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How To Report Information To Police

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How To Find Arrest Records Across Multiple Jurisdictions

How to get your police report through a Freedom of Information request with Robyn Doolittle

Conducting your investigation can become complicated if you need to do a background search on someone who has lived in multiple jurisdictions. To simplify things, an internet-based specialized investigation company can provide a comprehensive, multi-state search in one easy step. This allows you to search for multiple records from all over the country quickly and easily. And you can avoid the hassle of tracking down individual records from various government entities.

BeenVerified has an online search form for public records. BeenVerifieds automated search aggregates from hundreds of databases and repositories. To search, just go to the online search form and enter the persons first name, last name, and city. The form will search multiple public records databases and provide a list of potential matching names. Scroll through the list and select the person youre looking for, then click Build Report.

Questions and More Information

If you have any questions about how to get a copy of your police report, please leave a comment below. Also, view more Law Enforcement Resources.

Requesting A Police Report By Mail

The process of requesting a copy of a police report by mail is a bit more involved. In many jurisdictions, you are required to make your Public Access Request via mail. Typically, the agency will provide a form online for you to fill out, but some places are fine with you writing a letter to ask for the police report.

1. Figure out where to send the Public Access Request form or letter.

Your local police department may have a specific address and addressee for police report requests listed on their website. If they dont, simply address it to the Records and Identification Division, and use the general address listed online for the department.

2. Fill out the form or write the letter.

After you have found the location to send your request, you should be able to easily find out if they want you to send a request form or a letter. If the information is not readily available on the site, just call and ask which method they prefer. If it is available, filling out a request form is typically the easiest method because you wont have to worry about leaving out information.

If you write a letter instead of filling out the form, be sure to include the following information:

  • Case number
  • Your Name, Birthdate, and Address
  • The date and location of the incident
  • Your role in the case
  • The officers name who filed the report
  • What exactly you are requesting

3. Gather additional materials and send the form/letter.

4. Pay for the police report.

How Do I Get A Copy Of A Police Report

Police investigations may seem secretive, but did you know you can get your hands on a copy of an official police report? Whether youve been in a car accident, youve witnessed a crime, or you simply want to know about an incident that happened in your jurisdiction, there are steps you can take to request access to police reports.

The exact process may vary by jurisdiction, but it is generally the same across the country. Agencies have different policies for releasing sensitive information that is in police reports, so be sure to check with your local police department to confirm how they handle requests. As you are researching, you may find the request titled a Freedom of Information Request or a Public Access Request. Different areas use varying language, but they both mean the same thing and are referring to the Freedom of Information Act , which makes it entirely legal for citizens to request certain government information.

Reports will include details of the incident, where it took place, who was involved, witnesses, and much more essentially, it is anything that is even remotely relevant to the case. But keep in mind, you will not be able to receive a copy of a police report until after the police investigation has been closed.

So, how do you get a copy of this information? Check out the steps below.

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How Does Your Insurance Company Assesses A Claim After An Accident

Whenever there is a collision, someone is always considered to be at-fault fully or partially. Assessing at-fault accidents helps insurance companies determine accident coverage rates for each driver which helps keep your premiums lower when you renew your policy.

Insurance companies use At-Fault Accident Determination Rules provided by FSCO. So that all accidents are assessed uniformly and fairly. Insurance companies have processes in place if you disagree with the claims assessment. Start by speaking with your claims adjuster and present any new information that you believe is important and has been overlooked.

Providing Information About Crimes

Free Printable Police Report Template Form (GENERIC)

Information about crimes committed in the City should be reported directly to the SDPD. To provide information about a crime that is under investigation, call the detective handling the case. If you do not know the detective’s name, call your local SDPD Area Station and ask to speak with the detective assigned to the case. If the case is being handled by one of the central investigative units, you will be given the name and phone number of the detective to contact.

Generally the City does not pay rewards for information about crimes. However, a City ordinance authorizes the City Manager to pay a reward of up to $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti vandals. Claim forms for this Spray and Pay Rewards Program can be obtained online at or by calling the Graffiti Program Office at 525-8522.

Crime Stoppers also has a joint program with the San Diego Unified School District in which students can receive cash rewards of up to $1000 for anonymous tips or information that solve or prevent campus violence or vandalism to school property. These calls should also go to 580-8477.

