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How To Report Fraud To The Police Department

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Common Techniques Used By Fraudsters

Yakima Police Department – How to Report Online (English)
  • Rush deals â you are told you have a limited amount of time to take part or you will lose the deal, pressuring you to act now.
  • Scare tactics â you are told a negative result or penalty will be imposed if you dont act quickly.
  • Secrecy â you are told the deal is extremely special and you are one of the select few invited to participate but dont tell anyone.
  • Payment â is requested in the form of gift cards, prepaid credit cards, wire transfers or crypto currency such as Bitcoin.

Report Fraud Waste And Abuse

The City of Los Angeles, Office of the Controller, operates a confidential hotline for City employees, contractors, citizens and other interested parties to report fraud, waste and abuse affecting City resources. The City has contracted with an independent company whose trained intake specialists will receive all calls and web-based reports. You may remain anonymous.

You may visit to report an issue or call 1-866-428-1514 toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to Report

  • Theft of City resources
  • Record falsification
  • Payroll fraud or time abuse
  • Kickbacks or bribes
  • Intentional misuse of City equipment or property
  • Contractor fraud
  • Gross mismanagement of resources, including careless expenditures
  • Gross disregard of policy and procedural controls

Additional City Contacts:

  • General City Services, information & complaints 3-1-1 or 473-3231
  • Non-Emergency Police Service ASK- LAPD
  • City Campaign and Ethics Violations 824-4825
  • Workers Compensation Fraud 742-5352

Other Non-City Hotlines or agencies to report:

  • Elder Abuse 992-1660
  • Child Abuse Hotline 540-4000
  • Child Support Hotline 890-9800
  • Consumer Affairs 974-1452
  • Social Security Fraud 269-0271
  • Welfare Fraud 349-9970

The Registry Application Process

Step 1 – Get court order/verificationStep 2 – Get live scan fingerprintsStep 3 – Complete registration application formStep 4 – Complete checklist for applicationStep 5 – Mail documentsStep 6 – Receive registration notification

The information above is from the website of the Office of the Attorney General, State of California, Department of Justice.

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If Your Mail Was Stolen Or Your Address Changed By An Identity Thief

Notify the Postal Inspector if you think an identity thief has stolen your mail or filed a change of address request in your name. To find the nearest Postal Inspector, look in the white pages of the telephone book for the Post Office listing under United States Government. Or go to the Postal Inspection Services Web site at

Identity Theft And Fraud

SSFPD Media Release: Fraud &  Threat of Ransom  Everything ...

Identity theft most commonly occurs online, but there are other ways thieves can get your personal information:

  • Phone books
  • Personal checks
  • Social Security numbers

Over 500,000 Americans become victims of identity theft annually, costing them and financial institutions approximately $750 million. Once victimized, it could take months or even years to clear one’s credit rating. Taking the following steps will help avoid identity theft, along with the aggravation and expense that follow.

How to Protect Yourself

What to do if Your Identity is Stolen

  • Notify your bank and/or credit card companies immediately. Also notify the three credit bureaus , and the police. Contact the creditor with whom your name has been fraudulently used. Make them aware that you too are a victim of the fraudulent activity.
  • Keep detailed records, including dates, times, and names of previous persons notified, and the results of the conversations. Note any tracking or complaint number issued to your case. Follow up all company notifications with written correspondence. Keep copies of all correspondence.
  • Check current accounts for a recent change of address request. Notify the Postal Inspector if you learn that an identity thief has filed a change of address form for your mail.


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Immediate Steps To Take

  • File a report with the police/sheriff in the jurisdiction in which you live and get a copy of the report for the credit reporting agencies, banks and credit card companies. You can file the report at the police station or file online.
  • In Denver, you can file at
  • You can also complete the ID Theft Affidavit provided by the Federal Trade Commission at
  • Cancel each credit, ATM, debit card. Promptly report lost or stolen credit, ATM and debit cards to the issuing bank within 60 days of your monthly statement to limit your liability for unauthorized charges or withdrawals. If reported within 60 days, your liability under federal law for unauthorized charges on these cards may range from $0 to $50, but possibly up to $500, depending upon the type of card, length of time taken in reporting the loss or theft, and the issuing bank. If the loss is reported beyond 60 days of the monthly statement you may be liable for more unauthorized charges or withdrawals from your ATM or debit cards. Beware of callers selling credit card protectionyou dont need this as long as you monitor your credit card statements for evidence of fraudulent activity.
  • Contact your financial institution and cancel all accounts and PIN numbers. Stop payments on outstanding checks.
    • Consider placing a Security Freeze or Fraud Alert on/in your credit reports. See below.

