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How To Buy Police Seized Items

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The San Diego Police Department Will No Longer Be Holding Public Police Auctions

Police Auction Held For Items Seized From Criminals

If you have additional questions about San Diego Police Department Recruiting, see the Frequently Asked Questions, call 619-531-COPS or email .

If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

To access 9-1-1 from a cell phone or outside San Diego, dial 619-531-2065.

For 24-hour non-emergencies, dial 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154.

Storing And Maintaining Evidence

Items that are part of a criminal investigation are stored in the PAPS property and exhibit unit.

The unit is comprised of a large room full of lockers, along with a compound and a garage for bigger items like cars or lawnmowers.

We have to ensure that nothing happens to that property, that its maintained in its integrity and that we can use it for court to supplement our evidence, he said.

A full-time custodian manages the collection, overseeing intake and categorizing items so they can be readily available when needed for court purposes. Typically only the custodian has access to keys for the lockers, Simonson said.

Once court proceedings are complete, what happens next depends on the item.

Thats Hundreds Of Auctioneers Thousands Of Auction Events And Tens Of Thousands Of Auction Items That Just Wont Be Found On A Simple Engine Search Or Portal Why

  • Auctioneers are not geared up for optimizing their websites for search engines so a Google search on police auctions for instance, brings up all sorts of results, much of it irrelevant!
  • Search Engines arent like GAUK because we are a Specialist Auction Engine and our information is handled manually by humans.
  • Auctioneers that deal with police seized goods do not list on auction sites because of the fast turnaround and the fees are prohibitive
  • Many auctioneers do not advertise in traditional press because the costs are prohibitive

The cold, hard truth is that it takes the participation of auctioneers, a large team of data-input staff, some very sophisticated, proprietary software, a bunch of very expensive, dedicated servers, a number of technical guys and a rather large budget to keep GAUK running!

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Government Auction #2 Gov Deals

The second online gov auction is Gov Deals. Ever wondered where all the items seized from criminal investigations go? Well, everything that has value and is reusable, recyclable or sellable is auctioned off to the public on little known government auction websites like Gov Deals.

Gov Deals, like GovPlant, is also an official online government auction partner

Also, like GovPlanet, you can purchase much of the same ex-police/military equipment and government surplus from other government departments etc from Gov Deals, but the big differences is that you can also purchase seized police goods from Gov Deals!

Pretty much anything seized and left-over from criminal investigations can be auctioned off. You can even find high-value jewellery, watches, designer clothing, sporting goods, SUVs and boats at bargain prices.

Buying seized goods from criminal investigations can make many buyers feel uncertain of the sellers sources. But Gov Deals is a fully licensed gov auction that provides a transparent and efficient service that you can trust.

Curiosity Club: What Do Police Do With Confiscated Items

Lot Of Misc Police Seized Items

For our Curiosity Club series, paNOWhas asked you, our readers, to guide our reporting by telling us what youre wondering about. In this edition, well answer a question from a Facebook user who wants to know what police do with confiscated items.

Every year the Prince Albert Police Service seizes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen and illegal goods, but what happens to it all?

As Constable Derek Simonson told paNOW, that depends on the item and the case.

There are federal and provincial statutes that guide us in seizing property, Simonson said. And we need to follow those laws to know how to properly seize and handle that property, and most importantly return it back to the rightful owner if we can at the end.

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Ways To Buy A Car From Police Auctions

Before taking any steps towards purchasing a vehicle you need to research all of the police car auctions and their locations. Keep in mind that theres is a lot of different car auctions and you could always get a better deal at the next auction. Dont be afraid to go take a look at a car auction first and learn how it works before making your final purchase. Like with pretty much any other situation in life, the experience will make you better with time. Regularly going to car auctions will definitely help learn the ins and outs of car bidding effectively and youll get the hang of it in no time.

There are generally two options for police car auctions: live auction or online auction. Both options are similar and open to the public. The auction starts with a starting bid price and the car will go to whoever wins the bidding. The main difference is that you dont have to be physically present for online auctions.

