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Do I Need To Call Police For Minor Accident

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Will There Be A Police Prosecution After A Car Accident

Metro police will no longer take reports on most minor accidents

This depends on the accident and how serious it was. In most scenarios, if there was a serious accident and especially if people have been hurt, there is usually a police prosecution afterwards.

However, if the accident has just resulted in minor damage to you or someone elses vehicle, this is usually handled by your insurance company.

You May Need To Report The Accident To The Department Of Motor Vehicles

If the accident caused $1,000 or more in property damage to any one vehicle or any other property, you must report the accident to the New York DMV within 10 days. This is in addition to the requirement to report the accident to the police if the crash resulted in injury, death, or damage to property of an unknown owner.

A Police Report Will Help With Insurance Claims And Legal Cases

Not only is a police report required for many situations, but it can also prove to be very helpful. Police reports come in handy when it comes to submitting an insurance claim, but they can become much more important if the other side disputes fault for the accident and a serious injury resulting in a lawsuit occurs.

Even if the injuries are not obvious, due to the fact that most individuals are under an adrenaline rush or fight or flight mode, these injuries may not manifest until well after the accident. They can take days, if not weeks, to truly appear. If these injuries do appear later and the injured party tries to make a claim but failed to make a police report at the time the accident occurred, the insurance provider may dispute the fact that the injury was caused by the accident.

Insurance companies and judges put a lot of credence in police reports, especially when evaluating fault in accident claims. The police report can be used to help the injured party recover damages they deserve. Working closely with an experienced personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve.

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You Should Always Call The Police After A Car Accident

As Erie, PA car accident lawyers, we frequently get asked, should I call the police after a minor car accident? Without knowing anything else about the crash, we can confidently state that you should always call the police after a car accident, even if the damage to the vehicles was minimal and if even if you think nobody was hurt. As you sit there in the moment, you simply arent equipped to properly assess the situation. Police are. Let the experts do their work. Sometimes you dont know youre hurt until later that day, after your adrenaline wears off. Sometimes, people that admit fault on the scene later lie to their insurance companies. You need a witness.

Why Is It Important To Call The Police

How to Know Whether to Call the Police After a Car Accident

People dont realize why its so important to call the police. Its not just so you can report the accident. Yes, most states require that you report most car accidents. But there are other reasons why you need to do this. Mostly, you do it to protect yourself.

Your car accident lawyer in Texas is going to need the police report, for one. Without this, he may not be able to prove the other driver was at fault. And, before you say you wont need an attorney, dont be too sure.

You have no idea at first what kind of injuries you may have suffered. You think its just a few bumps and bruises but you cant be sure. For all you know, you may have suffered internal injuries or other issues. This is why you need to go to the hospital after your accident. This is true whether you think youre hurt or not. This way, if it ends up you are hurt, youll have the medical documentation to prove it.

If you dont call the police, youll have no record of the accident even happening. The police will put together a report that you and your lawyer can use to prove fault. This way, if you need to file suit, youll have the proof you need.

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What Happens If Someone Hits You And They Dont Report It

If someone hits your vehicle and they dont report the accident, they could be charged with “Leaving The Scene Of An Accident”. Failure to file an accident report is very serious.

If you hit a vehicle and dont stop, you may be subject to criminal prosecution. The FSCO recommends this course of action :

Call the police if anyone is injured, if the total damage to all the vehicles involved appears to be more than $2,000, or if you suspect that any of the other drivers involved are guilty of a Criminal Code offence . Follow the instructions given to you by the emergency operator. Police will arrive as soon as possible. Do not try to move anyone injured in the accident you may aggravate their injuries.

If no one is injured and total damage to all the vehicles involved appears to be less than $2,000, call a Collision Reporting Centre within 24 hours.

The Police Investigation Might Help Settle Disputes Over Fault

Rarely do motorists involved in an accident completely agree over who was at fault. It might seem obvious to you that the other driver caused the accident. For instance, you hit your brakes because a loose dog ran across the road and got rear-ended by the person behind you.

In your mind, the other driver was at fault, as it was their responsibility to notice that you had stopped and braked accordingly. But the other driver might claim that you were reckless for suddenly locking up your brakes in the middle of the road or even dispute the presence of the animal.

