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Where To Buy Police Cars

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Dubai Police Aston Martin One

Heres Why You Should Buy a Used Police Car

Oh dear god, they just wont stop, will they? Not content with stickering up an Aventador, FF and G63 to police duty, Dubais offices pressed one of the worlds most beautiful, rarest and fastest cars into service: the Aston Martin One-77. For the love of all thats sacred in your life, please, do not speed in Dubai.

What Is The Fastest Police Car In America

If we forget about those images from Miami Vice of undercover police driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis to blend in with bad guys, the fastest vehicle the police currently use for patrol at the moment is actually the Ford Police Interceptor Utility.

The latest Police Interceptor Utility is quite obviously based on the Ford Explorer thats dressed for patrol, but the differences between this version and the civilized family version you can buy in showrooms are less subtle than you might think. The Ford Police Interceptor Utility is currently the fastest-accelerating and the police car in America with the highest top speed. The PIU has a top speed of 150 mph and gets from a standing start to 60 mph in as little as 5.77 seconds. With the average modern car having a top speed of around 120 mph, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility will give most vehicles a run for their money.

Where To Rent Luxury Cars In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

You have a vast selection of locations to find luxury cars for rent in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. However, the airport is the most convenient car pick-up and drop-off place, as you can hit the road immediately after landing. However, you can choose one of the nearby downtown locations if needed too. They include offices at railway stations, near major city sights, and hotels, thus making it easy to find the best place to start your trip.

Find the best location to pick up Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada luxury car rentals in the list below. For your convenience, we have indicated the mileage from each point to Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. If you need the exact address, move the cursor over the desired pick-up point.

Nearby car rental locations at airports

  • 47.87 km / 29.74 mi

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Dodge Charger 57l Hemi

Its hard to believe Dodge has been building Hemi-powered Charger cop cars for 15 years now, and they are everywhere. The first-gen cars had the 340-hp early version of the third-gen Hemi, but the 2011-to-current version has the 370-hp 5.7L Eagle Hemi and is the one currently in service. The midcycle face-lift in 2015 brought an upgrade from the five-speed NAG1 automatic to the eight-speed TorqueFliteboth of which are solid performers. We are, however, fans of the earlier 2011 to 2014 nose. Also of note is that two wheel styles were availablethe standard passenger-car 18-inch alloy five-spoke and the 18-inch cop-car steelie.

Years ago, we spent a week driving a 2015 Charger Pursuit and discovered its AWD setup to be a bit buzzy relative to the RWD version. The AWD variant does suck up some power, which you can feel in the seat of your pants, and the mandatory NAG1 five-speed transmission is shifted from a column lever so that the console is left barren for the installation of police gear . Our advice would be to search for the RWD model since its simpler, lighter, and faster.

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Can I Rent A Particular Luxury Car Model In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

Jack Royal Black Police Cars

Yes, you can rent luxury cars of certain models on our website. First, check for vehicles available in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada for the desired dates via our search form. Then, browse through the search results and find luxury car rent deals with the Guaranteed Car Model sign. This means you will receive the car that you see on the booking page. If this model is not available upon pick up, the company is obliged to provide you with a similar car, or a car of a higher class.

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Can You Legally Drive An Ex

Youd think the police wouldnt put their old cars up for sale to the public if they werent legal for civilians to drive on public roads as it is illegal to drive a retired cop car that still resembles a law enforcement vehicle.

According to a notice put out by a branch of the California Highway Patrol, in order to make a retired law enforcement vehicle legal to drive on roadways, it needs to be painted to no longer have traditional black and white paint, police logos or markings and no red and blue lights or light bar.

The actual letter of the law regarding what constitutes still resembling a police car varies from state to state, but dont assume they will be fine to drive in the condition theyre offered for sale in. Although most police departments will remove stickers and other insignia of the department, some wont.

Some buyers want used cop cars for collection pieces with all the markings, lights and other police symbolism intact. Collectors of old cop cars who want to retain or recreate the original signage have to obtain special permits or cover the artwork when they traveling on public roads.

Without doubt, the most controversial feature of ex-cop cars is the light bar mounted to the roof. Regulations about them vary from state to state with some not allowing front-facing red lights at all, some allowing roof-mounted lights as long as theyre not actually used, while others will not allow any roof-mounted lights whatsoever under any circumstance.

Youre Gonna Need To Figure Out The History For Yourself

CARFAX can be somewhat valuable, but only if the agency had a dealership or an independent repair facility handle the maintenance needs and larger cities are less likely to do that. Looking at the pictures online can help you quickly cross out the cars that look like they got into a fight and lost so long as youre reasonably sure the photos are of the right car. The remaining cars can all be inspected and verified for their condition by you or a mechanically inclined person. That takes a bit of planning.

