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How To Find Out Why Police Are Next Door

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Talk To Your Neighbor

The Reveal | Qualified Immunity, Police Impunity Ep. 73

The very first thing you dont want to do is to be too reactive to your neighbors complaints. Instead, remain calm and be civilized as much as possible. You might want to empathize with the neighbor first, acknowledging the fact that they must have been so upset to make a police call. Then start asking for details as to what their problem is. For instance, you may want to ask the date and time of when his issue with you happened. Ask them in what way did your actions affect them. Sometimes, your neighbor might knock on your door and tell you outright that he or she has a problem with you.If both of you cant talk it out at that moment, you might want to leave your contact number with your neighbor to make it easier for them to notify you if they dont like what youre doing, such as playing music loud enough for others to hear, bringing friends over and having drinking parties. In general, just be a nice and polite neighbor, even if they may not be so nice to you.

What Documents Should The Police Show Before Entering A Home They Are Raiding

The police do not need to show a warrant before entering a property if this could allow evidence to be destroyed or if they are executing an arrest warrant and the person might escape.

However, if they are conducting a search with a warrant, the police must show it to you as soon as practicable, usually after they have secured the property and gathered everyone in one room. You have a right to a copy.

You also check to see that:

  • The warrant is for the correct address
  • What it has been issued for whether it is to search for drugs, stolen property or to arrest someone.

If a person named in an arrest warrant no longer lives at your address, explaining this to officers should help to quickly end any search.

  • When was it issued any entry and search must be within three months from the date of the warrants issue.

You also have a right to a Notice of Rights and Powers, setting out police powers and occupiers rights.

You are also entitled to see a police officers warrant card as a means of identification if he or she is not in uniform.

Are Any Laws Being Broken

Whatever the issue, there’s a chance that state or local laws address it in some form.

Rules about issues like neighborhood noise, proper care for one’s property, and animal behavior are largely governed by municipal ordinance. With a little research on your city’s website or by calling the appropriate office, you can find out things like whether your neighborhood has quiet hours during which noise limits must be obeyed whether dogs must be kept fenced or indoors and what rules on barking apply whether there’s a limit on how many animals one can keep whether your neighbor is obligated to keep their lawn from drying up or take measures to control garden weeds how high fences can legally be built in your area and so on.

If, for example, your neighbor is playing loud music at 10 a.m., but the noise ordinance doesn’t prohibit loud noise past 8 a.m. , you would have little cause to bring in law enforcement authorities.

Activities that rise to the level of criminal behavior, such as theft, vandalism, assault, child abuse, drug use or sale, and domestic violence, are typically a matter of state law. Even something like picking a neighbor’s flowers could be prosecuted for theft . And if a neighbor actually physically assaults you or a family member, or you see that someone in your neighbor’s home is being made the victim of domestic violence, you don’t need to do extensive research. These are obvious crimes, and you should call the police right away.

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What Documents Should The Police Show When Leaving A Home They Have Raided

If the search was conducted under a warrant, the police must endorse it when the search is finished to show the following:

  • Whether they found articles or persons set out in the warrant.
  • Whether any other articles were seized.
  • The date and time of the searchs execution.
  • The names of the officers who executed it .
  • Whether a copy of the warrant, together with a Notice of Rights and Powers, was handed to the occupier or left at the premises.

You have a right to inspect the warrant, which should be returned to the Magistrates Court within twelve months.

Once Youve Exhausted The Free Resources Be Prepared To Pay

How To Find Out Why Police Are Next Door

If property assessor records dont fulfill your needs, you may have to start taking drastic steps like spending money. Online services like allow you to search using all sorts of filters, including address lookups, for as little as $20 and up. You can also use this service to find , or even criminal history.

If you dont want to pay an online service, you might have to avail yourself of the services of a private investigator. Thats right a gumshoe, a dick, a private eye. Yes, these people really do exist, though their jobs may not be as glamorous as they are shown in the movies. Search your local yellow pages for private investigator services, or look here for a massive index of gumshoe services in your area.

You may not have to pay money to find out who lives at a certain address. It may be as easy as running a free online search. Depending on how important the information is to you, you may be looking at spending hundreds of dollars on private eye services, but you should start with a simple reverse address search.

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What Happens If The Police Raid A Shared House

If you live in rented accommodation the police should not search the premises solely on the basis of your landlords consent. However, they can seek consent from someone who is on entitled to grant entry, such as a housemate or family member.