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Reporting To Law Enforcement

The decision to report to law enforcement is entirely yours. Some survivors say that reporting and seeking justice helped them recover and regain a sense of control over their lives. Understanding how to report and learning more about the experience can take away some of the unknowns and help you feel more prepared.

What Not To Do When Youre In An Auto Accident

Now that you know what to do after a minor car accident, and understand the importance of reporting an accident and how to file a motor vehicle accident report, here are some things NOT to do after an auto accident :

  • Stay Calm : Try to remain calm and not panic.
  • Injured People : Do not move anyone who has been injured in the accident this could aggravate their injuries.
  • Don’t Fight : Do not argue at the accident scene about the collision.
  • Blame : Do not assume responsibility for any damage, or promise to pay for damages.
  • Unauthorized Tow Trucks : Do not let an unauthorized tow truck driver pressure you to have your car towed.
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    What To Write In The Incident Description Section

    When completing the incident description section, remember that the keys to a good description are accuracy and brevity. Include what happened, where it happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who did it . Do not include opinions or information that is not related to the incident. Below is an example of how an incident description should be written for an information report:On August 19, 2012, my ex-husband was supposed to meet me in the parking lot of the Walmart, at 360 Harbison Blvd, to drop off our two minor children, that he had for weekend visitation. I have primary custody of our children, and we have a court order that states his visitation ends at 6pm on Sunday, and he is to return them to me by that time. He did not arrive at the designated location until 8:43pm and did not call to notify me that he would be late.

    This page will explain to you what Accidental Damage is, and will help you determine if you should use our online reporting system to file a report.

    Getting Copies Of Police Reports

    How to File a First Information Report or FIR? funza Academy Know Your Rights Videos.

    In many jurisdictions, victims may receive a copy of their police report at no charge, but other members of the public have to pay for their copies. Sometimes, individuals may be able to look up police reports online using one of many database searches. Information retrieved from these databases is usually at a cost to the subscriber of the company that provides the information.

    When people who request automobile accident information want a reporting officer to look up an accident report by case number, but they dont have the number, providing the date and location of the accident plus the name of the driver may be sufficient for the officer to retrieve the report. The same holds true to look up police reports by case number.


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    Who Will I Be Talking To

    In most areas, there are specific law enforcement officers who are trained to interact with survivors of sexual assault. In addition, many law enforcement agencies participate in Sexual Assault Response Teams , which provide a survivor-centered, coordinated response to sexual assault. SARTs incorporate medical personnel, law enforcement, and sexual assault service providers in your area. They work together to organize the investigation, reduce repetition of questions and interviews, and facilitate communication among all agencies involved.

    Learn more about communicating with law enforcement.

    Filing A Report In Person

  • 1Locate the nearest police department. The police department nearest you, or nearest to the place where the incident occurred, will likely have jurisdiction over the incident. To identify the correct police department, you can search online, or call 311 if that service is available in your area.XResearch source
  • City or metropolitan police departments typically have jurisdiction within the city limits, while the county sheriff’s department will have jurisdiction over incidents that take place in the county or outside the city limits.
  • There may be dual jurisdiction in some areas, such as if you live in a metro area where city and county governments have been consolidated. In that case, just find the precinct office the shortest distance from you. If you’re in the wrong place, they’ll tell you where to go.
  • 2Gather information about the incident you want to report. When you file a police report in person, you’ll typically need information or evidence about the incident itself.XResearch source
  • If you took photos or video on your phone, take your phone with you to the police station. The police typically won’t have to confiscate your phone. They can download your photos or video to their computer system.
  • In cases of property loss or damage, gather any financial statements, insurance claims, or other documents to take with you.
  • Typically you’ll have a shorter wait time if you go earlier in the morning, as opposed to in the afternoon.
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    Are You The Victim Of Mischief Theft Vandalism Or Graffiti

    You can complete a police report online without having to go to the local station. If the offence did not take place in the Montréal Island area, you will have to contact the local police department where it occurred.

    If there was a suspect or witness, or if the incident had a hateful connotation,

    If you have been a victim of a telemarketing fraud or pyramid sales scheme, you should contact the RCMP.

    To report a hate incident, .


    Since November 29th, 2018, hit and run reports that do not contain investigative elements cannot be submitted using the SPVM online report. From now on, citizens have to contact directly their insurance company.

    5 types of reports may be done online.