    How To File A Fraud Report With Police

    Reporting fraud, from embezzlement to identity theft, is important for two reasons: it can help you as a victim recover personal losses, and it can prevent other people from falling victim to the same scheme. Sometimes, whether because of the high volume of fraud reports or because your local police force is ill-equipped to deal with such cases, filing a fraud report with local authorities can be difficult. Still, you should always report a crime, including fraud, to the local police, as a police report will help protect you in the future. If you’re the victim of a fraud, close your affected bank accounts and credit cards, file a report with the Federal Trade Commission , place an alert on your credit report and begin the process of filing a police report with your local law enforcement agency.

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    Request Information On Fraudulent Accounts

    When you file your police report of identity theft, the officer may give you forms to use to request account information from credit grantors, utilities or cell phone service companies. If the officer does not do this, you can use the form in our Consumer Information Sheet 3A: Requesting Information on Fraudulent Accounts. When you write to creditors where the thief opened or applied for accounts, send copies of the forms, along with copies of the police report. Give the information you receive from creditors to the officer investigating your case.

    Report Fraud And Cybercrime

    Clarksville Police Department To Post Scams Regularly To Warn Residents
  • Coming soon: new cybercrime and fraud reporting system
  • Scams and cybercrimes can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

    If you have been a victim of a scam, fraud or cybercrime, please contact your local police as soon as possible.

    It is also recommended that you report the instance of a scam, fraud or cybercrime, whether you are a victim or not, to the CAFC.

    Remember: It’s the role of your local police to investigate. The CAFC assists law enforcement through maintaining a central repository of information to assist with investigations. Learn more about the CAFC.

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    Where To Find Out More:

    NSW Fair

    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – Targeting scams: Report of the ACCC on scams activity 2013 – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission –

    Are There Any State Laws About Identity Theft

    Massachusetts identity theft law requires businesses and others that own or license personal information of residents of Massachusetts to notify the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation and the Office of Attorney General when they know or have reason to know of a breach of security. The law also requires that the breached entity notify consumers of any breach of their personal information that creates a substantial risk of identity theft or fraud as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay after a breach occurs, except when a law enforcement agency determines that notice may impede a criminal investigation.

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    To Report Any Of The Types Of Financial Crimes Described Below Complete An Online Crime / Incident Report Or Call 277

    Forgery, Fraud and Identity Theft are investigated by the Financial Crimes Unit of the Bureau of Investigations. The Financial Crimes Unit is located on the third floor of the Police Administration Building located at 201 W. Mission Street, San Jose, CA 277-4521.

    The Financial Crimes Unit investigates financial crimes occurring in the City of San Jose, including:

    • Forgery
    • Unauthorized Use of Credit, Check, Debit Cards or Account Numbers
    • Identity theft
    • Embezzlement
    • Theft by Deception Including Scams, Con Games, Misrepresentation, and Elder Fraud.

    To report any of these types of crimes in San Jose complete an ONLINE CRIME / INCIDENT REPORTor call 277-8900.

    • Dispatchers are available 24-7 however phone reports should be made between noon and 4 pm.

    If you have other questions Call our Financial Crimes Unit at 408-277-4521 or e-mail us via our contact form. The contact form is for general information and cannot be used to report crimes.

    Merchants who accept a check that is subsequently returned by the bank marked “NSF” , or “Account Closed” may – Bad Check Restitution Program Victim Hotline: 877-520-6137 or visit

    If the Bad Check Restitution Program is unsuccessful and if they believe a criminal case can be made, you may file a Police Report Online or you may call 277-8900 and make a report, or you can visit the Police Administration Building to make your report to an officer or via a computer kiosk in main lobby.


    I’ve Been A Victim Of Fraud Now What

    Bakersfield Police Department incident report ...

    If you lost money as a result of the fraudulent communication, you may file a report online.

    To prevent further loss of monetary funds, please ensure you take the following steps:

  • Cancel your cards and notify your bank of the fraudulent activity.
  • Ignore any further communications from the subject and inform them that you have called the police if communication persists.
  • Keep all documentation until it is requested by an Investigator.
  • If you have provided personal information but have not lost any money, please contact the Police Reporting Unit at 613-236-1222, extension 7300 to file a report as a report cannot be filed online.

    Contact Us

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    Don’t Fall Victim To Fraud

    Whether it’s Internet or mail fraud, deceptive telemarketing or identity theft, fraud is a serious problem. York Regional Police wants to prevent you from becoming a victim through education and awareness.

    Thousands of Canadians lose millions of dollars every year through frauds. Save your money and keep yourself from becoming a victim of fraud by learning how to identify a scam.

    Citizen Online Report Entry

    If your incident:

    • Requires IMMEDIATE police attendance or a lengthy on-scene investigation
    • Is related to Domestic Violence
    • Involves an Emotionally Disturbed Person
    • Involves the reporting of Theft of E-Bike
    • Is motivated by hate bias

    Please call the Toronto Police at 416-808-2222 and DO NOT submit your report online.If this is an emergency, please call 911.

    In order for the Toronto Police Service to process your CORE report, the following information is MANDATORY

    • Your EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and other contact information.
    • The LOCATION of the incident, including the place or area your property was believed stolen.
    • Please CREATE A SEPARATE PROPERTY ENTRY for EACH piece of property that you are reporting stolen.