If they have come to arrest you or are conducting a search after your arrest, they do not require consent but are only permitted to search areas that are reasonably required to find any evidence. This generally means a persons room but also often shared or communal spaces.

Download Police Scanner Apps For Your Phone

There are police scanner apps available that you can download. With these apps you will receive feeds from police, fire and EMS channels from everywhere in the country.

These feeds that you hear are not necessarily live feeds so what you listen to may be 24 hours old or perhaps older.

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What To Do If The Police Have A Warrant To Enter Your Home

If you do have to answer the door because they alert you that they have a warrant or other just cause to enter the home, then you would be wise to answer the door, but avoid discussing anything with the officers or answering any questions. If you are not being taken into custody, then you do not have to answer questions that might incriminate you or others.

When Can Police Legally Enter My Home

Giving Cops Exactly What They Ask For – Youre Going To Jail
  • If the officers have a search warrant or an arrest warrant for someone who lives at the residence, they may enter even without your permission.

  • If there is a reason to believe someone is injured or in danger, officers may enter without your permission.

  • If you verbally agree to let the officers enter or search your residence, the officers may do so. A third party may not consent on your behalf.

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How Do I Find Out Why There Were Police Helicopters In My Neighborhood

You have a right to know what police helicopters are doing in your neighborhood. Finding out is relatively straightforward, since serious police incidents such as missing child or major highway accident will usually be in the news. You can also call the police directly. Law enforcement may not be able to tell you everything about the incident, but they can usually give you a good idea about what is going on.

Running A Credit Check

If youre trying to find out your own past addresses, you can run a credit check on yourself for that information. Remember that everyone in the country is entitled to one free credit check per year per credit agency in reality thats three free credit checks per year. Run a credit check through a responsible organization like or by contacting one of the other credit bureaus directly, as there are plenty of scam credit check sites on the Internet.

If you still cant find the information you need, you may not be out of luck yet. Search the Internet, ask private detectives for help, talk to a friend who is a cop . . . do something else. Theres plenty of material on and other websites for you to dig through. Dont ever give up hope. Remember, this is America everything is public record.

Figure out which tactics work for you, and let me know how your search turned out, or if youve found a way to pull this off that we havent thought of.

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How To Keep Neighbors Dog Out Of My Yard: 9 Most Effective Methods

To deal with a neighbors dog in my yard, I have tested multiple methods.And they turn out to work from my experience.

I also shared the ways with my friends and family members, who give positive feedback and in return offer me some inspiration.

So, I would like to combine the most appropriate and effective methods to share with you.

Do you have any unique and useful solutions to keep neighbors dog out of your lawn? Please share your experience in the comment section. I am hoping to come up with a nice sized list and help out all the new readers.

Whose Responsibility Is It To Arrange And Pay For Repairs For Example For A Damaged Front Door In The Event Of A Forcible Door Breach Under What Circumstances Is It The Polices Responsibility


Compensation for damage caused when forcibly entry is unlikely if the search was lawful and the force used can be shown to be reasonable, proportionate and necessary to effect entry.

Unfortunately that means you are therefore responsible for any repairs needed as a result of the police forcing entry. If you are a tenant, this is likely to mean that your landlord will seek to take the costs from your deposit or from you directly.

Do the police have a responsibility to at least temporarily secure a breached front door when they leave?

PACE Codes of Practice, Code B, says:

If premises have been entered by force, before leaving the officer in charge of the search must make sure they are secure by:

  • Arranging for the occupier or their agent to be present
  • Any other appropriate means

In practice, this means the police are only likely to accept responsibility for temporarily securing your home if no one is present at the time of the raid.

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What About If I Am Already Under Arrest And Detained At A Police Station

If you are under arrest for something that could eventually lead to a trial, the police can enter and search your home, without a warrant and without anyones consent, if they think there is reasonable grounds for suspecting they may find evidence about the offence you were arrested for or any other offence.

This power also applies to any property occupied or controlled by you or any premises you were in at the time of your arrest or immediately before it.

Establish Neighborhood Watch To Stop Neighbors Pooping In My Yard

A survey shows that dog poop ranks the 6th place on a list of Americans biggest everyday annoyances, which indicates that the dog feces issue is a common concern.

