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How To Register Bicycle With Police

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Register Your Bike Online-TorontoPolice.on.caBike-“Ride Your Bike To Work Day” 2010
  • Registration Process Step 1:

    Using this online citizen registration system allows you to submit a bicycle registration and have a registration sticker mailed to an address that you provide. Click side arrows to continue.

  • Registration Process Step 2:

    PD Staff will approve and mail out bicycle registrations in the order they are received. In most cases you should expect to receive the bicycle license sticker within 14 business days.

  • Registration Process Step 3:

    When you are done filling out the form you will see the words: “your report has been submitted” showing that your registration has been accepted and will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member.

  • Registration Process Step 4:

    You will be given a police report number and you will be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation that your registration has been submitted. However, this does not mean that your bike registration is complete.

  • Registration Process Step 5:

    It is not considered accepted and completed until you receive a bike license sticker from the Santa Cruz Police Department. DO NOT SHOW UP FOR YOUR REGISTRATION STICKER WITHOUT MAKING ARRANGEMENTS, YOUR STICKER MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Where To Find It

The majority of serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet. Turn your bike upside down and record the number.

If there is no serial number near the cranks, you should check other common places including the front headset or rear stays. This diagram indicates five of the most common serial number locations.

Bicycle Registration And Bicycle Safety

The Irvine Municipal Code requires Irvine residents to register bicycles operated within the City of Irvine. This service is available for free. An application can be completed with our partners project529 online.

Here are some simple precautions to help protect your bike from being stolen:

  • Always securely lock you bicycle. Use a U-lock, securing both wheels and the frame to a stationary object such as a post, fence, tree, or bike rack. For extra security, add a chain or cable with a good padlock.

  • When your bike is at home, keep it in a locked garage or room. Do not leave it in the yard or driveway.

  • Record the serial number of your bicycle and keep it with the sale receipt and a photograph of the bike.

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Tips For Bicycle Safety

The Oregon Department of Transportation provides extensive information regarding bicycle safety and regulations. ODOT Bicycle Safety

BICYCLE REGISTRATION After years of careful consideration, in 2020 the Eugene Police Department decided that we would no longer be offering bicycle registration. There are great alternatives to the bicycle registration EPD had in the past with links to their pages below. These registration options are social media based and more accessible/powerful, than databases police agencies have used internally in the past. If you have questions, you can contact Community Engagement Team Program Manager Jeff Blondé at 541-682-8332, or via e-email at: .

Even if you dont register your bicycle, please make sure you record your information somewhere that is accessible, in the event of a theft. If your bicycle is stolen, there are some suggestions at the bottom of this page related to action you should take. Registration is not a substitute for good locking practices, so please make sure you always secure your bike and use a quality U-lock and cable lock at the Rear Triangle when at all possible.

University of Oregon students should register their bicycle with the UO Department of Parking & Transportation. Registration with them is required for all bikes on campus. If your bicycle is stolen on campus, visit this link for more information about reporting your bike stolen: U of O Reporting Crimes.

Preventing Bicycle Theft

Stolen Bicycles We Helped Recover Recently:

Register Your Bike

The police and a good samaritan who found a suspicious Kijiji post and emailed me through Bike Index.translated from English

Found and recovered thanks to Bike Index!translated from English

The Calgary Police did an excellent job. Found the bike, checked the Bike Index number, and called me right away. Endless faith in the Bike Index system!translated from English

Got an email from Bike Index that someone had spotted it. The person who spotted it stuck around and waited for the police to arrive and recover the bike.translated from English

Awesome job by the Mountain Bike Police Team who spotted it locked to the railing by Calgary’s downtown Superstore. They have cross-checked Serial # with Bike Index and have quickly tracked us down!translated from English

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Why Should You Register

A serial number is the most reliable method for proving ownership. It helps police to identify a stolen bike and is the most reliable way for charging someone with theft. However, the serial number on a bike is useless unless assigned to an owner.

Bike Registration is a method to identify the owner of a bike based on its serial number.

Registering your bike is also simple, easy, and free.

Tips On Bike Theft Prevention

  • Always lock your bike, even if you are leaving it for just a moment”
  • Always lock your bike’s frame and wheels
  • Lock your bike even when keeping it in a garage, porch or patio
  • Remove all detachable items like lights, bags and quick release parts
  • Lock your bicycle to a bike rack, or firmly affixed parking meter or sign pole-these are the most secure places
  • Buy the most expensive lock you can afford. U-locks are strong and better ones come with theft warranties
  • Only buy a U-lock with a flat or disc key cylindrical keyed locks are more easily picked

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How To Register Your Bicycles Serial Number

Bike theft is a common occurrence in American society with an average of 1.5 million bicycles stolen per year, amounting to over $350 million in lost property. Many thefts are not reported, while those that are have less than a 5% recovery rate.

What can you do? Lock your bike properly and keep it inside, of course. But before the unthinkable happens, make sure you have a way to reference your bicycle’s serial number. The bicycle’s serial number is commonly referenced by law enforcement and by pawn shops and is often to only way to prove ownership of a bike.

Outlined here is a method to find your bicycles serial number and register it using an available online database.

Optional: Register With The Local Authorities

Register a stolen bike on Bike Index

Seek out your local law enforcement’s website and do a quick search for bicycle registration. Many larger police departments will have a form to register the serial number and other important information about the bike.

Once your bike is registered, check out some of our maintenance-related guides like this one how to properly lubricate a bike chain to keep your bike in great condition.

