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Can You Become A Police Officer With A Ged

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Do You Need A Degree To Be A Cop

How to become a Police Officer

Becoming a police officer doesnt rely heavily on formal education in fact, a high school diploma is often the minimum formal education required. An associates, bachelors or graduate degree is rarely mandatory. This training is often provided by police academies on the local, regional or state level.

Police Officer Salary And Job Growth Expectations

Salaries in law enforcement vary significantly. Your salary will depend on whether you work in a rural area or a large city, whether you have seniority or youre fresh out of the academy, and whether you take overtime or leave at the end of your shift.

That said, the median detective and police officer salary nationwide was $63,380 as of May 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Those working for the federal government did especially well, earning an average of $87,130. You should also calculate the value of benefits into the compensation package. Police officers typically enjoy paid vacation, sick leave, medical and life insurance, and uniform allowances. Plus, thanks to pensions, they can often afford to retire at a younger age than most.

As for getting into the field, the BLS projects job growth of 5% nationally for police officers from 2018 to 2028, which is on the low side for such a typically stable occupation. However, this outlook depends heavily on city and state budgets, which can fluctuate. The low rate of growth will create stronger opportunities for police officer applicants who hold a bachelors degree in criminal justice or a related field.

The top 10 states for police and sheriff patrol officer earnings in 2018 were:

  • California: $104,790
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    Police Officer Degree Levels

    There are many degree options for prospective and current police who are interested in furthering their education. As previously mentioned, a successful policing career does not necessarily require a college degree, but pursuing a degree can benefit your career as a police officer not only by helping you get hired but also by putting you in a better position to be promoted and/or move into a supervisory position. Before we look at the degree majors available for those interested in police education, lets look at the police officer education levels available.

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    Benefits Of Earning A Policing Degree

    While a policing degree is not required to become a law enforcement official, a policing degree from Laurier helps enhance the career and earning potential of an individual who wants to pursue a career in this field.

    Graduates with a bachelors degree in policing will have an advantage when pursuing leadership positions and promotions. In addition to becoming a police officer, some of the top job opportunities for graduates include emergency management specialist, crime analyst and security director.

    Additionally, the earning potential is higher for graduates with an online degree in policing. Higher education can translate into higher wages than a high school or college diploma alone. Earning a bachelorâs degree can earn you over 30 percent higher earnings than high school graduates.

    In terms of salaries in Canada, a police officer earns an average of $93,000 per year. The average security director salary in Canada is $99,000. And a detective sergeant can earn in excess of $121,000 annually.

    Responsibilities Of A Police Officer

    How To Become A Police Officer In Texas Without A Degree

    You might think being a police officer is much like what you see in the movies. However, police officers dont always chase down bad guys and storm the houses of criminals. In fact, if you take a specific position, you may not do this much at all.

    Some of the common tasks a police officer will take on include:

    • Patrolling neighborhoods on food, on a bike, or in a vehicle
    • Responding to calls received by emergency dispatch
    • Taking and documenting testimony from witnesses
    • Filing official reports

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    Complete The Police Academy

    Training to become a police officer is known as the Police Academy. You will need to train at the police academy, which will include classroom work and field training.

    The classroom work will include criminal investigation methods, laws and regulations, detainment procedures, policing, and public safety. In addition, you will learn skills in interpersonal communication, negotiation, and stress management.

    Field training will include administrative duties, defense tactics, handling hazardous materials, using a firearm, proper use of force, and vehicle operations. You may receive allowances, benefits, and entitlements during this portion of the training.

    Can You Still Become A Police Officer If You Have A Ged

    Well, High School has been hard on me and I decided that getting my GED was a better option. I’d like to become a Police Officer and I’m worried that this might affect me. I plan on joining the military as an MP and getting an associates degree in Criminal Justice but I’m still worried as to how having a GED as opposed to an HS diploma will affect me. I’m also an EMT-B if that affects anything. Thanks in advance!

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    Can I Be A State Trooper

    State troopersstatetrooper

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Be a citizen of the US.
  • Hold a high school diploma or GED.
  • Graduate from an authorized state basic law enforcement training academy.
  • Pass the Missouri Peace Officer License Exam.
  • Not have a criminal history.
  • Steps to Becoming a Police Officer

  • Obtain high school diploma or GED.
  • Meet other minimum requirements.
  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree
  • Pass the law enforcement entrance exam.
  • Graduate from the police academy.
  • Work toward a promotion.
  • The Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy Program Provides A Comprehensive Educational Framework For Your Entry Into Law Enforcement

    How to Become a Police Officer

    We are a Colorado POST accredited Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy providing the highest quality training for those who want to be of service to their communities as police officers. We emphasize a community-oriented policing approach in our training programs, stressing teamwork, responsibility, and an openness to learning new and challenging approaches to providing police services.

