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Where To Buy Police Uniforms

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St. Paul Police now donning new uniforms

We have been serving law enforcement units and professionals since 1990 and to that point we are the largest supplier of cordovan brown basket weave duty gear and brown sheriff uniforms.

Whether you need law enforcement tactical gear, a brown police uniform, a navy or black uniform, a sheriff uniform, basket weave duty belt, police campaign hat, Safariland mag pouch or EMS uniforms, youll find tons of options to meet your uniform requirements and preferences.

Police Boots & Footwear

Whether its standing for long periods of time or springing into pursuit, only the best police boots will provide the support and durability needed to withstand those unpredictable situations. Galls stocks a large selection of police duty boots that are designed to give police officers the edge needed to rise to any challenge.When looking for the best police boots, its important that they come packed with the right features such as:

  • Oil and slip-resistant outsoles
  • Waterproof or water-resistance
  • Easy access side zipper

The Thorogood 8″ Side Zip Waterproof Composite Toe Boot is a great example of what to look for in a pair of duty boots. These are the best tactical boots for waterproof and bloodborne pathogen resistant protection. These tactical boots are also certified for electrical hazard protection and feature a shock zone footbed with airflow vents, a slip-resistant outsole and a composite toe for protection against impacts.

Galls also carries different types of boots and shoes for both male and female officers including oxford shoes, Vibram boots, quarter boots, work boots and much more.

More About Law Enforcement Gear

5.11 proudly provides police gear and police supplies to law enforcement agencies across the country and around the world. Our ongoing commitment to producing innovative and feature-rich police gear has established the 5.11 brand as an industry leader in law enforcement apparel and accessories. From high retention, low drag holsters to durable and versatile PDUs, 5.11 police gear is engineered with direct input from operators in the field, ensuring unbeatable resilience, reliability, and utility when it matters most. Dont take a chance on second rate police gear or accessories we guarantee all our apparel to be free of defects in workmanship or materials, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your 5.11 gear will handle whatever the day brings.

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We Offer Every Class Of Uniform

Uniforms are designed and specifically categorized for different police, safety professionals and military classifications. And that’s where LA Police Gear comes in. There are three primary police officers uniforms we stock:

  • Class A Police Uniforms Thepolice dress uniforms for law enforcement officers attending special functions like promotions, funerals, etc.),
  • Class B Police Uniforms The every day law enforcement apparel and gear, which offers high-end maneuverability, durability and safety
  • Class C Police Uniforms The tactical apparel geared specifically for intense physical training and situations

LA Police Gear offers numerous options for uniform pants as well as uniform shirts. LAPG always has comfort, durability and safety in mind for all law enforcement personnel, so we only carry the best name-brand uniforms for all these classes.

Police Gear & Accessories

Navy Blue Short Sleeve Police, Security Uniform Shirt

In addition to our uniform essentials, we also offer all kinds of police gear and accessories, such as handcuffs, restraint accessories, and duty gear. Whether youre looking for a tactical riggers belt, cuff cutters, flexible restraints, or leg irons, you can find it with us.

A leading provider of uniforms and equipment for Americas public safety professionals for more than 50 years, Galls is the place to go for quality police uniforms today. We make ordering online convenient, offer in-house customizations, and have already served more than one million men and women with essential gear and supplies. Browse our products today!

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Police Uniforms & Law Enforcement Equipment

In the field of public safety, law enforcement officers are faced with a unique set of challenges on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, they require an abundance of quality law enforcement gear that they can depend on as well as crisp uniforms that won’t damage easily. Here at Galls, we do just that and more. From patrol/active-duty officers to corrections and SWAT teams, Galls has all the law enforcement gear and equipment needed to complete those grueling tasks.Galls only carries premium brands to ensure a high-quality selection of police uniforms and equipment. These brands include LawPro, 5.11 Tactical, ASP, Propper, High Speed Gear, Safariland and much more.

Sneak Peek: Heres What The Next Level In Police Uniforms Looks Like

There is a lot to consider when buying a uniform: durability, style, the materials, cost. If youre purchasing uniforms for your department, it can be overwhelming. Add to that the fact that uniforms arent a small purchase.

We spoke with the experts at 5.11 Tactical and asked them what advice they would give to officers looking to purchase uniforms, and the result is enlightening.

1. Make a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves.The simplest steps are often the most overlooked. Before you get to the point of purchasing, you should have a very clear idea of what you want and what youre willing to compromise on. What is most important to you: professional appearance, a good fit, or innovation? Will the uniform be used for tactical/special teams, or for everyday use? This will help you establish searching parameters and a budget.Look at the landscape of uniform options, then break down the brands, features, warranty conditions, and reputations for durability. Then youll have a good idea of where you may want to put your money.

5. Always try the uniform out before you buy.The number one piece of advice given by the experts was Try before you buy. Do a wear test. Have officers in your department take the gear and use it in their everyday encounters, kick it around and put it to the test. Use it in your day-to-day, getting into the car, and out.

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    What Is A Class B Police Uniform

    Class B uniforms are the daily patrol uniforms in most municipal police departments. Typically, dark navy or black, Class B uniforms also have a typical look and feel, they are dressed down from the ceremonial uniforms and made of functional fabrics. However, some police departments use tactical shirts and pants for class B daily use.

