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How Many Unarmed People Killed By Police

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Next We Looked At The Number Of Blacks Killed By Police In 2014 2019

How Many Unarmed People Did Police Kill In 2020?

During this period, 1,654 blacks were killed. This is an average of 275 per year. In fact, 2015 saw 305 deaths for a high and 258 was the lowest number in 2018. Of these fatalities, 286 were considered unarmed. That is an average of 47 people per year. The deadliest year was 2015 with 78. Both 2018 and 2019 had the lowest totals of 28 each year.

We then looked at the number of non-blacks, particularly whites killed by police . Here is what we discovered:

Whites accounted for 2,953 police involved deaths. An average of 492 per year. The deadliest year being 2015 with 544, the lowest being 2019 with 406. There were 388 unarmed whites killed in that time frame for an average of 65 per year. Most death occurring in 2015 with 91 deaths, and the low being 48 in 2018.

All other races accounted for 1,953 deaths of which 241 were unarmed .

Unarmed blacks killed per year: 47. Non-blacks: 105.

All of these numbers were accumulated from a searchable data base at:

Improve Don’t Abolish Police

This sentiment is echoed in the dozens of police community meetings Ive attended. Though they also want improved quality of policing, the percentage of Black respondents in a 2015 Gallup poll who wanted more police in their community was more than twice as high as the percentage of white respondents who said the same. Activists who seek to disband police departments will have to explain to these law-abiding residents that they will in essence just have to fend for themselves.

Ben Crump:

Such self defense may be understandable if the police were engaging in an epidemic of shooting unarmed Black men and women, as we now hear daily but there is no such epidemic. For the last five years, the police have fatally shot about 1,000 civilians annually, the vast majority of whom were armed or otherwise dangerous. Black people account for about 23% of those shot and killed by police they are about 13% of the U.S. population.

As of the June 22 update, the Washington Posts database of fatal police shootings showed 14 unarmed Black victims and 25 unarmed white victims in 2019. The database does not include those killed by other means, like George Floyd.

The number of unarmed Black shooting victims is down 63% from 2015, when the database began. There are about 7,300 Black homicide victims a year. The 14 unarmed victims in fatal police shootings would comprise only 0.2% of that total.

Cities And States With The Highest And Lowest Levels Of Police Violence

Over the past year since Floyd was murdered, 25 states saw a decrease, 19 states an increase and seven states had the same number of police killings compared with the same period a year ago.

New Mexico had the highest rate of police killings at 10 people killed by police for every million inhabitants followed by Montana and Alaska, both with 8 people killed per million inhabitants. The East Coast states of New Jersey, followed by Connecticut and Rhode Island, had the fewest police killings at less than 1 person per million inhabitants over the past 12 months.

The rate in the state of Minnesota, where George Floyd lived, increased from 10 police killings per million inhabitants the year before Floyd was killed to 13 one year after his murder. This includes Daunte Wright who was shot and killed by police officer Kim Potter during a police stop on April 11, 2021.

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National Database On Police Killings Tracked 1127 Deaths Last Year

Most of them were shot.

Story at a glance

  • The police killing of George Floyd brought renewed attention to police violence in the United States.
  • Police brutality disproportionately affects Black Americans, who are more likely to be stopped by law enforcement.
  • There is no federal database of information of police violence in the United States.

On the day George Floyd was killed last year, six other Americans were killed by police, according to a database by Campaign Zero. By that point in the year, police had already killed 474 people. By the end of the year, they would have killed more than 600 additional people.

The pandemic and the lockdown did not change this pattern of police violence: more people were killed by police in 2020 than in 2019 and only 16 of these cases resulted in officers being charged with a crime. The police know, and the data confirms, that they can kill people with impunity, said Samuel Sinyangwe, a data scientist and co-founder of Campaign Zero, in a release.


Of the 1,127 people killed by police in 2020, 96 percent were killed by police shootings and most others involved tasers, physical force and police vehicles, according to the report. Half of those were reportedly armed with a gun, but the report found that 1 in 6 people with a gun were not threatening anyone when they were killed and may have been de-escalated instead.

Black On Black Crime Specifically Murder For 2014

Gulf Coast Commentary: Every Year US Police Kill Many More ...

A 5-year period of FBI data collected from participating departments around the country showed that on average at least 2,776 blacks are killed by 2,476 black suspects, or 89%. By contrast, whites kill blacks at a rate of 8.3% . Blacks kill 15.4% of white victims with an average of 513 per year of 3,313 white homicides.

The data is gathered from departments that voluntarily report their numbers to the FBI. The data does not include the entire country. However, the numbers are remarkably consistent year over year.

This study from 2002 to 2011 showed an average of 16,128 homicides per year in the United States. Of that, 7,980 deaths per year were black or 49% of all victims. Whites made up 7,729 per year or 47% of all victims. Total black homicide deaths surpassed total white homicide deaths in 9 of the 10 years in this time frame.

