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How To Buy Cars From Police Impound

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Why Was My Car Impounded

How to Get Car from Police Impound Lot GTA 5 Online (Cheap & Free!)

Suspended license

The police officer can have your car towed away and impounded for 30 days if:-

  • You get pulled over and your license is suspended, revoked, or expired
  • Or you dont have a California license .

Unpaid parking tickets

You will require a Vehicle Release Order from the Parking Violations Bureau. Please go to this website for assistance :

Buying Cheap Impounded Cars At Police Auctions

By | Submitted On November 23, 2006

Police auctions are practical places to look for a good-condition car for a fraction of its value. Lots are usually a mix of some middle-aged cars and some newer models, most of which were impounded due to some violations committed by their drivers.

A lot of people who go to police auctions prefer impounded cars because they are somewhat assured that these vehicles were running right before they were seized by the police. Cars are usually taken off the road by police due to driver infractions. If you want to buy a decent car at a cheap price, police car auctions that include impounded cars are a great place to start.

How to participate:

First, call your local police department and find out when the auction will be held. Some of these impounded car auctions are advertised in newspapers or posted on the internet and most police auctions are done every month. If you’re buying from a registered auction houses, these hold auctions almost every week.

You’ll need to register to get your bidder number. Only bids coming from registered bidders are recognized. While some auctions offer free registration, most require a nominal fee.

Give yourself time to check the impounded vehicles, so better arrive early. Bring a mechanic or a friend with you to help you inspect the vehicles if you’re not confident enough. Bidding usually starts at around 10 a.m., so you’ll have time to go around and inspect the lot before making your choices.


Transport The Vehicle Home

Step 1: Tow the vehicle away. Because you arent fully aware of the vehicles operating condition yet and you dont have it titled or registered in your name, tow it home or to a repair shop.

It may be unsafe to drive it without performing safety-related repairs.

Have the contact information for a reputable tow company on hand to make arrangements easier.

Step 2: Have a complete vehicle inspection performed. Have a state safety inspection performed on the vehicle youve just bought. Each state has different requirements for state safety inspection and emissions inspection so find out what your state requires.

Perform the necessary repairs to operate the vehicle safely and to complete the certification.

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What Cars Can You Find At Impound Lots

Police impound lots can often contain some gems. Authorities can impound vehicles for many reasons. but if the cars are not cleared, the authorities dont really have any use for them and they just sit around in the lots. The condition of the cars will vary widely. Many of the cars will be in poor condition, but many others could be very high-quality vehicles.

Whether you have walked by an impound lot and seen a nice gem or youd simply like to know whether you could buy a car from the lot, read on.

Find Less Crowded Auctions

Buying Police Impounded Cars  Speed Carz

I prefer the less crowded vehicle auctions in unpopular areas. You will have a few people to bid against and your chance of winning the bid is high. What I dislike about crowded auctions is that the competition is typically high and it inflates the cost of the police impounded car. The trick is to find vehicle auctions is rural or outskirt which could be making inquiries away from your resident.

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How Quickly Do I Need To Claim My Impounded Car

It is vital that you go to the police pound to claim your vehicle within seven days. If you fail to do so, then after 14 days it is likely that it will be scrapped or sold, possibly with any property that is in it. If you are unable to attend, perhaps because of illness or other commitments, you must contact the pound immediately to let them know.

The Car Isn’t Evidence Of A Crime

There are some rare situations where the car itself evidence of a crime is. For example, if the officer suspects that there is evidence inside the vehicle for a certain crime, he might be legally allowed to impound the car in certain states. Also, if the car was used to assault someone, the officer might impound it.

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Police Car Auctions: How To Buy Seized Cars The Correct Way

Police car auctions grow day by day at an alarming rate mostly because police officers seize large numbers of vehicles from drivers all around the country on a daily basis. Seized cars may be taken back by the owner only if he pays the penalty fine within a certain period of time. It often happens that the cars remain in the police garages, as the vehicle owners dont always have the cash to buy back their cars, meaning that the vehicles will stay in the ownership of the police.

Due to a large number of seized vehicles, police departments occasionally put thecars at auction so they can free up some space. Then is a really good opportunity for the public to buy a used vehicle at a much lower price than it would normally be sold at dealers and independent car sellers.