    See pictures specifications

    After submitting the report, a temporary number will be automatically sent to you by email. All communication will be done by email. Your report will be reviewed and if any changes are required, you will be sent a request for changes. Once the report is corrected and approved, you will receive an official event number by email, as well as a PDF copy of the report.

    Make sure you have a valid email address as well as the date and location of the crime and information on the vehicle involved, if applicable.

    If you meet these criteria and the type of incident that occurred appears on the list above, you may file your report.

    Avoid using special caracters when writting your report, such as /*+< > . Those may cause an error when subitting your file.

    Filing A Telephone Report

    TPD introduces online police reports
  • 1Check if your police station allows telephone reports. Many police stations do not allow telephone reports, as this is a security issue. Since filing a false report is a crime, they need to have the filer sign a document and verify that they are who they say they are.
  • 2 Police departments have a non-emergency number that you can call if you want to file a police report over the phone. Do not call 911 unless there is an active crime in progress or people’s lives are endangered.
  • You typically can find the non-emergency number through an online search, in a telephone book, or by calling 311 , if that service is available in your area.
  • 3Provide your name and location. Identify yourself to the dispatcher who answers the non-emergency number and let them know that you want to file a police report. They will ask for your name and address, as well as the address of your current location if it differs from your place of residence.XResearch source
  • You may be able to file a report anonymously over the phone. However, if you don’t provide your name and contact information, police will not be able to follow up with you about the report.
  • You should always provide your name and contact information if you suffered a loss as a result of the incident you’re reporting, such as if your property was damaged.
  • If you have any photo or video, or documents related to the incident, let the dispatcher know. They will tell you what you need to do with them.
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    What Information Is Included In The Arrest Record

  • Public Records
  • What’s in an Arrest Record
  • An arrest record is a criminal report created by a law enforcement entity after arresting an individual. The report details the process and all information regarding the nature of the offense, the details of police interrogation to criminal charges and future court dates, all aspects of why, how, and what will follow in relation to an arrest.

    How To Report A Crime

    You can report a crime in several ways:

    • If its an emergency and the crime is still taking place, call and ask for the police.
    • If its not an emergency, do not call 999. This doesnt mean the crime is not important it just helps the police to make the best use of their resources. Many police forces use the 101 non-emergency number, so you can ring that number instead.
    • You can go to your local police station and report the crime there. You can find the address and telephone number in the local telephone directory or online. Check what time your local police station is open, as not all stations are open all the time.
    • You can contact Crimestoppers on if you want to remain anonymous.
    • If youve experienced hate crime, you can also report the incident online through True Vision, or Victim Supports online portal if you live in Wales.

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    Purpose Of A Police Report

    The purpose of police reports is not to issue charges for alleged crimes, which is the duty of a prosecutor such as a district attorney or judge. Its only after a prosecutor issues charges to an alleged offender that a court case is opened. This is one example of when a police report enters the judicial picture another example is when a person chooses to bring a lawsuit against someone in a civil matter.

    Although police officers investigate crimes, a police report doesnt drive the judicial process in either of these two examples. Instead, it serves as an unbiased account by law enforcement of the details surrounding an incident.

    What Is A Police Report

    Is it a crime to make a false police report? (Penal Code 148.5)

    When police officers arrive at the scene of a traffic accident or a dispatch to a residence where a potential crime has been committed, for example, a reporting officer takes notes to document specific details of the incident or accident. The police report is the document that records the identifying information of the complainant/victim and the suspect, the reason for the report, and other details.

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    Depending On The Severity Of The Crime And The Jurisdiction Which Is Responsible For Its Processing Allegations Are Carried Forward Into What Is Called An Arraignment An Arraignment Is The First Instance In Court In Which The Judge Decides Whether There Is Enough Proof Or Information To Set A Formal Court Date For The Indictment

    This is the instance when the defendant is able to formally announce their plea of guilty or not guilty to the aforementioned allegations. If the potential criminal has decided to plead not guilty, the case will most likely proceed to trial, unless the judge or prosecutor decides they want to dismiss the indictment. If the potential criminal decides to plead guilty, the case will most likely not go to trial, and will instead, be subject to punishment. Previous to the defendants public plea of guilty or not guilty, they will be made aware of their rights under the 6th Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment states that every defendant has the right to a speedy and public trial, an impartial jury, to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation, to be confronted by the witnesses against them, to be able to subpoena their own witnesses, and to have the effective assistance of counsel at all crucial stages of the prosecution. From this announcement, the defendant can make their plea clear publically.

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