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Do The Police Clean Up Crime Scenes

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Dealing With A Death Injury Or Crime Scene

How To Clean Up A Crime Scene

The traumatic experience of a homicide, suicide, or criminal injury can be overwhelming, but on top of all that, you have to deal with the cleanup. When dealing with a crime scene, the police and crime scene investigators will come in, take evidence, and investigate the area, at which point theyll leave the rest up to you. The police will not clean up a crime. In most cases, the owner of the space will continue to occupy the area whether it be a home or business and therefore the area must be thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and restored to its original condition. Since the police wont assist in this cleanup work, after a crime scene has been released to the owner, it must be cleaned and decontaminated by a professional cleanup company.

Who Cleans Up Chicago Crime Scenes

Dan Reynolds day job is a profession that most people dont even know exists: crime scene cleanup.

Even fewer people know that it is not the police departments responsibility to clean up after homicides, suicides and trauma on private propertyeven after theyve been on the scene investigating.

After a trauma occurs on private property, Reynolds said it is actually the responsibility of the victims family or property owner to clean up any remaining mess.

Gary Kass, president of Chicago-based Kass Management Services, has been faced with this task during his 30 years in the real estate management industry.

Hes dealt with everything from people overdosing in their apartments to a maintenance worker falling through a skylight and on top of a glass dining table, all of which require similar protocols: wait for the police or coroners to finish collecting evidence, and then begin the cleanup process as soon as possible.

Whenever theres a death, if its not certain that the death was natural, the police will put a seal on the apartment and a sign that says call this number if there are any questions, Kass said. We usually have to keep checking back until they say its OK to start cleaning.

Kass company typically uses its own maintenance crew to clean up after a trauma or death, but he said sometimes professional companies are hired to perform a basket of services, including loss remediation or cleaning services.

That is where services like Reynolds come in.

Who Cleans Crime Scenes In The Uk

Tuesday 8th September 2020

Here at ICE Cleaning, were leading the way for crime scene cleaning in the UK. Theres no doubt that trauma and crime scene clean-ups are some of the most challenging scenes we face, yet we know that our services are vital in restoring safety to the site. If you require emergency crime scene cleaning, do not hesitate to get in touch on 0333 577 5805. With teams situated in a variety of locations across the country, we can reach you in just 60 minutes.

Sadly, suicides, undetected deaths and murders are scenes we deal with on a regular basis. For the families of the deceased, our cleaning services play a huge role in the event. For most, cleaning up after the death of a loved one is an incredibly difficult task, full of emotion and confusion. Most are not equipped to take on such a task, meaning they turn to professional crime scene cleaners for assistance. However, a certain level of delicacy and sympathy must be acknowledged.

Violent crimes are likely to arise in busy areas, such as on public transport or areas of leisure. For members of the public who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and actually witness an incident, life may never be the same again. For this reason, its important to establish with the property owner whether theyre happy for the scene to return to its original state. Some may request that the site be given a new look following the incident in order to avoid triggering those distressed by the event.

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Trust The Experts To Clean Your Crime Scene

Our hope is youll never need us. But if tragedy happens, were at your service to help. No one should be left to deal with this alone. Spaulding Decon has offered biohazard cleanup and crime scene cleanup services to the community for several years. One important lesson we have learned is that no one should handle a crime scene cleanup alone.

Our crime scene cleanup crew has been handpicked, vetted, and conducted thorough background checks. They are certified for their compassion, empathy, protection of your privacy, and attention to detail. Our crew will arrive as soon as possible and start forensic cleaning, remove blood and disinfect, biohazards, bodily fluids, tear gas, fingerprint dust, and other contamination from the crime scene.

Crime Scene Cleanup Needed

15 Disturbing Confessions From Crime Scene Cleaners

After an event such as this, emergency crime scene cleanup in Chandler is essential for the safety of anyone in the area. Between the blood, drug paraphernalia, and gun powder residue, the crime scene is a dangerous place to be for those untrained in personal protection and blood cleanup. Not only does the visible blood need to be cleaned and the area decontaminated, but all the places the blood could have gone unseen must be cleaned as well. If thorough biohazard cleaning does not occur and the infected materials legally disposed of as medical waste, a person can unknowingly become infected with bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, among others. If the crime is committed indoors, professional crime scene cleanup becomes especially important. If all biohazards and investigative chemicals are not found and fully removed, then fluids and body matter can soak through building layers and damage the structure while giving off a horrible odor.

A crime scene cleaning company trained in proper biohazard cleanup knows how to completely eradicate biohazards from any environment quickly and with professionalism. With experience and industrial-grade cleaners, they can quickly clean out all the biohazards, legally dispose of all infected materials while strictly adhering to all local rules and regulations, and make sure the property is thoroughly clean, odor-free, and safe.

