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How Do I File A Complaint Against A Police Officer

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Filing police complaint not as easy as you think

You can help a loved one to complain if they want you to.

You could do the following things.

  • Give them information about how the complaints process works.
  • Explain to your loved one how the complaints process works.
  • Help them to write their complaint.
  • Find out who to send the complaint to.
  • Help to monitor progress of the complaint.

Can I complain on my relative or friends behalf?

Your loved one should give their consent to say that they are happy for you to take a complaint forward on their behalf. Get written consent from your loved one to do this. If you dont have consent the office may not accept your complaint.

Can I complain about something that has affected me?

You can make a complaint about how the police or police staff have behaved if you have been affected. You can complain even if this behaviour was not directed towards you. For example, your loved one may be more unwell because of police behaviour. This may mean that you need to give them more support.

When And Where May A Complaint Be Filed

A complaint may be filed at any time, however, those filed in close proximity to the time of an incident improve the investigators chance of gathering factual information. Complaints may be filed at any state police district, the headquarters operations desk or the Executive Office. District facilities and headquarters operations desk are available 24 hours a day. Hours of the Executive Office are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To file a complaint by mail, please address your complaint to .

Why Might I Want To Complain

Dealing with the police can be a stressful experience. You can complain if you are not happy with the service the police have given you. You can complain about the behaviour of police officers or members of police staff. Or you can complain about how the service is run. You may feel that police officers or police staff:

  • treated you badly,
  • did not act in line with your rights,
  • did not follow correct policies and procedures,
  • treated you unfairly because of your mental health. This may be discrimination, or
  • actions have had a negative effect on you. Even if it was not directed towards you.

The Standards of Professional Behaviour explain how police officers should act. They should:

  • be honest and not abuse their powers,
  • act with self-control and tolerance and treat you with respect,
  • respect your rights
  • treat you fairly and not discriminate, and
  • only use the right amount of force when they need to.
  • treat your information with respect and only access it or share it, in line with their job

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A person who wishes to lodge a complaint against the RCMP about an infringement of their CVBR rights can do so by attending any RCMP detachment. Alternately, the person can contact the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP. If a complaint was lodged with the RCMP, and the person is unsatisfied with the RCMP response, a complaint about that response can be filed with the CRCC. The RCMP is responsible for CVBR complaints with regards to:

  • general information regarding the status and outcome of the investigation
  • accessibility to victim services and programs
  • information on the victims security, privacy and identity protection from public disclosure and
  • protection from intimidation and retaliation.

Extension Of Time For Investigation

Police Complaint 20110727

The Department of Justice Canada may extend the time by additional periods of five business days as necessary for the DG or equivalent, the SADM Policy Sector or the DM to complete the investigation. The reasons for extending the response time may include, but are not limited to:

  • the complexity of the investigation
  • additional time is required to complete the investigation or
  • additional time is required for the responsible DG or equivalent, the SADM Policy Sector or the DM to consult.

A written notice will be sent to you stating the reason for this extension. These extensions will only be used in exceptional circumstances.

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When To Go Directly To Internal Affairs

Ive mentioned Internal Affairs a couple of times in this article. Its worth noting that a person can go directly to IA with their complaint. However, IA only gets involved when a person alleges serious misconduct, particularly criminal behavior by police officers. That may include assault , using or selling drugs, sexual harassment, and the like.

Note that these are the kinds of complaints that, if deemed valid, are most often going to result in suspension or termination . However, these investigations also take the longest in many cases.

Please Read Before Filing A Complaint:

The ICRC receives, investigates, and resolves individual complaints alleging discrimination in violation of Iowas anti-discrimination law, the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965 as amended.

  • The Iowa Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in 5 areas.
  • The Iowa Civil Rights Act prohibits discriminatory practices.
  • Any person who believes that they have been discriminated against in violation of the Iowa Civil Rights Act may file with the ICRC.
  • The complaint must be filed within 300 days of the alleged discriminatory practice.
  • Filing is the first step in the complaint process.
  • The ICRC is a neutral, objective law enforcement agency.
  • Assistance is available to either party upon request. Please contact the ICRC for help in obtaining forms, filling out complaint forms or if you have questions about questionnaires.

