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What Are Police Challenge Coins

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Experts discuss horrible Phoenix police challenge coin

Youre already in the right place! Weve been helping customers design and manufacture custompolice coins for fifteen years. Our team has assisted local chiefs, everyday officers, and evenour countrys top law enforcement officials in minting the perfect coin for their department.Whether youve got an elaborate design you want to flourish or just the first inkling of anidea, let our expertise be your guide to creating the perfect police coins for your precinct.

History Of Police Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small coins that bear some kind of insignia, logo, or motto to identify the coin’s owner with a particular group or unit.

In the military, no one truly knows how they came to be popular. Some stories have the challenge coin originating during World War I, while other stories say the coins were used during the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Once they became popular in the military, it was only natural for challenge coins to be used in government and law enforcement agencies. That’s because many veterans choose a career in law enforcement after service.

The size and designs of challenge coins have evolved over time, too. At first, challenge coins were about an inch in diameter. They have grown in average size to about 1.75.” They can come in different shapes and sizes.

You can get as creative as you want when designing your challenge coin. You just need to make sure your core message is consistent across other marketing and community building efforts.

Challenge Coin Etiquette: The Rules Of The Game

Lauren Deegan

Challenge coins have a rich history that some say dates back to an elite flying squadron of World War I. Their use during that time might have been minimal, but the concept took off during the Vietnam War. Challenge coins are still popular today. While theyre often associated with the military, other organizations give out challenge coins too.

To an outsider, a challenge coin might look like nothing more than a fancy collectible. Its true that these coins are collectors items, but theyre also shrouded in real tradition. Challenge coins indicate membership in something important, and there are rules that govern them. Playing the game by throwing down a challenge with a coin is something with which every coin owner should be familiar.

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Create Unity And Pride With Police Challenge Coins

Police challenge coins are an affordable way to reward officers for excellence, raise the profile of the police department, and build camaraderie.

With so many reasons to have challenge coins in your police force, don’t hesitate to place your order today.

Phoenix Police ‘challenge Coins’ Depict Violent Act From 2017 Protest

Protect And Serve Police Custom Engraved Challenge Coin ...

After shooting a protester in the groin with a pepper ball at a protest in 2017, a team of Phoenix police officers allegedly created commemorative coins to celebrate the incident.

The challenge coins clearly depict the man being shot on the front and have the date of the protest on the back, according to an ABC 15 report.

The text on the coins reads Good Night, Left Nut on one side and Make America Great Again, One Nut at a Time on the other. The first phrase has drawn comparison to the neo-Nazi slogan Good Night, Left Side.

The coins were allegedly kept and shared by the Tactical Response Unit. Phoenix police denies any involvement.

The ACLU Arizona and Puente Human Rights filed a class-action suit against the Phoenix Police Department over its response to the protest.

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All You Need To Know About Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a small piece of metal, often shaped like a coin but which can be any shape, which is used to represent an organization or individual. At first, it was early combat pilots, then the idea caught on to the rest of the military.

Initially, the first challenge coins had a hallowed tradition as critical means for the identification of downed pilots. Now, fire departments, police officers, government, nonprofits, and private businesses all make their own coins to be used for any number of purposes.

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At first challenge coins would have been an inch or so in diameter, but now the traditional challenge coin is a 1.75 round coin. The coin face is filled in with various imagery, words, and symbols representing an organization or person.

For example, an Army Colonel might have the Eagle insignia which represents their rank, along with their name, unit emblem, and perhaps an inspirational statement or quote.

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The edge of the coin, which is usually about thick, can also be engraved with words or, more commonly, serial numbers encompassing the coins whole production run for example 001-100.

Media Business And Education

Numerous examples illustrate challenge coins handed out in the media industry:

In 2020, a challenge coin went viral when America’s largest challenge coin retailer released a coin about an incident that occurred in Connecticut with Trooper Spina.

In 2020, the Secretary of the State of Virginia sent a cease and desist to Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory regarding a challenge coin he created.

In his for the DVD release of Iron Man 2, film director Jon Favreau notes that he had Iron Man 2 challenge coins made to distribute to United States Air Force personnel as a gesture of thanks for their cooperation while the production ” rel=”nofollow”> Iron Man) filmed on location at Edwards Air Force Base.

Bill Prady, executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, gave the Big Bang Theory “executive producer’s challenge coin” to the crew of the last space shuttle.

On the “Rockets” episode of Lock N’ Load with R. Lee Ermey, R. Lee Ermey presents a challenge coin to Second Lieutenant Carr as a reward for being the “top gun” in his class with the Javelin Portable Rocket Launching System.

Members of the American Radio Relay League who are volunteer examiners may carry the VEC challenge coin. These members are responsible for administering Federal Communications Commission sanctioned examinations that allow successful applicants to qualify as amateur radio operators in the three different license categories of: technician, general, and amateur extra.