Obligations As A Bidder

4.1 – When you use the Service and bid on an item during an online auction conducted on our Site, you are making an offer to buy the item at your bid price. If your bid price is the Winner’s Bid Amount, you will be the Winning Bidder and are obliged to purchase the item you have bid for and pay the Winner’s Bid Amount, plus any additional charges that you may be obliged to pay.REMEMBER: When you make a bid you are entering into a legally binding contract. Please do not bid on an item if you are unable to pay for it and have it collected within 72 hours OR within the specific date/time specified for that particular auction.

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What Are The Best Police Auctions In The Uk

The auctions dealing with the most police items include:

  • Bumblebee Auctions
  • eBay shops set up by some individual police forces
  • Independent auction houses such as Wilsons Auctions and John Pye Auctions.

Government Auctions UK maintains a database of police auctions up and down the country, which is accessible for a fee.

Police Auctions Fraud: How It Works

Items siezed by police up for auction

Police auctions take place as law enforcement officers come across and confiscate various goods regularly. These are items that were stolen or bought with illegally-made money. Therefore, the local departments often organize Police auctions where it sells these items, usually for low prices, with all the proceeds going to a police charity. However, criminals found a way to take advantage of the game and came up with a very ingenious scam, which still happens these days.

They organize fake Police auctions online and then advertise them. They get peoples attention in order to pay for non-existent items by making them think they are getting great deals. The crooks even build websites, so they take the scam in the virtual world, where the number of potential victims is infinite. The scam has two variations. In the first one, the victims pay but never receive anything.

In the other case, questionable individuals claim to organize online auctions for seized items, create good looking sites, and insist that all the objects are of high-end value and rare. They even send the actual products to the buyers who purchase them.

In reality, all these items sent mostly jewelry, brand name clothes, and other materials easy to ship are nothing but cheap products made in Asia sold at ridiculous prices to victims who believe theyve got amazing unique pieces.

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Police Lost & Found What Happens To Items Handed Into The Police And What Are The Criteria For Them To End Up In Uk Police Auctions

Usually the finder can keep the goods if they are not claimed within two months.

Occasionally the police may want to hold onto the goods if they suspect them to be stolen or suspect that the owner can be traced. The legal owner can claim their goods back up to one year after they have been handed over. If the police have handed the items to the finder they must retain them for a year. If the goods are found by the Police they can be disposed of at the discretion of the Chief Constable.

Transporting Thenewly Purchased Car To Your Home

Vehicles that are seized by police are usually in good enough condition for you to simply buy it and drive it home. But in some cases, the car you just bought may have been sitting in the car impound for long enough so the battery is dead and it just wont start. If the car isnt in a condition to be driven, you can always sell it right away to the car junkyard or hire a transportation service.

When buying a vehicle at a car auction, you must be ready to take the car out of the premise right after your hands on the keys. If you plan to drive the car back to your home, going to an auction by yourself is not the best idea. Someone else will have to come with you so that you can transport the two vehicles at the same time. Most people come with a designated driver to drive the newly purchased car back home after the auction.

Another option is to hire a transport company. Using a freight delivery service will save you time and do not expose yourself to additional stress. The major drawback is that youll have to make the arrangement with the transport company beforehand, without even knowing if you will actually buy a vehicle that day.

Before you go to the police car auctions, arrange everything with the company in advance like the precise location where to pick up the car and where to deliver it. This is an excellent option if the auction is at a considerable distance from your place of residence or if you are using an online car auction service.

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How To Buy Seized Cars For Sale

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Thousands of cars are seized by banks, the government, and law enforcement agencies every year. Many of these vehicles will be put up for auction. You can buy a seized car for almost 90 percent off its retail value, so they’re worth looking into if you’re after a bargain.

Are Police Auctions Any Good

Sold Price: Lot Of Misc Police Seized Items

You can find genuine bargains at police auctions, with items selling for a fraction of the price of what they would cost if bought new.

However, dont assume that police auctions are always cheapest. Check outlets such as eBay and Facebook selling groups to see if you can snap up similar items for less.

The goods available are very variable, so you may not find exactly what you want.

Listings tend to include limited information, although most will have photographs so that you can get a sense of the products condition.

Some auction houses may also offer limited viewing before sales, when you can inspect items in person.

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Our Authority During A Property Seizure

The came into effect on September 1, 1993.

