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How Old Can I Be To Be A Police Officer

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Other Requirements For Police Officers

How Old Can You be to Become a Police Officer?

Many police departments require recruits to live in the jurisdiction. While some departments allow new hires time to move to the area, others require residency at the time of application. Also, many departments require police officers to have completed some college credits. If you didnt attend college, upgrade your education or select a jurisdiction that only requires a GED equivalency. Some departments waive education requirements if you served in the military or will consider your previous work experience.

Your Experience Is Important

When it comes to life experience, you have the edge over younger recruits. The minimum appointment age ranges from nineteen to twenty-one. When theyre hired, young officers dont have much exposure to the society, they lack awareness about the tribulations that different communities go through each day. That is where your experience and wisdom come in and make you an ideal candidate.

Where Will I Be Deployed If I Join A Particular Police Force Covering A Large Area

A number of factors will need to be considered when deploying you on duties, particularly the operational needs of the area. However, you may discuss any restrictions you have with your force and they will do what they can to support individual needs whilst ensuring operational requirements are fulfilled.

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Meeting The Basic Requirements

  • 1Be old enough. You must be at least 18 years old in most areas. However, some areas require you to be 19 years old.
  • 2Meet the citizenship requirements. You must have some kind of permanent status in Canada namely, you must either be a landed immigrant, a permanent resident, or a Canadian citizen. You must also be able to speak French or English .Advertisement
  • 3Graduate high school. No matter where you are, you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to join the Canadian police forces. You must prove you have this education with transcripts or a diploma.XResearch source
  • This requirement means you either must go through grade 12 of school or pass an equivalency test. For instance, you can take the General Education Development tests, which are offered throughout Canada through your provincial or territorial department of education. You must pass 5 tests in total to get your GED.
  • You may also be able to get some credit for the experience you gained over the years, which can count towards your high school diploma.
  • 4Have ethics and morals. While this requirement may seem a little vague, most departments list it as a requirement. Some define this requirement as having integrity and being honest.XResearch source
  • As an addendum, you must also have a clean record. You cannot have a criminal conviction or pending conviction on your record.
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    Picking The Right Program

    Elmhurst police officer saves two lives within a year

    Once you know which program level you want to pursue, its time to figure out which one best suits your needs. When researching the schools that make it onto your all-important shortlist, keep the following questions in mind:

    • Is the school regionally accredited?
    • Can you afford the tuition?
    • Does the timeline fit with your future goals?
    • Does the program have a high success rate?
    • Does the program provide POST exam prep?

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    How Long Is The Training Process Before Im On Patrol


    The Basic Law Enforcement Academy is approximately 4.5-months . Recruits are NOT housed at the academy and will be responsible for their own housing.

    Upon graduation from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy you will become a Student Officer. You will spend approximately 4 weeks at the Seattle Police Department Advanced Training Unit in Post-BLEA. You will learn the laws specific to the City of Seattle, department policy and procedures and services specific to Seattle.

    After completing advanced training, you will enter the Field Training Program, with an experienced officer who will evaluate your performance in the patrol division.


    All certified law enforcement officers from outside of the State of Washington must take and pass the 2 week Police Officer Equivalency Academy administered by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

    While attending the equivalency academy, you will also learn Seattle Municipal Laws, policies, procedures, and services specific to Seattle. This will be followed by Field Training for Lateral Officers.

    No Two Officers Are Alike

    There is no one size fits all description for what a cop should look or be like. As officers deal with so many different types of people it only makes sense that the force should also be made up of different types of people. Each police force should, in some way, mirror the people they are assigned to keep safe. Communities of different races, social and financial standings etc. should be handled by appropriate and experienced types of officers.

    One cop cannot do it all alone. Communities are best served by a police force that can function together as a team with each officer bringing something unique to the table. This creates a well-rounded force that can protect their jurisdiction most effectively. Including many officers of different ages and experiences will benefit the police force as a whole.

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    How Old Can You Be To Go Into Law Enforcement

    Becoming a law enforcement officer is often the dream career of many regardless of their age. A lot of people, however, do ask themselves if they are too young or too old to go into law enforcement. There are minimum age limits set by each state, and some states set a maximum age as well for going into law enforcement. There is a listing of the police officer requirements for each state. When it comes to actually getting hired by an agency, as does not matter as much as how well the applicant is prepared for the job, and the competitive selection process.

