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How To Submit An Anonymous Tip To The Police

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Report Scams Frauds Online Crime

WEB EXTRA: How to give police an anonymous tip

How to Submit a Complaint

What to Report

  • Online scams, thefts, or fraud
  • Cyber crimes like malware, ransomware, or phishing

What We Do with Your Complaint

Your complaint will go to the FBIs Internet Crime Complaint Center, which tracks internet-enabled crimes and scams.

Submitting An Anonymous Tip

In case of an emergency, call 911. The online tip line is for non-emergency situations.

One of the most effective resources in deterring or solving a crime is information from the community. Please contact The University of Connecticut Police Department if you have ANY information on a crime that has been committed, is in commission or is being planned. You may contact us by coming in to the station, calling or emailing us your information:

  • University of Connecticut Police Department:126 North Eagleville RoadStorrs, CT 06269
  • Give us a call at 860-486-4800.
  • Send us an email message to . Or use the form provided below. NOTE: This email address has been designated solely to receive information from the community about criminal activity.

When submitting crime tips, provide as much of the following information as you can:

  • Who: Names and/or a description of the person/people involved.
  • What: Description of the type of crime.
  • When: Date and time of crime.
  • Where: Address or description of place.
  • Why: Motive, why crime was/is going to be committed.
  • How: What methods are going to be/were used.
  • Any other information such as a vehicle description.

Your Identity Is Safe

Bluegrass Crime Stoppers powered by P3 tip software, a third-party company that has worked successfully with more than 900 law enforcement organizations across the country.

When a person submits a tip, they are sent a random system-generated code or alias. The alias allows the tipster to carry on an anonymous two-way conversation with investigators without speaking directly to an officer. Neither the police department nor Bluegrass Crime Stoppers can find out the identity of the tipster unless the person chooses to reveal it.

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The Anonymous Reporting Line

The anonymous reporting line, 794-5824, is provided as a resource for those wishing to report crimes anonymously.

If you choose to report anonymously, you must leave specific details in order for UCPD to investigate the crime. Provide details to the best of your ability to the following questions:

  • What happened? What did you see? What appears suspicious to you?
  • Where exactly did the incident occur? Include streets, building and room/area.
  • Did the suspect have any weapons?
  • What did the suspect say?
  • Where and when was the suspect last seen?
  • Which direction was the suspect headed?
  • Was the suspect on foot or in a vehicle?
  • What did the suspect look like? Describe each suspect one at a time.
  • Gender
  • Was the suspect carrying anything?
  • Vehicle Description, Color, Make, Model, License Plate

After a message is retrieved from the anonymous reporting line, the information is forwarded to the appropriate person.

Submit An Anonymous Tip

Submit a tip to the police

Our ability to solve crimes and create a safer Town of Arlington has a lot to do with citizen involvement.The Arlington Police Department has embraced new technologies that open us up to two-way communications anonymously with citizens who have tips or other information that will help us solve crimes and create a safer community.

When you submit a tip through any of the three options below, it is sent to a 3rd party tip service acting as a privacy buffer between you and the Arlington Police Department to preserve your identity and contact information. If you have a tip for the Arlington Police Department, please use any of the three options below to help provide important information on crimes or criminals that will help us to keep the Town of Arlington safe for everyone.Tip submissions may not be received until the following day. In case of emergency dial 911. If the situation is not an emergency but still requires an officer to respond soon, then you may dial our non-emergency number at 781-643-1212

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Submit Anonymous Crime Tips

Welcome to the Worcester Police Department’s Anonymous Crime Tips Notification System. You may submit information regarding a crime that has taken place recently within the City of Worcester, MA.

If you see a crime in progress or need to report an emergency, please call 911.

Crime tip services are for non-emergency investigative information only and will not generate a radio call or summon the police to your location.

Please review the “Have a Question?” section at the bottom of the page for further information.

How To Submit A Tip Via Text

To text a tip to the Evanston Police Department, you must have text messaging enabled on your cellular phone and subscribe to a participating cell phone carrier. To begin your tip message, enter the number 274637 in the phone number line. Then start your message with EPDTIP and enter your tip with as much detail as possible.

Once you send your tip via text, the information is received by an independent party in service provider that will assign each tipster a random system-generated alias. The purpose of this is to ensure the anonymity of the tipster.

Tipsters will automatically receive a response text providing them their alias. Please be aware that the Evanston Police Department will send a response text if more information is needed to process the tip.

However, the anonymity of the tipster remains secure because the information is sent to a third party service provider that is independent of the police department. The police department will only know the tipster by their alias.

If the tipster does not wish to participate in two-way communication with the police department they can text the word STOP to 274637 Doing so will block the EPD from responding.

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How To Report A Crime Anonymously

If you have information about a crime, but are uncomfortable identifying yourself, there are ways you can confidentially share what you know without anyone knowing who you are.

It is always best to report a crime. The information you provide can help you or someone else or can help the police solve crimes and arrest and convict the right people. You are contributing to making your community safer.

In an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Who Oversees The Crime Stoppers Program

Louisville Metro Police reminds public of options to submit anonymous tips

A Community Board of Volunteers oversees the program. Peel Crime Stoppers is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Crime Stoppers receives no government funding. All funds used to operate the Crime Stoppers program are obtained through charitable community donations this includes the money that is paid out to our tipsters.