The act gave the Government of Canada the authority to:

  • provide consultative and managerial services to law enforcement agencies in relation to seized or restrained property in connection with designated criminal offences
  • dispose of seized property when the courts declare forfeiture

We also provide seized property management and secure storage services to any federal agency, department or Crown corporation on a cost-recovery basis. Section 16 of the

Police Car Auctions: How To Buy Seized Cars The Correct Way

Police car auctions grow day by day at an alarming rate mostly because police officers seize large numbers of vehicles from drivers all around the country on a daily basis. Seized cars may be taken back by the owner only if he pays the penalty fine within a certain period of time. It often happens that the cars remain in the police garages, as the vehicle owners dont always have the cash to buy back their cars, meaning that the vehicles will stay in the ownership of the police.

Due to a large number of seized vehicles, police departments occasionally put thecars at auction so they can free up some space. Then is a really good opportunity for the public to buy a used vehicle at a much lower price than it would normally be sold at dealers and independent car sellers.

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So Why Dont I Find These Police Auctions By Searching Google Or Bing

You could probably find a small number of police auction websites after a few minutes of searching IF, , you know exactly what youre looking for, you know what the auction house is called, where they are located and what they specialise in.

That said, you then need to search through each website and find the information youre looking for, if they publish it online . You would need to spend time to find the auction events, the catalogues, the times and dates and then cross-reference them and save them somehow

Now imagine trying to do that for nearly FIVE HUNDRED police auctioneers you couldnt because its just a plain old fact that over 95% of these auction houses wont come up on the first ten to twenty pages of Google.

Police Testing Online Auction Site To Sell Seized Items

Man accused of receiving stolen property, selling the items merchandise seized by police

THUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay Police are turning to the World Wide Web in an effort to start liquidating thousands of seized items that continue to take up space at the Balmoral Street police headquarters.

Acting deputy chief, Don Lewis, informed the Thunder Bay Police Services Board on Tuesday that the Thunder Bay Police Service is trying the online auction site GovDeals to sell several seized items. If the website proves to be successful, it may replace physical auctions normally held at the Police Station.

We normally have two auctions per year, Lewis said. Those can be difficult to organize and labour intensive, so this is basically using a similar format of other web-based auction sites like eBay.

GovDeals is an online marketplace that allows government agencies to register and post items for liquidation, which people can then bid on. Thunder Bay Police Service pays GovDeals seven per cent of the final bidding price on all items.

Bidding is open to anyone around the world, but Lewis said the items must be picked up in person and the Police Service will not ship any items.

Police posted three items on the website a miter saw, a bicycle, and a toolbox with assorted tools. As of Wednesday, the bike had 13 bids. The auction for the bike closes on Thursday.

Lewis said he did not have an exact number of how many seized items the Police Service has, but he estimates it to be in the thousands.

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These Sales Are Being Held Right Now As You Are Reading

They really can be a bargain hunters heaven. The Police sell a myriad of goods at prices you could have previously dreamed of.

At the Police Auctions website youll find your opportunity to discover where and when these Police Sales happen. Through the auction search engine you will even be able to view the merchandise before you part with a penny.

Register now and happy hunting!

How Do You Buy A Car From A Police Auction

Police car auctions can offer significant savings, but you should do some checks of your own before plunging in.

Normally the cars will have been examined prior to the auction to estimate their value, focusing on the make, model and age of the vehicle.

The cars should also be tested for mechanical issues, while any surface or structural damage should be noted in the description.

But if you are considering buying a car from a police auction, you should do these checks too:

  • An HPI vehicle history check, which will flag up issues such as the mileage, whether the car has an outstanding finance agreement and if it has ever been stolen or written off for insurance purposes
  • The service history and when the MOT expires
  • The logbook , although if its missing you can buy a replacement from DVLA

The bidding process is similar to any other vehicle auction: the cars will be auctioned off one by one. The auctioneer will invite bids, and the car will then be sold to the highest bidder.

Bear in mind that if you do buy a car from a live auction, you will need either to drive it away straight after the sale, or arrange for a transport company to remove it.

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Can You Buy Police

Yes. Auction houses such as John Pye will sell vehicles seized by the police, including not just cars, but also motorcycles, motor homes and vans.

The vehicles may not all be stolen or related to crimes. They could have been impounded after being towed away for a traffic offence and then not reclaimed or they could have been repossessed after failed finance deals, or they could be ex-police cars.

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