Combining the data from both studies shows:

  • 7,980 blacks are murdered per year
  • 7,102 blacks kill other blacks per year
  • 1,190 whites are murdered by blacks per year
  • 662 blacks are murdered by whites per year

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The Air We Breathe: Implicit Bias And Police Shootings

Nathaniel Pickett Sr., 65, said that Nate was the only child he had with Dominic Archibald, a two-time combat veteran and retired Army colonel. After their divorce in 1990 when Nate was not quite 5, the boy went to live with his mom. He became a Boy Scout and fancied Frank Sinatra music, art and sports except football because he didn’t like getting dirty. Archibald eventually enrolled him at the Fork Union Military Academy, an all-boys college preparatory boarding school in Virginia. She agreed to let him transfer in his senior year to Woodrow Wilson High School, a public school in Washington, D.C.

“We just wanted him to be happy,” Pickett said.

Less than three years after Pickett’s death, Woods was involved in a second on-duty shooting of another unarmed man.

Woods was not wearing a body camera. Martinez did not respond to a request through his mother for an interview.

“He was shot 3” times, his mother, Kathy Searcy, said in a Facebook message to NPR that included photos of his bullet wounds. “Plus, he was being tased at the same time.”

Michael Ramos, the San Bernardino County district attorney at the time of both shootings, declined to charge Woods, saying the deputy was justified in shooting both men. He said in a recent phone interview with NPR that he doesn’t remember the cases but said he always adhered to the law when deciding whether to charge an officer with killing someone.

toggle caption

Woods, 28, could not be reached for comment.

The Claim: Us Police Killed Eight Unarmed Black Men In 2019

In response to the nationwide Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd, Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of the conservative group Turning Point USA, posted a statement on Facebook.

Kirk claimed in a during the Blackout Tuesday campaign that, according to the Washington Posts database of police shootings, police killed eight unarmed Black men in 2019. Other Facebook pages have reposted the video, adding to its viewership.

Kirk uses this figure while arguing that systemic racism does not exist within law enforcement. He did not mention in the video that Black Americans make up 13% of the population but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans, as the Post reported. He also did not mention, as explained by Naomi Zack in her book on racial profiling and police homicide that “when 4.4 million random stop and frisks were conducted in New York City, during the period from 2004 2012, even though Blacks were disproportionately singled out, the incidence of further police action was less for Blacks than for whites.”

Kirk’s claim that police killed eight unarmed Black men in 2019 is incorrect for several reasons.

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How Many People Have Been Killed By Us Police Since George Floyd

At least 1,068 people have been killed by police since the death of the unarmed Black man a year ago.

On May 25, 2020, at 9:25pm , George Floyd, an unarmed 46-year-old Black man from the US state of Minnesota became yet another victim of police brutality when he was killed by police. Floyds killing triggered worldwide protests demanding justice and an end to systemic racism. On April 20, 2021, Floyds killer, former police officer Derek Chauvin, was found guilty of murder and manslaughter. Chauvin, who is white, faces at least 75 years in prison. His sentencing has been set for June 25.

Between January 2013 and May 2021, police in the United States killed at least 9,179 people, according to data compiled by Mapping Police Violence, a research and advocacy group. Since Floyds death exactly a year ago, the group has recorded at least 1,068 police killings across the country an average of three killings every day.

According to the groups latest figures, police killings are at similar rates to past years. Some states have seen a reduction while others have seen a rise in killings.

Claude Washington Fain Iii

Why Are So Many Unarmed Black People Being Killed by Police? Sacramento Activist Speaks Out

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CBS Philadelphia reported that 47-year-old Claude Washington Fain III was fatally shot by SWAT officers after authorities said they attempted to serve a warrant for his arrest.

Police said Fain fired at two state parole officers from a second-floor apartment. SWAT officers then exchanged gunfire with Fain, and killed him during the exchange.

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What Is Blue Lives Matter

The countermovement claims to support local law enforcement, but its supporters have been accused of racism

  • Blue Lives Matter is known to be a counter to the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Those who display the flag insist it is to honor the men and women in blue, as well as fallen officers
  • However, opponents of the movement say it has become a symbol of racism
  • The flag is said to have some racist connotations after being spotted alongside Confederate flags at the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, reported NPR

Case Identification And Narrative Coding

Cases in the current study originated from statewide data for the 17 states participating in NVDRS during the study period. All cases classified in NVDRS as legal intervention deaths or homicides in which the perpetrator was an LE officer were selected and narratives were reviewed to ensure they met the NVDRS case definition for legal intervention deaths. In addition to analysis of existing NVDRS variables, case narratives were reviewed and coded by the authors for an additional ten variables developed for the current study. These included:

  • 1.
  • police contact/incident directly related to concerns about the victims current psychological functioning and

  • 10.

