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What Is A Good Retirement Gift For A Police Officer

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God Bless Police Officers Table Plaque

Top 10 Songs About the Police

This table or desktop plaque is a nice piece of art. The words are spelled with a pistol and a police badge amongst other things. Really nice thoughtful decorative piece.


  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It is a beautiful decorative piece.
  • It comes in a beautiful gift packaging.


  • All customers who bought this as a gift at the time of writing have only glowing things to say about it.

A beautiful art piece with a beautiful and thoughtful prayer. It is a unique and amazing gift to give a police officer for any occasion.

Personalized Beer Gift For Police Officers

You can never go wrong with personalized beer mugs as gifts for police officers. Its a classical gift that anyone can use, even if they dont actually drink beer. These mugs are nice, large glasses for any beverage if your officer is more of a soda kind of guy. This beer mug is personalized with a police badge engraving featuring the badge number and name of your choice. Any cop who loves a big ol mug of beer after a day at work will enjoy this unique gift for police officers.

Best Whiskey Gift Set

Sometimes, a box set of gifts for cops says it all. Inside this brilliant whiskey gift box is all the officer in your life needs when it comes to kicking back and relaxing with a glass of delicious whiskey. These two classy whiskey glasses will make the whiskey experience convenient and effortless. To ensure that the whiskey stays chilled and not diluted by ice, these whiskey stones are essential. Just pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours before whiskey time, and then place them in the glass for cold whiskey for a while.

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Custom Engraved Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Our fine bourbon whiskey glassware will be custom laser etched to your specifications.

You can use your friends first and last initials to personalize this Glencairn Glass. It will be is custom engraved with a Diamond Initials design. This is a gift that will encourage some relaxation.

More retirement gifts for whiskey lovers:30 Top-Shelf Whiskey Gift Ideas

A Designer Glass Which Insists Arrest

27 Best Gifts for Police Officers

This glass will make you think it was designed for a police officer only and nobody else. This specially designed glass has a bullet crossing the glass halfway through it and reads, Retired police officer, time to give it arrest which resonates well with the occasion. A police officer would always love to drink from this glass, as it would remind him that he needs a break.

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Classy Police Officer Gift Basket

Show the cop in your life how amazing you think they are with this classy whiskey gift basket! Theyll feel like the coolest and most important police officer as they sip their favorite scotch from their new elegant whiskey glasses. Theyll especially enjoy sharing a drink with their spouse or their partner using this set after a long shift. Thanks to your impressive gift ideas for a police officer, they will be able to enjoy a nice relaxing drink in style to help them unwind.

What Did He Value Most In His Career

Often in any career, there is a sweet spot where things are good. HIghlighting that moment in time would be a great idea when creating the presentation speech. Not to mention highlighting the moment with some laser engraved text.

If you dont know what career events meant the most to an officer, ask him or someone close to him like his partner a few simple but thoughtful questions what, where, and when.

What did you like most about your career?

Where were you when it happened?

When did it happen?

Of course there are likely many highlights to a 30+ year career, but these should get the conversation started, and potentially offer some good insight into his years of service.

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Law Enforcement Memorabilia Shadow Police Retirement Box Display

Over the course of a distinguished career, a police officer can collect several law enforcement decorations. The Law Enforcement Memorabilia Shadow Box will allow your retiree to showcase their awards with pride.

With a solid oak frame and blue velvet crushed backing, this shadow box will serve as a fine police retirement box complete with cherished mementos of some of their best memories of their time on the force.

A Fun Gift To Enjoy After Work

What Being a Cop Is Really Like [Pros and Cons Of Being A Police Officer]

After a long shift, every cop just wants to come home and relax. One of the best police gifts you can give an officer is something fun to enjoy with their friends and family, like this cool poker set! Perfect for starting up a weekly poker night with their fellow officers or their buddies, this poker set has everything they need for all kinds of poker from Blackjack to Texas Hold Em as well as family-friendly games to enjoy with the kids such as Farkle and Go Fish. This versatile gift is even portable so that they can take the fun anywhere!

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Refined Police Officer Thin Blue Line License Plate Frame

Everyone has their sense of pride when it comes to their occupation. A police officers lies in what identifies who they are. For your retired police offer friend or relative, a refined police officer thin blue line license plate frame would work perfectly.

The best part is that the license plate frame can be used both in front and back. Besides, it measures hence fit for all standard USA and Canada license plates. It also comes with two mounting holes for ease of use. You will at no time doubt its durability as the plate frame is chrome plated.