There are several ways to file a complaint form with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission:

  • Submit an electronic complaint form via Docusign. Please click hereto access the form.
  • Submit a hard-copy complaint form via regular mail, e-mail, fax, or hand-delivery. All contact information for the ICRC can be found on the complaint form.
  • For a hard-copy complaint, please print and fill out the following forms:

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    Title Ii Of The Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990 And Section 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973

    The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 prohibit discrimination against individuals on the basis of disability. . These laws protect all people with disabilities in the United States. An individual is considered to have a “disability” if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such an impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment.

    The ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all State and local government programs, services, and activities regardless of whether they receive DOJ financial assistance it also protects people who are discriminated against because of their association with a person with a disability. Section 504 prohibits discrimination by State and local law enforcement agencies that receive financial assistance from DOJ. Section 504 also prohibits discrimination in programs and activities conducted by Federal agencies, including law enforcement agencies.

    Report A Concern Or Complaint About Officer Conduct

    What Happens When You Try to File a Complaint Against a Police Officer

    The Calgary Police Service is committed to providing professional police services to the citizens of Calgary. If you believe that you were not treated properly by a police officer, you can report your concern to us or make a formal complaint, which requires a formal investigation as outlined in the Police Act.

    When you contact us, an intake investigator will discuss your concern or complaint with you and explain the next steps.

    You need to provide all the evidence you can that supports your complaint or concern early in the complaints process. Any available evidence that is not provided during the investigation will generally be omitted from consideration if you later decide to appeal.

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    How Do I Make A Complaint About The Police

    Next Steps

    If you’re concerned about how you were treated by the police, you can make a complaint. For example, you can make a complaint if:

    • you were offended by something a police officer said or did to you
    • you weren’t satisfied with the service the police gave you
    • you’re concerned about how a relative or friend was treated by the police
    • your property was damaged by the police

    Time Frame Of Investigations

    The scope of the investigation will be determined by the seriousness of the allegation and by the number of persons involved. Investigations may take several weeks depending on the complexity of the case. Investigators make every attempt to conduct personal interviews with complainants, witnesses, or employees while conducting the investigation. A criminal investigation may require the cooperation of federal or state prosecutors. The Illinois State Police will not arbitrarily delay an investigation.

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    It is common to want to sue the police after unpleasant contact or friction, especially when the conflict resulted in an arrest that seemed unwarranted, unfair, or downright abusive. Suing the police is complicated, though, even when you have been a victim of some kind of police misconduct and are absolutely innocent with regard to your arrest. This overview of the downfalls you may encounter when you sue the police will help you understand and protect your rights.

    Suing the police for abuse or other violations can be an arduous task not only because of the time and expense involved but also due to certain legal protections that apply to police. However, it is possible to successfully sue the police by becoming aware of the laws allowances and limitations, carefully building a solid case, and staying the course.

    Legal Protections for Both Citizens and Police

    How to Sue the Police for Misconduct

    What You Should Do to Sue the Police

    How To Complaint Against Police Officer In India

    What Happens When You Try to File a Complaint Against a Police Officer ...

    To file a complaint against police officer you have to contact with Police complaints authority , That is conducted by Supreme Court. Basically, Police is appointed for the protection of the public in any country. Army at the country borders and police in the country is the basic system in any country.

    A police officer helps to beat the crime with her/his bravery.

    While a police officer joins the police forces she/he takes an oath that she/he will always protect the people of the country and this will be her/his first duty. But sometimes a police officer uses the power in a wrong way.

    For this, the Supreme Court has conduct PCA- Police complaints authority. This authority sees the public complaints against police officers. This authority is basically a panel headed by a retired judge who hears the misconduct or inactivity on any cases complaints against police.

    PCA try to resolve your case because it is free from the police and have their own powers to entertain your complaint. A complaint can be made by the victim or victims friend or a family member. Have a look how to complain against police PCA-

    Documents required-

    • If an injury has happened due to police then mention the medical report in the complaint.
    • You can add a photo that shows the injury of the victim.
    • If you have lodged your complaint and have got any response from the police then you can attach the copy of that complaint also.
    • Proof of daily diary entry.