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Want To Protect Your Bike From Thieves Register It

Spend enough time biking around a major city, and eventually, your bike will probably be stolen. Theft is an unfortunate fact of bike commuting. The National Bike Registry estimates that as many as 1.5 million bikes are stolen each year. One survey in Montreal found that half of regular city cyclists have had their bikes taken, while other data suggests that a bike is stolen every hour in Seattle.

But it’s not inevitable that you’ll lose your bike. Registering it, as Lifehacker urges, is your best shot at getting your bike back in the event that it’s swiped.

Before you hit the streets, look up your options for registering the serial number with local authorities. If you don’t register your bike in any way and it is stolen, it will be hard for you to get it back. Even if the police do find it and recognize it as stolen, they have no way of identifying it as yours. If it’s registered, it also makes it harder for thieves to turn around and resell it.

Several cities and university campuses have programs designed to help police spot and return stolen bikes. In New York, for instance, your local police precinct can engrave a special serial number on your bike and give you a decal that identifies it as an NYPD-registered bike. In Chicago, you can register your bike online before picking up a sticker at your local precinct. In both cities, if a thief peels off the police-provided sticker, the word “void” appears underneath, alerting police to its stolen status.

Identify Your Serial Number

Every factory-built bike will have a serial number, usually to identify the model and date of production. The serial number can be in different places depending on the manufacturer.

Most typically, the serial number is printed or engraved on the underside of the bottom bracket shell, where the cranks and frame meet. Other common places include the outer/inner face of the non-drive side chainstay , or under the head badge.

If youre still having trouble locating your bikes serial number, reference the manufacturer’s website for helpful tips.

Take a lot of pictures.

Not just for the ‘gram. Pictures of you with the bike will prove ownership.

Pictures of the bicycles drive-side will allow experts to identify unique components.

Plan on taking these pictures:

  • Serial number ,
  • You and the Bike together,
  • Drive-side picture of the bike ,
  • Overhead handlebar shot,
  • Any unique or non-stock additions: how does your bike stand out?
  • Formerly, is a free online database which will store the serial numbers for all of your bikes. They offer lifetime registration with only a name and email address.

    After creating an account, input all the previous data into these web forms.

    Congratulations! Your serial number and important information are saved!

    Now if your bike is stolen, you have a far better chance of recovering it.

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    Important Things To Remember

    If your bike is stolen…

    Immediately report any stolen property to your local law enforcement agency. If your bike was stolen while on campus, please call the UMHB Police Department at 295-5555 to make your report.

    Have your bicycle registration number and other identification information ready.

    What if I sell my bike?

    If you sell your bike after you have enrolled with the UMHB Police Department Bike Registration Program, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 295-5555 to notify us of the transfer.

    Lastly, don’t forget:

    • Always wear a helmet.
    • Always lock up your bike. Lock parts attached to the bicycle with quick release mechanisms. Use a strong lock cable locks are easily cut.
    • Lock your bicycle in racks provided by UMHB in a manner in which the bike cannot be easily removed.
    • Ride your bike safely. Always follow the rules of the road, and be sure to keep a watchful eye on young riders.
    • Routinely check on the condition of your bicycle.
    • All bicycles must be removed from campus by the end of the spring semester.
    • Cyclists must obey all traffic laws.

    Contact Information

    Emergency: 911 Campus Police: 295-5555

    Location: Mabee Student Success Center First FloorAddress: 900 College Street, Box 8350 Belton, TX 76513Office Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

    Bicycle Registration In The District Of Columbia

    Register bikes with Clovis Police Department to cut back crime

    Bicycle Registration FAQsIs bicycle registration required in the District of Columbia?

    As of June 1, 2008, bicycle registration is no longer required in the District of Columbia. However, the District Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Police Department strongly encourages residents to register their bicycles through Project 529 Garage. If your bike was previously registered through the National Bike Registry, that information has been transferred into the Project 529 Garage system.

    What is the 529 Garage?

    The 529 Garage is an online “community watch” for your bike. Through 529 Garage, you can quickly capture all the important information about your bike from your computer or your smartphone, at no cost!

    Where can I register my bicycle?

    Visit the 529 Garage webiste at .

    Is there a cost to register my bicycle with 529 Garage?

    There is no cost to register your bicyle through the 529 Garage website.

    What should I do if my bike is stolen?

    As always, you should immediately file a police report with MPD. Alert them to the fact that your bicycle is registered in the 529 Garage database and provide them with the manufactures serial number. MPD will then be able to search for and attempt to recover the stolen bicycle.

    Can I be stopped by MPD and asked to present my bicycle registration?

    MPD officers are no longer authorized to stop bicyclists for the sole reason of checking for bicycle registration.

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    Fight Theft: Register Your Bike

    BCP recommends registering your bikes with the 529 Garage Project. To help reduce both bike theft and increase the number of bike owners who are reunited with their bicycles.

    Why Register My Bike? Every year many stolen bicycles are recovered by the police, but cannot be returned because the police can’t find the rightful owners. Don’t let this happen to you. Register your bike’s make, model & serial number along with your personal contact information. This data will be stored in the 529 project database participating university, city and county police departments can search it.

    Where’s My Serial Number? It is embossed or stamped on the frame, usually on the underside of the bottom bracket . If you have a composite frame, it may be stamped on a metal frame component, such as the rear drop-out.

    What If I Can’t Find My Serial Number? The paperwork that came with your bike should include the serial number.

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