    LE contact or legal intervention involved intimate partner violence .

All narrative coding was completed by the authors. A randomly selected sample of 75 cases were coded in pairs. Inter-rater agreement ranged from 87.8% to 100% all discrepancies were discussed and coded to consensus. The remaining cases were coded independently with group discussion as needed.

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Jamar Clark Nov 15 2015

Next up, we have Jamar Clark. Unfortunately, he was shot by Minneapolis police at 12:45 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 15 outside of an apartment on the 1600 block of Plymouth Avenue N. Clark, 24, died Monday, Nov. 16 after he was removed from life support. Witnesses have said Clark was in handcuffs and unarmed at the time of the shooting, but Minneapolis police said preliminary reports indicate Clark was not handcuffed.

Initial police call

According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, 2 Minneapolis police officers responded to a request for assistance from paramedics who reported that Jamar Clark was disrupting their ability to aid an assault victim. Minneapolis police have said Clark was a suspect in the assault. At some point during an altercation that ensued between Clark and the officers, an officer discharged his weapon, striking Clark.

Record: 1st degree aggravated robbery and terroristic threats

Bruno began by running down Clarks criminal record. In 2010, Clark was convicted of first-degree aggravated robbery for which he spent 41 months in prison, and in April he got a second felony for terroristic threats. After that, he was ordered to stay away from a domestic abuse victim until 2020.

Bruno also revealed that paramedics were called in the first place to treat Clarks alleged victim who had a broken ankle. Clark was not handcuffed at any point, the lawyer insists.

Award: $200,000

John Crawford Iii Aug 5 2014

How many unarmed black people are killed by police each year?

John Crawford, 22, was shot and killed by a police officer at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. There did not appear to be a confrontation with the police, and Crawford was unarmed he had been holding a toy BB gun.

Crawford picked up an un-packaged BB/pellet air rifle inside the stores sporting goods section and continued shopping in the store. Another customer, Ronald Ritchie, called 911 claiming that Crawford had been pointing the gun at fellow customers.

Security camera footage showed that Crawford was talking on his cellphone and holding the BB gun as he shopped, but at no point did he aim the BB gun at anyone. After the security camera footage was released, Ritchie recanted his statement that led to the fatal shooting and stated, At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody, while maintaining that Crawford was waving it around.

Officers: Not charged

The officers involved in the shooting, Sean Williams and David Darkow, were not charged.

Following the shooting, a grand jury decided not to indict any of the officers involved on charges of either murder, reckless homicide, or negligent homicide. The Justice Department conducted its own investigation. Sean Williams, the officer who shot Crawford, was removed from normal duties until the DoJ investigation was complete. The Justice Department declined to issue charges against the officer.

Award: $1.7M

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Police Kill More Whites Than Blacks Is True And It Isnt

Men lie, women lie and they both use numbers when it favors them.

This rebuttal is used to downplay black Americas outrage and its sad to say, the stats are unfairly true whats more concerning is that its unfairly used. Whether the stats are true or not, its insensitive to use statistics to indirectly tell a parent that the unjustifiable acts by the police

Terrence Crutcher Sept 16 2016

An Oklahoma jury in May found white Tulsa police officer Betty Jo Shelby not guilty of first-degree manslaughter in the 2016 death of Terence Crutcher, 40, who was shot shortly after Shelby arrived to find Crutchers SUV stopped in the middle of the road.

Shelby testified that she was afraid because Crutcher didnt obey her commands and appeared to reach inside his vehicle. Prosecutors told jurors that Shelby over-reacted, noting that videos from a patrol car dashboard and a police helicopter showed Crutcher had his hands in the air and did not have a weapon.

Award: $0

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Police Killings By Country 2021

Thousands of people around the world are killed by law enforcement, both on- and off-duty. Police officers in the United States shoot and kill hundreds of people every year, far more than comparable developed countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

In the United States, police shootings have sparked protests across the country, such as the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, 17-year-old African-American student who was shot and killed in 2012. His killer, George Zimmerman, was a neighborhood watch coordinator of a gated community where Trayvon visited relatives. Zimmerman was acquitted at trial for Trayvons death, claiming self-defense. A petition calling for Zimmermans arrest collected over 2.2 million signatures, the most massive petition in the websites history.

The Washington Post has kept track of police shootings in the United States since 2015. Between 2015 and 2018, U.S. police have killed 3,309 people. In 2019, U.S. police killed 1,099 people, 24% of whom were black.

Location matters when it comes to police killings, both in U.S. states and around the world. Black persons in Oklahoma are six times more likely to be killed by police than those in Georgia. Additionally, eight of the 100 largest police departments in the United States kill black men at higher rates than the U.S. murder rate. These departments are Reno, Oklahoma City, Santa Ana, Anaheim, St. Louis City, Scottsdale, Hialeah, and Madison.

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