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Denver Police Air Support Unit

The translucent colors behind the helicopter design capture the Denver sky at sunset in beautiful detail. High polish plating and translucent enamel pair exceptionally well because the translucent colors allow a small amount of light to hit the reflective metal underneath, creating a unique shimmer effect.

Start a Police Challenge Coin Like This

The Easiest Way To Get Professional Custom Designed Lapel Pins Shipped To Your Doorstep

Police challenge coin sparks backlash in Louisville

Submit a quote request

To receive your free quote, start by describing your design or providing reference files on the quote form. Our artists will get to work in no time.

Review the design

We will send you an art proof and quote within 24 hours. If youre not satisfied, no worries! We provide unlimited revisions.

Order your lapel pins

As soon as you approve your artwork, we immediately put your design into production. Your order will be shipped for free via FedEx.

We have a minimum order quantity of 100 to ensure you get the best service possible.

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New Jersey State Police Coins

This coin pairs translucent enamel with high polish gold plating. It’s the recessed sandblasting that gives the coin that particular glittering look. Translucent enamel is the sort of upgrade that can turn out very differently depending on the plating and certain other factors. But it always creates a striking effect.

Start a Police Challenge Coin Like This

Police Coins: A Legacy Of Bravery And Service

Challenge coins are a time-honored tradition among police forces, and at Galaxy Design Squad, were ready to bring your vision to life! With our experienced design team, we work with you to create a custom, one-of-a-kind coin that does justice to thank the officers and individuals for their service and sacrifice.

Our commemorative coins strengthen friendships, recognize achievements, and build a community of camaraderie within your police department or unit.

Our custom medallions or coins are also used by our partners to elevate fundraising efforts, community events, recognize accomplishments, and celebrate extraordinary individuals or to memorialize those who have fallen in the line of duty

We work with our clients to design, develop, and produce an exquisite challenge coin that recognizes all these values and honor exceptional individuals in the line of service.

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Police Challenge Coins For Sale

Law enforcement agencies have adopted the use of Challenge Coins to show a sense of solidarity and brotherhood. From their humble beginnings over 100 years ago in the military, when military challenge coins came into play, to the cutting edge designs of today we recognize the commitment police officers make, the sacrifices that come with the role, and the hard work that goes into the line of duty. As a result, we are honored to design police challenge coins for the men and women in blue throughout the United States and many countries around the world.

How To Create A Custom Police Challenge Coin Using These Elements

Protect and Serve Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

Once you have all this information, fill out a free quote form on our website, and weâll set to work on your custom police challenge coin design. All artwork and revisions are free, so there will be plenty of opportunities to refine the design.

These directions are just basic building blocks for making a unique police challenge coin design. Feel free to use our challenge coin design template to sketch out your ideas, and try to think of new and interesting ways to include the familiar police challenge coin design elements in new and interesting ways!

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Uscp Police Challenge Coin

You may be surprised to hear that these aren’t the first Lego-inspired challenge coins we’ve worked on. We’ve created several challenge coins that incorporate the famous Lego figures, however, this is the fire one created in the actual shape of a Lego character.

Start a Police Challenge Coin Like This

Honoring Service With A Meaningful Police Challenge Coin Design

At the core of of every custom police challenge coin are the men and women in blue. The design is a reflection of their story and a mark of honor. While it may seem like a tall order to come up with a unique police challenge coin design from scratch, we have a quick and easy way to get started with just a few important design elements. Hereâs what you need:

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Petal Cut Edging For Custom Police Coins

If you read our little bit above about scalloped edging you know there is in fact a difference between this type of cut edge and a scalloped cut edge. They do in fact l ook similar but they are different in the fact that a petal cut edge leave a small thin raised metal line on the outside diameter and side edge of the challenge coin. Its quite pronounced and easily recognizable and an easy way to tell the difference between a scalloped coin edge and a petal cut challeng coin edge.

In Shop

Praying Police Officer Prayer Flag Coffee Cup

Richmond, state police slam ‘unsanctioned’ challenge coins

This is a Praying Police Officer coffee cup. It features a Thin Blue Line Prayer Flag. The thin blue line flag’s lines have been replaced with a kneeling police officer, kneeling state trooper, and kneeling deputy. The stars on this flag have been replaced with crosses. This is one of a kind praying cop flag design is unique to Police Brand. Durable ceramic mug in the always fashionable black color. Please allow 1-3 days for this item to be made. We also sell this design as a t-shirt, and will be selling it as a 3X5 Flag. This praying officer design will be offered on other products as well!

  • Black ceramic

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New Jersey State Police Coins Side 2

This coin pairs translucent enamel with high polish gold plating. It’s the recessed sandblasting that gives the coin that particular glittering look. Translucent enamel is the sort of upgrade that can turn out very differently depending on the plating and certain other factors. But it always creates a striking effect.