Contact Us

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What Does Peel Crime Stoppers Do With The Tips

Peel Crime Stoppers will forward the tip information to the appropriate police authorities. The Investigators will work hand-in-hand with the information, and will inform Peel Crime Stoppers on how the case is progressing. Therefore, it’s important for the caller to call back for an update on the case.

Submitting Anonymous Tips Through Metro Crime Stoppers

Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland is an organization separate from the Annapolis Police Department. When you text, phone in, or submit your Annapolis crime tip online Metro Crime Stoppers receives your tip anonymously and only forwards your tip information to the Annapolis Police Department. No identifying information is ever forwarded to us. Please be assured that only your tip is communicated from Metro Crime Stoppers to the police department, not any identifying information about you. Metro Crime Stoppers uses a special coding system to protect your identity, they do not use Caller ID or record telephone conversations. If your tip leads to the arrest or indictment of a person for a felony you could qualify for up to a $2,000 cash reward from Metro Crime Stoppers.

You can submit an anonymous tip by:

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How To Review Or Update Your Tip

You can review or update your tip in the following ways:

  • If you called, you can call 502-574-LMPD back and give them your crime tip # or simply give the additional information that you have.
  • If you entered it online or through your P3 Tips app, you can visit and enter your provided code information.

How Crime Stoppers Works

Bakersfield police introduces anonymous tip submitting app

Your information will be taken in strict confidence. You never have to give your name. You will be given a confidential code number, keep this number a secret. Crime Stoppers will then process the tip to go to the correct party.

Be sure to call back to for an update. If your information leads to an arrest or charge, you will become eligible for a cash reward.

Cash rewards are distributed through pre-arranged locations across the region for pickup after approval by the Crime Stoppers board of directors.

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How To Submit A Tip To Utpd Anonymously

Reporting through the LiveSafe at UT Austin App is the fastest way to report suspicious activity since the information goes directly to dispatchers. If it is an immediate emergency, always call 911 first.

  • Download the LiveSafe at UT Austin app to text an anonymous tip to UTPD.
  • Select the Report Suspicious Activity or Report Incident button on the home screen of the LiveSafe at UT Austin app
  • Under the tip detail box, slide the blue tab to select “Send Anonymously”

UTPD dispatch will receive your tip, but will not know your identity unless you decide to reveal it at a later time. UTPD dispatch will be able to see your location if your location services are enabled. You may submit tips directly to dispatch anonymously from any location. You do not have to be on campus within UTPD’s area of service to directly submit a tip.

Does Crime Stoppers Work

Yes. Thousands of arrests have been made and substantial amounts of property and illegal drugs have been recovered.

The program has:

  • Provided an opportunity for the community to fight back against crime.
  • Improved relations between police, media and the community.

Peel Crime Stoppers has been accepted by police as a valid and effective partner. The public has embraced the program as a viable alternative to traditional methods of providing information.

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Submit A Tip Online Here

Once a tip has been received it will be sent to the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the reported crime. The agency will investigate the tip and report back the outcome of the investigation to our administrative office in Southfield, Michigan.

You can follow up on your tip by calling our administrative office on specified days. The phone number to call when following up on a tip is 313-922-5000. The hours to call our main office for follow-ups are: Tuesday and Thursday 10 a.m. 3 p.m. and Wednesday from 1 p.m. 5 p.m.

If your tip leads to an arrest, you will be eligible for a reward of up to $2,500. Rewards are processed once a month. If you are eligible for a reward, we have partnered with local banks that will disburse the reward in cash. No identification is needed, and you will only need your tip reference number and the amount of the reward to get paid.

How To Submit Photos

Unsolved cases: How you can submit a tip anonymously

Photos can’t be included through the normal texting feature on a phone. However, photos can be submitted if you use the iPhone Mobile App or Android Mobile App on a smart phone or if you use the online Webtip . At this time, video and/or audio clips can’t be submitted with text-a-tip submissions using either a smart phone or Webtip.

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How To Submit A Crime Tip

The contact information below is for anonymous crime tips only.

All crime tips submitted to the Sheriff’s Office remain CONFIDENTIAL.

The hotline and email service are not monitored 24/7, but the Sheriff’s Office tries to respond as quickly as possible.

If you wish to leave a crime tip via telephone, please call 919-560-7151

If you wish to submit a crime tip via e-mail, please e-mail For general Sheriffs Office inquiries, please call 919-560-0897 or e-mail

How To Submit A Tip

Submitting a tip is easy and your anonymity is guaranteed. There are a few ways you can submit:1. Use the app2. Call 577-TIPS3. Or click the Submit a Tip button to go to our anonymous submit-a-tip form and provide as much information about the crime or suspect as you can.Your tip, no matter how minor, can help make our community safer.

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What Is Tip411

Tip411 is an internet based tool that enables the public to text message an anonymous tip to police, and lets the police respond back creating a two way anonymous chat.

It is 100% anonymous and confidential and places a great crime fighting tool at your fingertips.

Tip411 allows you get involved in keeping your neighborhood safe!

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