Here are more features that will prove Refined police officer thin blue line license plate frames worth:

Brand: Generic Material: Stainless steel Weight: 90 ounces Other benefits: Water-resistant vinyl that is also UV protected is usedEasy to installDoes not fade

American Flag Murphy Bar

We love the compact nature of our American Flag Murphy bar, and if youre downsizing after retirement, its the perfect way to store bottles, decanters, and bar tools while conserving precious floor space. With a surprising amount of storage, the Murphy bar easily hangs on the wall like a cabinet, with a fold-down door that acts as a bar top. Inside, youll find shelves and cubbies to fit your every need. When youre finished, just raise the door to securely latch with magnets, and admire the detailed American flag.

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Personalized Retired Travel Tumbler

Our Retired traveler mug is etched with a personalized message designed for the retiree in your life.

You can compare our Polar Camel tumblers to the more expensive YETI brand. Not only do we excel in looks but also quality, durability, and performance. Polar Camel tumblers will keep your cold drinks icy and your hot beverages steaming for hours.

Choose from stainless steel and six additional colors: black, gray, dark blue, light blue, pink, or teal.

Police Badge Last Name Sign

17 Valuable Police Officer Gifts

This monogrammed gift is a wonderful way to display how proud you are of your child or spouse. This outdoor name sign is shaped like a police badge and features a monogram of your family name as well as space to spell your entire last name. You can choose from a variety of sizes, from 16 inches to 36 inches. The sign is available unpainted, or you can choose from a variety of colors including pink, green, coral, rose gold, silver, orange, navy blue, and gray.

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Personalized Police Dept Dartboard & Cabinet Set

This exquisite Police Department Dartboard and Cabinet Set is the perfect gift for any law enforcement lover, or even a police officer himself. This beautiful police-themed dartboard is made of long-lasting hardwood for a professional look that will last a lifetime. Built on classic unfinished wood, this dartboard can be customized with your law enforcement officers name on the scoreboard for a truly unique and personalized gift. Also included are 6 brass-point darts and upgraded hanging hardware for holes in both the wall and the dart cabinet.

Celebration Gifts For Police Officers

Give him some non-standard issue gear that he wont be able to wait to field test with this cigar case and old fashioned glass! These are the perfect police gifts to reward him for a major accomplishment or for his service as well as being the ideal way for him to feel like the classiest guy as he celebrates. Plus, the sleek cigar case is easy for him to fit into any pocket and keep on his person at all times. These awesome cigar and whiskey gifts will ensure that he can protect and serve his own right to party or to relax.

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Police Keychain For Wife/girlfriend

This really cute keychain has a very lovely and beautiful message on it from a wife/girlfriend to their police officer husband/boyfriend or from mom and/or daughter. It also comes with a police badge pendant and a birthstone.


  • It has a beautiful message.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It is a perfect size.
  • It comes with a birthstone.
  • It comes in a jewelry pouch gift packaging.


The beautiful message on this keychain makes it one of the best thoughtful gifts to give. And since he would always carry a keychain, what better way to carry a keychain than with a beautiful reminder.

Police Keychain For Parents

Officer Plum Surprise Retirement Party at Pennypack Elementary School

This is another cool keychain for parents to their police child with a beautiful message.


  • It has a beautiful message.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It is a perfect size.
  • It comes with a birthstone.
  • It comes in a jewelry pouch gift packaging.


Despite the few critical reviews, a large chunk of the customers who bought this product at the time of writing stated that the bag was of high quality and very durable. Given that the positive reviews outweigh the negatives and are consistent, we believe this would be a good buy.

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Order Early Police Retirement Gifts Take 12

Surprise your Police Force Veteran at their retirement ceremony with these custom One of a kind Police Retirement gifts. This retirement keepsake is handmade in America just for you. The Custom Police Keepsake Shadowbox comes complete with:

  • Custom Artwork on Lid Top
  • Custom Artwork on Inside Tray
  • Custom Artwork on Outside Front
  • Custom Artwork on Inside Bottom
  • Choice of Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, and Olive Green felt Shadowbox on inside lid
  • 3×5 American flag holder with Plexiglass top mounted on inside bottom.
  • 2-Row Challenge Coin Holder
  • Brass Police Retirement Plaque for Inside Tray Perfect for police retirement poems
  • Brass Nameplate for Outside Front

Before You Buy That Gift You Need To Know This

Your desire to want to express gratitude and appreciation to a police officer for a job well done is understandable and reasonable. However, given the nature of their job and the need for them to remain impartial and dispassionate in the discharge of their duty, police officers are generally not allowed to accept any form of gifts. The only gifts they are allowed to accept are from their family members and love partners.