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    Can Police Wear Camouflage

    What its like to be a new police officer | The Recruits

    There is no law that says Police cannot wear camouflage but it is not typical that Police Departments in the United States would wear it. While in many other countries the police are a part of the national government and frequently do wear camo, in the United States, typically only SWAT or other special tactical operations officers will wear it. Its use is becoming less frequent as many police departments are making efforts to appear less militarized in their communities.

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    The Power Of Appearance

    In your line of work, the uniform is the first thing people see. It can set the tone for every encounter you have. In a split second, it can mean performing at your best, or not at all. That’s why for years Flying Cross has been at the center of redefining the police uniform, just as decades have redefined your mission. Flying Cross is the leading manufacturer of dress uniforms for the U.S. military and State and Local Law Enforcement Public Safety shirts, pants, and outerwear.

    We offer the widest offering of customized uniform solutions with the largest in-stock public safety uniform inventory in the world.

    We take pride in the intricate details, quality, and craftsmanship built into our uniforms. We lean heavily on creating solutions driven by the needs you identify as challenges on the job including fabric technology that keeps you cool, dry, and controls odor, as well as advancements in the design and function of every uniform garment.

    We’re all about providing features that help keep you safe, control your body’s climate, enhance your comfort, and most importantly last for longer wears than other products on the market.

    Every uniform worn carries a story of respect, confidence, service, and authority. Building upon our core competency of delivering clean, professional police uniforms that meet the functional requirements of your mission is important to us. That is the power of appearance.

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    Buying A New Police Uniform Look For These 5 Things

    Experts from 5.11 Tactical weigh in on what to consider when buying a uniform

    The following is paid content sponsored by 5.11 Tactical

    The uniform is the single most recognizable symbol of being a cop. It should evince the type of professionalism that those who wear them demonstrate, but it also needs to be functionalafter all, policing is a full contact sport.

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    What Are Different Types Of Police Uniforms

    In the United States, police officers typically have at least two classes of uniforms. Dress or traditional uniforms are often used for ceremonial duties, public relations events, and for officers who are assigned tasks in the police stations, including the highest ranks. These uniforms are frequently called Class A uniforms and may include blazers, dress slacks, ties, and patent polished shoes. For day to day operations and patrol, many departments utilize a Class B uniform option. This uniform dresses down the Class A and can use a different material such as poly/cotton ripstop or twill, add cargo pockets to the slacks, and possibly even incorporate an outer body armor carrier. Some Class B uniforms are defined as tactical uniforms, including BDUs or tactical pants with woven tactical shirts or polos. Many more traditional departments utilize the tactical uniform as a Class C uniform or training uniform for their patrol officers. In these departments, SWAT or tactical teams and specialists like K-9 patrols will use the tactical uniform as their daily wear.

    Police Badges & Uniform Accessories

    Police Tactical Uniforms Thick Police Clothes Security Suit Military ...

    The police badge is easily one of the first parts of the police uniform to be noticed. It not only portrays a symbol of authority but also acts as a deterrent against potential crime.Galls has a wide selection of police badges including the sheriff badge and insignia to identify police ranks, stock badges, morale patches, emblems and police officer uniform accessories. On top of that, the Galls uniform program offers customizable badges as well as silk screening and embroidery options.

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    Law Enforcement Uniforms & Gear

    SIEGELS specialty for many years now has been providing the law enforcement community and police professionals with everything they need to do their jobs well. From the best quality and performance police uniforms to top notch law enforcement gear like tactical flashlights, batons, handcuffs, gear bags, concealable body armor, and much more, we stock the best brands like Elbeco, Flying Cross, 5.11 Tactical, ASP, Safariland, Blackinton, Streamlight, Danner, Smith & Wesson and many many more trusted names.

    And dont forget that SIEGELS is known for customizing your police uniform apparel to your exact needs. From fully customized and fitted law enforcement honor guard uniforms to police patches and inhouse custom embroidery and alterations like hemming and added zippers and colored epaulets/pocket flaps to custom police badges, Nobody Fits You Like SIEGELS.

    Police Uniforms Security Uniforms & Stationwear

    Many professions require specific types of uniforms and duty gear. The type of pants, shirts, jackets and footwear required depends on whether you are in law enforcement, public safety or a first responder. For more than 50 years Galls has been serving law enforcement, security, military, and public safety professionals with their uniform needs. Galls uniforms the public service sector with public safety uniforms that command respect, incorporate innovative fabric solutions, increase function and beat out the competition in value pricing.

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    Equipping Our Brave Neighbors

    Because brave men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities and safety, LAPG gladly supports all law enforcement members, safety personnel and military members by offering them the industry’s top duty uniforms and police dress uniforms in multiple styles, sizes and colors.

    Why Do Police Wear Blue

    Officers find mannequin dressed in police uniform hanging from Jacksonville overpass

    Police Departments typically wear dark blue or black uniforms in many cities because they look traditional and professional. Originally in many cases, these uniforms were modeled after military uniforms or were even actual military uniforms, but as the US Military branches evolved into new colors and camouflage patterns, the recognizable blues and blacks of police departments stayed the law enforcement color of choice. It should be noted that Sheriff departments often do not wear blue or black, opting for brown, olive, or khaki to distinguish themselves from the municipal uniforms.

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