Situations such as these can get messy fast, especially when both drivers insurance companies get involved. A police investigation and report can cut through the mess and keep the other driver from unfairly shifting fault to you.

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Talk To The Department Of Insurance

We are the state agency that regulates the insurance industry. We also work to protect the rights of insurance consumers.

Contact the California Department of Insurance :

  • If you feel that an insurance agent, broker, or company has treated you unfairly.
  • If you have questions or concerns about health insurance.
  • If you want to order CDI brochures.
  • If you want to file a request for assistance against your agent, broker, or insurance company.
  • If you are having difficulty opening a claim with your insurance company.
  • To check the license of an agent, broker, or insurance company.

What Happens If No Police Report Is Filed Following A Car Accident

Distracted Driver Crashes into Police Officer During Traffic Stop

It is usual for all persons involved in an accident to feel rattled. It’s also possible that the events and facts surrounding the accident remain hazy even a day or two later. Furthermore, certain injuries may show hours or days after the collision. Concussions and/or traumatic brain injuries can not appear immediately after a car accident these types of injuries can be mild, and it may take days for a person to recognize they have them if they do not seek medical assistance quickly.

If the damage was modest, no injuries occurred, and all parties engaged were licensed and properly insured, there would be no need to file a police complaint. However, the issue often emerges after the accident, when individuals have had time to reflect on the occurrence and have differing accounts of the incident to convey to insurance companies.

Many drivers believe they do not need a police report immediately after an accident, but it is crucial to remember that once everyone has left the site, it may be too late for a police report. Without a police record, the other motorist may sue you for car damage or medical issues incurred as a result of the collision. It will be your word against the other party’s unless you meticulously record any proof. An skilled attorney, on the other hand, will be able to establish your case even without a police record.

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Consequences Of Failing To Report A Car Accident

There may be serious consequences for failing to report a car accident, including:

  • Fines.
  • License suspension up to two years.
  • A charge for leaving the scene of an accident.

Failure to stop after an accident is in Canadas Criminal Code, which means it could result in you having a criminal record. If you are unsure about what to do, err on the side of caution! Call your local police station just in case.

Should I Call 999 When Reporting A Car Accident

If theres an injury or the roads blocked, call 999 straight away.

Also, call the police on 999 if the other road user drives away or you suspect they crashed into you deliberately.

Crash-for-cash scams are still happening across the UK, with criminals deliberately crashing their cars for an insurance pay-out.

If you think the other driver doesnt have insurance, or theyre under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you should also call 999.

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How Long Do I Have To Report A Car Accident

Most people are involved in very few auto accidents throughout their lives. While this is a good thing, it can also make it difficult for someone involved in a car accident to know what to do after the fact.

Generally speaking, you should always call the police immediately following an accident, unless there is no damage to the vehicle or the damage is very minor. You may, however, have decided not to call the police after a more serious accident. Some of the most common reasons victims fail to report the accident include believing that they were not injured, accepting the other drivers offer to cover the damages, or simply agreeing not to call 911.

Regardless of the reason, not reporting an accident is a mistake. It is important to understand the role accident reports play in car accident cases and the ramifications of not calling the police.

Below, we take a close look at this matter, including how long you have to file a claim, who you should call to report an accident, when accident reports are required, and how to report an accident after the fact.

The laws around car accidents can be complicated, which is why we recommend reaching out to an experienced Ohio car accident lawyer for guidance on what to do next. Contact Colombo Law today for a free case review.

What To Do After A Car Accident

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Report in New York?

When you get into a car accident, there are certain steps you may want to take in order to help make sure everyone is safe, to follow the law and to get the insurance claim process started.

According to the Insurance Information Institute , the following steps may help guide you through important decisions you need to make if you’ve been in a car accident, whether you were at fault for the accident or not.

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When Do I Have To Report My Collision Or Car Accident To The Police

You dont need to report every accident to police. For example, a small fender bender in a parking lot doesnt require police. Each province has rules that will guide you on when police are necessary. Here are some common instances where youll need to call 911 immediately:

  • Someone is injured.
  • There is property damage, other than the cars involved.
  • There was a criminal offence committed, such as driving under the influence.
  • One of the drivers was uninsured.

