understand the difference between analog and Digital is that analog goes out over the airwaves just as it is Digital is when speaking into the radio the voice is converted to 0s and 1s and goes out over the airwaves as 1s and 0s and gets converted back with a digital ready scanner to voice Nov 9, 2012.

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Police Scanners Still A Thing Maybe But Not For Long

A surge of listeners tuned in to digital police scanner services during the 2020 protests. Spenser Young via unsplash

Last month we reported on the Dallas Police Departments intended overhaul of its reporting system, which would remove information, such as complainant identities, from publicly accessible police reports. The proposed changes also would delay reports by at least 24 hours, which would render police portals active calls and sites such as impotent.

While were waiting to speak with someone at Dallas Police Department about that whole thing, I want to bring up a related consideration police scanners.

Once we lose the ability to observe police calls online in real time, we still have police scanners and Broadcastify and those digital news services such as DFW Scanner or Smash Da Topic for real-time reports and updates, right?

Not for long. Dallas Police Department is working toward a radio system replacement plan has been for the past four years that would enable encrypted communications that cannot be intercepted by a third party.

With its existing system the DPD cant encrypt communication, but they can once they have this new system in place, thus our police-scanner listening days are numbered.

The only holdup is that the replacement system costs $6.6 million.

The U.S. Department of Justice Toolkit for policing sums up the role and responsibilities of police and the community.

Uniden Bc365crs 500 Police Scanner


This police scanner can do a little bit of everything. It has 500 channels in 10 banks to scan police, EMS, and local weather. But it also has an FM radio for when you want to tune into your favorite sports radio or news radio program. And we all know the early bird gets the worm, so you can program the alarm clock to wake you up for the day so you can get to scanning the airways. Its simple to control with big buttons and the display makes it easy to read even in low lighting.

Pros: Has 500 police, EMS and weather channels in addition to FM radio so you can switch back and forth between pleasure and purpose.

Cons: The aesthetic design leaves something to be desired.

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Uniden Bcd436hp Handheld Scanner

Exceptional convenience is the key asset of this Uniden home patrol digital scanner. It is easy to navigate your way around this handheld scanner. Find out more of its unique features that would be up to your liking.

Uniden is one of the most innovative brands of radio scanners out there. Im impressed by how they came up with a scanner that could integrate close-call radio frequency capture, high-quality GPS connection, and a hi-fi system probe, all in one huge display. These features are truly life-saving.

So, whats a close-call radio frequency? I like this feature because it offers optimum convenience due to its ability to detect nearby radio transmissions. The close-call feature eliminates the hassles of manual tuning as it instantly captures signals within your specified radius, making your work faster and more convenient.

Looking for frequencies in any location wont be as tedious as it was back then. Thanks to its GPS connectivity and efficient receiver structure analysis. With these features, your scanner knows your exact location and will begin scanning all frequencies listed in the area.

Some of its practical features include nine tone patterns to choose from, alerting when you receive a channel ID, a close call hit or when the scanner tones out, 15 levels of volume settings, seven display colors, and three flash patterns.

Choosing The Right Type Of Radio Scanner

Uniden SDS100/SDS200 comprehensive review: Best scanner money can buy

The type of radio scanner you need, analog or digital, to buy depends on what system your community or city uses to communicate with their mobile units for police, fire, rescue, and all of the other important services you may want to monitor. An inexpensive basic scanner, usually on the low price end of the list and is an older analog type, may work well but will not have digital displays for alpha tags , and won’t pickup the newer digital systems or transmissions or a pc port to program it through your computer. For your first scanner an inexpensive model must be easy to program and should pick up local police and fire transmissions unless your community uses an advanced “digital” system that would require a more expensive scanner. Your scanner must be programed to receive the transmissions you desire to monitor. Your new scanner’s owner’s manual should have instructions on programing your scanner in easy to understand wording. From a basic scanner to the newer digital models, the scanner that is best for you depends on your location, the type of radio systems, analog or digital and what you can afford or need. It is also best if you do not live over about 20 to 40 miles depending on the terrain from the radio systems you wish to monitor. Radio waves at these scanner frequencies weaken severly the further they have to be transmitted to your scanner. Or said another way, the farther you live from them, the weaker the signals.

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