    Mastering the Police Interview quite often turns out to be the real determining factor for the successful candidate. If you are able to handle your oral interview well, you can present your age as an advantage, regardless of the actual number. Younger candidates have the privilege of being open to learn and adopt the habits of the agency they apply for, while older applicants bring a lot of life experience with themselves.

    Yet, if you are still wondering what is the best age to apply for a law enforcement officer, below you will find more details about the minimum and maximum age requirements, as well as some useful tips on how to prepare for the job while still in your teen years.

    Complete Coursework & Field Training

    Officer fired after taking things too far while arresting man in wheelchair

    The coursework involved in a program that leads to work as a police officer can vary depending upon the institution and the degree level. For instance, those in a training academy will dive right into the nitty-gritty of everyday police work and not touch on general education requirements, such as you would find in an associate degree program. In both the associate and the bachelors program, students will encounter not only general education courses and several possible electives, but they will also focus on the core courses for police officers, such as those in criminal justice, ethics, corrections systems, communication, and more. Heres a good idea of courses you might encounter, either in the core curriculum of the degree program or at the police academy:

    • Patrol Procedures
    Step 5

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    Woman Who Hoped To Become A Toronto Police Officer Has Filed A Human Rights Complaint Alleging Ageism

    Jim Rankintimer

    Theresa Doherty believed her goal of becoming an officer with the Toronto Police Service was not only possible but that she was in line for a coveted job offer, and that it was only a matter of time.

    In April 2014, three years into the lengthy process of applying, Doherty says a police background officer called her to attend a spring recruiting class and then asked a question that today has led her to file a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

    How old are you?

    The question struck her as odd and inappropriate. Police already knew the answer. She was 51 when she passed an initial job interview.

    Doherty, who was 53 at the time of the question, and today is 55, is a self-described late bloomer who put education and career aspirations on hold while raising six children.

    I always thought that would be to my advantage, Doherty said in an interview at the dining room table of her rural Peterborough home. It doesnt matter how old you are. If you have successfully completed everything thats required and you continually do so, then age should not be a factor.

    A police certification test that was good for three years had just expired when she was asked her age. According to Dohertys human rights complaint, the background officer told her she would need to redo paperwork and resubmit it, and believing she was still in line for a job she did so immediately.

    Doherty says she did all of this while money was tight.

    Ontario Police College Physical Component

    As of September 2019, all applicants that have been offered a pre-employment letter by a police service will be required to successfully pass the PREP during their Basic Constable Training course at the Ontario Police College. The Ontario Police College is located in Aylmer, Ontario, which is the official training facility for all police constables across the Province.

    • For Support, contact us at:

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    Do Patrol Officers Just Respond To Dispatched Calls

    As first responders, a big part of patrol is responding to 9-1-1 calls, which can range from the mundane to the truly extraordinary. Patrol officers also respond to “on-view” incidents, or a situation they see occurring. In addition, Patrol Officers get to know the area they are assigned to and the community members they serve within their beat. When not responding directly to calls, or providing backup to other officers, patrol officers use proactive time to combat on-going crime problems in specific neighborhoods.

    Finish Your Field Training

    Georgia officer fired after video shows him using stun gun woman during ...

    The learning doesn’t stop after graduation from the academy. There’s still a field training program to get through.

    Field training teaches candidates what it’s really like to work on the street. You take on progressively more responsibility as you are evaluated on every aspect of the job, from your investigative abilities to your observance of officer safety and everything in between. Of course, once you’ve finished field training, the real learning begins, as you get on-the-job training patrolling the streets on your own.

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    Assessment Of Work History

    We conduct an assessment of work history early in the process as it is a very good predictor of success.

    Later stages require applicants to relate lived experiences to answer the behavioural questions. These include:

    • the video screening interview
    • 1:1 psych interview
    • and panel interview.

    Without experience gained mainly from employment, applicants are unlikely to succeed. This is why we recommend that applicants have some form of paid employment during the process.

    If you are not employed when you apply, that does not mean an automatic exclusion.

    If your previous work history shows strong work ethic and drive, you can still succeed. You might have finished a role and are looking for a career change, or returning from a break due to caring responsibilities.