If the accident is minor you dont need to call emergency services to the scene. However, if the damage is significant , you must report the accident to the police or your local collision reporting centre, depending on your province. For example, in Ontario, you are supposed to file a collision report within 24 hours after the accident, at your nearest collision centre.

Dont forget to exchange information with the other drivers involved:

  • Drivers license.
  • Ask witnesses for their names and contact information as well.

I Feel Ok After My Accident Should I Bother Getting Checked Out By A Doctor

Even if you dont think that you were hurt in a car accident, or if you think that your injuries werent that serious, you should still seek medical attention after a crash. There are two important reasons for doing so.

First, and most importantly, getting evaluated for injuries as soon as possible after an accident is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. This can maximize the likelihood of physically recovering from your injuries.

For example, you are rear-ended in a car accident and are diagnosed with whiplash. This condition is caused by a forceful, back and forth movement of the neck. Symptoms of whiplash, such as neck pain and stiffness and headaches, often dont appear for several days after an injury.

Seeing a doctor immediately after a rear-end accident can help to rule out other potential injuries, like broken bones. The sooner that you are diagnosed, the more quickly treatment can begin, and the faster that you can get back to normal. No matter what type of accident you were in, keep an eye out for symptoms that may indicate that you were injured.

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When Should I Report A Car Accident To The Police

When it comes to car accidents, the best rule to follow is, if youre in doubt always call the police. Whether the accident is large or small, a car accident lawyer says calling the police is the right choice because it creates official documentation of the event and serves as a point of reference for insurance companies and attorneys.

There are a few situations in which calling the police following an accident is absolutely essential, including:

  • The driver or passenger of either car experienced injuries
  • Minors under the age of 18 were involved
  • Car vs. Pedestrian car accidents
  • Damage to another persons personal property
  • Either car sustained major damage

Once an accident is reported to the police, theyll ask for certain information to assist them in filling out an official incident report.

Reporting To A Collision Reporting Centre

Man Hits Police Officers with Car Before Fleeing Traffic Stop

If none of the above situations apply, you probably do not need to call the police. However, if the damage to both vehicles combined is estimated to be over $2,000 you will still need to report the accident to your insurance broker and to the nearest collision reporting centre.

According to Ontario law, you are required to make a police report about the accident to the nearest collision centre within 24 hours of the accident.

If an accident occurs outside of normal business hours, you should take your car to a reporting centre the following morning. If your car is not drivable, have it towed to a centre. You must use the centre closest to where the accident has occurred. If there is any doubt about which centre to use, contact your broker or the local police department.

A collision reporting centre is a place where Ontario drivers go to report an accident. There are approximately 30 of these centres located in various cities throughout the province. They exist to simplify the act of reporting an accident. One of the purposes of reporting centres is to free up police officers for other duties.

When you visit the collision centre, you will need to bring the following information with you:

  • Drivers license number
  • Contact information, including your name, address and phone number
  • Car insurance information, including your policy number
  • Vehicle information, including the make and model of your vehicle and your license plate number
  • Details of the accident

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When To Call The Police After An Auto Accident

When a motor vehicle accident results in personal injury, its in both parties best interest to notify the police. If the person you hit complains of neck or back injury, this could be a red flag for an impending lawsuit. Calling the police ensures a fair and balanced report of the cause of the accident that attorneys can use a reference later. Keep a copy of the police report for your own insurance claim.

If damages in an accident appear to exceed $1,000, its best to call the police. It doesnt take a major collision to rack up $1,000 in repair costs, especially if it involves a newer model vehicle. Calling the police when there are damages gives your insurance company a clear pictures of how the accident happened and what percentage you were at fault for causing the property damage. It can also help compensate you for your own vehicles damage if someone else was at fault. If you dont know the extent of injury or damage in a minor accident, its always better to be safe and call the police.

What Details Should I Provide If Ive Had A Car Accident

If anyone involved in the accident is injured, you must give your insurance details, including your name, address and the vehicles registration. You must show them your insurance certificate if they ask for it.

Even if no one is injured you could exchange insurance details as it might help to speed up the claims process.

Its worth getting their details, too, as you may have an injury that you werent aware of at the time of the crash.

If youre not the vehicles owner, you should give the car owners details.

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