Do I Have To Claim The Car In Person

Police Impound Cars For Sale

It is normally necessary for you to claim the car in person. if you genuinely cannot do this, someone else can claim it on your behalf but evidence would have to be produced that: You cannot attend yourself because you are ill or infirm. You are currently in hospital. You are in police custody. You are abroad and cannot return in time. Documentary proof would have to be produced to back up any of these reasons. Since this may vary from one pound to another you should contact them to see what proof they require. The person collecting your vehicle would have to produce, in addition to the documents listed above, a signed letter of authority from you and a copy of your driving licence or passport with a clearly legible signature.

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Ways To Buy A Car From Police Auctions

Before taking any steps towards purchasing a vehicle you need to research all of the police car auctions and their locations. Keep in mind that theres is a lot of different car auctions and you could always get a better deal at the next auction. Dont be afraid to go take a look at a car auction first and learn how it works before making your final purchase. Like with pretty much any other situation in life, the experience will make you better with time. Regularly going to car auctions will definitely help learn the ins and outs of car bidding effectively and youll get the hang of it in no time.

There are generally two options for police car auctions: live auction or online auction. Both options are similar and open to the public. The auction starts with a starting bid price and the car will go to whoever wins the bidding. The main difference is that you dont have to be physically present for online auctions.

What Is The Cost Of Impounded Cars

The low cost of impound cars is easily explainable. The police dont sell cars for the sake of profit. They simply want to free some space around their premises.

Still, there are additional costs, including auction fees. Some of the additional costs of purchasing an impounded car include shipping costs, additional costs for repairs, thorough cleaning, etc. All of this indicates that the final value of any impound car for sale is hard to be determined initially.

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Where To Find Impounded Cars For Sale The Verdict

There are different ways to get your hands on an impounded vehicle. You also have a huge chance to make a hefty profit. All you need to do is be careful and do your homework in advance.

A better option for you might be salvage cars for sale. Thats what our website specializes in. We have a gigantic collection of more than 150,000 vehicles. All you need to do is sign up via the link below. And well make sure you get the best deals sent straight to your email.

How Do Police Car Auctions Work

POLICE IMPOUND SALE ### all kind of cars for Sale in North ...

The process is much the same as it is for any other kind of car auction. When a vehicle is seized by the authorities, its subject to a full inspection by an independent expert. Its bodywork, mechanical components and electrical systems will all by assessed in detail, with any and all damage noted so that the car can be accurately valued. The mechanic will also take the cars make, model and age into consideration when totting up the value. Before the vehicle is put up for auction, a guide price will be drawn up, and a detailed description written which lists what the buyers can expect when they buy the car. With this process complete, each car is then listed and sold at an auction.

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Auction Cost Of Police Impounded Cars

People wonder whether police impounded car is legit considering that the price is cheap. The answer is that the police are after selling the car to cover for the debts of the previous owner and making space for newly impounded cars. So, it is needless for the police to sell the car at its proper market value.

And if the auction value is high, people will prefer to buy fairly used cars because they are unsure whether the auctioned car was involved in crime. It also takes time to clean up the car and properly make it legal for the road again.

Where Is The Police Impound Auction In Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi City Police Impound Auction 5485 Greenwood Drive Corpus Christi TX 78417. Every 1st Saturday Of The Month, Rain Or Shine, AMT Auction Marketing Will Be Conducting The Abandoned Vehicle Auction For The City Of Corpus Christi Police Impound. This Auction May Consist Of Police Impounded Autos, Trucks, Suv, RVs.

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Is It Safe To Buy These Auction Vehicles

As with any auto auction, it’s always “buyer beware”. That is the great thing and the not-so-great thing about auctions. You won’t have much history on the vehicle to work with. However the risk can pay off with a great deal. Especially if you know your way around working on cars.

With police auctions specifically there is another layer. For example, the vehicle could have damage from being in a police chase or had been involved in a deadly incident. You will most likely not know as that is usually confidential.

But again, you could be getting thousands of dollars worth of money off a great car, truck, or SUV that may need just a little TLC or maybe nothing at all. You can buy and even ship inoperable vehicles.