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Used Police Cars Have Massive Trunks And Lots Of Interior Space

Pro: Police cars are designed to have a large amount of trunk space as they have to carry a lot of equipment. That means these vehicles will be great for running errands, carrying around large bulky items like strollers or groceries. You will also find that there is a considerable amount of legroom in both the front and rear seats.

Con: As a result, used police cars in the United States, unlike those used in many European countries, arent small. This can make parking in inner-city areas and within tight building parking areas more of a challenge.

Designed To Help Protect And Serve


When the goal is to protect and serve, our police vehicles answer the call. They offer many of the power, technology, safety and security features necessary to help keep your officers safe, sound and secure, from shift to shift.

Equal Protection Under the LawADVANCED SAFETY AND SECURITY

Every vehicle in our Law Enforcement portfolio offers protection and purposeful engineering. Safety and security features include: the ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera, Rain Brake Support and Ready Alert Braking, a high-strength steel safety frame, available ballistic front-door panels and more.


All officers rely on a partner they can trust, and our standard and available engines offer the power and performance they can count on. The 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine delivers outstanding performance and impressive efficiency. When the job calls for a tough V8, few engines carry the legacy and command respect like the legendary available 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine. All-Wheel Drive is available on the Charger Pursuit when equipped with the standard 3.6L V6 engine. Durango Pursuit is equipped with AWD on both available engines.

Move Beyond State-of-the-ArtPOLICE-TUNED TECHNOLOGY

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Are All Used Police Cars Black And White

Not every used police car youll see for sale at auction will be black and white, although that color scheme is still the preferred combination in North America because it allows for the unambiguous recognition of patrol units from a significant distance. Dont forget there are a lot of police who dont wear uniforms and therefore dont drive marked patrol cars. Detectives and other non-uniformed police employees often drive unmarked cars in various colors and they come to the end of their lifespan and get put up for sale just like ex patrol vehicles.

Everything To Know Before Buying A Used Police Car

Have you ever wondered what happens to police cars once a department no longer needs them? The answer many police cars get a second life as civilian cars after serving a minimum number of years or reaching a certain mileage. Once a significant portion of police cars reach this milestone, the department sells their cars and invests in a whole new fleet.

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Best Luxury Car Rental Companies At Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

A reliable supplier is 90% of the success of your trip. We know this, and therefore we carefully select companies offering luxury cars for rent in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. You get access to deals from highly trusted international brands including Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz, as well as regional suppliers. This allows you to compare all available offers and make the right choice.

If you still dont know which company to choose to rent luxury car Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, fill out our search form at the top of the page. Also, you can check the list of all available brands below. Pay special attention to the customer rating, which is an important parameter when choosing a reliable provider for your next road trip.

What Are The Rules For Owning A Decommissioned Police Car

Jack Royal Black Police Cars

Photo:Highway Patrol Images

Have you looked in your rearview mirror to see a cop car following you, only to glance a second time and realize it wasnt an actual police cruiser it was a decommissioned cop car? People dont like mistaking an unofficial police interceptor with the real thing, so theres a fierce debate over the rules of owning a decommissioned police car. Unfortunately, the guidelines are surprisingly undefined.

Old cop cars have certain features that are what skeptics criticize for having: a spotlight, huge antenna, bullbar, certain body colors/pattern, and a light bar. Are ordinary citizens allowed to have these on their privately-owned, retired squad cars?

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What Vehicles Do The Police Use

Buying a used police car doesnt mean youre limited to a Crown Vic, although there is a limited number of vehicles that are available with police packages that are available for US police departments to choose from. Among the most popular models used by American police at the moment are the Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Charger, Dodge Durango, Ford Fusion, Ford Explorer and the Ford F-150.

Used Cop Cars Are Affordable

Used police cars are often far cheaper than their civilian counterparts. In fact, according to the Star, GCSurplus reported that the average price for a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria sedan from 2014 to 2015 was $1,184. This is much lower compared to the average cost for a similar used base model at $9,217.

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You’re Gonna Need To Figure Out The History For Yourself

CARFAX can be somewhat valuable, but only if the agency had a dealership or an independent repair facility handle the maintenance needs — and larger cities are less likely to do that. Looking at the pictures online can help you quickly cross out the cars that look like they got into a fight and lost — so long as you’re reasonably sure the photos are of the right car. The remaining cars can all be inspected and verified for their condition by you or a mechanically inclined person. That takes a bit of planning.