To keep neighbors dog out of my yard, you may unite with your neighbors to start a neighborhood watch program, which is a lot easier than you may think. Here are some of the major steps:

  • Step 1. Contact local authorities and consult them about the local ordinances on the neighbors-dog-in-my-yard issue.
  • Step 2. Organize meetings to establish etiquette for dog owners and how to deal with the neighbors-dog issues at a regular time.
  • Step 3. Spread the words around your neighborhood.
  • Step 4. Be visionary to the problems that the program will meet now or in the future, such as how to settle neighbor disputes and how to guide new neighbors.

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Negotiate With Neighbors Who Leave Their Dogs Pooping In My Garden

After seeing neighbors dog pooping in my yard, I will knock on my neighbors door, tell them what I have seen and ask them to stop letting their dogs poop in my yard.

In my experience, most kind neighbors are sorry for that and promise me that they will be careful next time.

To make your negotiation go smoother, the following tips may help:

  • Find the right time to talk. Most people will be exhausted after a long day at work. So, it is best to talk to your neighbor at weekends, when they are in a peaceful state of mind and both of you can give and take easier.
  • Get to know more about your neighbors true interests. Generally speaking, your neighbor let dog poop in your yard because it is easy and convenient without scooping the poop or walking the dog to an appropriate dog defecation position at a distance.
  • You can tell them how you dislike the smell and messy lawn with neighbors dog in your yard. But thats not the end also offer some solutions like using doggy bags and inform them about the nearest pet waste stations.
  • Be gentle during the talk. It is best to avoid blaming or threatening your neighbors during a talk.
  • Here is a possible scene:

    At Sunday morning

    And, thats it!

    A quite easy and effective solution, huh?

    Use Property Assessor Records To Find Out Who Lives At A Certain Address

    GRAPHIC ENDING To Phoenix Police Chase: Viewer Discretion IS ADVISED – FNN

    If that doesnt work, and it might not, your next step should be to look at property assessor records. As soon as youve exhausted the simple reverse address lookup, youre going to have to either do some foot work or put down a little bit of money to get the info you need. If youre lucky, the county in which youre looking for these records has them available online.

    Do a simple Google or Bing search for the terms Jefferson County property assessor records, inserting the specific county youre looking for in place of Jefferson. These searches are almost always free, but they may give you the name of the person who OWNS the property as opposed to the person now living there.

    If its a rental property or a home owned by the bank, you may still not find the information you need. If your countys records are not online, you can call the county to request the information. You might or might not have to go there in person to make a formal request for the information. These days you can usually get that information over the phone.

    The person you should ask for is the Country Recorder of Deeds.

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    Knowing If Your Phone Is Tapped

  • 1Understand how spy software works. Spy software is installed on a smartphone without the user’s knowledge. It can then send back GPS location, phone conversations, text messages and more. It is incredibly unlikely that your phone has spy software installed on it by a malicious party, but these steps will help you make sure.
  • 2Check your phone’s behavior. Is your phone acting oddly? Is it lighting up when you’re not using it, shutting down randomly, or making beeping noises? All phones will act oddly sometimes, but if this behavior is consistent then you may have spy software installed.
  • 3Monitor your battery. Many spy programs will increase the drain on your battery. It can be difficult to notice, especially since your phone’s battery will naturally become less efficient over time. Look for dramatic shifts in battery life, as these will be more indicative of a program draining it.XResearch source
  • 4Check for background noise during calls. A lot of times, background noise is a natural by-product of low-quality cellular service, but if you consistently hear static, clicking, and beeping noises during conversations they could potentially be signs of recording software. This is because some call recording software acts like a conference call.
  • You can easily revert a jailbreak by restoring your iPhone. This will remove all apps that rely on the phone being jailbroken, which means all spy programs will be disabled. See this guide for detailed instructions on restoring your iPhone.
  • Why You Want To Ask Who Lives By Me

    When you move into a new neighborhood, its a good idea to meet your neighbors and begin building trust with them. But if youre not sure of who or what kind of people live by you, then doing a little homework in advance is not a bad idea.

    If you have children you naturally want to know your neighbors are people who have clean records. If you have valuables in your household you also want to know your neighbors dont have a recent string of burglary convictions. That example may be a little extreme, but you get the idea.

    If you have lived in your neighborhood for any length of time but changeover in home ownership and rentals means you no longer know all your neighbors, now might be the best time for you to ask yourself, Who lives by me? Its helpful to understand who is moving into your neighborhood as much as it is to know whose neighborhood you are joining.

    The good news is that you may not have to spend a dime for this information. Follow these steps to find out what you need to know:

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