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Who Cleans Up Blood At A Crime Scene

Whilst many believe you can simply wipe the blood and the dangers will disappear, this is not the case. Even the strongest commercial detergents cannot rid such harmful bloodborne pathogens. Only the latest cleaning technology and techniques will prove successful in removing all traces of blood and creating a safe environment for the public.

There are a variety of bloodborne pathogens that can live for extended amounts of time outside of the body:

  • Hepatitis C: 4 days
  • HIV: 4 weeks
  • Hepatitis B: 7 days

Timing is everything. Materials may incur permanent stains or damage if all traces of blood are not removed within a specific period of time. Porous materials such as rugs, carpets, curtains, tiles, wood, drywall and wallpaper will not only discolour but may become structurally weak, accelerating the deterioration process. If stains become permanent, items may have to be discarded due to health risks. Biohazards, such as bloodborne pathogens, should not be treated lightly they have the potential to cause long-term health consequences.

When our experienced technicians attend a crime scene, they will evaluate the area and record any items they believe may have to be thrown away. A more in-depth analysis of the items will take place once they have been removed from the affected site.

Obtain Personal Protective Equipment

Once the scene is contained, the next step of cleaning up blood at a crime scene is to put on personal protective gear. At a minimum, PPE includes:

  • Mask
  • Disposable gloves

Depending on the extent of blood and other issues at a crime scene, a respirator may be necessary as opposed to just a mask. A respirator provides an additional level of air filtration that can be necessary at a crime scene that is particularly awash in blood and other bodily fluids. It can also be necessary if the crime was not immediately discovered and the remains were left unattended for more than a few days.

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Who Restores Crime Scenes

Crime scene cleanup is a broad term that could also be called forensic cleanup or biohazard remediation. This applies to any cleanup associated with bodily fluids or other potentially infectious materials. These services may be needed after an accident such as suicide, unattended death, animal attack, physical trauma, infectious disease contamination, or industrial accidents. As you can imagine, these sorts of situations can be very delicate to handle and can easily grow out of control if the proper protocols are not followed to restore a space.

After the Police are finished processing a crime scene and give approval, cleanup and restoration can begin. You may not be able to deal with the situation on your own as there are so many variables to consider. Therefore, choosing the correct company to partner with becomes vital. Professional Crime Scene Cleaners are trained to handle these situations, both physically and mentally. There are certain protocols and chemicals that must be used to properly remove biohazard as well as how to dispose of such contaminants. There is also extensive training involved on where to look and how to best handle every situation so that nothing is left behind after the team leaves.

Helping Those Left Behind

How to Clean Up a Crime Scene

Thinking positively and focusing on his own family helped Mr Bobridge get through the tough days.

“You learn to block it out and realise that you’re there to help the families,” he said.

“When you’re suited up and you have your mask on you can’t smell it you just go in and clean and not think about it.”

Ms Farry said she focused on the families they were assisting by cleaning up the sometimes distressing scenes.

“I’m probably thick-skinned from nursing, but I think about the job and getting the home back to the families,” she said.

“I always think about how my services have helped the families so they don’t have to deal with it.

“There was an incident in Toowong where a lady had died and her brother was so overwhelmed that we could help.

“He was able to come back into the house and get their belongings and he was so happy we could take that burden away from him.”

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Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes Police Emts Or Coroners Or Someone Else Entirely

As television shows like Law and Order and CSI, continue to get more and more popular, the audience watching these shows think that they understand what happens at a murder scene. At first, crime scene, personnel and law enforcement officials have to work together to secure the area where the crime is committed, and then they collect evidence. One big question remains unanswered: Who cleans up after a murder?

Crime scene investigators and law enforcement officials do not have the supplies or knowledge that is needed to properly sanitize a crime scene, the job of cleaning up a crime scene after a murder falls to friends and family members of the dead victim. Surprised?

When asked, a lot of people assume that crime scenes are cleaned up by the police or investigators but that is not so because

  • They are not properly trained for it
  • It is simply not their job

Whenever you envision a murder scene, the first thing that comes to mind is blood. When a murder is committed in a business place or at home, the blood that is spilled if not properly cleaned could infect the future and current occupants of the building with some bloodborne diseases. Professional Crime Scene Cleaners are usually called in to efficiently clean up the space. This is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful infections.

Why should a crime scene cleanup company be called upon? Why not just clean up the scene yourself?