But Dont Assume That All Patrol Cars Are Junk

Heres Why You Cant Outrun a Police Car

When youre shopping for any cheap used car, it really comes down to the maintenance and upkeep that the previous owner put into it. Some patrol cars are given plenty of attention from departments that have the financial resources and manpower. Suspensions are rebuilt, powertrains are repaired, and in many cases you can end up with a virtually brand-new vehicle for less than 10% of the cost.

Each version has its charm. More times than not, the ones used by the men in blue can be bought for less. They are also the genuine black-and-white cars with the on-road feel and battle scars to prove it. Still, if you have a family or significant other that might not share your love of a bare-bones plastic interior, you may be happier with an off-duty version.

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List Of The Cons Of Buying A Used Police Car

1. You have heavy-duty parts that youll need to manage. It might seem like a good idea to purchase a used police car because theyre built to withstand some difficult conditions. One of the ways that automakers achieve this result is to use heavy-duty parts throughout the vehicle. That means you have more versatility when driving, but it also creates cost issues when something breaks down. It might seem nice to have a better alternator to support your driving habits until you realize that it costs three times more to replace it when compared to a standard product.

2. Used police vehicles have a lot of wear-and-tear on them. You need to look at a used police car through the lens of previous ownership. Unlike a standard vehicle that might sit in the garage for some time, law enforcement puts people in the vehicle for 2-3 shifts per day. That means a model that is only a few years old might have more than a decade of wear-and-tear on it in comparison. Youll want to have a mechanic you trust review the vehicle that youre thinking about purchasing to ensure that the price you pay is comparable to the condition of the car.

Those hours that the car spends idling are never reflected on the odometer. Youll want to double the figure you see to have an idea of what your maintenance schedule should be going forward if you choose to make a purchase.

Dodge Charger Police Car

As a proud CDJR Dealership partner, we carry a wide variety of Dodge brands. That makes us experts in dodge charger police cars for sale and the ability to up-fit them with the best emergency equipment. Some of the best unmarked police cars are Dodge! Whether you are looking for a Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger to join your law enforcement fleet, our team can help.

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Remember Not All Cop Cars Are Treated Equally

Many cop cars are not actually used for police duty. State and county officials will oftentimes get a vehicle that comes equipped with the police package, but never sees a high-speed pursuit or a donut-intensive patrol. The package comes with a heavy-duty suspension and beefed-up internals and cooling systems — everything you’d need for a high-speed chase or hours spent idling — but these cars don’t receive the everyday abuse that their on-duty siblings experience.

Cheap Luxury Car Rentals In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

Jack Royal White Police Cars

The decision to rent a luxury car in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada is always a great idea, and you are in the right place to make it a reality. With Rental24h.com, you get the best deals from more than 6 large international companies and local leading agencies in MAI Airport, which is the key to a successful trip.

Planning an exciting adventure in a stylish vehicle? Or maybe you need a good-looking car for a business meeting? We are here to help you choose the best luxury car rental Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada for your special purposes. You will be happy to enjoy our fast, smooth, and hassle-free service, while cheap prices will save you a headache.

It’s very simple: fill out our search form and find the right vehicle now by comparing all available options. Alternatively, check out some great luxury car rentals in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada below. Inspect their characteristics and if you’re ready to make a choice, click the yellow Rent a car button for a deal you like!

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Police Auction Cars: Police Impound Auto Auctions In The United States

Police Auctions

Many of the vehicles bought and sold at police auto auctions are amazing values theyre often everyday drivers taken directly from the road to the auction block. Some are older cars needing a bit of work while others are nearly new and still under warranty. If youve never been to a police auto auction, be sure to read our Police Auctions FAQ

Police auctions for cars are a great way to get a used car for very cheap. Many locations offer police auctions online to the public for easier online bidding. Police auctions for motorcycles are a bit more rare, but you will occasionally see motorcycles listed in addition to cars and trucks, boats, SUVs, RVs, and ATVs. One will occasionally find used police cars for sale at police auctions. Auctions also include government surplus auctions from various federal, state, and local governments.

Choose a state to find police auctions, tow impound auctions, government surplus auctions, and also dealer and public auto auctions:

Unbelievably Low Prices

Police and government surplus auto auctions offer cars for sale ranging from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the vehicle and the buyers present. The quality of the cars for sale can vary greatly, but thats what makes these auctions so interesting.

Many police car auctions are open to the public again and allow bidding in person. However, there are also many online car auctions that allow viewing and bidding on auction cars online.

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