This may however vary from department to department, and from State to State. In some States some discretion is allowed and small tokens of appreciation like discounts or buying takeouts for the entire unit or squad are allowed. But to single out a police officer to give him/her a gift is disallowed.

It would, therefore, be important to ask at the police officers station what exactly is allowed in terms of discounts and showing appreciation to the team that the police officer falls under.

And the reason for this prohibition is a simple one. Police officers are not supposed to be seen to act improperly or receive a bribe or be perceived as corrupt. A gift tends to portray all this. And so this prohibition is actually to protect the police officer and the publics perception and trust in the public force.

It is with that restraint in mind that we are restricted in our gift selection and have to state from the outset that the gifts in this article are for the family members and partners of police officers.

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Hilarious Personalized Gifts For Police Officers 2022

The policemen risk their lives to protect society and its people against criminals so we must appreciate them gifting something grateful. In this guide, we have handpicked the best gifts for police officers that will make them feel happy for sure. From personalized police gadgets to very funny items included in this gift list.

Gifts To Get A Police Officer

35+ Criminally Good Gifts For Police Officers [2020 Review]

Finding Gifts To Get A Police Officer that is sentimental and handcrafted in the USA can be easier than you think. When searching through an endless sea of cheap, foreign made, cookie cutter gift options . . . Relic Wood products definitely stand out. Each Good Gifts For Police Academy Graduates and every Law Enforcement Officer gift you see below is made by hand by experienced local woodworking craftsmen right here in the USA. Be sure to choose a Gifts To Get A Police Officer that is sure to be well made, and well received. Our quality craftsmanship is made to be handed down for generations.

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What Is A Good Gift For A Police Officer

Birthday parties, graduations, and even retirement are all excellent opportunities to gift the men in blue. But, the question is, what is a good gift for a police officer?

Being a police officer is one of the toughest professions to get into. Imagine having to run after gun-toting robbers and other criminals, being called to collect dead bodies, dealing with violent demonstrators, etc.

Police officers struggle a lot to maintain peace and order. Showing them love and appreciation goes a long way in keeping them sane.

Ordinarily, it would be best if you brainstormed to get a gift that will resonate with the receiver. When you want to get a gift for a police officer, you need to put more thought into it.

So, which gift can you get a police officer?

There are several gifts that you can consider for a police officer. If you need a little inspiration, here are some ideas you should consider.

Police Officer Caricature For Police Retirement Gift

Are you looking for a memorable gift for your coworker policeman or policewoman, who soon will be retirement, then we can help you! Order a funny police officer caricature for your coworker. Specify all details that you want to introduce in the drawing and get in a week a great drawing, full hand-drawn in colored style. Our artist can draw a customized background as hand-drawn from a specific photo or designing from described ideas. Such a drawing will be a great surprise for the recipient, that will be cherished forever. Policeman Caricature will be delivered as a stunning looking JPG file to your E-mail. Additional delivery options are available per request!


About our offer

How will I receive my portrait?

Can I get a free preview of my custom portrait?

Whats the size of the drawings?

  • 11″x14”
  • 16″x20”
  • 20″x30”
Set of 10 Cards
  • Set of 10 “5×7” Folded Cards
  • 8″ x 8″
  • 12″ x 12″
  • 16″ x 16″
  • 30″ x 30″
  • 8″x12”
  • 16″x 12″
  • 16″ x 24″
  • 20″ x 30″
  • 24″ x 30″
  • 30″ x 40″

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A Police Gift To Show Off Their Pride

Give them a reminder of their source of pride that they can display in their office or home with this engraved flag case. With a plaque and that has their name on it they can fill the case with the American flag or Thin Blue Line flag to have a constant reminder of what they put their life on the line for each day. This flag case has got to be one of the most sentimental gifts you can give an officer.

Honoring Retiring Police Officers

Police Dog Has Sweet Retirement Send-off After 7 Years of Service | NowThis

At a whopping 45% increase in retiring officers, were often asked whats the best way to honor a retiring public servant?

Retirement gifts can be a challenge, especially for police officers and public servants. With so many variables to an officer’s job description, the answer to that question requires a great deal of thought. Lets begin by diving deeper, and answering a few important questions that may help you create the perfect police retirement award.

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A Tactical Whiskey Decanter

This police gift will put a whole new spin on taking shots off the clock. Every officer will love this unique shotgun decanter for their home bar, officer, or as a display piece for their work office. It is not only a ton of fun to look at, but the shotgun shells in the glasses make it a blast to have shots or whiskey on the rocks from! Whether theyre hanging out with family, friends, or fellow officers, you can be sure theyll want to take this decanter out to enjoy a few shots together!

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