Start a Police Challenge Coin Like This

Praying State Trooper Flag T

This is a Praying Police Officer t-shirt. It features a Thin Blue Line Prayer Flag on the back and front of this shirt. The thin blue line flag’s lines have been replaced with a kneeling police officer, kneeling state trooper, and kneeling deputy. The stars on this flag have been replaced with crosses. This one-of-a-kind praying cop flag design is unique to Police Brand. Please allow 1-3 days for this item to ship.

We offer this design as a coffee mug, and will soon be offering it as a flag and other products. This shirt has a design on the front and back. This praying officer shirt is also being sold in our store with the design just on the back, which will make the price slightly cheaper. Check out our store for more unique items!!!!

  • 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton
  • Light fabric )
  • Retail fit
  • Kneeling Officer Praying Shirt, Kneeling Trooper Praying Shirt, Kneeling Deputy Shirt
  • This is the perfect give for yourself or your favorite Law Enforcement Officer
  • Design on front and back

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A Challenge Coin Tells A Story

A challenge coin is unique, is limited in production, and tells a story: a story not only about the organization but also about the person who received it and the person who made it.

They are given out as informal awards for a job well done, for participation in a major eventsuch as military ceremonies and ball or anniversariesor even to promote a business or organization to customers or outside officials.

Many people even make challenge coin business cards for this purpose, since most people throw away paper cards and instead are using metal coins with a shape of their choosing to represent themselves and give to big or prospectively big customers.

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In some cases, challenge coins are also commissioned and sold for fundraising purposes, specifically to be used for disaster relief. We are making a coin for a customer who wants to use the proceeds of the coins sale to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims, for example.

When we tell people what challenge coins are out in the everyday world, they often have no idea and are surprised to hear it is such a big thing. It is like that even for people in the military or in government organizations, with a large number of people making their own custom coins and selling them to colleagues and trading networks for coin collectors helping to facilitate things. Challenge coins are a competitive world, with people continually advancing the envelope of what is possible.

Experts Discuss Horrible Phoenix Police Challenge Coin

Gastonia Police Foundation coin ID Bureau Police Challenge ...

PHOENIX A controversial challenge coin owned, shared, and sold by Phoenix officers raises serious concerns about the culture inside the citys police department and a lack of accountability by top leaders, according to a handful of experts interviewed by ABC15.

The coins commemorate the moment when a protester was shot in the groin by a pepper ball in August 2017.

In addition to celebrating violence against a protester, the coins language mimics hate speech, which prompted the city to hire an outside law firm to investigate.

ABC15 also discovered Phoenix police leaders, including Chief Jeri Williams, were informed about the coin multiple times in recent years. But no officers were officially investigated or disciplined.

The law firm, Ballard Spahr, is tasked with investigating the origin of and subsequent circulation and knowledge of challenge coins by Phoenix Police Department, according to a contract obtained by ABC15.

ABC15 interviewed the following experts on policing and extremism:

  • Mike German: A fellow at the Brennan Center at NYU, and a retired FBI special agent who spent time undercover with right-win extremists.
  • Heather Taylor: A retired St. Louis Police Department homicide supervisor, who now helps run the Ethical Society of Police. Taylor testified before Congress about policing and far-right extremism in 2020.
  • Carolyn Gallaher: A professor at American University, who researches right-wing extremism in the United States.



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Law Enforcement Coins Continuing A Long Tradition

There is no exact timeline recorded regarding the origin of law enforcement challenge coins.It is assumed that discharged members of the military who had received challenge coins beganjoining police forces around the country, sparking interest from other officers on theirshift. The same tenets and values surrounding the original challenge coin tradition strucktrue with law enforcement, and soon departments began designing and awarding their owncoins. This new tradition within the police community has grown exponentially over theyears, with nearly every department across the US beginning to mint their own lines ofchallenge coins.

Dana Larsen: Challenge Coins Reveal Disturbing Side Of Policing

“Challenge coins” are little custom-made tokens used by military and police to commemorate campaigns and build team spirit.

Most of them are innocuous, some are kind of silly, but many of them reveal a troubling trend in policing.

Recently the Calgary Police prohibited distribution of a challenge coin for their Firearms Training Team, which had been in circulation for over a decade. The coin depicts police rifles around a skull with a bullet hole in its head.

After the coin gained publicity, the police service admitted that it was “obviously offensive” and banned officers from circulating it.

Yet the reality is that there are plenty of other offensive and disturbing Challenge Coins in use by Canadian law enforcement. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Last year, a Toronto police officer got in trouble for wearing a patch with a Punisher logo on it. But the Punisher logo actually appears on a variety of these Challenge Coins. For example, the Toronto Court Officers have a Challenge Coin with the same Punisher logo and slogan that got the Toronto cop in trouble.

The Vancouver Airport Enforcement Team uses a Punisher logo with an X on the skull.


And the Canadian Border Services Agency also uses the Punisher logo, this time wearing half a Spartan helmet.

Many of these Challenge Coins raise questions.

Here’s the one for the Vancouver Police “Public Safety Unit”a flaming Phoenix rising from the “Ashes of Chaos.”


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