    We have been training police officers for over thirty years and are very proud of the contribution we have made through our graduates to the quality of life here in Colorado.

    CLETA training is offered at CMC Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs and CMC Breckenridge. We provide three sessions each year, one per semester. Each full-time course consists of 615 hours of intensive training that exceeds the requirements set forth by POST.

    Download/view the CLETA Info Packet

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    Video: How To Become A Cop With Just A Ged

    Minimum Requirements to be a Police Officer in Ohio . Citizen of the United States. Age: 21 years of age or reach that age by the completion of the academy. High School graduate or equivalent Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License. No person convicted of a felony. This may include felony convictions that have been sealed or expunged Education. High school diploma, GED, or California High School Proficiency Examination. Highly desirable: possession of a degree, Associate of Arts or higher, from an accredited college also, additional course work or advanced skills in the following areas: English, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and composition reading and comprehension mathematics (used for traffic. Can i become a customs officer with out a GED – Answered by a verified Career Counselor We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them Getting a high school diploma or GED is the minimum formal education requirement for most police officers. Many law enforcement organizations may require or prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree or a certain number of postsecondary education credits

    How Do I Become A Police Officer In Missouri

    4.2/5Missouri Police Officer Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Be a citizen of the US.
  • Hold a high school diploma or GED.
  • Graduate from an authorized state basic law enforcement training academy.
  • Pass the Missouri Peace Officer License Exam.
  • Not have a criminal history.
  • Meeting Police Officer Requirements in Columbia60 hours of post-secondary education from an accredited institution. Driver’s license with an excellent driving record. At least 21 years old. No felony convictions or serious criminal record.

    Additionally, how do I become a detective in Missouri? General requirements include:

  • 21 years of age or older.
  • U.S. citizen and Missouri resident.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Have a valid Missouri driver’s license.
  • Pass a background investigation.
  • Pass mental, physical, written and medical examinations.
  • Keeping this in view, where do I start to become a cop?

    Steps to Becoming a Police Officer

  • Obtain high school diploma or GED.
  • Meet other minimum requirements.
  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree
  • Pass the law enforcement entrance exam.
  • Graduate from the police academy.
  • Work toward a promotion.
  • How do I get my Missouri Peace Officer License?

    A person may be eligible for licensing as a peace officer if the individual:

  • is twenty one years of age.
  • is a United States citizen.
  • is the holder of a valid high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • is a graduate of a Basic Law Enforcement Training Center.
  • has passed the Missouri Peace Officer License Exam.
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    Basic Requirements To Become A Police Officer In Ohio

    At least 21 years of age OR will reach that age by the completion of the academy

    Must have a high school diploma or GED

    Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License

    No felony convictions. This may include felony convictions that have been sealed or expunged. *

    Pass a drug screen, background check, physical fitness standards. **

    * Additional restrictions can be found in the Ohio Administrative Code ** Physical fitness standards tests are 1.5 mile run, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

    Preparing For A Police Officer Career: Find The Right Environment

    Soon You Can Be a Portland Cop With a GED and a Neck ...

    When an aspiring police officer chooses to go to school to obtain formal education, a world of possibilities opens up. Here are some of the potential places where the certificate or degree can be earned.

    Vocational/Trade School

    Some vocational or trade schools have certificate programs that may count towards college credit, such as for a future associate or bachelors degree. Some might offer associate degrees. Vocational or trade schools can provide a way to save money on college costs while receiving necessary college course instruction.


    Military experience is well regarded by law enforcement agencies and police departments. Familiarity with firearms, mental toughness, physical conditioning, discipline and an understanding of command structure and culture are all benefits that come with hiring a recruit with military experience.

    Community College

    Community colleges provide multiple options for students who want to become police officers. Students can complete their associate degree in two years or a certificate in a few months. As an added bonus, many community colleges allow credits earned in a certificate program to go towards an associate degree.

    Law Enforcement School

    4-year schools

    Departments that require a bachelors degree are often found at the federal level. However, even if a four-year degree isnt required, getting a bachelors degree can be a prudent decision: it can increase the chances of getting hired and promoted.

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    Pass The Ged In 2 Months

    Learn Just 1 Hour a Day.It doesnt matter when you left school.

    But, of course, it depends on the acceptance policy of specific departments. Your GED diploma is equivalent to a common high school degree so wherever holding a high school credential is the qualification more, your GED is also sufficient.

    Your GED diploma qualifies you for enrolling in credit-bearing college coursework and holding a higher education degree looks so much better for employers, also when you want to be a police officer.