    New Law Raises Standards For Police Officers

    Last fall, Governor Newsom signed into law the Peace Officers Education and Age Conditions for Employment Act, which raises the minimum age for law enforcement from 18 to 21. It also requires the community college system to work with stakeholders to create a modern policing degree program by 2025 and to provide financial assistance for people from disadvantaged communities to pursue law enforcement degrees. One driving motivation behind the bill is to reduce police use of deadly force. About 195 Californians are killed each year during encounters with police, according to our recent report.

    The new age requirement, which applies only to new hires, went into effect on January 1. This change aligns with requirements in most other states and is supported by research evidence finding that officers who join the force at older ages are less likely to be involved in police shootings. Gunshot injuries account for the vast majority of civilian fatalities during police interactions.

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    Minimum Age Requirements To Take Police Officer And Firefighter Exams

    No person shall be eligible to take an examination for original appointment to the position of firefighter or police officer in a city or town if the applicant will not have reached 19 years of age on or before the final date for the filing of applications for the examination, as so stated provided, however, that an applicant who reached 19 years of age while serving on active military duty, who was not 19 on or before the date of an original examination, shall be eligible for any subsequent make up examination that is offered.

    No person shall be eligible for original appointment to the position of police officer in a city or town until that person has reached the age of 21.

    Step : Background Investigation

    Full Body Camera Video – Man accused of impersonating a police officer in Whitehall

    All Peace Officer candidates must undergo a thorough background investigation which includes a drug test. When directed by the academy staff, Pre-Service Candidates should contact Professional Screening and Information . The current cost for the PSI background investigation for Pre-Service Candidates is $304.00 and is payable online. Contact your academy of choice to obtain the organization code and Chain of Custody form, when applicable, for the drug test. Once completed, the PSI background investigation results will be forwarded to the chosen academy.

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    Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

    Becoming a police officer requires completing the necessary formal training and education as well as demonstrating mental aptitude and physical fitness. Again, some of the specific requirements may vary according to location or organization. Generally speaking, however, aspiring officers should be prepared to prove themselves in the following ways.

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    Get Accepted & Paying Your Way

    Admission requirements can vary widely depending on the type of program and institution offering it. Another consideration is how to pay for this education and training. During your application process, keep the following pointers in the back of your mind to help you get into the best program to meet your needs and goals as a future police officer.

    Entrance requirements

    Entry into various degree programs in law enforcement will all require some general points, such as completing an application, paying an application fee and presenting proof of high school graduation.

    The associate degree program might require:

    • A personal statement
    • Transcripts from any other college courses taken

    The bachelors degree might require additional information:

    • An essay
    • Transcripts from associate degree work
    • Completion of certain prerequisites
    • A resume of related experience

    Application process & fees

    Paying for Your Program

    How much a training or educational program costs depends greatly upon the degree level you want to obtain. For instance, obtaining an associate degree will cost much less than a bachelors degree will. To learn more about financial aid options and how those will affect your financial bottom line, visit our online financial aid handbook:

    Step 4

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    Are There Any Age Or Physical Limitations On Who Can Apply For The Job

    You must be at least 20.5 years of age to be hired there is no maximum age limit. Candidates often worry about their height, weight, vision, hearing or health history. As long as you are fit enough to take and pass the physical ability test and pre-employment medical exam, get through the Academy and are able to perform all the functions of day-to-day police work – there are no physical limitations on who can apply.

    Step : Minimum Qualifications

    George Floyd bodycam video shows cops telling his pals âweâre grabbing ...

    First, you must determine if you are eligible to become a Peace Officer in Georgia. According to Georgia Law you must meet or be willing to meet all of the criteria below to become employed or certified as a peace officer:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent
  • Not have been convicted by any state or by the federal government of any crime the punishment for which could have been imprisonment in the federal or state prison or institution nor have been convicted of enough misdemeanors to establish a pattern of disregard for the law
  • Contact the GPSTC Regional Academy you wish to attend
  • Undergo a background investigation
  • Successfully complete the Accuplacer, Asset, or Compass Test. This exam must be completed prior to enrolling in any Basic Law Enforcement Course. This test is given at any technical school. Candidates who do not pass the entrance exam will be ineligible to retake the exam for a period of 30 days after an unsuccessful attempt.
  • POST applications are now completed electronically on the Georgia Post website. Instructions are on the POST website on how to register as a new user through the Post Data Gateway and complete the online application. The academy staff can also help
  • Be fingerprinted for the GBI and FBI to determine the existence of a criminal record
  • Be interviewed by the manager of the GPSTC Regional Academy where you will attend training.
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