How do they do it:

Crime Scene Cleanup Cleaning

Our Biohazard business is now in 2019 and our biohazard crime scene cleanup in Bethany Beach is preparing to make confident we can help all cleaning of blood that is dangerous and dangerous. Employing our model as the foremost Crime scene cleaning in Bethany Beach we are regarded the optimal selection by Law enforcement, families, and home homeowners who are in want of blood cleanup. We are working hard in 2016 to help far more family members then at any time, so if you have experienced a death in your home of a relative, please immediately get in touch with our Crime Scene Cleanup offices in Bethany Beach for our companies support and support in cleaning up right after the useless body. We use only the optimum good quality cleaning gear and cleaning chemicals to guarantee security and the acceptable methods are taken to make sure the dangers are cleaned.

Our Cleanup Services

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Crime Scene Cleanup Faq

Since a crime scene cleanup is not an everyday occurrence, there are several common questions that we get asked about the process, what it involves and various other aspects. Here are some of those frequently asked questions if you find yourself wanting to pursue a career in crime scene cleanup or looking for the right company to call to handle a crime scene cleanup.

Is Spaulding Decon part of law enforcement?

No, we are an independent company that specializes in crime scene cleanup and various other cleanup situations. We are contracted independently to remove, clean and restore the property once law enforcement has finished their jobs. We do, however, have great relationships with law enforcement in the cities we are located in.

How is Spaulding Decon different than a residential cleaning company?

Your typical cleaning company is not equipped with knowledge, certifications or equipment to properly deal with the dangers and challenges that crime scene cleanups present. Due to the dangerous nature of the industry, our teams are fully trained and experienced in handling dangerous cleanup situations that involve blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials.

How fast does Spaulding Decon respond?

We strive to provide the quickest response time possible. Our teams are ready 24/7 to respond to any crime scene cleanup needs.

Will my privacy be protected?
Who pays for Spaulding Decon’s cleaning services?
Who are the cleaning technicians coming to my home?

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How Much Does Crime Scene Cleanup Cost?

Sterilizing messy trauma sites does not fall under the purview of law enforcement, emergency medical services or the coroners office, a fact many families in the midst of dealing with a loved ones death often do not realize.

Douglas said he ended up as a crime scene cleaner after, as a law enforcement officer, he witnessed a mothers numb exhaustion after her son died by suicide.

The mother looked at me and said, Whos going to clean this up? he said. And Im like, I dont know.

Cpl. Sherri Harris, who works with the Baton Rouge Police Departments victim services unit, said her team often arrives on a scene to find that family members or neighbors have stepped in to clean whatever remains after the body has been removed.

They act out of expedience and necessity, she said, rushing to clean up a scene before a spouse returns home or a child glimpses their parents remains.

Once they know that the scene has been declared safe for anyone to enter, and theyre not contaminating any type of evidence that needs to be collected, they spring into action, Harris said. Youre looking at protecting the loved one, because thats just retriggering that trauma all over again.

Still, some local agencies have found their own way to help grieving families reckon with a recent loss despite the limited role for local government.

For some families, Evans said, cleaning up their loved ones remains is an important step in the grieving process.

Email Jacqueline DeRobertis at

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Each Day Is Different

Everything used in the cleaning process has to be thrown away in specialised bins.

I always think about how my services have helped the families so they don’t have to deal with it.

“It all goes into clinical waste bins including the biowaste, our suits, gloves, eyewear and mops … it all gets thrown away,” Ms Farry said.

She said the smell could sometimes be overwhelming depending on the weather conditions.

“If it’s a hot day and the room has been closed up … it’s really bad,” Ms Farry said.

Mr Bobridge said each day was different, as every scene the team confronted was different.

He said there had been situations that have stayed with him longer than others.

“We did a job at Maroochydore and he was a 42-year-old man who was a drug addict and he died horrifically,” Mr Bobridge said.

“The whole house looked like a violent crime scene and the police said to the family, ‘do not enter’.

“When you see the photos on the wall and you see the fella, you see photos of his kids in better days, it makes you ask questions … why?”

Bioteamaz Is Here For The Citizens Of Avondale Arizona

If you live in Avondale, Arizona, BioTeamAZ is one short phone call away and always ready to help you with whatever biohazard cleaning needs you may have. Whether a crime has been committed on your property and need crime scene cleanup, youre dealing with a hoarding situation, or a tenant and family member has died and hasnt been found for a time, we know exactly how to deal with the situation. Able to handle small jobs to extraordinarily large ones, well tailor a solution to your specific needs.

When you call to request biohazard cleanup services in Avondale, well take down some basic information to help us better know what your needs may be. Well then send out a crew right away or at a time convenient for you to complete the cleanup and help you move forward. We are also happy to provide you with a free quote and consultation or to answer any questions you may have. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our thoughts are with those who lost their loved one in this tragedy.

by BioTeamAZ | Mar 11, 2021 | Crime Scene Cleanup

BioTeamAZ is always here to serve the community of Glendale, Arizona for crime scene cleanup by fully removing any blood, body fluids, or other contaminants from a crime scene wherever and whenever the violence takes place.

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