    You can file a complaint if-

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    Police Officer Complaint Form

    • In person or in writing, with the internal Affairs Section at the following address:

      Anne Arundel County Police Department Internal Affairs Section 8495 Veterans Highway Millersville, MD 21108

    • For individuals who wish to appear in person, business hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Individuals may file a complaint by telephone with the internal Affairs Office at 222-8740. There is a voice mail system for those who call after business hours.
    • Individuals may also file a complaint at any time with any supervisor, or any other police department employee, at any of the 4 district stations.
    • Individuals may obtain annual statistics by making a written request to the Internal Affairs Section.
    • Individuals may see status of complaint submitted on or after July 1st, 2022 using this site.

    As the most centrally-located county in Maryland and site of the state capital of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County is in many ways the heart of Maryland. Half a million people call the county home.

    What Can I Complain About

    The OIPRD accepts complaints about the conduct of a police officer, or the policies or services of a police service.

    • Conduct complaints are about the behaviour of a police officer
    • Policy complaints are about the rules and standards of a police service that guide how an officer delivers police services
    • Service complaints relate to how effectively and efficiently a particular service performs its duties

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    What Happens When You File A Complaint Against A Police Officer

    If a criminal complaint is issued against a police officer, it is up to the District Attorneys office to prosecute the case. The District Attorney is not required to prosecute, and often he or she decides not to. The DA relies on police officers as witnesses and investigators in all of the cases in the office.

    What Can I Do If I Am Not Satisfied With The Decision

    Lawsuit: CTA supervisor arrested while trying to file complaint against CPD officer

    You should file a Notice of Review with the Police Complaints Commissionerwithin 30 days of receipt of the decision if youre not satisfied with it.

    Once you file the Notice of Review, the Police Complaints Commissioner:

    • will attempt to resolve the complaint. Any resolution will require the consent of the involved officer and the complainant.
    • may conduct an independent investigation of the complaint if there is no resolution. Following the completion of this investigation, the Commissioner will decide whether the complaint has merit and, if that is the case, the matter will be referred to the Police Review Board.

    If the complaint is not referred to the Police Review Board you will be notified that no further action will be taken with respect to your complaint.

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    Who Decides The Outcome Of The Case

    The Chief of Police or the Halifax Regional Municipality Board of Police Commissioners will review the investigation and may decide to:

    • take no further action with respect to the complaint
    • discipline the officer

    You will be notified of the decision, as will the involved officer and the Police Complaints Commissioner.

    Passport Lost Complaint Letter To Police

    A passport is a significant document that is mandatory for any person who wants to travel from one country to the other. This document proves the nationality of the person which is very much relevant when the person is outside his/her own country.

    If the person loses out passport then it may bring some serious suffering to the person and the person must immediately lodge a complaint to the police station for it. If you are looking for the appropriate template for this purpose then you can get it from here.

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    Getting Started Identify The Problem

    Youve got to address specific problems. The first step, then, is to identify exactly what the police problems are in your city. Whats wrong with your police department is not necessarily the same as whats wrong in that of another city. Police departments differ in size, quality of management, local traditions and the severity of their problems. Some departments are gravely corrupt others are relatively clean but have poor relations with community residents. Also, a citys political environment, which affects both how the police operate and the possibilites for achieving reform, is different in every city. For example, it is often easier to reform police procedures in cities that have a tradition of good government, or in cities where racial minorities are well organized politically.

    The range of police problems includes

    1) Excessive use of deadly force.

    2) Excessive use of physical force.

    3) Discriminatory patterns of arrest.

    4) Patterns of harassment of the homeless, youth, racial minorities and gays, including aggressive and discriminatory use of the stop-and-frisk and overly harsh enforcement of petty offenses.

    5) Chronic verbal abuse of citizens, including racist, sexist and homophobic slurs.

    6) Discriminatory non-enforcement of the law, such as the failure to respond quickly to calls in low-income areas and half-hearted investigations of domestic violence, rape or hate crimes.

    7) Spying on political activists.

    Complaints To Police Departments

    How To File A Complaint Against A Police Officer In Massachusetts ...

    If the Providence Police are involved, you can get a formal hearing by making a written complaint. The complaint will be reviewed by the Providence Police Internal Review Board. A complaint form can also be picked up at the Providence Human Relations Commission at City Hall: 11 Dorrance Street, Providence, RI 02903. Call 421-7740 for hours. In addition to providing the complaint forms, the PHRC may also investigate your complaint and provide representation for the hearing before the Internal Review Board.

    If another police department is involved, you can submit a formal complaint by calling the department.

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