The Driver Was Arrested

Car is Impounded by Police

The first and most common situation where the police are legally allowed to impound a car is when the driver was arrested for any crime. Also, the officer cannot impound the vehicle unless there is no one else to drive the car and take it to a safe place. For example, if a driver was arrested or didn’t have a drivers license, he won’t be able to move the vehicle to anywhere safe. Also, if the driver was under the influence, the officer won’t have any other solution but to impound the car.

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Where Do The Seized Vehicles Come From

Potentially, seized vehicles can come to us from more or less anyone who has the power to seize them in the first place. This includes police, car insurance companies, banks, bailiffs, finance companies and other lenders.

The circumstances of the seizure can vary relatively few of the auction cars will have been used directly in some kind of crime. Equally if not more often, a vehicle can be the subject of an outstanding finance agreement. Auctioned cars in finance deals are often particularly worthwhile purchases for a number of reasons. Firstly, the terms of the agreement will have stipulated that the car is regularly serviced and kept in good repair. Secondly, people who default on these agreements tends to do so in the first few months, if at all. That means the car itself is probably still in an excellent condition by the time its repossessed.

Or, an auction car may have been towed and impounded and the owner refused to pick it up, or was unable to pay the fines. Other vehicles may have been simply abandoned, often in perfectly good working order, on side streets or industrial parks before being picked up and sold on to auction. Police only have limited capacity with which to store impounded vehicles, so if they cant be returned to their owner for whatever reason, theyll ultimately sell these cars at auction – either online or at a physical auction house.

Buying An Impounded Car From A Live Auction

Step 1: Learn about any upcoming auctions. The simplest way to discover if a live auction is scheduled in your region in the near future is to call the police department and ask. Make a note of any upcoming auctions for impounded property and mark it on your calendar for future reference.

  • Tip: When the day comes, be prepared to be at the auction the whole day as they tend to be time consuming. Have someone ready to drive either your vehicle or any car you purchase to your home.

Step 2: Inspect the vehicles before the actual auction. Arrive at the auction early enough to thoroughly inspect the available vehicles, and register for your bidding number, which will identify you if and when you make a bid.

Step 3: Bid for the vehicle. Later, when a vehicle that interests you comes up for auction, hold your number up high for the auctioneer to see when you want to submit a bid, bearing in mind that you are responsible for paying that amount.

If you are outbid by another bidder, you have the option to hold your number up again and submit a higher bid. Ultimately, the highest bid wins.

Step 4: Complete protocols if you win. If you win an impounded car from a live auction, follow the protocol that auction employs for checking out, which can likely be discovered where you registered.

Once you pay for your vehicle and all the paperwork is complete, the car is yours to do with it as you please, including selling it for profit.

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Insuring An Impounded Car

“I just got a new car and the quotes from other places were $250-$300 a month, some even as high as $500 a month. Jerry found me the same coverage for $150 a month and they canceled my old insurance for me so I wouldnât have to deal with it. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to save some money on insurance” â Satisfied Jerry User

Havenât shopped for insurance in the last six months? There might be hundreds $$$ in savings waiting for you.

Selling A Car Bought From The Impound Lot

Police impound car, fine man for overloading

make sure you have a good idea of what the car is worth. The price you paid at impound is lower than what the car will fetch if sold as a new or used carKelleyâs Blue BookEdmundsNational Automotive Dealers Association

Key Takeaway If you are bidding for cars online and canât inspect them in-person, make sure you research fair prices in Kelleyâs Blue Book or other resources to make sure youâre getting a good deal.

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What If Your License Is Suspended

If your car wasn’t found because of your suspended license, the process could be extremely complicated. If you’re lucky enough and the vehicle was registered under someone elses name, you can ask him or her to visit the impound, get the release slip, and pay any necessary impound fees before getting the vehicle out of impound.

However, if the vehicle is registered under your name, you must consult an attorney and have him work with you to lift the issue off your license. After lifting the issue on your license, you must reissue a new one so you can get your vehicle out of the impound.

Keep in mind that there are situations where the police will not or at least your car unless you show a valid drivers license and registration.

Can I Carry Out Repairs To My Car

You will not normally be allowed to carry out any repairs, or to jumpstart the vehicle whilst it is in the pound. This is, however, often at the discretion of the staff. If they are prepared to assist you, you will probably be expected to sign an indemnity form in case the procedure damages your vehicle or causes other problems. If the vehicle cannot be started then you will need to arrange for a specialist recovery company to collect it. The website may be able to recommend one.

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