    The accuracy of the information you provide in the report greatly assists the Toronto Police Service in investigating your report. Please ensure it is as COMPLETE AND CONCISE as possible.

    If you have filed a report online and would like to add/change/update your report, please submit a Supplemental Report.

    It is the policy of the Toronto Police Service to not accept reports of non-emergency incidents that occur outside of the City of Toronto.

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    Fraud Event Reporting Officer

    The fraud event reporting officer receives and processes calls from people claiming to be victims of fraud and prepares the event report for investigation purposes. This officer also informs complainants on the procedure to follow and about other organizations that may help them in resolving their problems. This officer may also direct people to other legal recourse if fraud is not involved.

    The officer’s responsibilities also include storing and disposing of, according to the defined standards, the various effects collected in investigations .

    S To Take If Youve Lost Your Credit Card

    Tips to avoid IDENTITY THEFT from the Phoenix Police Department

    If you lose your credit card, notify your bank immediately. Upon notification, the bank should cancel your lost credit card and reissue a new one.

    Other things you can do:

    • regularly monitor your credit card statements for any transactions that you didn’t make
    • carry your cards in a safe place
    • keep a list of your bank and credit card numbers in a safe place at home for reference purposes

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    Reporting A Fraud Or Scam

    Many people fall victim to frauds and scams. If you have been a victim of a fraud, its important that you report it. Not only can it help you possibly recover any loss, it helps protect the community from future frauds and scams.

    • Document all information about the fraud including receipts, copies of emails and/or text messages.
    • Report your fraud to police:
      • If you have suffered a financial loss and the value is less than $25,000 CDN submit your report to us online.
      • If you have suffered a financial loss and the value is more than $25,000 CDN call us at 204-986-6222 to make your report.

    Reports You Cannot Submit Online

    • Robbery
    • House and business break and enters
    • Domestic disputes
    • Theft of a vehicle
    • Any type of fraud resulting in the loss of funds/personal information or property, including fraudulent use of debit or credit cards
    • Incidents that involve lost / stolen citizenship cards, permanent resident cards, immigration documents, government cheques, or cash from the government
    • Incidents involving firearms
    • Stolen property for sale online such as on Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

    These crimes may require a dispatched call. Please phone the Police non-emergency line 266-1234.


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    Extent Of Identity Theft

    The extent of identity theft is hard to quantify as most victims do not know they are victims until their personal information has already been used, if at all. With increasing levels of fraud, financial institutions have become more experienced in identifying fraud, and can terminate fraudulent transactions often before the victim realises they are a victim.

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the scale and impact of personal fraud is hard to measure, due to issues of definition, awareness of victimisation, low reporting rates and inconsistent data recording practices among agencies that detect or deal with these incidents.

    The ABS conducted a national survey from July 2014 to June 2015 about Personal Fraud which covered Identity Theft.

    • In that 12 month period, an estimated 126,300 persons in Australia were victims of identity theft .
    • The majority of persons who experienced identity theft experienced a single incident only

    The credit agency VEDA conducted a similar survey in 2015 claiming that 17% of Australians were the victim of identity theft however the validity of this result is questioned due to a commercial interest by the company.

    Reporting Shopping And Auction Site Fraud

    Citizen Alert

    Report the matter to the ACSC

    If you believe you are a victim of a cybercrime and have reported this to ACSC, ensure you retain original copies of all available electronic evidence . You may be asked to provide this information if contacted by an Australian law enforcement agency.

    Electronic evidence can include:

    • copies of all email relating to the matter, including email received from the offender
    • the emails should include the full Internet header
    • a copy of the auction page, which should include, the username of the alleged offender, the item number and description of the item you bought
    • bank or other transaction receipts

    You should not delete any emails you have received from the alleged offender. Retain them on your computer in electronic form.

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    S To Protect Credit Cards:

  • Never leave your card unattended at work
  • Dont leave credits cards in your car
  • Do not write down your personal identification number memorize it
  • Always make sure your credit card is returned to you after a purchase
  • Always keep your cards in a secure location, especially when traveling
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Sign the back of new cards as soon as you get it, with a permanent marker, and destroy unwanted cards so no one else can use them
  • Keep a record of your account numbers, their expiration dates and the phone number to report fraud for each company in a secure place. This information is vital for reporting lost or stolen cards.
  • Always check your monthly statement. Make sure the charges are yours and report any discrepancies
  • Only give your credit card information over the phone if you have placed the call to make a purchase from a reputable company
  • Dont leave your cards, receipts, or statements around your home or office. When you no longer need them, shred them before throwing them away
  • During a transaction, keep your eye on your card. Make sure you get it back before you walk away.
  • Never sign a blank receipt. Draw a line through any blank spaces above the total
  • Dont write your account number on the outside of an envelope
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