    What Do Related Occupations Make

    If youre interested in how to become a police officer, you might also be interested in related professions. Working as a correctional officer, EMT or paramedic, firefighter, probation officer, security guard, gaming surveillance officer, game warden or firefighter might be on your radar. If thats the case, you can peruse the list of related occupations below, which includes average salaries:

    What you earn depends on where you live, including the region, state or city. To help determine what you can expect to make in your particular area, our handy salary comparison tool can help.

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    Pass The Necessary Law Enforcement Exams

    You will need to pass all the necessary exams for your jurisdiction to start your career in law enforcement. Each state and department maybe a little bit different. Typically, you will need to pass a written exam, essay exam, and oral exam.

    The written exam will include true-false and multiple-choice questions. It may also include short essay questions. This exam aims to assess your knowledge when it comes to reading comprehension, grammar, and math skills. You will also be tested on decision-making skills and logic when it comes to specific scenarios.

    The essay section of the test will test your logic and show you can express thoughts clearly. It will be a long-form essay where you will provide evidence to support all of your claims.

    You will need to take an oral exam, as well. This exam will be given by your hiring manager or from a member of the community. This test will evaluate your verbal communication skills and your presentation skills.

    You will need to gain a passing grade on all the tests to gain acceptance into the police training academy.

    Look More Here Search With Us Get Latest Now Updated Inf

    • g a police officer are over. Some agencies have no maximum age. Education Requirement Most agencies expect officers to have a high school diploma or GED at a
    • Much of a police officer’s training is specialized and a high school diploma may be enough to start the process
    • The more education you have, the more selective you can be when applying for police officer jobs. Also, even if a police department does not require college, you will have a better chance of getting hired if you have a degree. Also, some police departments pay their officers more if they have a degree. Having a degree would also benefit you.

    In Texas, you are not licensed until an agency sends a completed license application to the Commission. In order to become licensed as a peace officer or county jailer in Texas there are three requirements: 1. successful completion of the basic licensing course 2. passing of the state licensing examination an For example, a police department may require recruits to hold an associate degree in criminal justice or a related field. Even in departments that require only a high school diploma or GED, candidates with a degree are usually preferred. In order to become a sworn officer, Arizona police officer candidates must

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    Overview Of Police Education Requirements

    The most recent data available indicates that over 80% of police departments in the US require at least a high school diploma or GED, while only 1% of police departments require a four-year degree.1 The remaining 19% of departments require varying amounts of college credit, up to an associates degree .1 About half of police agencies that require college credit will accept military experience in place of the usual college requirements.1 In general, larger police departments tend to require a degree more often than smaller departments.1

    At the same time, while it is not a strict entry-level requirement in all departments, the number of officers who have a college degree is rising estimates suggest that 30% to 50% of US police have a four-year bachelors degreecompared to 33% of US adults overall.1 This indicates that investing in four years of college to be a police officer is not uncommon. An estimated 66% of police chiefs and sheriffs have at least a bachelors degree, and 33% of these have a masters or law degree.1 Aside from agency hiring requirements, suggested reasons for these statistics include:1

    How To Become A Police Officer

    Criminal JusticeApproved Course is reader-supported. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission.

    Maybe youve dreamed of being a police officer all your life. Whether youve known for years or you just came to the realization, you can become a police officer. The steps for how to become a police officer are pretty straightforward.

    Its a job with quite a bit of responsibility. Youll also need to be well trusted. If you want to work as a police officer, youll need the right training and education. Lets look at the steps to become a police officer.

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    Can You Be A Police Officer With A Ged

  • ation . However, a high school education is the
  • g a police officer, you will still have plenty to learn. Nothing beats on-the-job experience to show you all of the specialized areas police officers might want or need to learn more about. The best officers are never done learning
  • While requirements vary from state-to-state, generally to become a police officer you must: Have a high school diploma or GED Be a citizen and have a driver’s license Pass a law enforcement entrance exa
  • al justice. Some didn’t, but had ta..
  • There are people with PhDs that can not become officers, for good reason. It is possible but highly unlikely that you’ll be hired. In today’s world, some kind of a degree is required. It doesn’t have to be job related in most cases. Given multiple..
  • g a police officer in Georgia begin with a
  • According to the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, there are a few general requirements for becoming a police officer that span across states, including Puerto Rico. Candidates must be at least 18 years old Candidates should be citizens of the United States Candidates should have a high school diploma or a GED There are police departments where possessing a high school diploma or a GED certificate will meet the minimum eligibility requirements, however, most agencies have raised their standards to at least two years of post-secondary college education, with priority given to applicants who possess an associate degree or, better yet, a bachelor’s degree

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